Goldman's Global Domination Is Now Complete As Its Mark Carney Takes Over Bank Of England

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Back on July 3, we made an explicit and very simple prediction: "now that the natural succession path at the BOE has been terminally derailed, it brings up those two other gentlemen already brought up previously as potential future heads of the BOE, both of whom just happened to work, or still do, at... Goldman Sachs:  Canada's Mark Carney or Goldman's Jim O'Neil. Granted both have denied press speculation they will replace Mervyn King, but it's not like it would be the first time a banker lied to anyone now, would it (and makes one wonder if this whole affair was not merely orchestrated by the Squid from the get go... but no, that would be a 'conspiracy theory'.)"

A few weeks later, in "On The Path To Global Goldmanation: Former Goldmanite Mark Carney To Head The BOE After All?" we added:

Granted both have denied press speculation they will replace Mervyn King, but it's not like it would be the first time a banker lied to anyone now, would it (and makes one wonder if this whole affair was not merely orchestrated by the Squid from the get go... but no, that would be a 'conspiracy theory'.)" We wonder if this speculation can be upgraded from conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact, now that Bloomberg itself has written a major article discussing just this suddenly very likely outcome.


From Bloomberg:


Carney Leading Bank of England Seen as Scandal Remedy



London is losing so much trust as the global financial center that Prime Minister David Cameron may need to consider an unprecedented choice for Bank of England governor: Mark Carney, the Canadian who polices the world’s financial system and has no ties to the bailouts or rigged markets tainting Labour and Conservative governments alike.


The 47-year-old Carney, who received his masters and PhD degrees from Oxford University, is no stranger to the City of London after working there with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Now serving as governor of the Bank of Canada and the head of the Financial Stability Board, he is unscathed by the fallout from the 2008 financial crisis.


“Mark Carney is one of the brightest, most capable people I’ve ever met in global finance and central banking,” said Tim Adams, a former U.S. Treasury undersecretary who worked with Carney at Group of Seven meetings. “I’ve been around these circles a long time and he’s smart, politically savvy, a good manager and has an outstanding track record. It’s tough to find all those elements in a single person.”


Domestic candidates for the job include Gus O’Donnell, former head of the U.K. civil service, Financial Services Authority Chairman Adair Turner and Bank of England Deputy Governor Paul Tucker, a three-decade veteran at the bank.

There is one problem regarding the domestic candidates: none of them have Goldman on their resume, something which sets not only Mark Carney, but also Bill Dudley and Mario Draghi apart.

As for the punchline:


“Why not get a head that’s global? Bankers aren’t very popular, and a Canadian sounds like a good choice,” said Kent Matthews, a professor at Cardiff University and former Bank of England researcher. “It may well be that to restore credibility they have to look outside.”


So that's the strategy: play Carney off as a Canadian, instead of as Goldman. We wonder how many minutes the general public will be fooled by that particular strawman.

* * *

We are, once again, 100% correct, and have beaten all the bookie odds which had Tucker as a favorite and Mark Carney as a long odds outsider. Pity: all one needs to realize and remember how the events in the world play out is to remember one simple thing: GOLDMAN SACHS RUNS IT. Everything else is secondary.

As we expected months ago, it has just been confirmed.


And as we showed back on July 26...

Europe before:

and After:

Finally, our conclusion from that article, which today merely encapsulated:

  • Because with money printing squids like these, who needs sovereign states?


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JOYFUL's picture

Kudos for your prediction, ZH, but in truth this is nothing but same ol same ol...."Canadians"(at least in the technical sense) having been running the whole show for decades, while hiding behind their mask of inscrutable conformity and drabness..

there's hardly any government nor business place in the world that is not in some way accountable to the Bronfmann Gang and the Bnai Brith higher ups...even supposed big shots like Lansky were mere shleppers for the serious mobster hierarchy which has pulled all the necessary strings in Merika and the western world since JFK got taken out by way of a Montreal ordered hit...

Carney is just more evidence of the kind of reverse takeover that has been happening as the sun sets ever deeper on the the western powers collapse one by one, you can count on CANADA to be there to act as pallbearer, undertaker, and last one left to turn out the lights, before handing the keys over to the new owners from Shanghai.

