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16 Things About 2013 That Are Really Going To Stink

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Originally posted at The Coming Depression blog,

The beginning of the year has traditionally been a time of optimism when we all look forward to the exciting things that are going to happen over the next 12 months. Unfortunately, there are a whole bunch of things about 2013 that we already know are going to stink. Taxes are going to go up, good paying jobs will continue to leave the country, small businesses will continue to be destroyed, the number of Americans living in poverty will continue to soar, our infrastructure will continue to decay, global food supplies will likely continue to dwindle and the U.S. national debt will continue to explode.

Our politicians continue to pursue the same policies that got us into this mess, and yet they continue to expect things to magically turn around. But that is not the way that things work in the real world. Bad decisions lead to bad outcomes. Instead of realizing that what we are doing is not working, our “leaders” continue to give us more of the same. As a result, there are going to be a lot of things about 2013 that will not be great. Sticking our heads in the sand and pretending that everything will be “okay” somehow is not going to help anyone. We’ve got to make people understand exactly what is happening and why it is happening if we ever hope to see real changes.

The following are 16 things about 2013 that are really going to stink...

#1 Taxes Are Going To Go Up

Even if a fiscal cliff deal is reached, some taxes will still go up next year. And if no deal is reached, there will be a whole bunch of different tax increases in 2013.

According to CBS News, these tax increases would be very painful for the middle class…

If lawmakers fail to work out any sort of deal, there will be severe long-term consequences for the economy: According to the Tax Policy Center, going off the “cliff” would affect 88 percent of U.S. taxpayers, with their taxes rising by an average of $3,500 a year; taxes would jump $2,400 on average for families with incomes of $50,000 to $75,000. Because consumers would get less of their paychecks to spend, businesses and jobs would suffer.

#2 The Middle Class Is About To Be Scorched By The Alternative Minimum Tax

Of more immediate concern for the middle class is the Alternative Minimum Tax. Many Americans have never heard of the AMT, but it is truly one of the worst things about our tax code.
If Congress does not act, and right now it does not look promising, millions of middle class households will see a massive increase in their tax bills for 2012.

According to one analysis, households that are forced to pay the AMT will end up paying an extra $3,700 in taxes…

Unless Congress acts by the end of the year, more than 26 million households will for the first time face the AMT, which threatens to tack $3,700, on average, onto taxpayers’ bills for the current tax year. Because those people have never paid the AMT, they have no idea they are in its crosshairs — put there by a broader stalemate over tax policy that has kept Congress from limiting the AMT’s reach.
Do you have an extra $3,700 sitting around to send to Uncle Sam?
If not, you had better contact your representatives in Congress and scream like crazy about passing a fix for the AMT. They have always gotten it done before, but this year there is so much animosity between the Republicans and the Democrats that nothing may end up getting done.

#3 The Economy Will Continue To Get Worse

Despite all of the talk in the mainstream media and from our politicians that our economy is getting better, the truth is that the U.S. economy continued to decline in 2012. If you doubt this, just read the 75 statisticsin this article.

And there are a whole host of signs that the economy is starting to slow down even more as we enter 2013. For example, consumer confidence in the United States has experienced its largest two-month drop in over a year, and retail sales during the holiday season turned out to bequite disappointing.

#4 Good Paying Jobs Will Continue To Be Shipped Out Of The United States

Thanks to decades of “free trade agreements”, workers in the United States must directly compete for jobs with hundreds of millions of workers on the other side of the globe that live in countries where it is legal to pay slave labor wages.

We continue to see millions of jobs being shipped out of the country and our politicians stand by and do nothing.
Most Americans have no idea how this emerging one world economic system works. The beautiful product that you buy at the big retail store may have been made by someone working in some of the most horrific conditions imaginable.

A 42-year-old woman named Julie Keith recently found this letterinside a box of Halloween decorations that had been made in China…

“If you occasionally buy this product, please kindly resend this letter to the World Human Right Organization. Thousands people here who are under the persecution of the Chinese Communist Party Government will thank and remember you forever.

People who work here have to work 15 hours a day without Saturday, Sunday break and any holidays. Otherwise, they will suffer torturement, beat and rude remark. Nearly no payment (10 yuan/1 month).

People who work here, suffer punishment 1-3 years averagely, but without Court Sentence (unlaw punishment). Many of them are Falun Gong practitioners, who are totally innocent people only because they have different believe to CCPG. They often suffer more punishment than others.”

But both political parties continue to tell us how wonderful it is that we are trading with communist China. They see no problem with the fact that good paying jobs that used to be performed in America are now being performed by slave laborers on the other side of the planet. And most Americans continue to support this system by filling their shopping carts with lots of stuff that has “made in China” stamped on it.

#5 Small Businesses Will Continue To Be Destroyed

At the same time, small businesses all over America are being strangled to death by taxes and regulations. Just consider the following numbers from a previous article…

We are told that the economy is supposed to be “recovering”, but the number of “startup jobs” at new businesses has fallen for five years in a row. According to an analysis of U.S. Department of Labor data performed by economist Tim Kane, there were almost 12 startup jobs per 1000 Americans back in the year 2006. By 2011, that figure had fallen to less than 8 startup jobs per 1000 Americans.
How is our economy ever going to thrive if we keep killing off our small businesses?

#6 Hunger And Poverty Will Continue To Explode To Unprecedented Levels

As the U.S. economy bleeds jobs and loses small businesses, the number of Americans living in poverty continues to explode.
Here are some numbers to show to people who still don’t understand how desperate the situation is…
-Families that have a head of household under the age of 30 have a poverty rate of 37 percent.

-According to U.S. Census data, 57 percent of all American children live in a home that is either considered to be “poor” or “low income”.

-For the first time ever, more than a million public school students in the United States are homeless. That number has risen by 57 percentsince the 2006-2007 school year.

#7 The Number Of Americans On Food Stamps Will Continue To Increase

If the economy is recovering, then why does the number of Americans on food stamps continue to soar?

