Mike Bloomberg Calls For Ban On Assault Weapons

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In the least unexpected news of the week, Mayor Mike, whose forays into central planning started with banning sugary sodas, and then proceeded to gas rationing, has just done what everyone expected him to do, and demand a ban on all assault weapons:


We eagerly await the imminent escalation: the "taxable inhalable oxygen for those making over $250,000 - it's only fair act" to be proposed by Mayor Mike and his central-planning enamored brethren in D.C. next.

From AP:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and dozens of shooting survivors and victims' relatives are calling on Congress and President Barack Obama to tighten gun laws and enforcement.


The mayor was appearing at City Hall Monday with 34 people whose own lives or the lives of their relatives have been affected by gun violence around the country. They're sending videos to lawmakers telling their stories.


Bloomberg has long been an advocate for tougher national gun regulations. He has found himself at the forefront of a re-energized push for gun control since Friday's massacre at a Connecticut elementary school.


He says the carnage "demands immediate national action."

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I didn't. I make the simple observation that as you have fewer weapons the chances of one them used inappropriately goes down.

But that probably doesn't make sense to you, but it worked in Australia and many other countries.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture


I didn't.


 So you agree that responsible adults should have the ability to defend children against murderers even in schools?



I make the simple observation that as you have fewer weapons the chances of one them used inappropriately goes down.


Gun bans have accompanied increased crime in some places as well. But you probably don't understand that the mere presence of inanimate objects is not the definitive factor.


Care of justfacts.com we learn that:

In 2007, there were 613 fatal firearm accidents in the United States, constituting 0.5% of 123,706 fatal accidents that year.

These emergency room visits for non-fatal firearm accidents resulted in 5,045 hospitalizations, constituting 0.4% of 1.4 million non-fatal accident hospitalizations that year.

During the years in which the D.C. handgun ban and trigger lock law was in effect, the Washington, D.C. murder rate averaged 73% higher than it was at the outset of the law, while the U.S. murder rate averaged 11% lower.

The homicide rate in England and Wales has averaged 52% higher since the outset of the 1968 gun control law and 15% higher since the outset of the 1997 handgun ban.

Since the outset of the Chicago handgun ban, the Chicago murder rate has averaged 17% lower than it was before the law took effect, while the U.S. murder rate has averaged 25% lower.

Since the outset of the Chicago handgun ban, the percentage of Chicago murders committed with handguns has averaged about 40% higher than it was before the law took effect.






WeekendTrader's picture

The world is greater than the US. You are cherrypicking data, pretending to be objective and rational.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

So it's cherry picking to refer to US data when contemplating US policies?

WeekendTrader's picture

Yes. When you quote a couple of articles where a gun may have saved lives and you omit the fact that more than 10,000 people in the US die of gun related violence you are cherrypicking and intentionally not giving the full picture.

fuu's picture


41,000+ people died in 2007 from vehicles vs 10,000 dead from guns, yet you aren't all up in here arguing that cars should be banned right?

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture


you omit the fact that more than 10,000 people in the US die of gun related violence


Picture this:


*Based on survey data from a 2000 study published in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology, U.S. civilians use guns to defend themselves and others from crime at least 989,883 times per year.




That's 989,883 - 10,000 = 979,883 net gain in victims under your policies.

WeekendTrader's picture

That math is true for the kids and the parents.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

But more kids should have been murdered in Pearl and Edinboro in your opinion. The tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

WeekendTrader's picture

I did not say or imply that, nor would it be the logical consequence of what I am suggesting.

Your "reasoning" is not logical, rather you are attempting to disguise emotions as fact by twisting what I write and cherrypicking data points and pulling in data points without proper context.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

In Pearl and Edinboro the introduction of an additional gun not wielded by a murderer saved lives. Your assertion that the number of inanimate objects is a definitive factor in crime rather than who is wielding that object leads me to no other conclusion than that you wanted more kids to be killed in those incidents.

WeekendTrader's picture

The lives saved in those instances pale by how many others have died of gun related violence.

Like I said, cherrypicking and refusing to properly contextualize events.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture


Like I said, cherrypicking and refusing to properly contextualize events.


You're projecting. Government bans drugs and they are everywhere. A gun ban would stop only law abiding citizens from owning weapons. Criminals could still obtain guns as easily as they obtain methamphetamine. You are suggesting that that would make people safer and save lives. You are the one who has no ability to contextualize events.


The lives saved in those instances pale by how many others have died of gun related violence.


Meanwhile, you wish this old lady had been beaten to death with her own cane. Or did you want to ban canes as well?


82-year-old fights off attacker

Posted: Mar 16, 2010 5:02 PM
Updated: Mar 16, 2010 5:02 PM


SIERRA VISTA - An 82-year-old woman takes matters into her own hands after she's attacked in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Sierra Vista.

Police said the suspect Stephen Prickett beat the woman with her own cane until she grabbed her gun from her purse and started firing


I picked a few more cherries for you. Perhaps you could bake a pie.


elderly woman defends herself with gun



About 9,510,000 results



(0.33 seconds) https://www.google.com/#hl=en&tbo=d&output=search&sclient=psy-ab&q=elder...
fuu's picture

The rights of the few outweigh the rights of the many.

GoinFawr's picture

 Great argument, but I don't think he went far enough. Better to arm them to the teeth by grade 1. After all, the decision to give one's child access to weapons ought to be entirely at the parent's discretion, right? Or are you some sort of freedom hating treasonous statist collectivist socialisty stalin loving ss blah blah blah blah blah?


