Misery Spread Widely

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Via Gordon T. Long of GordonTLong.com,

The 'something for nothing' mentality is now firmly in charge in the developed economies. As the G7 economies cascade lower under their past, present and future entitlement & politically connected reward policies, misery is now being spread widely! Misery being spread widely is the product of socialism, as real growth disappears and money printed out of thin air fills in for the lack of real income growth. All of this is paid for by the money you earn and store your wealth in, buying less and less, while your balance in the bank stays the same. The attacks on wealth and job creation are set to accelerate as politicians loot and plunder the private sectors to pay the unpayable promises and support those that don’t produce, by dis-incenting and enslaving those that do. Effectively, penalizing those who lead a prudent and productive lifestyle.

The cynical would argue that the goal is not to spur economic growth and job creation but instead is intended to formant economic collapse, grow government dependence, gather power as the man-made disaster unfolds, take freedoms and redistribute what wealth is left to the special interests in charge. This may very well be true but it could also be a matter of human nature and the generational re-learning of what role a government must be restricted to playing.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without, until it has destroyed itself from within. The essential causes of Rome's decline lay in her people, her morals, her class struggle, her failing trade, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, her consuming wars."  – Will Durant, The Story Of Civilization III, Epilogue, 1944

Recent Hurricane Sandy exposed once again the governments inability to execute even its most basic mandate - to serve the people. Grief stricken Americans heard plenty of platitudes by well meaning politicians, but the follow through was as usual found wanting by the destitute. The bureaucracy that the politicians supposedly run, with expanding central planning and control, simply couldn't deliver on its most basic responsibilities. The politicians focused on political goals of power and the redistribution of wealth through taxation, regulation and crony capitalism only add to the growing frustrations with the incompetence, inefficiency and shear neglect of the government. The bureaucrats have consistently failed the people and with their failure so will the healthcare, energy industry and financial systems.  They have failed with the post office, social security, the public schools, medicare, medicaid, energy policy and everything else they have taken charge of in a supposed attempt to serve the people!

Every generation learns these simple truths about governments and central planning, but always fall into the trap of expecting and relying on government versus themselves. The reality is people will sell their freedoms for what they perceive to be safety and security. Predictably and consistently they end up with neither safety not security.

Many have learned through experience that socialism is best defined as "Misery Spread Widely".


Margaret Thatcher in the depths of pulling the UK out of its economic misery pointed out:


"Socialism is about spending other peoples money, until there is none left to spend".

Slowing Credit, CAPEX and Corporate Industrial Production are only three of the 'Canaries in the Coal Mine' that point out that the current bull market in government regulations and uncertainty is stymieing growth, innovation and risk taking. By avoiding and effectively "papering over pain" with unsound money and a litany of transfer payments, it doesn't allow nor force required societal change. It may 'kick the can down the road' by 'extending and pretending' but it only delays the inevitable. A degree of pain is needed to keep a society both healthy & vibrant. Without it you remove motivation and instill complacency, reduced risk taking and Misery Spread Widely.


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As in 1929 we have the Elite writing cheques they would not honour. With the Soviet experiment we had the Elite there doing the same, now we have these fools thinking something will turn up and save them from the cheques they have written. Same old song but differing tunes, unfortunately we have crossed the Rubicon and it is too late to turn back there will be Blood and the bullshit graphs that Goldman’s and the rest of the gamblers produce are so much hot air.

Just do the math people, numbers do not lie, (people- food – energy – supply – finance) and to be honest they stopped adding up about 1990-95. We are living on borrowed time so enjoy, when she blows things will get interesting.

 The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.
- Vladimir Lenin

(Just for a change from Margeret)


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"Our culture has been trained to look down at those poorer than ourselves and scrutinize them more closely for such infractions on the slave work ethic. That way we aren't looking higher up the ladder to see who is defecating on us. It's a nice trick that works well for the owners and their minions."


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I disagree Waterfallsparkles... they are on the same bus, train or boat as we are. We will all go down. This is structural and systemic. Destructive intentions cloud intelligence. They may last a bit longer but not that much.

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I sure "hope" you're right.

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WTF is this author talking about?  In the past 30 years, the top 1% has seen its wealth increase over 350% and the bottom 90% have seen no gains at all.  That is a FACT.

Over the same time period, the percentage of GDP going to profits has increased by the same amount as the percentage going to labor has decreased.  That is a FACT.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I will never support socialism outside of the limited safety nets we presently have in place.  But hardly any of the 90% are asking for socialism.  Rather, we are demanding the end of plutocracy.  We are asking for a level playing field.  We are asking to compete on the merits, and not against de facto Chinese slave labor, immigrant Mexican labor and overpaid government labor.  We are asking that criminal behavior be punished regardless of the social or economic class of the criminal.  We will sacrifice for the good of the next generation, but we have no interest in cutting SS we paid for just so we can continue to support a bloated military, a corporate farming system, a pharmaceutical oligarchy and a legions of undeserving bureaucrats.


