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Guest Post: Anti-Gun Newspaper Hires Armed Guards – Reveals Its Own Hypocrisy

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog,

Sometimes I just have to smile when faced with anti-gun propagandists, regardless of the vicious statements they make, because I know from years of past experience in this debate that because of their deep rooted hypocrisy, they WILL inevitably make my pro-gun case for me.  All I have to do is sit back and wait for them to contradict themselves...

After the Sandy Hook attacks, the NRA responded with the suggested measure of establishing armed security guards at public schools in order to ensure there is a defensive presence in place to meet any violent threat.  I personally agree with the idea, though I believe it doesn’t go far enough.  Frankly, allowing teachers to legally carry on school grounds would be a much more effective deterrent, promoting the ability of average citizens to protect themselves rather than constantly relying on some uniformed official. 

The Obama Administration, of course, responded negatively to the NRA’s position and has yet to even address or acknowledge the idea of armed teachers.  Obama shrugged off the NRA, claiming he was “skeptical” of the armed security concept, all while sending his own children to a private school protected by at least 11 armed sentries not counting Secret Service agents:

So, Obama is “skeptical” of an armed presence at your children’s school, but not his own children’s school?  Yes, it’s incredibly hypocritical.  My question to the president would be:  If armed guards don’t make a difference, why have your children surrounded by them?  I would be interested to hear his response.  Perhaps he believes his children are more important than our own…

Then there’s that wretched gun grabbing swamp hag, Senator Diane Feinstein; a true anti-gun zealot who has openly admitted that if she thought she could get away with it, she would pursue the complete disarmament of the entire U.S. citizenry.  The same zealot who after the Oklahoma City bombing had this to say at a senate hearing:

“I know the sense of helplessness that people feel. I know the urge to arm yourself because that’s what I did. I was trained in firearms. I walked to the hospital when my husband was sick. I carried a concealed weapon and I made the determination if somebody was going to try and take me out, I was going to take them with me…”

Apparently she saw the need for firearms in the defense of her own life, but not the need for the average citizen to have the same opportunity.

And what about Senator Chuck Schumer, who called for the president to use the excuse of “national security” and terrorism to force through restrictive gun legislation?  The man who also voted against a bill which would have prevented outside entities like the UN from asserting gun control treaties that affect the American public?  Well, Chuck has his own concealed carry permit in the state of New York, of all places, and still continues his antigun rhetoric.  Again, do they see themselves as part of a higher and more valuable class of people?  How do they explain these contradictions in their position?

What about media gigolo Michael Moore and his theater of the absurd?  Playing the role of gun fan while at the same time incessantly promoting gun control rhetoric using skewed information and disingenuous talking points?  The same man who suggested that the sound of a racking shotgun on tape is as effective as having the real thing uses bodyguards armed with THE REAL THING, one of whom was recently arrested for carrying an unlicensed weapon into JFK Airport:,2933,144921,00.html#ixzz2FnQC65J3

But anti-gun propagandists with armed bodyguards are nothing new.  In fact, anti-gun mayor Michael Bloomberg travels with a cadre of five to six bodyguards, all packing heat.  Why do these people who say they despise guns and gun ownership continue surrounding themselves with the same “devilish weaponry”?  It’s simple; because the mere reality of gun ownership deters criminal attack.  If it didn’t, they wouldn’t rely on firearms at all. 

Apparently, this same fact has suddenly dawned on The Journal News in New York, which has received a flurry of attention (mostly negative) for their insane idea of publishing maps of New York suburban neighborhoods “outing” the names and addresses of all those who have concealed carry permits.  The Journal News has yet to officially address why they chose to do this, but the paper is, needless to say, anti-gun; publishing articles that call for ALL firearms owners, not just those with CCW, to be cataloged and mapped:

Their rationale?  All gun owners should be mapped so that anti-gun citizens can “know who their neighbors are” and the “possible danger that surrounds them”.  The assertion that the newspaper is making is that all gun owners should be treated as potential threats, like convicted pedophiles.  Their philosophy is to consider us guilty until proven innocent.

