US Mint Sells Massive 3.9 Million Ounces Of Silver Coins In First Few Days Of 2013, Triple December's Total

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Just a few days ago we noted the massive surge in physical gold coin sales from the US Mint, with silver surprisingly lagging. Today, we see an even more dramatic surge in the sales of physical Silver Coins in the first week of January, which in a few short days hit 3.94 million oz, already surpassing the entire December total of 1.64 million ounces. It seems that the paper-to-physical currency rotation is gathering pace even as, or thanks to the trillion dollar platinum coin mercifully ending its 15 minutes of page-clicking, ad revenue infamy. In the secondary market, inventories (via APMEX) of Silver coins remain negligible, if any: American Eagles are available as follows: 2013s may be available 1/18, maybe not; 2012 - 0; 2011 - 0; 2010 - 0; 2009 - 0; 2008 - 0; 2007 - 0; 2006 - 0; 2005 - 0; 2004 - 0; 2003 - 0; 2002 - 0. They do have some 2000, 2001 and 2007, all about $5-6 over spot! It seems ever more people are getting nervous about the impact of currency wars on their "money"... or perhaps just want to make Silver shirts to attract the females?




(h/t Alex Gloy)

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Can we use our EBT cards to buy physical?

knukles's picture

No but you can get cash for 'em at most tattoo parlors, strip joints and liquor stores.

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and THEN go next door to the coin shop and buy physical.

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2012's Silver Eagles were available just before the EOY.  I sure as shit didn't pay $6 over spot.  Lots of Maples on the shelves.

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End of day lift-a-thon about to blast off.... Stocks, silver, gold, whatever. BTFD

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Fools buying all these puny silver coins when they could own "The One Coin to Rule Them All".

Bluntly Put's picture

Better yet, they could put their faith in the $1012 Big Kahuna Tuna, the fish to rule them all. You can't eat silver/gold but you can eat Tuna.

Liquid Courage's picture

That Tuna weighed in at 222 kg and sold for 1.8 M$. Since, 1.8 million up to 1 trillion is a factor of 555,555.5555, your trillion dollar Big Kahuna Tuna will have to weigh in at a whopping 123,333,333.3333 kg or a nice round 271,950,000 lbs.

I think you're gonna need a bigger boat.

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Tyler - please ask Geithner or Dr. Paul Krugman if I can get one of those Obama Platinum coins.  The smaller denominations please.  I am sure you have some pull with the Treasury.  I heard the Treasury and NY Fed love reading ZH when they are not watching p*rn.

Haysus Christo!  We joked about Gerald Ford's WIN buttons aka Whip Inflation Now.  It was comical but this Platinum Coin shit is insanity.

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Hopefully my 1/4 oz  Platinum Eagle will then be worth at least 50 Million.

The Navigator's picture

Isn't 1/4 of $1tril more like $250Bilion? You be RICH man!

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Could you spare a man a couple atoms of that, my kind sir?

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That really was funny. I was alive and around at the time; and I thought oh noes; we really do have a government by the idiots for the idiots and of the idiots. Then I saw a young exec., probably from the BofA tower, walking down the sidewalk in S.F. Calif. with his WIN button on the lapel of his grey flannel suit, and I started laughing. I guess it was insensitive of me; these people just do what they're told, of course, it was management policy that week; but still. "If we all wear these magic buttons inflation will go away"---Yeah, thanks Gerald. That's when I started seriously researching the subject and discovered Brown's book "how to profit from the coming financial crisis"; this was in 1979; in case you're confused; but yeah; same, same. The answer is Silver, and boy was it ever. Worked a lot better than a WIN button.

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Real demand right now is coming from China stockpiling silver.Stop buying U.S. Government debt and stockpile precious metals to infinity,YA BABY,YA!!!

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Japanese Pension Funds & ETPs to Buy $550M in Gold | Resource Investor

Japanese pension funds and gold-backed exchange traded products are going to more than double their gold holdings over the next two years to $1.1 billion, buying some 27 tons of gold at current prices, according to veteran World Gold Council representative Itsuo Toshima who is quoted today on Bloomberg.

His warning comes as new prime minister Shinzo Abe has pledged to push inflation to two per cent leaving Japan’s pension funds no option but to hedge against a weakening yen. Japanese investors have long ignored gold as irrelevant in their depressed, inflation-free economy. That is set to change.