As I wrote about yesterday, about 17 million Americans were on food stamps back in the year 2000.

Today, more than 47 million Americans are on food stamps.
Does anyone want to explain to me how that is a sign that things are getting better?

Back in the 1970s, about one out of every 50 Americans was on food stamps. Today, about one out of every 6.5 Americans is on food stamps.

How much worse do things have to get before people realize that what we are doing is not working?

#8 Millions Of Americans Are About To Lose Their Unemployment Benefits

During this economic crisis, an unprecedented number of American families have been relying on unemployment benefits in order to stay afloat.

Well, if no agreement is reached in Washington D.C., millions of Americans will shortly lose those benefits…
Three million Americans may become unwitting casualties of the political war in Washington over the fiscal cliff.
Since 2008, the federal government has funded extensions of the unemployment insurance offered by states, more than tripling the amount of aid available to the unemployed in some areas. But the program is expensive, with the Congressional Budget Office estimating it would cost $30 billion to extend it through 2013. President Barack Obama wants to extend the benefits for another year, but Congress has already pared back the program, and Republicans insist it represents the kind of largesse Washington can no longer afford.

#9 Our Infrastructure Will Continue To Rot And Decay

The United States once had the most beautiful infrastructure in the entire world. Our highways, bridges, airports, railroads, sewer systems and electrical grids were the envy of the entire planet.
Well, now we don’t even have enough money to repair what we already have, so our infrastructure will continue to rot and decay in 2013…
Highways and bridges will need $2.5 trillion in upgrades if they are to survive for another 50 years — a must-do to keep commerce thriving. And that figure doesn’t even take into account the airports, railroads, subways, sewage-treatment plants, waterworks, levees, electric grids, pipelines, and all of those other expensive systems that people ignore until they break down.

#10 Many Of Our Major Cities Will Continue To Be Transformed Into Festering Hellholes

A lot of our major cities are also rapidly degenerating. Detroit is one of my favorite examples, but the same kinds of things could be said about dozens of other major cities all over the country. The following is a brief excerpt from one of my recent articles…
If you can believe it, more than 50 percent of all children in Detroit are living in poverty, and close to 50 percent of all adults living in the city are functionally illiterate. The high school graduation rate in Detroit is down to about 25 percent, and the city has become a breeding ground for gangs and violence. The number of murders in Detroit is already higher than last year, and recently groups of young men toting AK-47s have been running around robbing gas stations. How much worse can things possibly get for Detroit?

#11 State And Local Governments Will Find Ways To Squeeze Even More Money Out Of Us

In case you haven’t noticed, state and local governments all over the country are bleeding cash and are desperate for money. In 2013 you can expect them to continue to find more ways to squeeze even more money out of all of us. Here is one example…
Over the course of 2013, the District government will add 134 traffic cameras to its network, more than doubling the size of a system that generated $85 million in revenues for the city in its last fiscal year.

Police spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump told The Washington Examiner that the city will intensify its camera-based efforts to cite motorists for speeding and stoplight violations while also adding cameras to detect other moving violations.

#12 Drug Cartels Will Continue To Easily Cross Our Borders And Terrorize Our Citizens

The federal government continues to refuse to protect our borders, and that means that drug runners and gang members will continue to pour into the United States.

Down in the Southwest, many ranchers are being absolutely terrorized by these criminals. The following is from a recent NBC News article…
Just before nightfall, 73-year-old rancher Jim Chilton hikes quickly up and down the hills on his rugged cattle-grazing land south of Tucson, escorting two U.S. Border Patrol agents.

He wants to show them the disturbing discovery he made earlier in the day: a drug-smugglers’ camp on his private property. Stacked together under a stand of trees are blankets, jackets, food, water, binoculars and bales of marijuana from Mexico wrapped in burlap. The smugglers, themselves, are nowhere in sight and are believed to have fled the area, which is about 10 miles north of the Mexican border.
Chilton has had his house burglarized a couple of times and his family regularly encounters groups of armed drug smugglers coming across from Mexico…

Their cattle fences are frequently cut and paths heading north from Mexico cross their property. Beckham says a smuggler even fired shots at him while he walked his land with a U.S. Border Patrol agent. Several illegal border crossers have also approached his house at night–one even reaching his hand into their bathroom window.
“Several years ago, one of my children was taking a shower and had a gentleman reach into the shower while he was in there, and he came out screaming, absolutely refusing to take a shower for the next couple months.”

But even if you don’t live along the border, all of this still affects you. According to government figures, Mexican drug cartels are actively operating in more than 1,200 U.S. cities right now. They are probably hard at work in the community where you live.
So what is the Obama administration doing to fix the problem?
Not much.

In fact, the Obama administration is actually encouraging people to come to the U.S. and become dependent on the system. If you can believe it, there is actually a website run by the Department of Homeland Security that teaches immigrants how to apply for welfare benefits once they get into the United States.

#13 Social Decay Will Continue To Accelerate

All over America we are seeing signs of social breakdown. Here is yetanother example…
A woman sleeping on a street bench outside a drug store was doused with an accelerant and set on fire early Thursday morning in Van Nuys.

Witnesses told police that a man poured liquid — possibly a beverage containing alcohol — on the sleeping woman at about 1 a.m. outside a Walgreens store near Van Nuys Boulevard and Sherman Way. He lit a match and ran from the location, witnesses told police.
Who would just run up and set a woman on fire?

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. For many more examples like this, please see this article: “20 Shocking Examples Of How Sadistic And Cruel People Have Become“.

We need to admit that we have a major problem on our hands. Violent crime in the United States increased by 18 percent in 2011, and another huge increase is expected when the numbers for 2012 come out.
America is changing, and not for the better.

#14 Global Food Supplies Will Continue To Dwindle

Did you know that for six of the last eleven years the world has consumed more food than it has produced?
As a result, global food reserves have reached their lowest level in almost 40 years.

