Israel Releases Another Gaza Pinpoint Strike Video, Anonymous Retaliates By Taking Down IDF Blog

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In what is becoming an increasingly more confusing conflict - is it truly an ideological war, or merely an extended attempt to generate empathy via social networking, together with a full-blown conflict on twitter - Israel continued its pinpoint strikes in Gaza overnight, taking out the house of a high-ranking Hamas operative, together with the release of commemorative video showing the explosion moments after the event. The clip is below. What is more curious is that the global hacker group Anonymous has already picked its side, and yesterday launched a massive attack named #OpIsrael, which has so far hacked 700 Israeli websites. From RT: "The hackers reportedly took down websites ranging from high-profile governmental structures such as the Foreign Ministry to local tourism companies’ pages. The biggest attack as of now has been the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s international development program, titled Mashav. Anonymous announced on Twitter they’ve hacked into the program’s database, with the website remaining inaccessible at the moment." And most notably, Anonymous also took down the primary nexus used by Israel's to boast about its military exploits: the blog of the Israel Defense Forces, which has been down for half a day now.

While Israel has demonstrated superiority in sheer physical military strength, the reality, as the StuxNet stories over the past 2 years have shown, that the real war will be fought on line and in various mainframes. The problem is that when dealing with a massive decentralized, cloud of hacker attacks originating from everywhere in the globe, just whom will Israel retaliate against in this 21st century equivalent of guerrilla warfare?

The latest explosion:

IDF's blog as of right now:

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The Arabs or Persians, or Muslims should learn to just sit back and take it.  It's not like the Israelis would ever do them any harm.

Are we getting anywhere yet?

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It's a reasonable assumption that people will do whatever they can to avoid a conflict.  At some point things come unravled.  Let's just say we're all at fault.  If the conflicting parties just can't seem to stop assaulting each other than maybe it's best to just get out of the way and let 'em get it over with. 

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You miss the entire point... Sure 'people' mostly don't want conflict... But the assholes who are at the center of all conflict have well refined methods of forcing people into conflict... They're total cowards because they do not participate in the conflict themselves... They simply pay people to start it & sit back & watch the fireworks... Then ~ collect up the pieces of the devastation...

When PEOPLE finally understand this (& throw off the perps), there might finally come some peace...

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Welcome to humanity.

Welcom to the jungle.

At least hyenas and chimps all get in on the action.

Humanity wages war in suits and with images and propaganda and sends the young to die.

As time goes by it appears that no side is right or wrong, it only matters who survives.

"All is fair in love and war".

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Palestine has access to lots of gas offshore and I understand sitting on large reserves of water.

These countries are busy arranging contracts for pipelines and drilling from Russia, China, Egypt et all.  I'm afraid it's the banks again.

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If you are saying the Palestinians or the Israelis are fighting so either/both can profit from arms sales or natural resources via conquest - I kinda doubt that.  What are you saying?  The US/Russian/Euro arms merchants are behind this?

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I recently read an article outling the latest minouverings of Middle East countries in securing their hold on mineral rights.  The following article is an oldie.  I'll try and find the more recent one.


Pie rre's picture


I recently read an article outling the latest minouverings of Middle East countries in securing their hold on mineral rights.  The following article is an oldie.  I'll try and find the more recent one.


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The Muslims are a peace loving people; who welcome Jews and Christians with open arms - as long as they convert and praise Allah - if not it's "Off with their heads!"

But yeah, nice warm tolerant people, who certainly would not send their children strapped with dynamite on suicide missions or use a knife to cut off the head of jounalists.

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All the barbaric, sky-goblin worshiping hocus-pocus Abrahamic religions are the same:  "God loves us more than you:  fuck off and die."

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Obama gave the DNS server shutdown to the banksters at the UN. So as a backup can't everyone start posting the server IP address and Apache come out with a way to reference specific addresses upon secondary site info like IP/website? That way without DNS we could still read ZH....Yaaaaa.

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write it down somewhere.

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Or just memorize this one 3000053773


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That one gave me an error message and asks if I want to go to

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I was looking at that IDF Blog earlier. A marvel of social media propaganda. They even have a social media game where people compete and win medals by engaging in comments, likes etc. Rather obnoxious.