It is an interesting and manipulative strategy.  The intent is first to promote a national firearms database, which just happens to be a primary part of Diane Feinstein’s coming gun control legislation, as well as to cultivate a kind of “culture of shame” surrounding gun ownership.  The Journal News motto should be:  “Own a gun?  We’ll make sure everyone knows what a monster you are…” 

The paper follows with the argument that people should be allowed to know who in a neighborhood is armed so that they can make an “informed decision” on whether or not they want to live there.  As I have stated in recent articles on the gun control issue, the anti-gun fears of terrified yuppies are not our concern.  They should be required to control THEIR fear, not allowed to control OUR guns.  Their fears do not and should not override our constitutional liberties, and frankly, I couldn’t care less if they want to live in a gun free neighborhood or not. 

Using the gun map philosophy, a universe of invasive collectivist enforcement becomes available.  Why not, for instance, create a map of every person who has been diagnosed by a psychiatrist and given psychotropic medications?  Since almost every person who has committed atrocities like Sandy Hook in the course of the past two decades was under the influence of psychotropics at the time it only follows that everyone on these drugs is a potential threat according to the logic of The Journal News.  I suspect though that at least half of their staff, just like half of New York, is highly medicated, and probably would not endorse such a measure. 

County Officials in New York State are now revolting against the gun map initiatives of The Journal News, denying them further information on permit holders in other counties in order to avoid possible danger to those citizens.  Reuters has responded to this unexpectedly reasonable response by, surprise, attacking it:

State officials denying The Journal access to permit holder names and addresses is so far one of the only sane things being done in the state of New York when it comes to the gun debate, but according to the Reuters opinion piece, such an action is “crazy”.  Is permit holder information a matter of public record?  Yes, for now.  Does that mean that The Journal News should be allowed to exploit that information to satiate their own personal zealotry while making it easy for criminals to devise threat assessments?  The State of New York doesn’t seem to think so.  Honestly, if I was a non-gun owning citizen in New York, I would be much more upset at The Journal than if I was on their list.  Essentially, the newspaper has just advertised who on their map is a potentially easy target… 

Finally, displaying their own grand level of hypocrisy, The Journal News has hired ARMED security guards to protect them from the possible wrath of the angry populace they put at risk:

Is the staff of the newspaper in danger?  Well…yes, of course they are!  That kind of blind idiocy and hubris tends to attract wild fury in response.  However, the point remains; when faced with conceivable violence, they turned to the practical solution of armed intervention, just like ANYONE with any sense would.  They admonish us for wanting the right to defend ourselves in the most efficient way available (private firearms ownership) while at the same time surrounding themselves with a shield of guns. 

The gun grabber personality is interminably flawed, but it could be summarized thus:

They believe the whole of society should cater to their personal concerns.  That we should give up our rights just to make them feel safer.  And, that they are somehow a step above the rest of us, and do not need to practice what they preach.  My question is, why should we go out of our way to please such weaklings and frauds?  I have yet to hear a good reason...


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Fri, 01/04/2013 - 19:23 | 3124123 Notarocketscientist
Notarocketscientist's picture

Yep - everyone in America should have an AK-47... that would solve all the problems.

America is the epicentre of everything that is wrong with the world - all the bullshit - consumerism, paris hilton, tweets, greed - it all emminates from the USA.

The sooner you vile bastards turn your guns on each other in an orgy of hate the better - because America is an evil empire and the sooner we are rid of it the better.

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 19:31 | 3124144 mendolover
mendolover's picture

You should change you username to NOTEVENAMORON.  Haha!