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Well said. I wish they stopped posting this disinformative shit altogether, and do some fact checking on their posts. See also my post below.

Almost seems like ZH abstains from encouraging some real debates in fear of getting pulled from the air...

StychoKiller's picture

47+Million EBT cardz sez there's a flaw in yer logic...

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Have any of you ignorant mofo's every heard of the working poor?  "Takers" my ass.  The men at the top are the takers.

Lednbrass's picture

A flea that takes a single drop of blood from its host is as much a taker as the leech that takes an ounce; the difference is one of degree.

Both are still parasites.

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The problem with the Government handing out benefits is that the Government is anonymous.  In the ole days when a beggar came to someones door and received food he appreciated the gift and the giver felt that he did something good for someone else.

Today everything is sterilized so that the receiver does not even acknowledge or understand that their benefits come from some one else, instead of the Government.  This way the Tax payer does not get any satisfaction out of giving to some unknown person.  The unknown person does not think that anyone else had to pay for their benefits.

Waterfallsparkles's picture

I had a homeless man come by my house every day.  He always had a rake or a snow shovel over his shoulder.  I always made him breakfast.  If there were leaves on the yard he would rake them.  He seemed to look forward to comming by and I felt good feeding him.  It also was great that he raked the leaves or shoveled the snow.  I also used to give him a few dollars once and a while or pack him a lunch.  There was a mutual appreciation of each other.

It worked so well.  But, somehow it does not feel right for the Government to take your Money to give to someone that you do not know or who does not even appreciate your gift.

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You are missing the point...the idea is they are going to give that guy part of your house.

Imagine you are a farmer. The govt shows up on day during the harvest and not only takes a good portion of your yield, but introduces you to some new families that will now own and plow half your fields....because its "fair."

They have a need, you have stuff...,get it now?

PositiveFeedback's picture

True that. If some of that precious advertisement space/time in the media would be used to spread awareness of the workings of these mechanisms and their benefits, we could have less of that I suspect.

Imho the smart use of 'propaganda' and its benefits is what we in the West have forgotten, or what we were afraid of using because of its associations with communism. But really the advertisement industry is exactly that: propaganda for a consumerist lifestyle. Time to reclaim some of that public space for spreading awareness I say ...



Waterfallsparkles's picture

Does seem odd that now we have Tax the Wealthy.

More and more people opting to stay on Unemployment instead of working.  More people qualifying for food stamps.  Welfare rolls increasing.  More people claiming disability, including our Veterans. More people claiming Social Security Benefits at 62 and not waiting for full retirement.

It appears that Obama's message is getting out.  It is better to be on Government support than supporting yourself.  Guaranteed checks and income.

But the Wealthy can move and do when there is over taxation.  Who will be left to support all of those millions of people?  Can they print enough money to support a whole Nation of dependents?



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You do understand that there are no longer enough jobs to go around?  What part of that do you fail to understand? Ever heard of offshoring, you nitwit?  The meme that everyone who is unemployed are too lazy to work is complete horseshit.  Most people out of work would LOVE to find a decent job.

Waterfallsparkles's picture

There are plenty of jobs around.  Just ask an Illegal Immigrant. 

What you are basically saying in my opinion is that there are not very many jobs around that pay high wages.  Like before.  That I will agree with.  Yet, because there are not very many high paying jobs, people elect to stay on unemployment or try to collect disability.  That way they do not have to work or can collect benefits and work on the side.  I would bet my bottom dollar that if you followed a laid off worker around every day you would find them working side jobs for cash under the table while collecting unemployment.

I also would point out in your own post your statement of "WOULD LOVE TO FIND A DECENT JOB.  So, basically you are contradicting yourself.  By using the word DECENT, I believe that you would not take a job you felt below you or your current or prior pay scale.

I believe the Job demand today is in fields like Plumbing, Electrical, Septic Cleaners, Roofers, Heating and Airconditioning repairs and Home Improvement.  Although, most of these professions require education in their specific field and with some requiring being a low paid Journeyman for a while, until you can get a liscense.

Another field is sales.  A good Sales Person is worth their weight in Gold.  If you are on Commission you will earn what you are worth every day.  If you are not good you will not make very much but if you are good you make lots of Money and can write your own ticket.

tickhound's picture

Well don't hold your breath.  Those low paying service jobs are awaiting the automation train... Automation would be BULLET trained if the lack of consumer spending, lack of loan demand, and government wasn't there to put up a temporary road block.