This coupled with a steady flow of IDF tweets is the latest form of crowd shaping.

It is all aimed at a combination of internal war mongering, intimidation of the enemy and soliciting international sympathy.

Google Israel IDF and look at all the pictures of hot Israeli reservists having a good time preparing for war.

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Dude, you just described ZH, REDDIT and every other site there is.
How many do you consider ideologically neutral?
How many are NOT designed to manipulate the Poor Deluded Dupes?

(Biden 2016 Checkmate)

williambanzai7's picture

That IDF Blog ups the game significantly. They are pumping shitloads of images, video feed, dispatches, warnings etc and it is flying all over the place.

I am not aware of anything comparable with regard to the Afghanistan war for example.

And it is being done in real time.

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GOP made a similar comment about the Dems social media strategy

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WB7, there are sites like that for anything you want. Here's one exerpt from a while ago for "climate change":

"You will receive one e-mail alert per day containing links to various climate change news articles. We need you to politely explain in the comments section why global warming is actually happening and why it's not a big conspiracy. You can contribute to as little or as many articles as you like, just dive in.[...]"

"One last suggestion from us - you can also consider going onto the offensive and explain that the real uncertainty about man-made climate change is not whether its happening but how fast its happening and that in fact there is increasing evidence that the mainstream science of the IPCC is actually underestimating the scale and imminence of the threat. See our Climate Emergency page and the links at the bottom."

"Remember: everyone makes a difference. And of course you can unsubscribe at any time."

[that page was taken down, after public shame]

Do you think the pro-palestine junk fest here is all spontaneous?

Same shit everywhere else for every topic everyday.

[and the -1s can keep on piling; it has no meaning coming from hired bots]

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It is called social engineering (astroturfing [in AnAnonymous speak: astroturding] ). The difference between a mad dash of comments and a dedicated website like the IDF one as described by W.Banzai (I have not visited the site myself and do not intend to) is too vast to simplify with a comparison in the manner which you attempt to achieve.

Finally, I'm not a hired bot (my rates are too high, and no one wants to trade in Au for my services =P ).

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ZH is a propaganda site.

prains's picture

maybe for selling t-shirts but the rest is a pretty honest portrayal of current events (other than simon blacks blog)

so your trolling linrom should go back to huff

linrom's picture

ZH can't even report SNAP participation rates without making crude and banal comments abouts its participants--they call them animals and propose that the USDA should stop 'feeding the animals", afterall USDA urges Yellowstone visitors not to do so!  That's not spin?  It's disgusting? The site is run by bunch of sociopaths! In another brilliant article, ZH referred to older working Americans as "geriatric workfarce.' I suppose a workforce made up of 20 year-olds would be just 'peachy.'

Take a look at whose opinions about the state of global economy they present: hedge funds, money mangers, Peterson Institute, American Heritage Foundation.

Have they not heard of the Roosevelt Institute? Steve Keen, Michael Hudson etc.



Benjamin Glutton's picture

As it turns out J.P. Mugger is currently refusing to feed them as all EBT systems are apparently down according to the signs posted in Florida stores.


Bread and water bitchez!

awakening's picture

Without the commentary there are legal remifications with regards to copyright law (much as I loathe its current state). Not legal advice but those comments may very well be enough for a defence with regards to fair use (satire and/or journalism).

Sands8oo's picture

Yes it is.  

It is unashamedly progpagandizing individual thought, liberty, and freedom.

If you dont believe in those things, you're free to go fuck yourself.'s picture



Now that's the kind of brainwashing I can really appreciate. One more pass around the cerebellum, please.

linrom's picture

Spin is not enlightenment, sociopath.

linrom's picture

Freedom for whom? Rich White Tea Party Americans and their billionarie minders?

Sands8oo's picture

Freedom from the Warren Buffets, George Bushes, Barack Obamas, and FOX Newses of the world.

If you haven't had a chance to open your eyes and look around this site, I'd suggest you do so and recognize ZH is an equal opportunity offender.

The fact that you're referencing "Rich White Tea Party Americans" is also telling me that you're way way too far gone down the kabuki theatre left-wing/ring-wing faux conflict to even comprehend what ZH is all about and I'm wasting my time explaining here.