So what is going to happen if the world continues to eat more food than it makes?

Let us hope that there is not another major drought in 2013. If there is, we could be looking at a very serious food crunch.

#15 Wall Street Will Continue To Resemble A Giant Casino

Our financial system seems to have not learned any lessons from the financial crash of 2008.

Instead of admitting their mistakes, they just continue to engage in even more reckless behavior.

Today, there are four major U.S. banks that each have more than 40 trillion dollars of exposure to derivatives.
At some point that house of cards is going to collapse and we will be facing a derivatives crisis of unprecedented magnitude.
Will it be in 2013?

#16 The U.S. National Debt Will Cross The 17 Trillion Dollar Mark

In 2013, our national debt will blow past the 17 trillion dollar mark and start heading toward 18 trillion dollars.

How stupid can we possibly be?

During the first four years of the Obama administration, the U.S. national debt has grown by about as much as it did from the time that George Washington took office to the time that George W. Bush took office.

It really takes something to match more than 200 years of debt accumulation in less than four years.

But our politicians don’t seem to care about all of this debt. They will continue to steal more than 100 million dollars from our children and our grandchildren every single hour of every single day. That is beyond criminal, and yet the American people don’t seem to care.

What in the world has happened to this country?


Of course not everything about 2013 will be bad. Personally, I am looking forward to an exciting year. I have a new book that will be coming out, and my family is blessed and healthy. I would like to wish all of you a very blessed 2013. Things may be falling apart all around us, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a great year even in the midst of all the chaos.


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Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:13 | 3103455 otto skorzeny
otto skorzeny's picture

#17. feinstein will get her massive gun control bill passed

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:22 | 3103484 slaughterer
slaughterer's picture

2013 => Empire of USA reaches utter end-point, US preppers only people to survive, ES 600, unemployment 14%, civil war, impeachment, gold confiscated, AAPL $200, 80% of Hedge Funds go belly up.  Happy NEw YEar.  

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:32 | 3103528 Jena
Jena's picture

Real unemployment is surely past 14% now. In your scenario it will be far higher.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:05 | 3103665 negative rates
negative rates's picture

Desperate people, do desperate things.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:54 | 3103786 Urban Roman
Urban Roman's picture

I'mma get me a good job making halloween decorations!

(when those trade barriers go into effect)

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 02:14 | 3104241 ConfederateH
ConfederateH's picture

17.  Fatca implementation in 2013 finally leads to the last foreign banks on the planet denying service to US persons

18.  Capital Controls are implemented to prevent any of the remaining US wealth from leaking overseas

19.  Fatca will be used as the template for making all Americans report all their personal wealth including property, financial assets and gold holdings.  Shortly afterwards, probably in 2014 the implementation of the wealth tax will occur.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 10:32 | 3104356 Boris Alatovkrap
Boris Alatovkrap's picture

20. Vodka is made for new taxes.

21. Boris is full switch to Ethylene Glycol.

22. Ethylene Glycol is made for new taxes.

23. Boris finally is to make sober.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 19:34 | 3105494 daveeemc2
Sat, 12/29/2012 - 10:54 | 3104452 flattrader
flattrader's picture

Job making Halloween decorations?

Read this--

Love the last line in the article--

>>>"But if I saw 'made in China,' this year I asked myself, 'do I really need this?'"<<<

Fuck no.  None of us need that shit.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:18 | 3103700 Westcoastliberal
Westcoastliberal's picture

You've got that right Jena, more like 22% now; in this scenario, more like 40%. That's when the wheels really fall off the wagon.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 13:58 | 3104724 Coast Watcher
Coast Watcher's picture

The tires are already shredded and running on the rims. There's only one lug nut left holding the wheel to the axle. And it's more than just one wagon.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:23 | 3103712 Element
Element's picture

Check it out Jena, if this is even close to correct, and I can't really see why it's not, then it explains the scale of food stamps and urban decay:


Unemployed with discouraged and >99-weekers included:


~23% ... i.e. fast catching up to Spain etal.


Tylers, how about a more detailed post on the topic and the real levels? The door needs to be kicked-down on all those Washington lies and warped 'stats'.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 21:32 | 3103859 Jena
Jena's picture

Thanks wcl & Element. My computer is w/a pro trying to resuscitate it or I would have looked it up.  Don't have patience for doing much w/a ceIl phone but I can't give up reading ZH.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 21:50 | 3103896 Element
Element's picture

Good luck with the PC Jena, they're a lot tougher than people realize. Don't know how many times I've resurrected PCs that I thought were surely fried, then got another year or two out of them. And yeah, zh is the only reason I have a 'smart' phone.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 10:49 | 3104454 cranky-old-geezer
cranky-old-geezer's picture



Tylers, how about a more detailed post on the topic and the real levels? The door needs to be kicked-down on all those Washington lies and warped 'stats'.

Tylers appear restricted to reporting "official" govt numbers and making sarcastic jabs at 'em, like they're on some sort of leash.

No, it's not fight club anymore when Tylers arent allowed to say what real unemployment is, arent allowed to say real GDP is negative, aren't allowed to speak the truth.

Quoting the "official" govt line and bashing it is NOT speaking the truth.

The only truth we're seeing here comes from other contributors who aren't on some sort of journalistic leash like Tylers appear to be.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 11:01 | 3104462 flattrader
flattrader's picture

It came from another blog.  The Coming Depression Blog. See link to original source above.

It's not clear who wrote it...

...but yeah, they could do their homework better.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 21:58 | 3105763 willwork4food
willwork4food's picture

They could also take a few more happy pills.

I tend to resist the utter Doom & Gloom blog scenarios for the simple reason that the one thing we have going for us is us-the human spirit and the natural need to survive.