See McD's in Europe, Hostess, the latest union squashing efforts?  The klepto-poli-left WILL eventually lay down for it too in the face of unprofitable multi-nationals, believe you me.

AND now with ZIRP tied to the unemployment rate?  You think JPMorgan wants to borrow at anything HIGHER when it can't pass a 3 or 4% loan onto its own customers?  You think the multi-nationals want to borrow at higher interest rates right now?  The INSIDE lobbying for an unemployment rate remaining ABOVE 6.5% in the face of inevitable automation is already underway, I'm sure.  Actually, no lobby necessary... as its probably already assumed.  You think JPM gives a shit at .5 billion in profits last year from EBT?

The "Just get a job" or "suck it up" meme is getting old and ultimately won't fix shit. 

Lednbrass's picture

You dodged his point- nothing he mentioned can or will be automated.

tickhound's picture

You know, interestingly enough, I missed the last couple/few paragraphs waterfalls typed.  Either I outright didn't see 'em, or they were edited in while I was typing mine up.  I saw no jobs listed in the post I was replying to... ended with "decent jobs para." 

And I'll admit I wouldn't have bothered saying anything at all if I'd had seen the last paragraphs.  So I'm down with YER SMACKDOWN.  ITS KEWL.

But, be careful predicting technology... and what, and what is not, possible.  Most of those jobs can ALREADY be auto-performed.  Maybe just not practical/cost-effective...... yet.

Karlus's picture

Preezy is giving you something better than a job. Free stuff just for being you and working. Its the New Math. Working is so 2008.

As for outsourcing and local illegals, once they can vote, they too can get in the tent.

Rich? Or thought to be rich? Oh wait, you are a private employer? Get in this line to get fleeced. You didnt build that after all, the workers did. You didnt build it = you dont own it = we are going to give it to someone who votes for us.

Yen Cross's picture

 All for one, One for all!!!  Drink up Bitchez

 That was the moral of this story...

mumbo_jumbo's picture

the first paragraph is got me laughing....all the jobs were sent to China cause of liberalism!!!


you're fuking funny man!

Lednbrass's picture

Well, it was Clinton who signed NAFTA and the China deal which put a pair of torpedoes into the side of the US ship and the Unions went along with him and backed both. Combine these with the repeal of Glass-Steagall and it could be well argued that Clinton did more structural damage to the US economy than any other president in history.

Strangely enough, this reality is ignored by the supporters of Team Blue today.

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this is mostly bs. some of it was even contradictory.

socialism is not the problem. what these and others call socialism are anti riot programs. look what has happend in europe once these programs are threatened. the purpose of these "socialist" programs is to keep the people happy while their wealth is looted by the .1% insiders who dictate the economics and politics of the world. its kind of like a burglar giving the watchdog a bone while he takes the family jewels(lol) and silver.take the bone away and the people get agitated. the only reason to get the people agitated is to take freedoms away but they have other ways to agitate the people to do that like bombing buildings and killing kids, the bogeyman strategy.

these giuys are party hacks who have no clue what is happening

mumbo_jumbo's picture


100% correct!!!!  i love the give the watch dog a bone part!

Yen Cross's picture

Mumbo_Jumbo (neighborhood  watch) gone serfing!

Yen Cross's picture

Socialism is exactly the problem/ CalPers Employee retired at 55 asshole , living off of kelp!  ya you  besnook douche bag!

besnook's picture

what are you doing here? i figured you would still be pounding your pud over the euro ramp. what happened? did you give yourself a blister when you ran out of k-y?

Yen Cross's picture

 I'm just displacing the returns of ( ZIRP) via your buddy ( Moon Beam Brown)/ Lets ta;lk

 I'll rip you and your cohorts into " distended assholes" in a Z/H tread! Bitchez/

 Mind you I'm 3/4ers expatriatriated BITCH!

Atomizer's picture

Piss off besnook, read my question to you below

Yen Cross's picture

besnook is a retired( life coach) Atomizer/

Atomizer's picture

Perhaps you can help your fellow comrade who had earlier been swimming around inside his father’s scrotum during the cold war. Somewhat witty to view something enlightening ahead of my birth. Yet, it tells anonymous secrets in which we unmistakably understand today. I'll pay you on Tuesdays for a reply today..