Just remember, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney all kneel before the altar of Ben Bernanke together, holding hands to suck his genitals, regardless of who he shoots his splooge on...  Then they slap eachother on the back, jerk eachother off and throw a party to which neither you, nor I, are invited.'s picture

How about freedom to not visit a website which you consider to be a propagandistic brainwashing machine? Don't worry, though. You shall overcome.

Zer0head's picture

Exactly, just like how Libya was freed from the Tyrany of what's his name by bombing the fuck out of it in the name of keeping it safe, social media was and is a huge part of it with a little bit of help from vitrually every main stream news organization in the west.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Democrats drop bombs of peace.  The clouds of their shells are pretty like Monet paintings.

francis_sawyer's picture

Libya was 'freed' from the tyranny of it's gold ingots & oil reserves...

monkeyboy's picture

Just waiting on the Girls of IDF swimsuit edition or the drones, bullets and lingerie special! Can't wait.

francis_sawyer's picture

Not sure if Kelly Wells doubles as a special agent...

Sands8oo's picture

"A marvel of social media propaganda"


Probably the most articulate description possible... And you're right WB7 - google image results for "Israeli IDF girls" yields a cornucopia of spank-bank material for any sexually repressed male war mongers out there...

Message seems to be: ...if have guns and shoot Arabs, will have sex with porn-star isreali IDF girls


You should have "Girls of the IDF" collage... some really great material here...

alien-IQ's picture

It was not long ago (and still to this day) that the mere mention of "MEGAPHONE" was attacked as an "anti-semitic conspiracy theory".




JR's picture

Thanks for the links. And a key phrase in defining Megaphone is that it is an “action alert” tool to provide online support for Israel.

Underlining all of the US-based websites of this type is the necessary American involvement in fighting Israel’s enemies. That involvement primarily means the use of middle class tax money to buy an arsenal of military weapons for Israel, to support Israel economically, and to threaten America’s politicians with widespread condemnation if they refuse to walk in lockstep with Israeli foreign policy.

Alien, it is particularly important for ZH people to understand how Megaphone works in light of the up-and-down arrows that viewers are exposed to even BEFORE they read a ZH post. Israeli interests, IOW, can be electronically registered on an extensive scale to prejudice all comments before they are read. Kind of makes the term “troll” obsolete.

Comment ratings should follow comments, IMHO, not precede them.'s picture



 And a key phrase in defining Megaphone is that it is an “action alert” tool to provide online support for Israel.


Bring 'em on, as a great American once said. The folks at ZH can refute any sort of propaganda point by point and when a legitimate point is on occasion raised, concede that point while putting it in perspective.

Shakespeare said "Truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long."  How ya gonna beat Shakespeare?

ExpendableOne's picture

In the past the IDF was always pulled up short of their goals by outside pressure.  This little trick with the blog might be an attempt to blunt that pressure.  The IDF also has a very capable cyber war capability.  I'm surprised that a group like Anonymous was able to take down any of their sites.  Unless of course, the takedow is part of the charade. 

CoolBeans's picture

It is their "identity".


Neethgie's picture

On this subject i notice folk are either vehemently israel or vehemently palestine.. very few people take the center ground..


Basically i think of it as 2 alien races fighting in a diff galaxy..  i don't care about it

alien-IQ's picture

saying nothing is as political an act as saying something.

silence is tacit acceptance.

Odin's picture

The "state" of Israel is and always has been a violent occupation. Palestinians, Israelis, Arabs, Jews, Military, Terrorist, etc., etc, etc..... None of these labels matter in the face of truth, and are in fact used to mold public opinion; religion and nationalistic fervor always have been used by the ruling elite to accomplish this. What matters is simple: who is the aggressor, and who is defending themselves... Although it may not always be that clear cut, history has shown that it almost always is...

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"Pinpoint" strikes you say. You're distributing that IDF BS?   

Winston Churchill's picture


As if a Hamas leader would hide ammo under his house.

If they were that dumb,no invasion would be required.

The Israeli's use assissination as their primary weapon.

Anyway,as I keep repeating ,the real prize is the headwaters of the river Jordan,

everything else is just a step towards that goal.