It will be rough, but there will be a new world.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 17:32 | 3105277 rayduh4life
rayduh4life's picture

Check out U6, the real rate of unemployment.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 22:04 | 3103934 BraveSirRobin
BraveSirRobin's picture


When is the last time a dictator was impeached?

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 02:57 | 3104252 Dr. Sandi
Dr. Sandi's picture

Last time I looked, impeachment was part of the rules.

THERE ARE NO RULES ANYMORE. Except for us peasants, of course.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 10:15 | 3104441 j0nx
j0nx's picture

Puhleeze. 53% of your fellow Americans think this guy is doing a great job and it's the fault of the other 47% as to why nothing gets done. Impeachment is NOT going to happen here. EVER. The big problem is with a citizenry who is this fucking stupid that they allow sociopaths like this to ever get in power in the first place. Blame the mirror.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 13:55 | 3104718 Christophe2
Christophe2's picture

They lie about everything else, yet you believe them when they come out with richly paid survey results giving 'positive' results for their pet politicians?


At the very least, there is a thing called "leading a question".  In the survey, they will first have a bunch of questions like "what do you think of <obscure bill promoted by Obama that sounds good>", followed later by a question asking if Obama is doing a good job...

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 12:54 | 3104596 roadhazard
roadhazard's picture

I'd rather impeach Congress. Doing it to Obama just makes wingers feel better and lets Congress off the hook.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 04:10 | 3104287 jballz
jballz's picture


I have two lists each containing the names and locations of several dozen preppers in my area (they had meetings, and an email list, dumbasses).

One list is for bargaining in case I need such. These are douche bag types who bragged about how smart they were to be preparing. 

The other list is for me to hunt if and when I need to.

Some preppers will survive, but only the hunters will thrive.


(nah I'm just fuckin with you, preppers are so cute. Silly prepper they are going to come for you first! You will be gone before the first Fema camp opens. You must know that, don't you?)



Sat, 12/29/2012 - 12:57 | 3104608 roadhazard
roadhazard's picture

It's obvious I have a better chance than you. Plus I'm old enough I can go out in a blaze of glory and still have had a good life. Never fuck with an old man, they have nothing to lose.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 14:04 | 3104740 Christophe2
Christophe2's picture

Oh, you mean like they have no idea who you are, even though you post on ZH, even though you purchased all sorts of survival gear and weapons, even though you live in the most 'secured' nation on earth?  Hahahaha, you are funny.


In any case, I like the other responder's attitude: we've got very little to lose (the system sure ain't got nothin' to offer us), so let's keep having fun and not be afraid of the end :)

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:34 | 3103544 ball-and-chain
ball-and-chain's picture


2013 will be just like 2012.

Slow growth in America.  Contraction in Europe. Money printing.  The occasional spree-killing.

Your guns are safe.



Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:24 | 3103719 Snakeeyes
Snakeeyes's picture

Slow growth, declining income, staggering taxes, centrally planned economy by Soviet worshippers. What could go wrong?

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 22:31 | 3103989 Pareto
Pareto's picture

Except interest rates will spike, as the market's last true ditch effort to restore value to fiat and limit government spending - will fail - and then a rush to PM's and lead follows.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 10:18 | 3104442 j0nx
j0nx's picture

The rush to lead already happened. Anyone that missed it is already shit outa luck.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 11:11 | 3104465 cranky-old-geezer
cranky-old-geezer's picture



Your guns are safe.

17.  In 2013 you'll turn in your guns or you'll go to prison ...maybe both.  2013 is the year it will happen.  Bet on it. 

They see the massive gun purchases this year, they know it's now or never, and they'll choose now.  They know who you are, what you have, or can easily find out. 

It will be coupled with a monetary & economic (staged) collapse.  Bet on that too.  Gun grabs are always done during a (staged) economic martial law type crisis.

Like I said earlier, there won't be any sort of "revolution".   You waited too long.

Don't ask for details.  This is all I have to say about it.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 13:01 | 3104613 roadhazard
roadhazard's picture

They can't get what they don't know I have. Those inherited and flea market guns are going to come in handy.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 14:02 | 3104733 Coast Watcher
Coast Watcher's picture

Didn't I mention the tragic boat accident?

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:46 | 3103587 knightowl77
knightowl77's picture

If it passes the House the revolution will be on

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:50 | 3103599 seek
seek's picture

More likely something gets passed, but it won't be Feinstein's making all semi-auto's NFA items and fingerprinting a third of the country (unless they want the fight to begin.)

I'm guessing the "gun show loophole" that isn't gets closed for sure, and 50/50 on mag ban or fresh AWB.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:05 | 3103664 A Lunatic
A Lunatic's picture

I am much looking forward to finding out the politically correct number of bullets I may carry in order to defend my life and (what remains of) liberty..........

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 00:16 | 3104156 Harbanger
Harbanger's picture


Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:59 | 3103638 nmewn
nmewn's picture

Actually, no she won' will never pass the Peoples House even if it survives the Senate.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 21:40 | 3103879 drunkenlout
drunkenlout's picture

That is correct, Senator Feinstein, and also the horse you rode in on.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 13:55 | 3104720 10mm
10mm's picture

I gave you a green hit Otto.Id like to hit the red,but nahhh,ill pass on the koolaid.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 14:14 | 3104765 Tom_333
Tom_333's picture

Plan D...D for Douchebag

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:16 | 3103461 AU5K
AU5K's picture

All of this may happen but its exactly what progressive communists in power want.  Bankrupt the system and rebuild it in their image.  Unlimited power, complete control of the people.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:39 | 3103567 economics9698
economics9698's picture

When they cross that line then I start assassinating the mother fuckers.  Better dead than red.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:48 | 3103592 knightowl77
knightowl77's picture


Sat, 12/29/2012 - 09:29 | 3104418 falak pema
falak pema's picture

lol, Jamie Dimon, Blankfein and the Squid mob, Potus and the millionaire COngress, Rockafella's gang and Rothschild's spams; all Commies! 

what has the written word become? 