More Deadly Than War - G. Edward Griffin

besnook's picture

where to begin. most of it is too stupid to comment upon. do you know what made the usa the greatest nation in the world? why it was held in awe for most of it's existence minus the last 40 or so years? 2 things. the first one is the fragmentation of .gov power into several parts meant to counterbalance each other's quest for power. why is that important? it is important because the aquisition of power is the sole goal of .gov. by fragmenting the power of .gov the idea was to limit or, at least, inhibit the attainment of power. the second most important thing was the simple concept of innocence until proven guilty putting the onus of responsibility on .gov to prove your guilt. this idea was coupled with certain limits on the power of .gov to prosecute you for notorious abuses of .gov, the bill of rights. nothing like the .gov organization of the usa had ever been adopted by any .gov in the history of mankind. it was/is a real application of utopian philosophy. neither concept is true in practice anymore.

the role of any .gov organization is to consolidate power. the name of the organization of .gov really doesn't matter. if anything assigning a name is counterproductive. it doesn't matter if it is called communist, socialist, democratic or a republic or an oligarchy or a monarchy or fascism, it is simply .gov. the communists aren't undermining the usa, a la griffin. .gov is undermining the usa as it undermines every country in the history of the world. in an interesting irony, marx was right about the self destruction of capitalist systems(forced by the market due to excesses allowed by systemic abuse, i.e., fiat currency) but his utopian solution of communism is, in fact, in practice, a feudal system with total centralization of power by design which is the ultimate natural goal of .gov anyway. when you understand this concept you understand what is happening to you today in the usa. what is the ultimate .gov? one world .gov. so fuck your communist, socialist, fascist, democrat, republican, left, right labeling bullshit. there is only one enemy, .gov. power trumps money because if you have all the power you have all the money. we are at the end stage. money(oligarchs) have melded with power(.gov) to bring you a shit storm whether by frog in a warming pot or at the point of a .gov gun. one morning you will wake up boiled with a hole in your gut and your dumbass will be screaming, "you fucking socialist!" the saving grace might be that the west collapses and your new master may be china so your scream will be the ultimate irony.

Yen Cross's picture

 Hey besnook, Just one Question?

   Any time/ any place. thanks for your time mate.... Don't fall over

mumbo_jumbo's picture

i just can't read this diatribe without laughing my ass off......the jobs left (well except for the most favored industry of them all...well 2 actually...real estate and banking) and what we have now is the result of that.

alfbell's picture


I am Jobe's picture

Pretending  USSA is an advanced Economy is a crock of shit. Never seen so many fucking inbred fucking Trailer Trash in North Amerika. Amerika gives a new meaning to fucking inbreds.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Another article that confuses socialism and FASCISM. It also ignores the underlying energy issues and lack of any real consequences for bad behavior. No worries, when all the paper promises die, the laws of Nature and physics will fix this. They always do and that which cannot be sustained, won't be.

I am Jobe's picture

Bend over fucking sheeples. U think very many sheeples waching this or wtf is going on, no, they are busy fucking shopping and giving bj's and trying a new profession, being a hooker

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Re. The 'something for nothing' mentality is now firmly in charge in the developed economies


Yes - Let's Get Rid Of The R-E-A-L WELFARE QUEENS.... the Blood-Sucking WALL  STREET Parasites.

And yes - Buffet, Immelt, Schmidt & other tax-evading scum-bags  - the term "PARASITES" includes YOU.


Yen Cross's picture

I hear ya New Yawk frankie/ You have made some kind comments/ Not forgotten ;-)

LawsofPhysics's picture

People need to rethink "wealth" and "value". I know many who are compensated with many paper promises for their "work" but whose job is nothing but paper pushing. Fuck them. They won't last a day when this bow breaks. Then maybe compensation will return to those who are actually worth a shit. Can't happen fast enough for me.

ZeroAvatar's picture

Let me see:  We have the last 4 years of economic non-growth caused by O'bummers spread-it-around socialist agenda (which hasn't even ended yet!). 


Now, we also have the next 4 years.  On top of the damage already done to the economy, the next 4 years will have businesses folding, people taxed out the yang-yin, and pain and printing and government spending and, well, DAMAGE!


It's going to be at LEAST a DECADE AFTER Obeyme leaves to even START turning things back around.


We are so fucked.

lakecity55's picture

O-Phone has no plans to leave office.


Yen Cross's picture

 these F..King (  entitlement babies )  

ZeroAvatar's picture

Four moar years of Obeyme......so EIGHT years of economic destruction.  These NEXT four will EXPONENTIALLY exacerbate the prior damage.


Then, 10 or 15 years to 'repair' the damage?  Let's see, what year is this, 2013?  (Close)  So, say, 2028 before we can hope to see reality in the financial markets?


It's no wonder today's youth goes out and dispenses their anger at the end of a .223.


I sorta feel like doin' it myself, sometimes!


(Note to Homeland Security:  No, this is not an acknowledgment of pending homicide.   I am simply a U.S. 'citizen' who is expressing in words, in a blog forum, my unhappiness with the way our country is headed.  No need to send a guy to knock on m

buzzsaw99's picture

The attacks on wealth and job creation are set to accelerate...

Stopped reading right there. The job destroyers created wealth for themselves and poverty for the nation. Pure tripe.