Gold’s Return

“Bullion’s role as an inflation hedge, long ignored by Japanese fund operators, has come under the spotlight thanks to Abe’s economic policy,” said Mr. Toshima. “Gold may be a standard asset-class in the portfolio of Japanese pension funds as Abe’s target is realized.”

The Government Pension Investment Fund of Japan, the operator of the world’s largest pension fund has avoided bullion and commodities and has 67 per cent of their assets allocated to Japanese bonds.

“Pension money invested in bullion is ‘peanuts’ at the moment,’ Mr. Toshima added. “If 1% of their total assets shift to the metal, the gold market would explode.’

Joe Public?

ArabianMoney concurs and we also wonder what will happen as the Japanese public catches on. They are among the greatest savers in the world and also huge holders of domestic bonds.

Is this not the transfer from bonds to the very tight gold and silver markets that we have been talking about for some time now? The price upside for precious metals in this transfer is going to be huge because there is a collossal value stored in paper and to absorb that money bullion will have to soar in value.

We think the Japanese market is the one to watch at the moment for the next step in the global financial crisis. This is it, a bond crisis in the making and a massive transfer of wealth into gold and silver.

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when i can pay off my mortgage with 1oz of gold I will trade for the deed

Tall Tom's picture

I am not knocking your plan but just get ready to pay some hefty Capital Gains Tax. Heads up. It is not all going to be gravy when the SHTF.


Gold will be a good thing to have...Physical Gold and Physical Silver.

samsara's picture

"I am not knocking your plan but just get ready to pay some hefty Capital Gains Tax"

Think of it as paying the devil your Pound of Flesh to get out of the game.

Exit Tax.

Freedom Tax.

After you pay the tax, it's "off to table" It doesn't exist any more (to the authorities).

SAT 800's picture

If the gold; or silver; were deposited with in england; then you could have the money to pay your mortgage; let's say it represented, 10oz. of gold, or whatever directly back toyour non-interest bearing checking account with Bank A; and immediately withdraw it in the form of a bankers check to Bank C; your mortage holder; and presto; you don't anybody any taxes. at all. zip. nada. Understand?

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If that is the case the policy will probably be dropped, the PTB simply cannot allow pension funds to rotate into gold, or for that matter transfer real spending power to the future.

The whole purpose of pension funds (as seen by the PTB ) seems to be to mobilize peoples retirement savings for use by the finance industry now.

It also is a useful pool of funds to hit with the trusty old inflation tax...

samsara's picture

All pension funds will be converted to Tbills. National Security reasons.

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Let's do the math.  Government Pension Investment Fund of Japan assets are 1 trillion dollars(100 trillion yen) give or take.  Money flowing into physical gold and silver is 1 to 1.  1% of of that money is 10 billion so half is 5 billion towards silver.  5 billion in silver is 166 million ounces, 20% of yearly WORLD supply and over 50% of silver not used by industry every year.  And that is JUST ONE pension fund at 1% of their assets toward silver and gold.  Houston, we have a problem.  Physical silver is the eye of the needle and the investment dollars of the world are the camel.


Silver For The People

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Yeee haaa!  Dem's my peeps.  PMs and guns done be sold out.

I bet we look back in 5 years and say "The Mayans were right about 12/2012."

edifice's picture

You darn tootin'! Can't wait til Friday, going to pick me up another shiny Gold Eagle.

otto skorzeny's picture

silver eagles? hell it's harder to get 7.62x39 FMJ

DosZap's picture

silver eagles? hell it's harder to get 7.62x39 FMJ

Think 762x39 is tough? Try ,308, and 556x45/223......................Good RUCK!!!!!!!

SAT 800's picture

7.92X56R is available in 880rd. tin cans. they finally ran out of Mosin-Nagants at Bud's but they say they have a connection and they're going to get some more.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

They can't stop this train soon to tear a tunnel right up their sociopath assholes...... FUCK YOU BERNANKE AND YOU COCKSUCKER BANKER BRETHREN......

youngman's picture

You know Bernanke sees these numbers and it scares the crap out of him.......he knows he has lost if PM´s take he will defend his the end..and by means we never think they wiould EVER do....its the rest of the world that will end his power....just think if you were in the Chinese leadership and was watching our politicians ask demand our debt limit to go to 25 trillion......and you are holding 1.5 trillion in our dollars....what would you buy and why????????