It's exact opposite! What sort of thought process/mindset does that reflect and what knee jerk will it beget? 

No wonder they kill horses and toddlers with their 2nd amendment rifles. 

When you open the barn yard door just aim at the horse! 

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:16 | 3103462 Oldballplayer
Oldballplayer's picture

Those FEMA camps are gonna suck.....for most of you.  I intend on being a capo....ratting all of you bastards out to the man.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:24 | 3103491 Rainman
Rainman's picture

fukkin excellent

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:08 | 3103674 A Lunatic
A Lunatic's picture

I saved the taxpayers a few bucks by pre-ordering the 'hello kitty' body bag family package from Amazon............

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:15 | 3103693 Westcoastliberal
Westcoastliberal's picture

I did too but chose the Kardashian's style, oh so chic!

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 22:42 | 3104013 Lin S
Lin S's picture

I bought the KISS set after seeing an infomercial by Gene Simmons...

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 12:21 | 3104537 Debt-Penitent
Debt-Penitent's picture

Hey, Amazon has family Body Bag Gift sets with the Obama Rainbow on them.  Woop-wwop!

Free postage to your local FEMA camp if selected as the shipping option. 

Just select "Your Local FEMA camp" when ordering, and punch in your ZIP.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 10:37 | 3104449 kill switch
kill switch's picture


Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:18 | 3103471 Likstane
Likstane's picture

#18 Charlie Mungers shit-stained undergarments


Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:18 | 3103472 q99x2
q99x2's picture

17  MillionDollarBonus will wait in line at his Congresspersons door to be told what to do next.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:20 | 3103477 Spastica Rex
Spastica Rex's picture

Same shit, different year. Slow grind down to our new feudal order.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:21 | 3103479 kaiserhoff
kaiserhoff's picture

Moochelle will continue to stink real loud!

I think her skin is falling off the Darth Vader underneath.  Anyone else see that?  Scary shit.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:51 | 3103482 DoChenRollingBearing
DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I just started reading Antifragile, the new book by N. N. Taleb.  Looks like another great book by one of our greatest minds.  It looks like each of us can become stronger, so that we will be able to thrive in a lousy 2013 if we so choose.

Active preparations...

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:10 | 3103683 A Lunatic
A Lunatic's picture

If you can find it 'Unintended Consequences' by Jon Ross is quite fitting for the times we find ourselves on the brink of. (or so I've heard)

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:26 | 3103501 cardis
cardis's picture

bye USa

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:17 | 3103699 Cursive
Cursive's picture


I've just read the letter that Julie Keith found in her Halloween decorations to my kids for the second time.  They had the appropriate reaction.  There's hope for America's future, but anything between here and 2020 is probably better suited for a Tolstoy novel.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:29 | 3103515 Hohum
Hohum's picture

Nor should we stick our heads in the sand and assume we can "grow" out of this mess.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 13:09 | 3104633 roadhazard
roadhazard's picture

There will be no growth ever again. It can not happen when oil spikes beyond all reason at the slightest whiff of any recovery and kills it. Still over $3.00 a gal and the country is and has been on life support.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:32 | 3103534 Michelle
Michelle's picture

The amount of stink is all about perception and so long as I have a house without dirt floors, running water and a working toilet I'm pretty happy. A full fridge, freezer, and pantry is a bonus. Bring on the stink party 'cuz I don't give a shit!

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:56 | 3103625 CH1
CH1's picture

Bring on the stink party 'cuz I don't give a shit!

+ 1

I like that a lot. :)

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:32 | 3103535 Cursive
Cursive's picture

Great list, but there's nothing about the rise of a Hitlerian-style messiah who promise to solve all of our problems....

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:54 | 3103613 Rainman
Rainman's picture

pay attention..that was on the 2008 list

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:56 | 3103619 DoChenRollingBearing
DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Rise?  He's already here!  We're saved!

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 03:00 | 3104253 Dr. Sandi
Dr. Sandi's picture

Hitler lacked the subtlety of the new breed.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:33 | 3103536 I am Jobe
I am Jobe's picture

Grab  your ankles you inbred fucks. Yeap, the way of life is gonna be a bitch.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:35 | 3103541 Getting Old Sucks
Getting Old Sucks's picture

When My 10 year old car dies, I'll walk, take a bus, or rent a car if I want to travel long distance.  Shove your car insuarance cost, car registratration fees, gas costs, car maintenance costs up your ass.  Millions of us don't have to get anywhere urgently.  Wait till they suddenly find that us older folks aren't going to buy new cars and swarm their public transportation sytem (as they for so long have promoted).  They have no idea of what they are up against. 

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:50 | 3103600 Fredo Corleone
Fredo Corleone's picture

"Wait till they suddenly find that us older folks aren't going to buy new cars and swarm their public transportation sytem..."

Make sure your shirt is neatly pressed and you speak clearly when riding said public transport; smile for the camera and enunciate your conversations, to facilitate the job of the state transcriber.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:58 | 3103631 logicalman
logicalman's picture

Comment on your name...

Getting Old Sucks - but it beats the crap out of the alternative!

I gave up my car a couple of years ago - I now cycle almost everywhere - the rest is public transit. I'm knocking on the door of 60 and can still cycle 30 miles in just over a couple of hours and I can hike 8 hours of trails no problem.

No TV - No Credit Card - No Cell Phone - No Facebook - No Twitter

Spent Boxing Day out with my son and our bows - cooked out over a camp fire in a snowstorm - had a blast, plus it was good practive for what might be ahead.

Fuck The System.

Freedom comes from stepping outside it.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:28 | 3103729 Element
Element's picture

Oh man, a real-life terrist!! ... who do I call?

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 14:16 | 3104775 Tom_333
Tom_333's picture

See something - say something.Use your Iphone App to report (unamerican activities)

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 03:01 | 3104254 Dr. Sandi
Dr. Sandi's picture

Apparently a lot of us forgot what our mothers taught us.