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 19:49 | 3124192 Notarocketscientist
Notarocketscientist's picture

Ya huh huh ... good one ZEKE!!! ha ha ha ...  Check out ma new gun - I got one with a great big ol barrel. ha  ha ha

Now git your hairy fat arse over here for a good rogering.  I knows how you loves it ZEKE!

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 22:29 | 3124479 Vooter
Vooter's picture

Yup--nothing but a nation of sugar- and TV-addled monkeys. Pathetic cowards...

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 19:45 | 3124150 Notarocketscientist
Notarocketscientist's picture

This site is losing crediblity withe articles like the one above  - I'd suggest to whoever it is that decides on Editorial policy - if you want to maintain any sort of credibility with people who are NOT crazy - you drop the gun bullshit.   Because it makes it appear as if this site supports the ownership of automatic weapons - and it makes it appear that this site supports the murder of children. 

Now if you want to appeal to the nutcase fringe of America and are happy to do so - then of course continue with your crazed rants against gun control.  You WILL lose your audience of rationale people who value the mostly excellent reporting that appears on this site. 

Surely the likes of David Rosenberg and Bill Gross will not take kindly to their commentary being published on a site with a demographic that matches the KKK.  I can't imagine they'd covet the association with what will become a pariah site

As for advertisers - you are treading on very dangerous territory publishing this SHIT - no advertiser in their right mind will want to appear next to an article that supports the killing of children



Now a message for the trailer trash losers who haven't got two silver coins to rub together - and who inhabit a world of desperation and sadness - who haven't been laid in 2 decades - who sit fondling their machine guns with delight:

I love it how all you MACHO MEN with your guns moan and bitch like so many housewives.  Ooh your big fat guns - I bet you losers grease the barrels up and get together and ass fuck each other with them.  Oooh ZEKE that feels GOOD - I love your big ol BARREL - can you reach around my greasy ass and do me the favor? 

So ya'll are tough guys are you.  Guess tough has a new definition that involves going to schools and wasting childern.

Big tough guys with your guns.  Ooooh Zeke you are such a BIG MAN.  


Fri, 01/04/2013 - 20:45 | 3124306 DoubleTap
DoubleTap's picture


Fri, 01/04/2013 - 21:21 | 3124363 Bad Attitude
Bad Attitude's picture


Sat, 01/05/2013 - 03:19 | 3124782 Freddie
Freddie's picture

"automatic weapons"

Where does one find these "automatic weapons?' 

Clueless f***tard.  Oh and we really worry if the Tyler(s) stop posting Bill Gross and David Rosenbergs crap. 

If the Tyler(s) stopped posting stuff from Kyle Bass, Jim Grant, H Hendry, Ray Dalio, Satelli, Marc Faber and a few others then we would give a shit.

Maybe you are not paying attention but guns in America are outselling iPhones, TVs and probably anything else you can think of.  Everything is sold out with buyers looking to buy more.  It was a lousy Christmas for retailers in OBam Depression America but gun stores were packed before the terrible events in CT due to Obama cutting school safety programs and gun free zones in schools.

Look gun banners - you are now the minority opinion.  People who never wanted a gun are buying guns in effing 3-D.  People are getting CCW or carry licenses.

Blame your leftist policies and false flags for literally freaking the public out.  

Sat, 01/05/2013 - 04:39 | 3124835 The Heart
The Heart's picture

Now here are some real baby killers.

'Israeli Death Squads' in USA Killed Kids in Newtown, CT: Conspiracy Theories Abound (VIDEO):

Israeli Death Squads in USA killed kids at Newtown, CT:


Sat, 01/05/2013 - 09:15 | 3125000 WTFx10
WTFx10's picture

All the wars the US has fought ,HOW MANY CHILDREN HAVE WE MURDERED, BLOWN UP. What makes you think we are any different once we decide our corrupt leaders should not lead anymore?

Killing other kids is no problem for OUR politicians. The war machine keeps on running. 500,000 Iraq's mostly children died in the first gulf war because of sanctions but Albright said IT WAS WORTH IT! Because it wasn't her children so that makes it OK.

