Ron Paul's Farewell To Congress - Live Webcast

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Representative Ron Paul gets his opportunity to say farewell - providing a compendium of reality and liberty for all that choose to listen.. He begins: "My goals in 1976 were the same as they are today: to promote peace and prosperity by a strict adherence to the principles of individual liberty" and goes on..."economic ignorance is common place, as the failed policies of Keynesianism are continually promoted"... "psychopathic totalitarians endorse government initiatives to change our world" - live webcast

click image for live stream...


To watch the entire speech - forward to 2:08:49 in this clip (no embed so click on image):

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If you don't believe in conspiracies you've never been on the committee of a local commmunity organisation.

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grandma caught me watching the RP video in her basement.

she asked why anyone would listen to an old skinny white man who isn't even a very good speaker and who sounds like he's whining and has trouble getting to his main point and who who says "clift" instead of "cliff" and who hasn't accomplished much in 35 years and who is against almost every bill and who is a closet rosicrucian or freemason agent of european bankers.

then she asked me how come I couldn't get a job.

but bless her heart -- if it weren't for ss and medicare, she'd be living in *my* basement listening to RP.

with the volume way up

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Dear Trolls, like Ident7777economy, thank you for tickling my macabre sense of humour!

Failure to understand that most of history has been due to conspiracies of frauds backed by force is a clear sign of having a weak mind. The whole of human history has been a grand conspiracy of lies, backed by violence. I tend to regard that the same ways as I do arguing about evolution based on "intelligent design." One does not need any master designer to see that that energy always goes down the local paths of least resistance, which is that fraud and robbery are the easiest way to make money, and accumulate wealth, especially the bigger a scale that is done on. No other gang of criminals does that better than the biggest gangsters, the banksters! It is plainly obvious that those who gained the power to control the money supply were then able to buy up control over the mass media, in order to make sure that their puppet politicians would continue to be their puppets. It IS all one integrated system, although there never had to be any one Supreme Puppet Master, there is no doubt that there were level after level of puppet masters, pulling the strings that went through and through the social system.

It amuses me to attempt to wonder what an idiotic troll like Ident7777economy actually thinks!

It does NOT matter who they are, or what labels one gives them, the obvious social facts are that there is a tiny minority of the population who get to legally counterfeit money, while the overwhelming vast majority are not allowed to do that! It is relatively easy to study the history of how that situation gradually developed. It is plainly obvious that there was wave after wave of developments, all based on energy going down its local paths of least resistance, where being dishonest and violent worked well, then and there. That has always been the driving imperative of militarism, since it did not matter how much better your longer term view MIGHT have been, if you ended up being murdered first.

Every single aspect of our social system is an expression of that. Since science and technology did things like understand atomic energy, and crack the DNA code, etc., all of those trends have been astronomically amplified. Therefore, in every possible way, there has been runaway triumph of lies, backed by violence, taking control of everything. In the USA, the most clear paradoxical turning point, due to the reality of atomic bombs going BOOM, was the 1947 National Security laws, which enabled every other possible conspiracy to have a much freer hand to advance itself, under the cloak of "national security."

Indeed, it is hard to imagine any other concept that has become more manifestly psychotic than "national security!" For those whose minds are strong enough, it is clear that that was a master stroke of the master puppeteers, in creating their platform from which they could secretly pull strings more effectively. In that context, it amuses me to read the posts of Ident7777economy repeat his favourite phrase that conspiracy theories are the sign of a weak mind, since the truth is that failure to face the fact that conspiracies were quite real, and so, almost totally in control of the world, is the surest sign of a weak mind, that refuses to face the actual social facts. Therefore, it amuses me to ponder the possibilities regarding what is actually behind the magnificent obtuseness and stupendous stupidity represented by the comments of Ident7777economy, et alia ...

