Bill Gross Gets It

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Last night, when breaking the Buba repatriation story, we summarized it simply as follows "in brief: this is a momentous development, one which may signify that the regime of mutual assured and very much telegraphed - because if the central banks don't have faith in one another, why should anyone else? - trust in central banks by other central banks is ending." We are happy that the implicit message is so clear that everyone now gets it, including Bill Gross:

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All that matters is that I don't.

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If you changed your name to "LongBall" we could call you Lance!

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Central banks are the new preppers. 

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Unfortunately for them, "Chance favors the prepared mind" = keep moar ink on hand.

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Put another way, the Newport Beach, Ca blogging powerhouse known as PIMCO is now using ZeroHedge for Twitter idea formation and marketing ideas...

Way to leverage the retail folks, there Billy Baby!!!




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"From my dead cold hands"!

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Bill Gross knows that a treasury bubble is going to bust soon but he can't say because of  his position in the financial system and being one of the buyers of last resort.

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They are all good friends.


I could have cashed a Sterling cheque in the Berlin of 1916.



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With friends like that, who needs enemas?

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Merkel usually looks like she needs one

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An ill-afforded luxury in such frugal times, albeit a vastly needed one amidst such testiness.

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I tend to agree on calling this more theater.

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We are crashing upwards... Germany understands that. The pickle now is if U.S. wants paper to have value, they have to put on the brakes... however, it's probably too late.

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I like to ask cash register jockeys if they, whatever store I happed to be at, still accepts Federal Reserve Notes.  While part of this is a little educational jab at those I interact with, it usually generates comments from others nearby in the line.  Comments such as, 'It IS just paper you know" or "The print that crap out of nothing."  The population is waking up to this fact, but for many of them it is too late to recoup any of their past labors from the bankster class ass fucking, cunt faced, whore mongering, asshat, fucktard, anal fisting, vulture mother fucking, dog-faced, shit eating, cock sucking, dickheaded evil puss filled, foreskin licking bastards.

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Don't hold back Doc, just let it all out.

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Dr. Head, I hear ya....but foreskin licking?  Dude, that's harsh! :)

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 francis_sawyer could have made the EXACT same comment [but received a 70-30 'JUNK' ratio]... This, only because the INTELLECTUALS on this site don't see a 'doctor' title in my username...

Carry on Ritchie [post laureate son of yur father, 'Mr. Head']

francis_sawyer's picture

OK... 9-6 [on last count]... I stand corrected...

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Have a beer...all will be well.

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Hey, listen up.  Like I said earlier, I'll never junk a man whose name is Francis.  That's punishment enough.


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Did Doc's tirade blame someone based on the race into which they happened to be born? Last I checked, nobody was born a banker.

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I have read many of Dr. Richards posts, and many of yours, Francis.  I can truthfully say that you are no Dick Head.

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Yeah Doc... how do you really feel?

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Who has foreskin anymore... Oh vey!

new game's picture

logged in just to give a +1 to the good dr.

couldn't have said it better.

mfcsso bitchezzs

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First question when I arrived at the LCS -- do you still accept FRN's (at spot)?

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The esteemed Dr. Richard Head said:

I like to ask cash register jockeys if they, whatever store I happed to be at, still accepts Federal Reserve Notes.

Hah! Kudos, my good fellow, I thought I was the only one doing anything like that. I wait until they ask me if I have a [store name du jour] super saver (purchase tracking) card:

"No, just Federal Reserve Notes. do still accept those, don't you?"

I also carry a Morgan silver dollar in my pocket. When the cashier does the cursory counterfeit test of a $50 or $100 bill:

"It's all fake. You probably haven't ever seen a real dollar come through here."

I pull out the Morgan, letting them hold and examine it, and tell them that I like to have at least one dollar of real money. My parting remarks are usually something like:

"Back when this (the Morgan) came out, two dollars would pay for this cart of groceries. Two of these dollars still will."

Always best to leave them thinking if you can.

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Such financial subversion and monetary terrorism will be dealt with harshly under the New World Order.

willwork4food's picture

So true. Which is why civil war in America is nearing inevitability.

johnnynaps's picture

Not necessarily, that's what credit cards are get even!

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So Dr., I guess the "Jelly of the Month Club" bonus was less than you had expected?

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I wonder if the world will hold the bankers who sold their gold accountable or if we all have to go to war?

Zap Powerz's picture

Going to war will be how they will have to be held accountable.

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This is a GREAT point! Instead of fighting each other we should hunt down the pigs and give them treament Ned Beaty got in Deliverence.

"Squeal like a pig Bennie!!!!"

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The war will BE about the gold.

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What does Mohammad from Newport Beach have to say about this?

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Die heathen dog worshipers.

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"Everyone holding their own physical gold is the new normal."

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Does that mean only 1% - 3% of us are normal?

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you may be a touch on the high side.

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yeah, maybe 100 - 600% on the high side. The retailers still think the GLD is backed by physical.

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El Erian only gets trotted out in font of the cameras when They want to spook the two or three remaining retail investors. It's hardly worth the bother any more.