Iran Launches "Massive" 6 Day Naval Wargame - Video Coverage

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As we reported previously, today Iran decided to launch a rather impromptu "massive" naval drill dubbed the Velayat 91, which will take place in the Oman Sea, North of Indian Ocean, in the Persian Gulf and East of Strait of Hormuz, and will cover an area of one million square kilometers right in the sweet zone of the US 5th Naval Fleet's AOR, where in addition to other resources, both the Stennis aircraft carrier and Peleliu amphibious warfare ship group are located. As PressTV reports, "On the first day of the drills, ships and submarines, will go to their locations and get ready for the tactical stage of the maneuvers. Forces in shores will also get ready for the tactical phase of the drills. In addition our 23rd fleet will be deployed to the high seas to protect commercial ships and oil tankers and to counter piracy in Gulf of Aden." All this will be taking place within kilometers of both the busiest seaborne transit corridor of crude oil in the world, as well as the headquarters of the US 5th Navy in Bahrain. What could go wrong.

More from Iran:

Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibolah Sayyari told us about the aim of these drills and its message for Iran’s enemies and friends.


The aim of the Velayat 91 Drills is to show the strength of Iran’s Navy and its ability to defend the country’s territorial waters, its interests and its resources in the sea.


The drills also demonstrate Iran’s ability to bring sustainable security in the region. The drills have a message of peace for the countries in the region and it conveys to its enemies that the Iranians are serious about protecting their borders, interests and resources.


The top commander also stated that Iran’s Navy on the first day of the drills will send a fleet of warships to the high seas to display its power and more.

As Stratfor reminds us, this is where US naval assets are located in relation to the 6-day wargame: right in it, in other words the probability for an accident, whether predetermined, false flagged, or otherwise, is high to quite high.

And some videos of what is currently going on in the Arabian Gulf:

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Unleash the nukes.

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The US has waged war against Iran for the last several years, ZH readers know that already. The same enemies of US may pull another one of these where they were going to blame EGYPT:

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'Democracy Bombs'...that one killed me.

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What an UTTERLY pointless display! What is the point of this propaganda by Iran? It serves no purpose.

Too bad I'm not in charge because I would have made a show for the ages!  A show that would determine ones and for all the military abitions of Iran,

To start I would have sent in dozens of freshly carpented Trimeres, its crew armed to the teeth with Muskets and bows and arrows. Then, at the shoreline there would have been rows and rows of Catapults hurling wooden rockets at random into the sea, their crew yelling WHOOOS WHOOS.

At the midst of the displayed mayhem, would appare a formation of those female ninjas, each in their rubber boats performing awsome synchronized ninjutsu moves, while steering their state of the art 500W electric propeller engines. 

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Relax kids...

It's just a little pep rally for the locals because they had a worse holiday retail showing than we did.

Iranian Christmas Cheer.

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I had the mind numbing task of over-watching the two oil platforms and the Iranian Navy off the Iraqi coast a couple years back. Let's just say that their Navy isn't that big of a deal. God love them though, they freaking try and I don't doubt that they would put up the fight of a life time. I once saw them open up on a fishing vessel in Internatioal water. Not a good outcome.

I also met an Iraqi Major that served 10 years in Iranian prison when he was caught during the Iraqi/Iran war. He didn't have any heartwarming stories to tell. Hell of a good guy though and I do believe he's living in Arizona now.

I also met an Iraqi who was captured by the Saudi's during the first Gulf War. He said while in prison they tried to grow small plants in bottles. The guards caught them and pronounced that they were "witches" because using magic was forbidden.

Gotta love the Saudi's. The most backward fking retards on this planet. Except the women of course, they like it rough.


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Anyone who thinks Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons is kidding themselves, it's the elephant in the room that even the west doesn't want to admit, otherwise they would have invaded Syria/Libya style already. They (NATO et al) do not want to seem like a toothless tiger and have to admit their sanctions haven't worked, and Iran is happy to play along and use the political Gains of the victim in all of this. At the end of the day its all poitics and bullshit.

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It’s Stratfor (George Friedman) and it’s the discussion of possible war and, unfortunately, all the talk has a way of enveloping the United States in War. That’s a purpose of warmongering.

And the warmongering benefits the foreign policy of Israel.

America is in rapid decline because she has been commandeered by a foreign country with that country’s best interests at heart. Israel has placed her agents at the top of  the US government, of its communications network, and its financial system. As a result, those the Zionists dislike, Americans and Iranians alike, have become “the country’s true enemies.”

Spain resolved its decline in 1492 by the expulsion of its Jewish financiers. And, contrary to myth that Spain went into decline afterwards, to the contrary,” the Spanish Empire attained its greatest limits and material and intellectual power in the Century after the Expulsion.” (William Thomas Walsh, Characters of the Inquisition)

If Americans want to live in hovels while her “merchants and usurers live in palaces with regal pomp and luxury,” then by all means, continue to cast off freedom and slouch onward toward Serfdom at the sound of the Elitists’ whip. Let your fate be what you impose on other peoples in the name of Zionism.

And: “May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen." --Samuel Adams

Israel criticised by Britain over West Bank university | The Guardian

Foreign Office says upgrade for college in settlement of Ariel will prove an obstacle to peace in the region

December 28, 2012 -- Israel plans to found a university in the West Bank Jewish settlement of Ariel.

The British government has warned that the official authorisation of Israel's first settlement university will create another hurdle in the peace process.

Israel's defence secretary, Ehud Barak, approved the upgrade of a college in the settlement of Ariel, 11 miles inside the West Bank, earlier this week.

In a statement released on Thursday, the British foreign office minister Alistair Burt said the UK was deeply disappointed by the decision.

"Ariel is beyond the Green Line in a settlement that is illegal according to international law. This decision will deepen the presence of the settlements in the Palestinian territories and will create another obstacle to peace," the statement said.

Burt repeated the government's call for Israel to reverse a recent spate of settlement expansion plans, saying it should "take no further steps aimed at expanding or entrenching settlement activity".

A spokesman for the Israeli foreign ministry said it was "disappointing to see that a [UK Foreign Office] minister should adopt the contested Palestinian position hook, line and sinker, thus adding controversy where it is already in excess".

Britain and other European countries have become increasingly vocal in their criticism of Israel's plans to build thousands of new homes in settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. They say such expansion threatens the possibility of a viable Palestinian state…

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With any luck, Iran nukes Israhell. If they take out Washington and London as well, I say go Iran.