"Don't step in it!"

Same stuff, different look.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:27 | 3103725 Element
Element's picture

Fret not, your car will be stolen long before that.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:52 | 3103605 Translator
Translator's picture

You DumFux want to tell me that Romney would apply the Cloward and Piven technique like Obama is?



Romney and Obama are the same my ass!

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 03:02 | 3104256 Dr. Sandi
Dr. Sandi's picture

Romney is the Right Butt Cheek.

Obama is the Left Butt Cheek.

In between, you'll find the asshole in charge.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:02 | 3103655 XtraBullish
XtraBullish's picture

On a serious note, I believe that Midwest Americans re-take control of the U.S. by withholding foodcrops from the thieves in N.Y. and L.A. and the balance of power shifts from Washington and NY and L.A. and gets relocated to Saint Louis and Chicago and Oklahoma City. Americans finally throw the thieving Wall Street banksters into the hoosecow and the middle class rises up and tosses the 1%-ers under a bus. It becomes a tax-hostile environment for any American corporation to outsource jobs to Bangla-fucking-desh and a tax-incentivized environent for any company that creates domestic employment. Midwest Americans tell the spin doctors in Washington and N.Y. to shove it up their asses and they replace Congress and the Senate with members of the newly-revamped Tea Party movement that downsizes the military and re-allocates the resources to education and infrastructure re-building. Immigrants are welcomed as long as they bring a minimum of $200,000 dollars into the country and must be in good health and be high-school-educated at a minimum.


Congress outlaws BS machines like CNBC and violent video games under penalty of death.


Cows learn to fly and Joe Kernan loses his toupee while on Squawk Box.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:13 | 3103689 Westcoastliberal
Westcoastliberal's picture

Please allow me to add one more item to the wish-list; Clear Channel and the other monopoly players are forced to sell all their broadcast properties with no more than one AM and one FM in a single market, and the Fairness Doctrine is brought back along with service to the community of LICENSE requirements.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 21:37 | 3103735 Element
Element's picture

You need to read the latest national mobilization orders from clown-HQ, you don't own anything, certainly not a food-crop, machinery or land.

Well, although possession is 9/10th of the Law ... hmm ... I guess they'll take possession ... thieves do that.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 23:54 | 3104133 WillyGroper
WillyGroper's picture

>>>>>>balance of power shifts from Washington and NY and L.A. and gets relocated to Saint Louis and Chicago and Oklahoma City.

hate to burst ur bubble, but the morons in OK just VOTED to monetize their water.

How's that for a power shift?

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 11:30 | 3104486 mendolover
mendolover's picture

It never ceases to amaze me how a man can put a rug like that on his head and think it looks good.  My hair looks like shit most of the time, but it looks alot better than that thing he wears!


Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:09 | 3103680 The Miser
The Miser's picture

It looks bad for 2013.  We have no leadership in DC.   Until things get real bad, nothing will change.   With no fiscal cliff agrement, the markets will drop on Monday a lot.  That hurts everyone but the "takers".

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:21 | 3103713 A Lunatic
A Lunatic's picture

A 'fiscal cliff' agreement will not salvage a failed economic policy. I don't understand why otherwise intelligent people keep looking to the vampire class for a solution to a problem that they created and in reality is only a problem for those not already inbred into the Club. Opting out en masse is the only peaceable solution.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:10 | 3103682 Westcoastliberal
Westcoastliberal's picture

From what I've read here & other sites, there seems to be agreement that America really starting the downtrend in earnest after 9/11.  Reasons for this vary, but it's been my opinion that a cabal took over along with Bush/Cheney that is still in control. Otherwise how do you explain all the money transfers from taxpayers to the 1%, unprovoked wars, loss of Constitutional guarantees, and a neo-conservative fueled foreign policy, all from a President who professes to be a Democrat.

And the shit of it is, I can't argue with anything in this post. It's all true and worse.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 11:23 | 3104480 mendolover
mendolover's picture

To quote the great philosopher George Carlin:  "It's a big club and you ain't in it!"

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 11:34 | 3104490 tango
tango's picture

Jesus, no cabal took over. We are only now seeing the fruition of policies the voters of America have supported in election after election - a dwindling number of producers supporting a growing tribe of zombies, instant gratification by living beyond our means, "free" everything, living without planning (no savings or contingencies) and a creeping loss of liberty for the "common good". The voters chose this path - not some secret group that's really running things. (And why can't "they" fix our problems if "they" are secretly in charge - lol?)

Sun, 12/30/2012 - 01:23 | 3106051 Errol
Errol's picture

amen, tango!  It gives people comfort to believe that there is some conspiracy of evil geniuses in charge: this implies that at least someone is controlling this scary mess.

I have similar bad news for the NWO/One World Currency conspiracy fans.  There is indeed a NWO, it spends as much on "defense" as the rest of the world put together, and the UN headquarters is co-located with its headquarters.  And yeah, there is one world currency also, it's called the petrodollar.

If you live in the USA, have all the food you can eat and all the gasoline you can burn, you are a complicit beneficiary of the Evil New World Order.  Get over it.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:15 | 3103684 Shell Game
Shell Game's picture

#1 Best Thing Coming in 2013 - The Firearms Ban Revolution


    Plutocrats succeed in their most brazen attack on the US Constitution and American citizens ever by passing the Feinstein Bill in the dog days of summer 2013.  Several mandatory gun buy-back prgograms at police station parking lots around the US are broken up by apparent drive-by Molotov cocktail attacks and sniper fire.  Several government agents are missing and feared dead after embarking down driveways attempting mandatory gun registration.  Images are captured of domestic police drones firing upon suspected activists.  Tired of this fucking shit, and unleashed by this last straw, millions of openly carrying citizens march on Washington D.C. in the largest show of activism this country has ever witnessed. can dream. 

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 22:03 | 3103932 Mike in GA
Mike in GA's picture

Sounds real enough to me. At least that's MY plan!