Canucklehead's picture

When things looked dark for the British in World War I, they looked to Sir Arthur Currie.

When things looked dark for the British in World War II, they looked to Sir William Stephenson.

Why they picked Carney I'll never know.

Zer0head's picture

That fucker got the cred for the so called stabilty in Canada's banking system - What Canada did was conceal its bailout and Canadians who are among the most insecure of nationalities pound their hairy chests claiming economic superiority not realizing that they like their American superiors took it straight up the arse.


good on you UK you just bought yourself a no trick pony



knukles's picture

Most Canuks I know are horribly insecure, feeling inferior to Yanks...

WTF's the problem, eh?


My daughter brought home a Canuk fellah once (found him loose in the park wandering) and nice enough, thought I'd make him feel at home so I asked if for his 18th birhday rite of passage his dad had taken him killing baby seals with clubs.
Staring at me in abjct silence, dumbfounded I asked him if he "Got a smoke, eh?"

Never came back, ya'kno'?.

dogbreath's picture

that one had to be from Vancouver. 

Radical Marijuana's picture

What Canada did was conceal its bailout ...

Yeah, it was amazing to watch that happen in the Canadian mass media. At least 75 billion dollars "given" to the big Canadian banks in various ways, and if one expands one's definitions of how big banks were given money, such as buying up all their worst mortgage crap, in market transactions, at insanely high prices, then, over $100 billion. which suddenly plunged the government of Canada into more than a 50 billion dollar deficit, with still more deficits at present, and the foreseeable future, and yet, the Canada mass media only covered that in a small handful of stories, in the back pages of the financial news papers, and nowhere else, certainly not on the TV news in any significant way in proportion to the importance of that story!

In general, the situation is god damn hopeless. IN FACT, 99% of Canadians always behave like political idiots. There are no reasonable grounds to believe that will change. There are no effective ways to do anthing to change anything!

This is runaway frauds, backed by force, on an astronomically amplified level, automatically getting worse ... meanwhile, the mass media are masters of lying by omission, and that is extremely easy to do, since the overwhelming majority of Canadians do not want to know!

Canadians are way, way stupider than Europeans, so far!

bankerbackbacon's picture

Yes and no


Canadians are bailout and pension sheep.


There are more resources and square feet of land for every person in Canada than any place in the world. Don't let all the little monkeys trapped in the big US cities tell you otherwise.

Now all we have to do is destroy the Constitutional MOnarchy!


GoinFawr's picture

Yes and No.

Yes: Detach the parasitical blue bloods, but keep your constitution. It's not half bad.

No: Get rid of any gov't committing you under cover of media blackout to binding 30 year conciliatory confidential trade agreements that hand over your nation's sovereignty to unelected unaccountable tribunals composed of communist/imperialist regimes, and cost taxpayers untold billions of dollars to excise.

Iconoclast's picture

So he's Goldman ('ex' doesn't work as you never really leave) Bilderberger, Tri Lat and CFR? Impressive stuff, nicely done...

woggie's picture

the beast is on the gobble
and all that matters is we're all headed for it's belly

slackrabbit's picture

for those that didn't predict this

Bill Moyers Interviews David Stockman on Crony Capitalism of Washington & Wall St.


Blankenstein's picture

Great post.

This should be required viewing for the 99%, maybe with the exception of the ZHers and the few others who already are aware of this.  Not sure if the sheep can sit through the whole 34 minutes though, because it doesn't have all the flashiness of DWTS.  

chances's picture

this surely wont end well, as the famous headline read...."will the last person to leave the country please turn off the lights"

knukles's picture

The Good News

It ain't Jim O'Neil

(reminiscing about his spiritual helicopter flight abvoe the Holy City...fuck you, Jimbo)

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

There is one wild card out there that I believe no one is taking seriously……….

The UK looks like its leaving dodge

The France / UK are in perfect trade balance……….

Its happened before , indeed many times in history and now that the Gaullist elements are so weak in France.

France gets a market for its nuclear reactors and agri – produce.

Not too sure what the UK can bring to the table – perhaps access to the gulf of st lawrence wider hinterland via close ties with the US & canada.