Obama the merciless calls them collateral damage when they get blown to pieces with a drone strike. But its not his kids.

The only children our politicians want to protect is theirs when the SHTF. They do not care how many of country's children are homeless, or poor or abused or murdered as long as it is not their children.

20 kids and 7 adults out of 330,000,000 million people. Yes assault weapons will be the death of all of us!

THINK of the Children is BULLSHIT.



Sat, 01/05/2013 - 21:49 | 3126265 SILVERGEDDON

Man, you gotta be British, with all that ass fucking fetish stuff going on.

Here's some facts for your loser prep school lack of education.

Your opinion needs to be taken out back of the tool shed, shot, pissed on, rolled in flour, and deep fried.

Then, you need to eat it.; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: #eaeaec; background-position: 0% 0%; background-repeat: repeat no-repeat; border-color: #4e5159; border-style: solid; padding: 0px; margin: 0px;" cellspacing="0" width="100%">; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: #eaeaec; background-position: 0% 0%; background-repeat: repeat no-repeat; border-width: 0px; border-style: solid; padding: 0px; margin: 0px;">; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: #eaeaec; background-position: 0% 0%; background-repeat: repeat no-repeat; padding: 0px; margin: 0px; border: 1px solid #4e5159;" cellspacing="0" width="100%">; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: #eaeaec; background-position: 0% 0%; background-repeat: repeat no-repeat; border-width: 1px; border-style: solid; padding: 4px; margin: 0px;">; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: #eaeaec; background-position: 0% 0%; background-repeat: repeat no-repeat; border-width: 1px; border-style: solid; padding: 4px; margin: 0px;" width="100%" valign="top">
Some more facts and figures - without opinions - on US weapons from
Introductory Notes
This research is based upon the most recent available data in 2010. Facts from earlier years are cited based upon availability and relevance, not to slant results by singling out specific years that are different from others. Likewise, data associated with the effects of gun control laws in various geographical areas represent random, demographically diverse places in which such data is available.
Many aspects of the gun control issue are best measured and sometimes can only be measured through surveys,[1] but the accuracy of such surveys depends upon respondents providing truthful answers to questions that are sometimes controversial and potentially incriminating.[2] Thus, Just Facts uses such data critically, citing the best-designed surveys we find, detailing their inner workings in our footnotes, and using the most cautious plausible interpretations of the results.
Particularly, when statistics are involved, the determination of what constitutes a credible fact (and what does not) can contain elements of personal subjectivity. It is our mission to minimize subjective information and to provide highly factual content. Therefore, we are taking the additional step of providing readers with four examples to illustrate the type of material that was excluded because it did not meet Just Facts' Standards of Credibility.

General Facts
Firearms are generally classified into three broad types: (1) handguns, (2) rifles, and (3) shotguns.[3] Rifles and shotguns are both considered "long guns."
A semi-automatic firearm fires one bullet each time the trigger is pulled and automatically loads another bullet for the next pull of the trigger. A fully automatic firearm (sometimes called a "machine gun") fires multiple bullets with the single pull of the trigger.[4]
As of 2009, the United States has a population of 307 million people.[5]
Based on production data from firearm manufacturers,[6] there are roughly 300 million firearms owned by civilians in the United States as of 2010. Of these, about 100 million are handguns.[7]
Based upon surveys, the following are estimates of private firearm ownership in the U.S. as of 2010:
Households With a Gun Adults Owning a Gun Adults Owning a Handgun
Percentage 40-45% 30-34% 17-19%
Number 47-53 million 70-80 million 40-45 million

A 2005 nationwide Gallup poll of 1,012 adults found the following levels of firearm ownership:
Percentage Owning
a Firearm
Households 42%
Individuals 30%
Male 47%
Female 13%
White 33%
Nonwhite 18%
Republican 41%
Independent 27%
Democrat 23%