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:19 | 3103705 Tombstone
Tombstone's picture

The price of caves is going up.  What an utopia the Dems has created.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 21:19 | 3103843 Landrew
Landrew's picture

If you believe this was created by Democrats, you are a clueless fuck! This was created by the 1% in collusion with both parties! Where the fuck have you been for the last 30 years! 

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 00:30 | 3104168 TyrannoSoros Wrecks
TyrannoSoros Wrecks's picture

This is the final phase of the world communist movement.

Your class warfare nonsense about the 1% only proves it.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 11:44 | 3104498 tango
tango's picture

Wrong. yLandrew. The fall of our nation was done by none other than John Q Public who votes for the exact policies craven politicians ran on. After a while inertia set thing rolling to their logical conclusion. It had nothing to do with 1, 99, 47 or 50%. Blaming the 1% is simply a tactic of the Left, a fad and a lame excuse for letting the citizens off the hook for their responsibility in this fiasco.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 13:17 | 3104651 roadhazard
roadhazard's picture

It pisses me off when everything is , "John Q. Publics fault". Fuck that, Me or some dumb ass winger never voted for NDAA for example. ALL that shit happens after they kiss your ass and tell you whatever you want to hear for a vote in November.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:33 | 3103740 otto skorzeny
otto skorzeny's picture

my compliments to the gas station robbers in Dee-troit on their excellent choice in weaponry

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 03:05 | 3104257 Dr. Sandi
Dr. Sandi's picture

It turns out that their original weapon of choice, flamethrowers, was not optimal for gas station holdups.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 20:34 | 3103742 ramacers
ramacers's picture

what difference? practice your knuckle draggin'.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 21:47 | 3103889 lasvegaspersona
lasvegaspersona's picture

2013 will be the year I look forward to with the greatest pesimism of my 50 plus years. I see nothing good ahead. My only optimistic thought is  that I suck at prediction.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 22:07 | 3103943 Mike in GA
Mike in GA's picture

That's Great!  I got a good laugh out of that, LVPersona.  That's Yogi Berra ish.





Like Lewis Grizzard said; "Elvis is Dead and I Ain't Feelin So Good Myself"

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 13:21 | 3104659 roadhazard
roadhazard's picture

+1 for Lewis G. I loved when he shot Barbie dolls out of a potato gun into Biscayne Bay from the roof of the Miami Herald.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 22:05 | 3103937 BattlegroundEur...
BattlegroundEurope2011's picture

Nothing to see here.  Move along.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 22:39 | 3104006 Metalredneck
Metalredneck's picture

Still not as bleak as that Phoenix Capital guy...


Fri, 12/28/2012 - 23:20 | 3104079 Kreditanstalt
Kreditanstalt's picture

Depends what your answer to all these problems is --- MORE government regulation, limits on imports, punitive taxes and more labour-protecting laws?  

Or less regulation, lower taxes, less spending and smaller government?

But I suspect the writer is a closet protectionist...

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 12:52 | 3104592 RKDS
RKDS's picture

But I suspect the writer is a closet protectionist...


And why not?  What has 30 years of "free" trade and stomping on labor wrought?  Why can't we stop digging our way out of this hole?

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 23:29 | 3104093 Jack Burton
Jack Burton's picture

Maybe, but we have kicked Iraq's ass. We invaded and now occupy Afghanistan. Our drones are victorious across the Middle East. The Navy rules the waves. Iran is standing by to be invaded. Syria is full of terrorists that American tax dollars arm, train and transport to the battle field.

So, who says 2013 will not be another banner year for great victories.

Fuck the middle class: Useless, overpaid eaters.

The poor: Fuck 'em Black, Hispanic and eaters, takers, non-tax payers!

Old people: Fuck 'em, even if they are your parents, fuck 'em. Fat uselss eaters, takers and consumers of tax payer funded health care. Should all die before 65 and save the American economy the expense of taking care of old useless fossils who should die quick. How many of YOU have parents who should die right now to stop TAKING????

All in all Americ is a land of 1% makers, shakers and producers. They create the wealth. All of it!  Yet the takers of the 99% seek to tax them to death, Look at their tax rates, they should leave the country and take all the jobs and wealth creation to China and India. There they will be welcome, and their job creation will be rewarded.

America is a great empire, we have a great 1%, a great military. I know what is wrong with America. See above to find out! the 99% are blood sucking leeches. Most don't pay taxes, and few give their all to their work. Those few that do work that is.

Come on, wake up. America needs to reward it's elites and military. They have proven to be the best of the nation, while we all know what the rest are like.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 12:55 | 3104598 RKDS
RKDS's picture

I sure hope the other upvoters thought this was satire.

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 23:58 | 3104136 brown_hornet
brown_hornet's picture

Jack- Are you channeling MDB?

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 02:24 | 3104244 Jack Burton
Jack Burton's picture

Just reflecting an attitude that seems to crop up on ZH from time to time. Naturally I do not subscribe to such an extreme view. But I clearly read other posters who do just that. They will learn, they are most likely quite young still, or perhaps have been born into money.


Mon, 12/31/2012 - 14:05 | 3109546 fiatmasochist
fiatmasochist's picture

                                 He is MBD's alter-ego,


Sat, 12/29/2012 - 00:00 | 3104138 northerngirl
northerngirl's picture

I think things will be much worse than any of us expect in 2013, I was reading a liberal news site and some of the lib's comments...this country is on the verge of a civil war. 

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 00:46 | 3104183 ZeroAvatar
ZeroAvatar's picture

Please elaborate.  Verbosity is encouraged.  A lib news site you say?  I run across them from time to time but tend not to seek them out.  Not to say that YOU do, either.  Do the LIBs give you the impression civil war is imminent?  What gives you that feeling?