In American history, the phrase "conspiracy theory" became popularized by the mass media, as directed by government agencies, to respond to theories about the assassination of President Kennedy. The amusing FACT is that those government documents have since be declassified. Therefore, we can NOW KNOW that the way that Ident7777economy responds was originally a deliberately designed strategy of the psychotic national security system, to cover itself. Therefore, again, it amuses me to speculate about whether Ident7777economy is a "useful idiot" or a paid troll ... I will give that commenting entity the benefit of the doubt, and presume it is a paid troll, rather than such a total idiot, although that is merely my guess ...

As my later stand alone post about the Ron Paul story discussed, quite a bit further down in this list of comments, these questions of "conspiracy theories," and how to respond to them, was one of the most paradoxical problems that Ron Paul faced during his long political career!

Given that those who specialize in being dishonest, can and will back their lies up with violence, when they believe it is necessary to do that ... advancing more truth about any real conspiracy tends to get people killed, if those people get too good at that. ... It is only because I think that that the collective social insanity, of too much success, from too much criminal conspiracy, for too long, has already destroyed the future too much, that I no longer care about how dangerous those evils are, but rather have developed a macabre sense to humour to laugh at those evils. Which is why somebody like Ident7777economy amuses me with such ludicrous posts, as to deny that the mass media are owned by a handful of corporations, whose control is interlocked with all of the other megacorporations. Those are  social facts, which have been proven beyond reasonablel doubt! Furthermore, it is possible to do simple research about which particular people have been their Chief Executive Officers, and to easily demonstrate the pattern of what kinds of people they tended to be.  However, like I said, it is not who they are that matters, but rather, what they do. As always, my recommendations are that we ALL should do what they do BETTER!

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Now all of a sudden - he was our Saviour? You kidding me...

I would dissect and scrutinize him EVEN more now to get to the truth.

DO IT.  right now, right here, in your OUT LOUD voice.


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I actually thought up that quote myself last night. I just gave credit to Dr. Evil, a fictitious character, because the shoe fits better on him.

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Google had the Thinker as their homepage yesterday! I cannot believe that Ron Paul will sit back once leaving office. Sometimes more can be achieved once outside the sesspool.  

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Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because most people do not want to admit they do not have the courage to do anything about it.  Most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker, but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all.

you, sir will be missed

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Dear Romney-Troll-Goldman-muppets who keep bitching because Romney-the-goldman-puppet lost to Obama-the-goldman-puppet.  "Because the selfish libertarians and non-voters stole poor Mitten's victory." For you

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I don't think the word "stole" is the proper word to use. I would say it was more of a Hatchet Job.

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"Let it not be said that we did nothing"

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+1 "Let it not be said that no one cared in our time of need."

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I got to see him in person this summer in a small venue. What a great man.

Today is a sad day for me.

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his work carries on. he has thousands of disciples all over the country and world. have faith. that number will spread to millions

SmallerGovNow2's picture

Hope you are right, his speech was awesome...

Cathartes Aura's picture

"disciples"   "faith"



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Ron through the election ????  Here we go.........Talk about a tin foil hat....

SwampHonkey's picture

Yea, what he said i need the Homo nym. Threw.....Good lookin out ....Thanks Crockett

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Wow, if you think RP "threw" an election...

Well, you're far dumber than you've been acting all this time.

Which, given your idiotic "signature" line, is really saying something.

redpill's picture

Oh please.  Ron Paul supporters would have never voted for Romney regardless.  I sure as fuck didn't.


Dalago's picture

RP write in.  Judge Nap for VP

Zap Powerz's picture

Fox News showed its true colors when they terminated Judge Napolitano's show.  It was the ONLY thing worth watching on that fucked up channel.

OneTinSoldier66's picture

Yep. It was the only reason I "used to" watch TV.

divide_by_zero's picture

Rupert Murdoch and George Soros both members of the CFR, only difference Soros has all the other channels(NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, PBs, NPR, CNN look at member list to find favorite "jounalist" there or Center for American Progress) and most Indies(Huffpo, Media Matters, MoveOn etc), Rupert has News Corp. Two different franchises of the same thing.

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threw what election you dumb shit? there was no election. there was cancer blue party vs cancer red party. RP was at least a kind of salve for national metastasis.   