In the same poll, gun owners stated they own firearms for the following reasons:
Protection Against Crime 67%
Target Shooting 66%
Hunting 41%

Crime and Self-Defense
Roughly 16,272 murders were committed in the United States during 2008. Of these, about 10,886 or 67% were committed with firearms.[11]
A 1993 nationwide survey of 4,977 households found that over the previous five years, at least 0.5% of households had members who had used a gun for defense during a situation in which they thought someone "almost certainly would have been killed" if they "had not used a gun for protection." Applied to the U.S. population, this amounts to 162,000 such incidents per year. This figure excludes all "military service, police work, or work as a security guard."[12]
Based on survey data from the U.S. Department of Justice, roughly 5,340,000 violent crimes were committed in the United States during 2008. These include simple/aggravated assaults, robberies, sexual assaults, rapes, and murders.[13] [14] [15] Of these, about 436,000 or 8% were committed by offenders visibly armed with a gun.[16]
Based on survey data from a 2000 study published in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology,[17] U.S. civilians use guns to defend themselves and others from crime at least 989,883 times per year.[18]
A 1993 nationwide survey of 4,977 households found that over the previous five years, at least 3.5% of households had members who had used a gun "for self-protection or for the protection of property at home, work, or elsewhere." Applied to the U.S. population, this amounts to 1,029,615 such incidents per year. This figure excludes all "military service, police work, or work as a security guard."[19]
A 1994 survey conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that Americans use guns to frighten away intruders who are breaking into their homes about 498,000 times per year.[20]
A 1982 survey of male felons in 11 state prisons dispersed across the U.S. found:[21]
• 34% had been "scared off, shot at, wounded, or captured by an armed victim"
• 40% had decided not to commit a crime because they "knew or believed that the victim was carrying a gun"
• 69% personally knew other criminals who had been "scared off, shot at, wounded, or captured by an armed victim"[22]
Click here to see why the following commonly cited statistic does not meet Just Facts' Standards of Credibility: "In homes with guns, the homicide of a household member is almost 3 times more likely to occur than in homes without guns."

Vulnerability to Violent Crime
At the current homicide rate, roughly one in every 240 Americans will be murdered.[23]
A U.S. Justice Department study based on crime data from 1974-1985 found:
• 42% of Americans will be the victim of a completed violent crime (assault, robbery, rape) in the course of their lives
• 83% of Americans will be the victim of an attempted or completed violent crime
• 52% of Americans will be the victim of an attempted or completed violent crime more than once[24]
A 1997 survey of more than 18,000 prison inmates found that among those serving time for a violent crime, "30% of State offenders and 35% of Federal offenders carried a firearm when committing the crime."[25]

Right-to-Carry Laws
Right-to-carry laws permit individuals who meet certain "minimally restrictive" criteria (such as completion of a background check and gun safety course) to carry concealed firearms in most public places.[95] Concealed carry holders must also meet the minimum federal requirements for gun ownership as detailed above.
Each state has its own laws regarding right-to-carry and generally falls into one of three main categories:
1) "shall-issue" states, where concealed carry permits are issued to all qualified applicants
2) "may-issue" states, where applicants must often present a reason for carrying a firearm to an issuing authority, who then decides based on his or her discretion whether the applicant will receive a permit
3) "no-issue" states, where concealed carry is generally forbidden
As of January 2012:
40 states are shall-issue:
Alaska Arizona Arkansas Colorado
Florida Georgia Idaho Indiana
Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana
Maine Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada
New Hampshire New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota
Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania
Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee
Texas Utah Vermont Virginia
Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

9 states are may-issue:
Alabama California Connecticut Delaware
Hawaii Maryland Massachusetts New Jersey
New York

In 2007, there were 613 fatal firearm accidents in the United States, constituting 0.5% of 123,706 fatal accidents that year.[120]