(Just trying to strike up some conversation)

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 13:26 | 3104665 roadhazard
roadhazard's picture

Hard right winger web sites drool out of both sides of their mouths for civil war. You will be killed for your philosophy as much as anything else.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 00:57 | 3104188 ZeroAvatar
ZeroAvatar's picture

Copper and Gold not confirming----check.  It looks like the boys are doing everything they can to make it LOOK like the market's just about to take off any day now, don't be left behind.............but no one's falling for it.  If it can't go up, it must be heading down.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 01:03 | 3104189 Nobody For President
Nobody For President's picture

Was talkin' to an unemployed, 62 year old friend - very qualified secretary/admin asst/bookeeper/data entry clerk/computer literate etc - nobody wants to hire a 62 year old. Her unemployment just crapped out (business she worked for went bust - 5 people got laid off, all still laid off, other than dope, business pretty slow around here) - so I was interested in the take on extended unemployment:

'Since 2008, the federal government has funded extensions of the unemployment insurance offered by states, more than tripling the amount of aid available to the unemployed in some areas. But the program is expensive, with the Congressional Budget Office estimating it would cost $30 billion to extend it through 2013. President Barack Obama wants to extend the benefits for another year, but Congress has already pared back the program, and Republicans insist it represents the kind of largesse Washington can no longer afford.'

Right - but we CAN afford the now $397+B for 2,457 F-35s we don't need in the era of drones and F-22s that are better than any other fighters in the world. That would fund 13 years of extended unemployment because of the jobs we sent overseas to slave labor.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 01:04 | 3104196 ZeroAvatar
ZeroAvatar's picture

LOL........'other than dope'................same here.  I have a Mexican drug cartel just got set up last coupla months at the property next to mine.  Before that, it was a bunch of mullatos......been going on for 4 years. 


If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?  I'm not going to sell out.


Extended unemployment is just a different form of welfare.  I feel for the people, but, where are we going to get the money to pay for it?  Our country is BROKE.  If we cut some off the 700+ billion MIC budget, I could see it.  People starving in america so we can fly million dollar drones and drop million dollar bombs in our quest for oil.


Edit:  Wow! I was responding to your post pre-edit, and said the same thing you did!

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 01:07 | 3104197 ZeroAvatar
ZeroAvatar's picture

Bottom line is, we're ALL going to have to suck it in, tighten our belts, and do without.  Everyone is going to feel the pain.  No one's going to be left out, except of course the .01%. 


Need a job?  Get a concealed carry license and start a security bus.  Schools, elites.........plenty of high-payiing customers.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 06:14 | 3104336 falak pema
falak pema's picture

Caracalla and his naval battles in the Coliseum; is the next round of fantasy world to amuse the people; this times with drones and our coliseum is the hollywood-virtual world. 

Who cares about the real world. There the 1% rule draped in Roman purple. And the sheeple fall into debt n deprivation for which there is only one solution : Go the the Coliseum and have fun! 

Rome as empire was never more indebted, its population never more miserable; and every sheeple was given status of "free citizen" in the land of galloping decay and corruption. All part of "fanstasy world".

Dictatorship, final fantasy and populist hopium always go hand in hand; until the axe falls suddenly. 

Wait till they build the Constantine arch of triumph to complete the Coliseum picture; for the empire's last victory over "rogue states". 

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 06:51 | 3104346 cosmyccowboy
cosmyccowboy's picture

when i drive it's a 88 ford p/u and then it's only the 5 miles to town. i have dug up the yard and the peas, beans, mustard, collards, squash etc etc are doing GREAT!!! i am 56 and am debt free!

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 10:49 | 3104460 d edwards
d edwards's picture

Welcome to The Obamanation. With a couple of exeptions, this is just what this marxist wannabe dictator wants to happen: bring the US down in every way in a twisted desire to "lift up" the shithole countries of the world. Most are shithole countries because they already have a long history of commie tin horn dictators living high while the people starve.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 11:53 | 3104506 tango
tango's picture

For my own sanity I've thought that Obama is merely deluded, lazy and egotistical and not purposely evil. Yet the more I see the more I am convinced that he is driven by ideology regardless of consequences. Up to now I have thought that our leaders made mistakes but that in their heart of hearts they wanted a productive, free and strong America. With O, I am not sure of that at all since his ideology of redistribution extends to global power, capital and resources regardless of means.

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 11:45 | 3104499 Dodgy Geezer
Dodgy Geezer's picture

..The United States once had the most beautiful infrastructure in the entire world. Our highways, bridges, airports, railroads, sewer systems and electrical grids were the envy of the entire planet...

This is not a statement I recognise as true.

The British probably had most claim to that title - they had the first of practically everything. By now the best-kept and operated infrastructure is probably Swiss. Visiting US cities, I have always been surprised at how the office buildings and shops are resplendent, while the street outside is badly cared for, untidy and obviously under-funded...

Sat, 12/29/2012 - 12:16 | 3104531 shovelhead
shovelhead's picture

You have noticed the results of private enterprise juxtaposed against the results of govt.

The difference being that private enterprise seeks value for investment.

How many Govt. employees get paid from money collected for infrastructure as opposed to those who actually perform the work? Obviously underfunded or over subsidised?

There's a difference.

Sun, 12/30/2012 - 08:04 | 3106182 richard007
richard007's picture

Watchman's Predictions for 3013

Sun, 12/30/2012 - 09:42 | 3106240 colion
colion's picture

When discussing the national debt I think it would be desirable to discuss it in terms of the real total debt of approximately $86T which includes unfunded obligations.  That would be a shock to some as it is five (5) times greater than the $16T that is usually mentioned by the media.  We should keep the true debt figure in front of us so that it does not get lost in the fog of discussion.  We are just kidding ourselves if we don't focus on the true amount of debt and most importantly the debt/GDP ratio..

Mon, 12/31/2012 - 15:24 | 3110041 NOTfromSanFrancisco
NOTfromSanFrancisco's picture



... And now for the bad news!...


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