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And both cancer blue and cancer red had incentives to make sure Ron Paul didn't win the primary.  David Axelrod will go to great lengths to ensure a win for his team and to keep himself in power behind the curtain.  

vast-dom's picture

precisely. that's the nature of mailignant diseases and individuals: they will kill host(s) in order to grow and ultimately die themselves. there is no symbiosis in these arrangements, just big growth, big government, big pathology.

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Ron's biggest weakness has been entrusting others to manage his affairs with the same level of integrity and hard work that he has, i.e. not having total control of the newsletters and in specific reference to your comment, Jesse Benton.  Son-in-law incompetent asshole who was the real villain and threw the election for Ron by not going after vote fraud, caucus corruption, Romney getting GOP funds without being the official nominee etc.

It has also been brought to light that there were possibly threats against his family, like, "your grand daughter shouldn't ever get in a moving vehicle of any kind ever again if she wants to live."


Ident 7777 economy's picture




Abiotic Oil:


" Ron's biggest weakness has been entrusting others to manage his affairs ... "





Clear failure in LEADERSHIP at the top and against who?


The Stupid PArty!


Yes, Ron Paul lost in the primary to The Stupid Party!


Not against Axelrod and his Chicago Machine, but to Repubs!!!!!!


He would have been mince meat in the general in the fall ...




OutLookingIn's picture

Ron Paul was the last best chance.

Now the country is truly screwed.

Chumba, you are an idiot Sir.

LawsofPhysics's picture

You still think you have a choice?  LMFAO!  Sure, let me guess, you probably think that there is market for true price discovery as well.

hbjork1's picture

Naw.  Too many llooneytunes sporting the Republican Lable.

Public is getting serious.

DYS's picture

I gatta agree...  he did throw the election.  But who knows, maybe he was threatened?

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“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.” - Ron Paul

We now carry the torch of Liberty!  Get involved!  Run for local office and spread the Liberty message!

Larry Dallas's picture

Do you blame him? He probably heard that John Kerry was going to be Secretary of Defense and said, "the hell with it. So long, suckers!".'s picture



My local conservative blogs are being over whelmed by Ron Paul Winter Soldiers. They talk like John Kerry, and claim that more soldiers support Ron Paul than any other candidate. They defend Bradley Manning as a hero.

They point to the evidence that more campaign contributions from soldiers go to Ron Paul, the Constitutionalist, than any other campaign. Wrapped up in this stew is jargon that sounds like Occupy Wall Street: Warmonger, Neocon, etc

Bazinga's picture

Shining example of how our "two party" system operates - ignore those who stray from the status quo and try to make them look nuts those few times you don't ignore them.

Ident 7777 economy's picture


Sorry, but, it did not take much to make Ron Paul look 'nuts' (your word, not mine.)


Blankenstein's picture

To the brainwashed, Honey Boo watching couch potatoes the idea of a smaller government that isn't 16 trillion dollars in debt nor has 220 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities probably is nuts.  

Ident 7777 economy's picture

If Paul's appeal was so universal, then, well, his appeal should been - what? "Universial."


CLEARLY, it wasn't (His appeal was NOT universal). He appealed to a fringe group ... that's it! Simply stated ...

akak's picture

Funny how the most idiotic, button-pushing trolls here seem to like having "7777" in their handle.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Trav's red headed step child?

akak's picture

No, the microcephalic one.


" ... if I only had a brain ..."

Ident 7777 economy's picture




Thank you for agreeing with me, since you did not disagree, you must agree, since you acquiesced to my prime argument:


CLEARLY, his appeal was NOT universal. He appealed to a fringe group ... that's it! Simply stated ...


Blankenstein's picture

Why don't you offer someting of substance?  Maybe present an argument against one of Ron Paul's ideas you disagree with.  Or explain what you think should be America's economic plan going into the future. 

All you have presented so far is mindless tripe.  

sherryw's picture

Trav wasn't so bad.

sherryw's picture

Yeah, the avant garde. Takes time for those ideas to filter down.