Fatal firearm accidents in 2007 by age groups:
Age Group Fatal Firearm Accidents
Raw number Portion of fatal accidents
from all causes
<1 yrs 1 0.1%
1-4 yrs 18 1.1%
5-9 yrs 20 2.1%
10-14 yrs 26 2.1%
15-24 yrs 155 1.0%
25-34 yrs 94 0.6%
35-44 yrs 91 0.5%
45-54 yrs 82 0.4%
55-64 yrs 57 0.5%
65+ yrs 69 0.2%

In 2007, there were roughly 15,698 emergency room visits for non-fatal firearm accidents,[123] constituting 0.05% of 27.7 million emergency room visits for non-fatal accidents that year.[124]
These emergency room visits for non-fatal firearm accidents resulted in 5,045 hospitalizations,[125] constituting 0.4% of 1.4 million non-fatal accident hospitalizations that year.[126]

Criminal Justice System
Nationwide in 2008, law enforcement agencies reported that 55% of aggravated assaults, 27% of robberies, 40% of rapes, and 64% of murders that were reported to police resulted in an alleged offender being arrested and turned over for prosecution.[26] [27]
Currently, for every 12 aggravated assaults, robberies, sexual assaults, rapes, and murders committed in the United States, approximately one person is sentenced to prison for committing such a crime.[28] [29] [30]
A 2002 U.S. Justice Department study of 272,111 felons released from state prisons in 1994 found that within three years of their release:
• at least 67.5% had been arrested for committing a new offense
• at least 21.6% had been arrested for committing a new violent offense
• these former inmates had been charged with committing at least 2,871 new homicides, 2,444 new rapes, 3,151 other new sexual assaults, 2,362 new kidnappings, 21,245 new robberies, 54,604 new assaults, and 13,854 other new violent crimes[31]
Of 1,662 murders committed in New York City during 2003-2005, more than 90% were committed by people with criminal records.[32]
Washington, DC
In 1976, the Washington, D.C. City Council passed a law generally prohibiting residents from possessing handguns and requiring that all firearms in private homes be (1) kept unloaded and (2) rendered temporally inoperable via disassembly or installation of a trigger lock. The law became operative on Sept. 24, 1976.[33] [34]
On June 26, 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling, struck down this law as unconstitutional.[35]

During the years in which the D.C. handgun ban and trigger lock law was in effect, the Washington, D.C. murder rate averaged 73% higher than it was at the outset of the law, while the U.S. murder rate averaged 11% lower.[37]

In 1920, Britain passed a law requiring civilians to obtain a certificate from their district police chief in order to purchase or possess any firearm except a shotgun. To obtain this certificate, the applicant had to pay a fee, and the chief of police had to be "satisfied" that the applicant had "good reason for requiring such a certificate" and did not pose a "danger to the public safety or to the peace." The certificate had to specify the types and quantities of firearms and ammunition that the applicant could purchase and keep.[38]
In 1968, Britain made the 1920 law stricter by requiring civilians to obtain a certificate from their district police chief in order to purchase or possess a shotgun. This law also required that firearm certificates specify the identification numbers ("if known") of all firearms and shotguns owned by the applicant.[39]
In 1997, Britain passed a law requiring civilians to surrender almost all privately owned handguns to the police. More than 162,000 handguns and 1.5 million pounds of ammunition were "compulsorily surrendered" by February 1998. Using "records of firearms held on firearms certificates," police accounted for all but fewer than eight of all legally owned handguns in England, Scotland, and Wales.[40]

† Homicide data is published according to the years in which the police initially reported the offenses as homicides, which are not always the same years in which the incidents took place.
‡ Large anomalies unrelated to guns:
2000: 58 Chinese people suffocated to death in a shipping container en route to the UK
2002: 172 homicides reported when Dr. Harold Shipman was exposed for killing his patients
2003: 20 cockle pickers drowned resulting in manslaughter charges
2005: 52 people were killed in the July 7th London subway/bus bombings
Not counting the above-listed anomalies, the homicide rate in England and Wales has averaged 52% higher since the outset of the 1968 gun control law and 15% higher since the outset of the 1997 handgun ban.[42]