To me this is the end game....I still do not know why the Chinese government has a Primary Dealer me that is very strange....and its smells

The Navigator's picture

Agree with the end game

Do Primary Dealers have to report their purchases/sales? if not, Maybe that was the main reason they became a PD.

Poor Grogman's picture

One way they could defend their paper ponzi is to go the Japanese route, with a more aggressive but controlled deflation.

That way they could remain in the drivers seat, while the whole debt soaked world lines up at the door of the Fed clamouring for more money.

This would be a hard act to keep going as the pain for debt holders would be acute, (think Greece on a global scale) but the FED options at this stage are somewhat limited.

Should be another interesting 12 months...

lakecity55's picture

Being patient, cunning and devious, and also readers of Sun Tzu, they are waiting until just the right moment to strike, and you won't ever see it coming.

But! If you have fizz, you have a better chance.

Fizz and Lead.

The wonder metals of the 21st century.

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Which more-on junked me for posting Apmexs only available SE?

youngman's picture

Again another story of people buying more..and more...up from last years number.....but..but..but...they slam the price down.....someday that is going to hurt someone really bad...when the cubboard is bare...Mother Hubbered is going to be really pissed.....and BROKE

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OK, these guys are buying up the silver because they believe that it will retain more value than any currency unit and may be barterable in a transition between one currency to another in the event of a currency collapse.

If you consider a collapse scenario, you will see that an ounce of silver has a better chance of getting you needed food/water than a slip of paper known as a dollar or a euro or you name it.

People are also concerned that the slip of paper will be easily devalued where as it is more difficult to devalue silver/gold in the long run and real terms (not COMEX terms).

samsara's picture

dup (damn touch screens)

samsara's picture

"If you consider a collapse scenario, you will see that an ounce of silver has a better chance of getting you needed food/water than a slip of paper known as a dollar or a euro or you name it."

That's why I don't understand all the emotion on the day to day ups and downs of the price or that it is suppressed. Thank God that it is suppressed. Would you rather try to accumulate if it were $60 an Oz?

I was in Argentina a few months after they devalued by 50%. People could only withdraw only 1000 pesos a month whether or not they had 500,000 in the bank.

BUT The people who had traded out their pesos to silver BEFORE the devaluation did MUCH better when buying things after than those who kept it in pesos.

Heavy metal is a hedge against your Government.


It's the 'Ground Floor'. Elevators/escalators (paper money) go up and down, BUT the Ground Floor doesn't move. The Non-Real moves up and down in RELATION to IT, not the other way around.

TrumpXVI's picture

It wasn't all me, but I did just buy yesterday another 1/2oz. gold Eagle and another 20 1oz. silver Eagles:-)

I keep BTFD, and TFDs have just kept on coming for over 14 months.  Everytime PMs goes on sale and I buy, they go more on sale-er.

There's gotta' be a bottom around here somewhere.

shutdown's picture

I can make the price of gold drop. All I gotta do is buy some. 

Tall Tom's picture

You think that is good? I can make the price of Gold rise. All I have to do is sell some. Touche!!!

Sheeple Shepard's picture

This is interesting. The supplier of physical that i use, and as far as i am aware its the largest supplier in my country has been constantly running out or completly consistently out of silver coins and bars since the huge fall in price just before Christmas. It also seems to be having difficulty aquiring more because some say 3-4 weeks for new stock and the 1oz Philharmonics which are the cheapest 1oz coin have said "New stock expected 1 week" for nearly 3 weeks. This i have never seen before. 

JLee2027's picture

I've been hearing about tight physical supplies since August and "tight as a drum" from Ted Butler in November. Then in December, Comex had 20 million ounces delivered (apparently most was paper and not real silver because no actual Excel inventory numbers changed). Online supplies are low. 1000 ounce bars - 8 to 10 weeks for delivery and some places don't even offer them. 100 ounce bars supplies appear to be down about 60% from 2 years ago. Silver Eagles are very low at APMEX.

Yup, this could be the big one.

bigkahuna's picture

Copper is also getting tight.

SubjectivObject's picture

JPM might know something about that too.

Roosting Chicken's picture

As is brass.  Went to buy some 30-30 rounds today.  Nothing in stock.

e_goldstein's picture

last time I bought (at the end of Dec) the dealer had more gold--and suprisingly enough rhodium--inventory than they did silver.