France is close (with a part) of Canada also.

Its possible.

Anything is possible now of course.

A new plantagenet ?

If Japan goes down will Detroit be back in business ?

Will North Atlantic trade push out longer distance Pacific and Indian / med trade routes ?

Its a long way between the UK and Japan / China……..much marine bunker fuel is burned to preserve this labour arbitrage.

Is it worth it now ?

I don’t think so.

Zaydac's picture

As an investor I only need to know one thing. Will the new man print?

lakecity55's picture

Yes, but if you or I did it, it would be called counterfeiting.

You have to first acquire a Bank Charter from the Counterfeiting Guild before you print.

I tried to tell a friend of mine this, but now he's doing hard time.

Rathmullan's picture

“Mark Carney is one of the brightest, most capable people I’ve ever met in global finance and central banking,” said Tim Adams, a former U.S. Treasury undersecretary who worked with Carney at Group of Seven meetings. “I’ve been around these circles a long time and he’s smart, politically savvy, a good manager and has an outstanding track record. It’s tough to find all those elements in a single person.” Timothy D. Adams

Timothy "suckup-playa statist hack" Adams

Timothy Dees Adams is Managing Director of the Lindsey Group, a DC-based economic advisory firm with expertise in global macroeconomic affairs, founded by Lawrence Lindsey (former Assistant to the President and Director of the National Economic Council at the White House). In 1993, Mr. Adams went into private consulting, co-founding the G-7 Group, a political and economic research and advisory firm. He later headed their Washington operation as Managing Director. In 2000, he left to begin working full-time in Austin, Texas, for George W. Bush, in his successful campaign for the White House. Adams served as a senior member of the Bush-Cheney campaign policy staff, directing policy operations for Dick Cheney, and, after the election, leading the Treasury transition operations for the incoming Bush team.

bugs_'s picture

Does Goldman have its own flag?

Should we make up one for them?

lakecity55's picture

They already have a flag!!


Look familiar?

I think it is called the Goldman East America Company Flag.


ArrestBobRubin's picture


The Tylers are soooo cute... I mean, as if the real question isn't actually who runs Goldman Sachs?

Or gosh, maybe Goldman just exists on its own, in isolation?


When is ZH going to stop playing pattycake with the most compelling issue of our times?


Radical Marijuana's picture

Actually, nobody runs it anymore. The systems are now out of human control. Who made those systems is like archaelogy. It has rapidly become an ouroboros of incorporated robbery.  Governments chartered corporations that control the governments, but governments mandated funds that bought up the overwhelming vast majority of the shares in all the biggest banks and corporations. (See the collected CAFRs to see that is now a fact.) There are professional money managers, running things by looking at numbers which are NUTS, because those numbers are the result of one fraud, stacked on top of another, on another, through millenia and picking up exponentially in the last few Centuries, and then more so in the last few decades.

During the last five years, the computers have taken over. There are no longer any human beings that actually know what is going on, or what will be the consequences of their actions. The old ruling classes no longer rule. Nobody does! A global system of electronic fiat money frauds, backed by atomic bombs, is no longer within human comprehension. Whomever you believe controls things may well  have done so in the not so distant past. However, they have lost control to a runaway complexity of astronomical sizes, which are beyond human understanding. The system is now automated absurdity, with computers guiding people to make decisions that those people do not fully understand, and could not possibly fully understand anymore. When those systems start to collapse into chaos, then the humans will understand that even less than before!



Madcow's picture

Congratuations Goldman -  You are now the proud owner of a stinking pile of $h!# that is set to explode any minute now - sending hundreds of millions of people into barbarism, cannibalism, and worse.   I sure hope all you people have unlisted numbers and addresses.

ISheeple's picture

Well it is now confirmed; I'm a sheeple, you're a sheeple.

lakecity55's picture

Wait. I thought the BOE secretly ran the world thru Goldman... or was it the other way around?

Finance is so confusing.

But, hey, I'm not in the Club, so, who cares?

Keep Stackin, Bitch-Chez, and keep those tailgates up!

cranky-old-geezer's picture



Goldman's Global Domination Is Now Complete ...

