The Gulag Ameripelago: US Incarceration Surpasses Russia's

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Remember when Americans used to mock Russia (f/k/a the USSR) for being one big Gulag prison colony? Those were the good days. One thing is sure: they no longer "hate us for our freedom." On the other hand, if instead of prison, one were to write in "minimum security, free room and board, out early for good behavior" (especially if the world's most famous hedge fund will fund all your cash needs for the rest of your life on the 'other side' just as we predicted three weeks ago), then they would certainly hate us for our benefits.

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As long as war is popular and profitable it is working. Once it becomes unpopular and unprofitable then hostilities will cease.

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Though it is important to mention that unprofitable and unpopular wars are usually so because they have started well but then gone badly, often knocking an agressor completely out of the timeline of history in the process.It is therefore no surprise really that we have few accounts of how terrible war was, seeing as how the winners write the history books, and for them war worked out very nicely indeed.

So of course, by the lesson of history, more of the same.

This will never end I am afraid because no end is possible. There is no way to first learn first-hand the lesson and then also teach from that place of understanding.

Unless we have a very large global war, and everyone suffers from it equally. Then yes perhaps I would like to read something from the history books afterwards.

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I read the article that Tyler posted about the flash crashes, so I just wanted to clean up and post that everything is ok because the trades were canceled.

Move along....

Nasdaq Cancels Odd Pre-Market Trades in 9 Stocks:

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We have met the evil empire and it is us.



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It's not "us", it's them.  We are just unlucky enough to be stuck in the middle of their power hungry temper tantrum.  

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If there is profit in prisons, then the owners will lobby government to make more laws, hire more cops and arrest everybody. They have made a good start.

The war on drugs must fill way over half of the prison population. The only people I personally know who did hard time in the state Pen, were for drug offenses.

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But but but Russia has far more banksters in jail and US virtually none.

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Our problem is we dont kill the creeps like most other countries.

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Do you honestly believe any Russian (and Chinese) incarceration statistics. Come on Tyler. The US goverment isn't honest either but I it far easier to verify US data.

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China isn't ideal, but the incentives aren't as perverse.  The prisons are run by the government, in the US they are largely privatized, or pseudo privatized, which is not the same thing as free market.  When you have private companies operating under perverse government incentives, you get this.  They are incentivized to lock up more people, "customers".  It's fascism, plain and simple.    In China, there is a negative incentive to locking people up, because it's seen as an outright cost.  The fact that they have political prisoners, is a different problem.  That's a structural issue, which will sort out in time, probably interluded by a bloody uprising.  

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I pledge allegiance to the Flag,

of the United States of America.

And to the Corporate Communist "Republic" for which it stands,

one Nation,

under the Fed,


with liberty and justice............

.......for only those who can afford it.

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Yeah! Gulag Amerikkaa!!!! So now what is the solution? Should we release half those black and latinos criminals?? Yeah right FREE THE CRIMINALS!!!

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No, we should release 80% of them.  Anyone who hasn't violated someone else's rights is not a legitimate criminal.  To be charged with a felony, there should be a tangible and specific victim, otherwise, it's just bullshit, and likely shouldn't be a crime in the first place.  

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True. But then the unemployment numbers would skyrocket and then people would resort to actual crime.

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What the fuck kind of fancy cocktail room bullshit discusion is this...

Bankers & politicians commit genocide, steal umpteen billions in wealth, yet dipshits want to ruminate about unemployment statistical wave peaks from poor dumb slobs who got caught doing a bong hit because the governmet was pissed that it wasn't getting cut in on the profits...

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Forgot the sarc/ sign. As for the bankers, they run the world, so why apply our laws to theirs? Hopefully the next French revolution is not far off; everyone gets theirs.

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Release'em they would make good practice for the drone jockeys. Not that they ain't gettin enough already.

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Speaking of jail.....;_ylt=A2KJ3CSRZspQnC0AS5HQtDMD


FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Four of the five Deutsche Bank employees arrested for money laundering or obstruction of justice related to a carbon trading scheme will remain in jail, the Frankfurt prosecutor said on Thursday.

One Deutsche Bank employee was allowed home on health grounds, the prosecutor said.

The employees were arrested during raids on Germany's flagship lender on Wednesday.

It is too early to conclude whether the raids, by 500 tax inspectors, police and prosecutors, would yield any new evidence, Frankfurt prosecutor Guenter Wittig said, adding, "This will take months. I cannot comment about an ongoing investigation."

The prosecutor's probe is focused on tax evasion linked to tax credits and a scheme involving the trading of carbon permits.

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I love how we have mor epeople incarcerated than Brazil and Mexico, which have FAVELAS and BARRIOS WAY MORE VIOLENT than anything you'd see in South Central L.A.

Fuck, the gangs in those countries were running shit up until a few years ago.

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america is a fascist terrorist state ruled with the creators of nazism - wall street plutocrats, especially the rockefellers who were ably supported by the bush crime syndicate....jesse ventura has documented the concentration camps all over america and yet there is no protest - no where!!!!

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But I thought Obama was going to change all of this.

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we can re educate them

Leaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior

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overheard some older folks discussing getting the "flu vaccinations" - how their age now qualifies them for the "extra dose" shots. . .

recommended watch - note all the blacks & hispanic women watching that presentation. . .