In 1982, the city of Chicago instituted a ban on handguns. This ban barred civilians from possessing handguns except for those registered with the city government prior to enactment of the law. The law also specified that such handguns had to be re-registered every two years or owners would forfeit their right to possess them. In 1994, the law was amended to require annual re-registration.[43] [44] [45]
In the wake of Chicago's handgun ban, at least five suburbs surrounding Chicago instituted similar handgun bans. When the Supreme Court overturned the District of Columbia's handgun ban in June 2008, at least four of these suburbs repealed their bans.[46] [47] [48] [49] [50]
In June 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled (5-4) that Chicago's ban is unconstitutional.[51]

Since the outset of the Chicago handgun ban, the Chicago murder rate has averaged 17% lower than it was before the law took effect, while the U.S. murder rate has averaged 25% lower.[53]

Since the outset of the Chicago handgun ban, the percentage of Chicago murders committed with handguns has averaged about 40% higher than it was before the law took effect.[55]
In 2005, 96% of the firearm murder victims in Chicago were killed with handguns.[56]
* * *
Much more here
Sun, 01/06/2013 - 12:06 | 3126998 DosZap
DosZap's picture

Right-to-carry laws permit individuals who meet certain "minimally restrictive" criteria (such as completion of a background check and gun safety course) to carry concealed firearms in most public places.


You left out FBI Background checks,and Finger printing.(is that minimal?)

But a very good post otherwise some states have much more difficult criteria before permitting.

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 19:36 | 3124158 mendolover
mendolover's picture

It's on here in CT everyone.  We have an idiot state rep (how the fuck do these people get elected?) who is pushing to change the state law keeping the carry permit holder list private.  I couldn't care less if they did print it myself.  But anyway here is a pic of the dick and his webpage:

The face of a moron:

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 20:05 | 3124229 holmes
holmes's picture

After reading this article, I had to do something so I just joined the NRA.

Armed guards for those that would take away the guns from the rest of US

You couldn't make this shit up.

I think I'll buy some Smith and Wesson stock on Monday.


Fri, 01/04/2013 - 20:06 | 3124230 holmes
holmes's picture

After reading this article, I had to do something so I just joined the NRA.

Armed guards for those that would take away the guns from the rest of US

You couldn't make this shit up.

I think I'll buy some Smith and Wesson stock on Monday.


Sat, 01/05/2013 - 05:06 | 3124853 abettertomorrow
abettertomorrow's picture

"Since almost every person who has committed atrocities like Sandy Hook"

BTW Sandy Hook was a HOAX

Sat, 01/05/2013 - 06:08 | 3124870 The Heart
The Heart's picture

Top 10 Events that Prove Obama Planned Gun Control Long Before Newtown Tragedy:

Sat, 01/05/2013 - 09:11 | 3124996 Notarocketscientist
Notarocketscientist's picture

Yadda Yadda ----- Yadda.

Guns and Ammo!!!

All you guys talk about is your guns and how much ammo you've stockpiled.

Then you go on and on and on about how the government and the elites are screwing you.  How they are taking away your freedoms etc etc etc...

Day after day after day after day - you moan and wail - and you brag about your right to own more guns (ideally automatic)

Yet you do nothing.

'Oh but if Uncle Sam comes after me and tries to take my guns he's gonna get it!!! Oh ya I am gonna git him real good - someday........'

And in the meantime you bawl and bitch and complain - and you do nothing.

It really does get tiring to listen to this nonsense day after day - it's much like sitting in on a gaggle of geriatric housewives sitting around gossiping and bitching.

Much ado about nothing.