Pardon my simplistic view of things, but I don't recall where GS has alumni running Russia's & China's central banks, which are still fairly significant on the world scene ...and will become more so as Ameirca fades on the world scene.

...and I see another day of ho-hum trivial articles on ZH with low read and comment counts ...possibly because everybody else is growing weary of analyzing a trainwreck financial system from every angle.

walküre's picture

That's correct. The zionists aren't running Russia and China. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Fuck U$RAEL.

helping_friendly_book's picture

The rmb:usd has gone from 7.8:1, in 2007, to 6.22:1 today. 

That's 20% gain via arbitrage I don't have to pay tax on bitches!!!!!

I think the Joohs are done!!!!

Once the petro-dollar disintegrates the rmb:usd will go to parity or even lower. Those stuck in usd denominated assets are screwed.

I am funneling my usd into rmb. My rmb account is fdic insured up to $100,000.

China just announced their firsat carrier landing yesterday which means they have been doing the landings for a year.

Change is here! New regime in China.

The Chinese will shortsell US Treasury bonds.

You heard it here, from me, first.


batz's picture


As a Canadian, Carney will not be able to accept a knighthood, title or "dukedom" for his services as bank governor without giving up his citizenship. Just ask Lord Black of Crossharbour.

Anyway, I think the correct honourific for central bank governors is "mistress." Bitchez. 

Radical Marijuana's picture

... Carney has agreed on a five-year term and he intends to seek British citizenship.

Frastric's picture

Not quite Tyler... Japan's CB head Masaaki Shirakawa ain't from Goldman Sachs (I've checked). Goldman's domination will only be complete when the next Japan CB head is replaced with a Goldmanite.

905ozs's picture

Frasrtic, u are deluded.
The pretense of Goldman to BIS, fiat & economic conundrums, geowar & sheeple.

Don't you know Rothschild Inc already own everything?

q99x2's picture

No wonder why the EU is falling apart. Eaten by the squid.

BraveSirRobin's picture

Don't you think we really need world governance? And who better to provide it than kind, all-seeing, and benevolent folks at Goldman-Sachs? (Or is it Goldman Sacks!) 

Tenshin Headache's picture

Now I get why they are doing God's work. They ARE God.

Pool coping's picture

Gus O´D - don´t make me laugh

Tucker - card marked from Libor.

Lord Turner - Fudamentally Supine Authority = a hard sell

Foregone conclusion. They knew it. ZH knew it.

Tucker had looked like a cert. I wonder what Trade with Dave makes of it. (Re Merv King and divorced currency).


Jacks Cold Sweat's picture

So now UK will have a good reason to stay in the zombiezone.

news printer's picture

Who the heck did this map???

Lithuania is not in Eurozone but Estonia


JLee2027's picture

Bansters everywhere. Nothing to see here, move along:

Tenshin Headache's picture

I see what they did there.

Radical Marijuana's picture



Louloubell's picture

Whats next?  Someone from the Greek treasury to become Chancellor of the Exchequer?

lizzy36's picture

I was dead wrong on this.

I thought Carney would go into federal politics. Perhaps his wife talked him out of it.

In any case he negoitated a 30% pay raise (over last governor) and 30% plus on pension. Plus he gets living expenses. To move his whole family (4 kids and wife) and pay school fees's this may cost more than his actual salary.

Alas, nothing to good for an x-goldmanite.

Goldman Mingle for ever.

bankerbackbacon's picture

Osborne is taking the next ozzie Crazytrain out of London so that "Canadian" boyman, Goldman, 0% interest rate ho, Mark Carney can watch the pound go tits up and bonds down.

You only get to be Canadian if you want the BOC to restore the governments power to print debt free notes. Otherwise you're either stupid or a criminal.

Just ask Pauly "my son imports coke" Martin.

Damn Canadians my ass.

aleph0's picture

You don't need to understand German to watch this ... it looks like a scene from CSI  .


Goldman Sachs – Eine Bank lenkt die Welt – Neues aus der Anstalt 13.11.2012 – die Bananenrepublik

9 mins.

Featured : CFR – PNAC – Trilateral Commission – World Bank – ECB – VATICAN – Group of Thirty – etc. etc. 

Excellently explained  .. with a good dose of humour.