"As Part Of Our Ongoing Effort To Protect Bank Of America, Zero Hedge Is Blocked"

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We couldn't have said it better: "Bank of America blocks users from accessing websites that present certain risks to the bank."

Let's see, maybe this will get Zero Hedge unblocked: "Just buy BAC stock. Others are doing it, so you must do it too. And if you buy in the next 5 minutes, you will get one free share for every share purchased!"

... Well, maybe not. 

Does this also mean we are not in contention for the Andrew Ross Sorkin Wall Street-sponsored website of the year award either?... Perhaps we should shelve those Pulitzer dreams too.

Oh well. At least the National Financial Enquirer and other various financial tabloids are still fully accessible at the bank that is best known for the worst M&A transaction of all time - Countrywide Financial. And that whole double bailout thing of course, first of Merrill, and then of Bank of America proper.

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This wreaks of fear. Are they going to can more people & fear they'll find out elsewhere? 401K setup for heist like the few pensions left? Being forbidden will have the opposite effect, cubed minimum. 

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. 

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And stated in acronym's;

'BAC declares ZH a BIA' (Burr In Ass)

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

Encore..,encore..., Tyler please come out on stage and take a bow for your loving audiance. encore. (roses flying through the air)

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As Chapman would have said:
"..We got them on the run!.."

RIP Bob Chapman

Zero you're dangerous!
The shits gettin real finally!

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does this mean tyler will be added to the no fly list and the rest of us tsaed every time we fly?


what a bunch of idiots. don't they realize they just drove half their employees to this site by drawing attention to it to figure out why it is banned?

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"This sucker's going down." - Dubya

Pharming's picture

It COULD go down...hahaha....it did.  Merica.


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Hmm, I thought it was Friday for a second.

Perhaps for Friday, you could run a competition to see just who blocks ZH, and who doesn't? In honour of Instagram, give them a Wanted Poster finish.


@ Tyler, I made you this to run with - Wanted for Financial Reporting

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See now THAT iz cool right there.  You should pass it to Banzai... Along with the boyz at 273.  I've been looking to replace my Evil Speculator t.

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Took about 3 minutes with an automatic meme generator; I'm certain that Banzai could do far better - but feel free to run with the concept & improve it.

tickhound's picture

You're gonna hafta do better than that... At minimum 57 minutes better.  I need BILLABLE HOURS, not this 3 minute nonsense.

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Us Algos charge by the nano-second. Trust me, your bill is going to be big enough.


(Disclaimer: time spent waiting on human-made servers and latency issues due to monolithic monopolies in infrastructure and poor service are billable. Google Fibre will set us free!).

H E D G E H O G's picture

BofA = BANK OF FUCKING ASSHOLES..................

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wow working for BAC would suck testicles, bet the traders can access ZH.

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Guess BAC doesn't want their employees learning about their pink slips before they can hand em out.

Now if you can get Krugman and Buffoon to shit on ya you'll pull off a trifecta.

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For some reason, I think most ML employees would agree that real thoughts are generally blocked by BoA corporate.

Still thinking about how pissed the ML sales reps were that BoA would charge their clients a $5 fee even if that millions with the company. Yeah. Even ML knew not to pull that bullshit.

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bac does not want any of their employees to find out bac imploded before they get the official memo.

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donation time!

jldpc's picture

Now I know why I like this site.

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I love you Tyler.

Thanks, Bank of America!

Fuck you Bank of America. Fuck you!

Pharming's picture

Fuckin A !!  

Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!!!

chunga's picture

Zero Hedge should open a network of local credit unions LOL.

[edit - no bankers allowed]

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In a similar vein, I've been doing DD on Scamazon (there is so much wrong with the underlying economics, it is tough to know where to start) and my computer was attacked my an AWS hosted IP. I captured a screen print and have sent it to multiple people...  I wouldn't have believed it myself if I didn't witness and capture in real time...

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Awesome, no better way to drive people to ZH.


Thanks BAC!

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

And this is EXACTLY why I spend so much time on this website. FUCK BANK OF AMERICA.  They are fucking crooks.

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Congratulations!!!!   ZH has won.

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Welcome to the Big Leagues.

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I am surprised those fools can even spell ZH....

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Congrats! Your not really significant until you have been banned!

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Couple of years ago I had to submit a request to get ZH unblocked at my (big, evil, bulge-brackety, Wall Street, mother fuckin') firm. Had no trouble. The block screen looked much like the one at BAC. If they submit a request to unblock it, it'll probably pass -- financial-related and all...


The original blogspot address worked fine back in early 2009 when I started reading and commenting here. It wasn't until the site moved to the zerohedge domain that it was blocked. I thought it was a conspiracy. It wasn't.

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Fair point. It does beg the question, however, why for example a certain other site that rhymes with Quizno's Sellsider has not gotten the same treatment.

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The Tylers need to move to Ecuador.  Friendly embassy, and all.

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don't go to belize.... you'll end up fucking crazy

knukles's picture

(some guy named John mumbling some shit about bath salt enemas and 16 year old deformed hotties....)

helping_friendly_book's picture

I am sure there will be resignations in droves of BoA employees tomorrow. Buggers!

I might have to quit if I am denied. 

I'll deploy a virus if they mess w/ my ZH! Damnit!

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I bet those corporate filters only ban original content

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Sorry Tyler, It was my fault you got banned. I was at their main office the other day and wrote www.zerohedge.com on the back of the bathroom stall door. Forgot to flush too...

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My BAC LEAPS are up another 7% today. Now back to your regularly scheduled bashing...:)

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Make sure you hold on to them 4EVAH!

You will be a rich Mark. (noun/slang)


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Warren the "charleton" Buffett was probably offended while he was in the private banking Dept. making a deposit, and over saw the Dept. head scrolling Z/H posts... ;-)

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stupid fucking establishment voters get what they deserve.

they don't want to be warned, so let them eat shit.

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F B A C....ha ha what a racket...   I remember waaaaaaaay back in 09...

I refied my house from a local bank...it went to a bank on East coast, then one in Maryland in the matter of 4 weeks.  Then lo and behold, one month later my loan was "sold" transferred to BAC.  Then...Mac got ahold of it 6 months later...but the letter stated, "Please continue to send your payment to Bank of Merica".  This same thing happened to two of my friends.  Bank of Merica ...truly owning most of Merica.

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LOL.  Hit a big nerve, Tyler.  ZH must have had a big following at BAC wanting to know in advance from ZH before they got laid off.  Websites for "gunzz" and midget porn are still good with BAC.


Of course, last years forced FED approval to put trillions of proprietary BAC toxic debt onto the depositors side of the ledger, over violent FDIC objections, poses no "certain risks" for the bank, whatsoever!  Only financial websites like ZH do. Wow.

Former FDIC chief, Sheila Bair, kicked and screamed about said transposition to Bernanke, now she can just laugh and fart in their general direction. 


This must be what Russians felt like 30 years ago when they got caught telling the truth.






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They cant handle the truth...

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blocked their employees from using it?

congratulations, tylers!! :)

p.s. thanks for all the hard work you do day in and day out.