WeekendTrader's picture

You forgot that I love jews/niggers/spics/fags


CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

People should be allowed to chose their own mates but it's just plain crazy to suggest that that means that children should be forced to marry in first grade, ya know? See, that's the problem when you concentrate on "going far enough" in your argument rather than thinking and speaking rationally.

GoinFawr's picture

GAsP! You mean there ought to be some groundRULES? Who gets to decide for me, YOU? Sounds pretty statist to me... <shrugs>

I know, I know, it totally sucks for you when I beat you over the head with your own 'reasoning'. Cry me a fucking river.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

But no one here other than you suggested that first graders should be armed. You're beating yourself over the head with you own lack of reasoning.

GoinFawr's picture

Nice try. As you well know I'm saying no such thing.

I'm merely pointing out how ridiculous your position is by agreeing with you; that it ought to be wholly MY CHOICE in Fantasy Freedom Land!

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

So by making up stuff that reflects your own insanity rather than any statement made by me you have "agreed" with me and shown me to be foolish? That doesn't seem reasonable.

GoinFawr's picture

hahaha! backpedal, waffle, circumlocute, obfuscate all you like, you secret santa statist you.

I agreed with your insipid 'principle', and then to make a point I followed it down the rabbit hole to one of its many sickening and irrational, but absolutely covered conclusions.

GoinFawr's picture

...he/she asked ever so innocently. "Here we go 'round the mulberry bush" It's your fave tune, I can tell.  Can't you read?

 You are fooling absolutely no one, statist; but thanks for the chuckle anyway.


CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Yeah, your inability to support your argument is hilarious. But you didn't need me for that.

GoinFawr's picture

That's right, you just do that 'shuffle off to buffalo' thing, as per.

Everyone who's not your fluffer knows you're trying to blow smoke up our... noses.


CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

You refuse to cite the principle with which you take such great exception and I'm shuffling? That's weak.

GoinFawr's picture

As if four times isn't enough...  Quit rooting around for a free lunch; earn it. I'm tired of repeating myself to the likes of you.

Better yet: just own up for once in your life.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

I admit it. You are completely correct about that thing which you won't talk about. How could I have not seen it before? Many thanks and tender regards.

GoinFawr's picture

Honestly, that's the only blockheaded response I expected from you.


CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

When you're right, you're right.

Flakmeister's picture

Did you get pwn'ed again?

I swear that you get beaten worse than a rented mule...

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

If you think I got "pwn'ed" perhaps you can tell me what his point was because he won't discuss it.

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fucking reptoid....

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Bloomberg's New York City Week to date Crime Stats for Week ending December 9, 2012


Murder 8
Rape 30
Robbery 395
Fel Assault 278
Buggery 371
Gr Larceny 907
GLA 172  (WTF)
Pet Larceny 1545
Misc Assault 826
Misc Sex 65
Shooting incidents 13 (BB gun?)


Survey: Retired Cops Say NYPD Crime Stats Fudged



FrankDrakman's picture

Seriously? 371 counts of 'buggery'? I bet there's some bathhouses where that's an hour's count, not a week's.

Mad Mohel's picture

LOL Buggery, is that even a real crime? It sounds like the judge should wear a Colonial times wig when giving out the sentence for that.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Don't mention this to Tyler, but...


Etymologically, a "Bugger" was a "Bulgre" (French Bougre). Originally, it was wrongly derived from the French word "Boulgrerie" ("of Bulgaria"), meaning the medieval Bulgarian clerical sect of the Bogomils, although they are not cognates.[3]



ivana's picture


Yeah, but tommorow youll see call for gov to provide DEFENCE WEAPON FOR EACH CHILD ABOVE 3YEARS ... that would also stimulate inovation cause we all know that existing guns are to heavy for kids (sarc)

Shell Game's picture

Only if they are children of rebels trying to topple a CIA-targeted regime..


US foreign policy FTMFW

Count de Money's picture

One thing as sure as night follows day: Whenever Bloomberg opens his mouth, something stupid usually comes out.

I'm going to crack open a bottle champagne when this assclown finally kicks off.

helping_friendly_book's picture

Bloomberg's clone is already ten years old. He should be able to survive until his clone takes over.

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I would vote for a ban on any "concealed" order within a 50 mile radius of any exchange computer.  The use of "Hide 'n Slide" orders should lead to a mandatory 5 year sentence for the owners of the computer that originated the order.

kralizec's picture

If they do not take them out of the hands of government officials as well then OMDB!

Winston Churchill's picture

I am going out to buy an AK47 this afternoon,if I can find one with a cupholder big

enough for my 44oz soda.

darteaus's picture

I just fired my new five-seven this w/e.  Low recoil, loud noise, nine out of ten in 10X from 7 yards.  Much more controllable and accurate than my sub-compact XD 9mm.

ebworthen's picture

How about a ban on stupid and arrogant politicians who think that laws control the evil and insane amongst us?

How about a ban on crazy people?  Aren't there laws against hate crimes and mass murder?  How come those laws didn't stop this crazy kid from killing?

How safe will we be when the only ones with guns will be SWAT teams that are 15 minutes away and will arrive after the fact or the wicked and insane who care not what the law says?

"No 22 oz. sodas or assault weapons" will not stop people from buying two 12 oz. sodas or assault weapons on the black market, but will give people a false sense of security and fucknuts like Bloomberg more power and money.

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I am surprised to learn there is an assault weapons problem in NY City. I thought they had tough gun laws. In that he runs NY City maybe he can pass some laws that will control guns there and the Nation can follow with similar laws. I missed his suggested laws about mental problems and anti-depression drugs that seem to cause a lot of violent death is the USA. Maybe associated with the Friday crazed mass murder. The Heart posted a site yesterday that is a real eye opener about depression drugs and many, many violent deaths.