If things are so bad and if your freedoms are being attacked left and right then DO SOMETHING - otherwise please stop with the bluster - it really is unbecoming - and rather dull.  Like the saying goes 'Talk is Cheap'


Sat, 01/05/2013 - 18:32 | 3125899 bunnyswanson
bunnyswanson's picture

You have not been paying attention or you are intentionally ignoring the fact that people have been doing something.  When you vote in record numbers for a man who promises hope and change, that is doing something.  So he lied.  The media lied.  Joke is on the voters.  So, the voters go to the streets, they marched with signs, made a very clear point "the banks are going rogue and no one is saying a goddam thing about it." 

Did you happen to catch a glimpse of the riot cops now in America?  Armadillo-like uniforms and big clubs, gas masks, armed to the teeth for people in tennis shoes and baseball caps.

Now you may think you have special insight into the situation but propaganda requires you to relay information in a manner which will portray you as "all knowing" but you don't fool me. 

America is a lovely country.  Fertile soil in a climate that gives the people plenty of everything.  Yes sir eeeee...The Land of Plenty.  Now, the constitution, written just a few hundred years ago, was written by people who knew this.  America is a fucking gold mine for it's citizens.  And the resources available which can and do make some quite wealthy are up for grabs to the highest bidder.  But why pay when you can swindle the very people out of their possessions via predatory lending practices?  It's a tried and true method used by these Banksters for centuries, a method that has cost their people's lives in themillions (6 million? whatever, a million is plenty). 

Doing something....marching...assembling with your fellow countrymen to discuss the situation at hand is now illegal.  So what do you propose, smartass?  Create a lobby group ever stronger than AIPAC, Perhaps?  From what I see, that is the only thing that would undo what is taking place, silence AIPAC.

There is evil afoot.  And they aren't fuckin around.  They want what the US citizens have.  Diced and sliced and sold off in parcels to the highest bidder to become a "department" in a global corporation.  Idea created by men who play golf and drink martinis, attend a meeting or two that is so secretive, not even the "Free Press" can know what is discussed.

Insane is what would be required to give up the ability to defend oneself.  It would be suicide.

Sat, 01/05/2013 - 12:06 | 3125155 Reason
Reason's picture

what the author fails to realize is that armed guards and the secret service are TRAINED PROFESSIONALS who know how to use the weapons they carry and the chace of them going crazy and shooting a few innocents is extremely small, if not null. Arming a bunch of uneducated, emotional americans with weapons is simply not the same thing...

and as for the ridiculous argument that arming civilians protects against the tyranny of government, stop deluding yourselves.. you'll be no match for the american army (which consists of trained killers)

Sat, 01/05/2013 - 18:18 | 3125880 bunnyswanson
bunnyswanson's picture

What you fail to realize is the fact that the Zionists have bled the USA dry of assets and jobs for a reason.  The last decade has seen this happen without as much as a whimper for the elected govt officials who surely were paid handsomely for their cooperation.  The housing equity is gone.  The jobs are gone.  Now, the upper middle class will be taxed into oblivion because, as stated in Agenda 21, their lifesytles are unsustainable in this new global community.

So what now?  What to do with a couple million people who are faced with a life without an income?  Will the same govt officials who allowed the extraction of wealth to continue provide "relief" so the masses are fed and housed?  Forever?  Unbloodylikely.

The situation we have is a quiet coupe and when they are finished, there will be a solution that no one wants to imagine.  It will not be broadcast on TV.  It will not be in the history books.  But there is no other solution but to extinguish them, the American citizens, because they are The Big Picture.

The big picture, in the scheme of things, is a global community which has labor force which is free or nearly free.  Alloted enough space, food and water to allow them to exist but just barely.  There is no love in this new world.  It's sustainable living for them, The People Behind the Curtain, not us.


Sun, 01/06/2013 - 18:38 | 3127870 indio007
indio007's picture

Oh ya that's right , killing for the STATE or a corporation makes it not murder.


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