Number Of Workers Aged 25-54 Back To April 1997 Levels

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When people think of the conventional battery of options the BLS applies to fudge the monthly payrolls number, the labor force participation is the first thing that comes mind: after all the thesis is that old workers are increasingly dropping out of the labor force and retiring. Nothing could be further from the truth as can be seen in this chart of workers aged 55-69, i.e. the prime retirement age. But perhaps a far more important secular issue is the complete lack of pickup in the prime worker demographic, those aged 25-54, which in November dropped by 400k to 94 MM. This is a level first breached in April 1997, in other words in the past 15 years not a single incremental job has been gained in this most productive and lucrative of age groups!

Furthermore, there is absolutely no demographic reason why America, which has a substantial natural growth rate across all demographics, should not see more workers from the younger age cohorts enter this age group. We are, however, confident one will promptly be discovered as this chart becomes prevalent in the mainstream media.

And, as a tangent, workers aged 55 and Over:

Source: St. Louis Fed

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If it's any consolation, all the employed people 55-69 have their 25-54 year old unemployed children living in their basement.

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The core workforce chart is complete crap without comparing it to the population pyramid.

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There was once a time when Americans used to clamor for jobs.  We want jobs!  We want work!

Now, there are some here at this site who will tell you that was when America was strong, when people had a work ethic, when work was rewarded, etc. etc.  And now we're just a bunch of section 8 and food stamp moochers, and we need to get rid of the moochers and start to work again.

I'm here to tell anybody who has ears to hear:  these people are dead wrong.

It's the section 8 and food stamp moochers who have it RIGHT.  They know the score, even at a subconscious level.  And they are better than you (yes, better) for knowing how to game the system.

You see, Americans wanted jobs, right?  And so Wall Street and the government obliged and gave them "jobs."  But where did it get you?  Where did it get any of us?

Jobs are the equivalent of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.  You should pity these poor old fools, not try to get their jobs!  If the system is collapsing, then any job within the system is merely paper shuffling, merely delaying the collapse.  Isn't this true?  In my opinion this is completely true and logical.

Thereby, what you should be trying to do is either:

a)  work outside the system, or

b)  game the system.

Yes, easier said than done, especially if you have a family.  But it can be done in a variety of ways.

In my opinion, having a regular, full time job and paying your taxes in America is akin to suicide by a thousands cuts.  Who would do it anymore?

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Not me! By the way, brother, can you spare a dime?