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If ever you have any doubts as to whether or not Amerikkka indeed is filled with fascist, neo-Nazi, white-supremacist jackasses, you need only come to ZH and read the comments section.

Or, anywhere else on the Internet, for that matter.

The Jewish people, the blacks and all of the non-white and/or non-Christians are the problem with the world. Yeah - that's the ticket.

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Meanwhile the niggers and spicz are at each others throats while the kikes rip off the whole works.. But damn it if we just ignore the facts they will go away? I want my fuzzyland where everyone loves each other.. waaaaa.. So tell me something. Is it or is it not true that nations are built by like minded individuals, either race and or religion? True or not?

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I'd like to see fat and sassy NFL blacks working in a North Korean gulag !  

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Growth Business ... in California 900, prison guards make more than $200,000, yes that's 1/5 of a million each and every year ... hence the movie "The Green Mile". This may be one of the reasons why CA has a 500,000,000,000 (500 Billion) underfunded pension problem.

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The states prison guards union,California Correctional Peace Officers Association pours millions of dollars into defeating anti prison legislation  



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Can't really compare our salad bar campus prisons to the gulags ! 

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For profit prisons will do that for a country. Ahhh, good times.

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The bestest example of "let's let the private sector run our government".

All the politicians dragging their feet on legalizing pot are being lobbied by the prison industry, they could care less about the morals of getting high. They don't want to lose all their customers.

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The other 1percenters.  Sad.

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Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time. Baretta Theme Song:



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All those prisoners and not one TBTF bankster among them.  I would like to see Brian T. Moynihan and a few others looking out from behind bars.  That guy seems to be a real doucher, he was getting his ass kicked by MBIA today and as usual deploys some legal chicanery to delay and confuse the situation.  Anybody have any opinions about the ongoing MBIA V BofA battle?

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"Black mobs take over Washington Metro"


Police: 'There's nothing worth fighting over and getting assaulted for' Read more at
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twenty years ago or so, i was lecturing the five-college's about the future of incarceration, and that ~ 15% - 18% would be a good-rounding number for 2020...

not one of the campus attendees looked at me surprised?


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to: zer0head@xxxx
Subject Inmate:MADOFF, BERNARD L.

The above-named inmate has chosen to remove your email address from his/her approved contact list and, therefore, can not receive or send messages to your email address.

El recluso antes mencionado ha optado por eliminar su direcci?n de correo electronico de su lista de contactos aprobados y por lo tanto no puede recibir o enviar mensajes a su correo electronico.

Le détenu nommé ci-dessus a choisi de retirer votre adresse courriel de son / sa liste de contacts approuvés et, par conséquent, ne peut pas recevoir ou envoyer des messages à votre adresse email.

Die oben genannten Häftling hat sich entschieden, Ihre E-Mail-Adresse von seinem / ihrem genehmigten Kontaktliste zu entfernen und kann daher nicht empfangen oder Senden von Nachrichten an Ihre E-Mail-Adresse.

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How we built the world's prison capital

"Louisiana is the world's prison capital. The state imprisons more of its people, per head, than any of its U.S. counterparts. First among Americans means first in the world. Louisiana's incarceration rate is nearly five times Iran's, 13 times China's and 20 times Germany's.

The hidden engine behind the state's well-oiled prison machine is cold, hard cash. A majority of Louisiana inmates are housed in for-profit facilities, which must be supplied with a constant influx of human beings or a $182 million industry will go bankrupt"

The New Orleans Times Picayune did an outstanding 8 part series on this topic last May


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Another disgrace... another formerly great state.

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The people of the former Soviet Union kill themselves in record numbers or drink to forget their woes:

There is nothing to admire about the soviets, Putin and how their hateful hierarchy robs the people. The people kill themselves in record numbers, and that keeps the prison population lower.

Death by one's own hand is preferable to death by it seems in the former Soviet Union where Putin puts 'Pussy Riot'  girl band into a horrible medieval jail for daring to sing against him.

CONgress and its legal attack dogs are venal, but less so than the corporatist rulers in the socialist and communist world.

No surrender.

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Suicide can indeed be an honorable end. What else could you call fighting the Wehrmacht with obsolete small arms in 1941 Crete or 1944 Warsaw?

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 Crime pays especially when you can lock up the innocent. Guns and Prisons the new American Dream.

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Where is China? Also would be interesting to see how many of prison population are financial crooks but I sort of know the answer to that.

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Russia doesn't have all the violent blacks and illegal beeners we have.

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Nor did Russia cultivate them or open their borders to them like the U.S. has.

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US incarceration rates have been the world's highest for at least half a century. Moscow only started catching up with the USA after it shifted into a market economy.

In absolute numbers, you have 2.4 million in US jails, with China in second place at 1.5 million.

If you're good at maths, the figures need weighting for the populations: 300 vs 1,400 million respectively.

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The US just hasn't been the same since the CIA coup.

What, you didn't get the memo?

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The memo written by Hoover 5 days after the JFK assasination that named Bush as the ringleader? Is that the memo you are referring to?

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"We have 36M Blacks and as many Hispanics; what is Russia's excuse?"


Now I known Hitler escaped Berlin in 1945... he even managed to flee to the US and make a kid there!  Travis can I call you Helmut? :lol: