Guest Post: Inflation Rocks The UK As Beer Gets Watered Down

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Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg

Inflation Rocks The UK As Beer Gets Watered Down

These types of stories are popping up with increased frequency throughout the western world.  Products are simply declining in quality, and in many cases these declines are being accompanied by price increases.  Remember my article from a week ago Inflation Hits Coffee as Brewers Secretly Swap Robusta for Arabica.  This is more or less the same story, except this time in the UK and centered around beer.  From CNBC:

Britain’s favorite pint of bitter is being watered down as austerity continues to bite and taxes rise.

John Smith’s Extra Smooth, billed as “no nonsense beer”, is being reduced from 3.8 percent alcohol to 3.6 percent in response to rising costs and reduced beer consumption.

Heineken, which is also raising the cost of the famous bitter by about 2.5 pence a pint, said it was bringing John Smith’s “in line with competitor smooth ales that already sit at or below this alcoholic strength”, including its biggest rival, Carlsberg’s Tetley Smoothflow.

Now here is my favorite line:


“Extensive research conducted with retailers and consumers consistently confirmed that a 0.2 percent reduction in [alcohol content] does not compromise on the taste and quality,” a Heineken U.K. spokesman said.

Um yeah, but it does compromise on the alcohol…the main reason most people drink beer in the first place.

Heineken blamed the rising cost of energy and ingredients such as barley – as well as higher beer duty – for the increase.

There you go.  Finally the truth comes out; the culprit is inflation.  Taste that beer?  That’s the taste of you getting poorer.

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tenpanhandle's picture

but it was in the secret sauce.

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

This is no surprise to anyone who knows how many gypsy horses are left loose and the down-turn in agriculture. Kind of like being "shocked" when Spanish sausage has donkey in it. Newsflash: if you've been eating those sausages from local sources, chances are, it's gonna have some horse in it. [and for the rest of the report; the pig in beef dishes is purely to do with slack industrial standards; I've long since noticed stray pork cubes in super-market meals like lasagne; it's simply a facet of the way factories work].


p.s. Horse is tasty, healthy, and is one of only three mammal meats that improves with age. Ditch the classism, and get eating the old nags (not including dear Eliz II, of course).

jonjon831983's picture

Fructose Corn Syrup -> Pink Slime -> Beef Needling -> Swapped Coffee -> Diluted beer?

joego1's picture

Come up to where I live in Mendocino California. We brew kick ass IPA, the best Pinot and killer bud dude. We do not scrimp on the quality factor. Possibly the  last American stand.

joego1's picture

It rejected my mobile device. No body loves me, nobody cares....'s picture

Bummer, dude. It's a great song.

tenpanhandle's picture

sorry to say pal but the Redtail Ale has gone to shit.  when they moved out of hopland to their big new ukiah factory, they left the quality control behind.  As for the Arcata, Blue Lake and Eureka breweries, they too have suffered a lowering of the taste bud test scores.  However, the green bud has definately improved in quality.

lolmao500's picture

Good. Maybe those damn drunks will stop being drunks for a moment and realize they are a bunch of slaves to a monarchy and they'll do something about it.

Anusocracy's picture

Not likely. Pommie bastards are at least as stupid as the bloody Yanks.

Dr. Engali's picture

Can't be any worse than some of the domestic piss water we have here. If you want good beer it isn't going to come from a company who pretends their beer is hauled into town by Clydesdales. Support your local brewery or make your own.

The Gooch's picture

After Goose Island was co-opted by Anheuser, Polish Vodka is the only way. 

DavosSherman's picture

There's beer somewhere in that picture?

Insideher Trading's picture

It's bacteria shit.

Make your own.

lolmao500's picture

Ladies and gentlemen of the WVCDL and West Virginia. Today, around 3PM I met with Senator Manchin. In any conversation with a person of that level of power, there are two conversations that occur at once. The first is the obvious and direct meaning of what is spoken. The second conversation is the meaning between the lines. In this case, neither is good. West Virginia, in my opinion, you have been sold out.

First, let's talk about the direct conversation. It's very simple. Senator Manchin supports a three-pronged approach that includes universal background checks, including private sales. He supports mental health-care reform. And he supports magazine capacity limits, and possibly other restrictions.

Further, he stated to me directly, that he believes 75% of West Virginians, like him, believe that the only purposes behind gun ownership and the second amendment are hunting and recreational shooting. He told me that defense is not an angle he considers or believes in, and that is specifically in the context of defense of self, and defense from tyranny. Perhaps now you understand why I've been too angry to update you on the results of the meeting. In case you're thinking of stopping here, it gets worse.

Senator Manchin told me what the media will do if Congress (including the US House of Representatives) fails to pass an AWB and/or mag restrictions. "They will one, by one, put up pictures of dead children. They will show the carnage." Considering that tomorrow, President Obama will be exploiting children by dragging them on stage with him while he outlays his plan, this is not a huge leap. And these are the words of a United States senator. We, and I don't mean just West Virginians, I mean Americans, must prepare for this. That is a direct quote. Verbatim. We need every talking head in the conservative media out in front of this. Make it happen. Share this post far and wide.

When it became clear that we were not going to find common ground, and that Senator Manchin intends to support magazine capacity limits and other pointless gun-control laws doomed to failure, I told the senator that we would be there. We would be at every single event. We would be at every fund-raiser. We would be there, and the content of our signs would not be pleasant.

And now we get to the second conversation. The one between the lines. When I said we would be there, he said, "there won't be any events."

This confused me. No politician runs for office without fund-raisers and events. And I have to admit, it wasn't I that grasped the meaning of this. I want to be clear, that the following was not stated. This was deduced by a confidant of mine, and I think she is correct. Manchin was honest. There will be no events. Why would a US Senator not need funds? This is because there will be no campaign. Joe Manchin is too young to retire from a position of such power. What does that mean?

West Virginia, this means that Joe Manchin has sold you out. It means that he has accepted some position, likely promised by Barack Obama, to place his boot in your neck in exchange for power.

Now you know. Now you know why for four hours, I was too angry to update you.

Freddie's picture

Can the people of WV recall Manchin and Rockefeller?  They need to.   Get two sneators who will work to impeach O.

zhandax's picture

West Virginia, in my opinion, you have been sold out.

He is a politician (translation; lying piece of shit).  Of course you have been sold out.  Time to trade up (was unfortunately last November).  Your idiots are hosed.  Please play again.

joego1's picture

Argg, hang the traitor from the yard arm mates! Pass the grogg. Yo ho Yo Ho a pirates life for me!

tooriskytoinvest's picture

Is Gold Getting Ready To Rip? Fed Aggressively Buying Securities Outright, Japan Fired First Shots In Global 'Currency War',  Trust In Central Banks By Other Central Banks Is Ending, And Fitch Prepares To Downgrade U.S. Credit Rating

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Victory Beer...coming to a Winston Smith near you!

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

If it's less than 5% alcohol it AINT beer.


Híppos Purrós's picture

Believe it or not.... The beer isn't the worst of it...

[UK Independent] - Horsemeat discovered in beefburgers on sale at Tesco and Iceland

Seasmoke's picture

Perhaps I have gone off the reservation but I continue to buy many bottles of bourbon each week and keep them in basement. I am over 100 and plan on inventory of 500 before end of year. Barter. Barter. Barter.

tenpanhandle's picture

I am doing so also and have well over five hundred bottles but better buy some more because I never thought of that barter angle ;) 

chump666's picture

I drink spirits, damn fine Bourbon: Buffalo Trace, Tequila, Polish vodka, Rum...

As for Beers, f*ck Heineken.  Get a good traditional German pilsnar, high alcohol etc


Antifaschistische's picture

This isn't news though..

Ten years ago I hear a 'HOME HANDYMAN" on the radio saying to buy homes built in the 60's because THEY would last and the crap built since then was already falling apart.

I hear a "CAR GUY" on the radio 5 years ago talking about how important it is to not let any modern car overheat because the metal in the engine is crap compared to the cars of the 70's.

Toy stores in the 60's and 70's wer magical places full of hand made toys crafted from wood and steel.  Then, in the 90's when you walk in to Toy's-R-Us it's just a bunch of cheap plastic junk that will be in a yard sale in 5 years with some hispanic ladies saying they'll take 4 of those toys for a total of 50 cents.

I throw away staplers at work because they're quality is so poor.  It's not like the grey swingline staplers we had in elementary school that was part stapler and part hammer.

I'm reading a blog site for "tools" and they say to buy a "vintage" axe because the metal in modern axes are junk.

I returned a high end modern home theater system after spending a whole week trying to figure out why it didn't sound as good as my Pioneer SX1080 Receiver from 1979 (or so).  When I finally found someone who knew what they were talking about he said, "oh, you'll never get new stuff that sounds like that equipment from Pioneer or Sansui in the 70's unless you spend over $10,000."

The quality of a shirt from K-Mart in 1975 vastly exceeds that of a $250 shirt from Nieman Marcus today...and  yes, I do have a collection of Ted Baker shirts from London to prove it.

Our entire system is one giant facade of fake crap and the only artisans left are the people who make crap look like it's something special.

It all disgusts me.

U4 eee aaa's picture

Yes, but debt is built to last!

Acidtest Dummy's picture

Each generation must be more ignorant than the last for the system to work.

      Let's export some WAR CRIMINALS to the Hague, sure they're not as good as our grandparents' WAR CRIMINALS, but if we don't do something with them they will spoil. (Spoil our chance of self governance.)

ebworthen's picture

Exactly, precisely, dead-on truth.

Broken dreams.

Plastic world.

Sad but true.

Shigure's picture

You are right about staplers - mine is over 70 years old and still good. Have you seen "The Light Bulb Conspiracy"?


sitenine's picture

I know it's not proper to cry in one's beer, but that's fucked up.

williambanzai7's picture

They claim the piss makes it taste better.

Magnum's picture

Bought a bag of Oreos the other day, some new flavor they have.  Used to be, three solid rows of cookies and real weight to the package.  Now you get the same size package on the outside, but each cookie is placed on a  tray that places a gap in between each cookie.  Total weight is probably 1/4 of an old pack of Oreos, and same price of course.

Bastiat's picture

Old R a sputin s t o u t.   Wow.

U4 eee aaa's picture

I hear Canadian beer is being watered down so much it tastes like American beer LOL!

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Feature on UK beer (and piss-poor ones at that); picture of pretty German Fräulein in traditional bustier.

So, this is really about Cameron's latest weak attempts to state that the UK could "go it alone", while everyone knows it still hinges on Germany, right?



p.s. National crisis will only happen once Special Brew gets watered down, and then the Scots will revolt...

Dre4dwolf's picture

Haha that sucks, well I don't really drink beer anymore, Moonshine since 3 months ago.... and I think it actually has health benefits!

SilverFish's picture

Yeah, it makes you go blind, so you're less likely to leave the house and get run over by a beer truck.

Unprepared's picture

My goodness, I never thought that BOE's liquidity injection will dilute the beer as well. What's the reserve ratio for brewers and are they under Basel III?

ebworthen's picture

"A 2% reduction in your paycheck does not significanlty reduce your belief in the kleptoligarchy or it's validity.  We did not raise your taxes by 2% this last pay period, just your FICA."


"A limitaion on the number of rounds and type of weapons and bullets and magazines does not limit your constitutional rights." says Obama while executing executive orders.

So, if The People execute The Executive for trying to attack The Second Amendment of The Constitution will the military and police support The Constitution - or the Executive Dictator - Rights Raper- in Chief?

Eh Boys?


lordbyroniv's picture

SMUTTYNOSE is all Ill drink!!!  That shit ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Joe A's picture

Nobody in his right mind should drink Heineken anyway. I don't know what the fuss is about that 'beer'. I am Dutch but I avoid that Dutch beer like the plague. I'd rather go for a Hertog Jan. And of course Belgium beer. Beer produced by small local breweries are much better than any of these big brands. Even American beer from small breweries is geting better. One recently won the price for best beer brewed by small breweries.

But the article is right, everywhere you see inflation in quality of products. Whether it is beer or cookies or whatever. All of course under the banner of 'new' and 'improved'. But no improved prices, rather even inflated ones. Well, it is a consumer society, just switch to another brand and see how long it takes before brands go back to the 'traditional taste'.

akak's picture

As far as I am concerned, nobody in their right mind would drink ANY beer, period.

How that nasty, overcarbonated, sticky, bitter skunk piss ever became as popular as it is has always eluded me.  I have tried it numerous times, and never cease to find it vile and repulsive.  I suspect that it is only the alcohol content, and NOTHING else, that can be credited with beer's popularity.  Those who enjoy it, like those who claim to enjoy beets and horseradish, I strongly suspect of being aliens, or at least not the same species as myself.

Joe A's picture

Well, I don't know what kind of beers you tried but if it is not your thing then you will never like any one of them anyway. Although appreciation for tastes (of whatever food or beverage) often comes later in life. Some people drink beer to get piss drunk but others drink it in moderation and for the taste of it. When it comes to taste I am of the opinion that everybody is entitled to their own bad taste.

akak's picture

It is also true, if not widely known, that tastes are not uniform and absolute, and that many people fundamentally taste a given food or substance significantly and sometimes even radically differently than another person would.  For example, there is a compound in beets, thiourea, that is tasteless to the majority of people, but which has a highly disagreeable "dirt-like" taste to those who can detect it (myself included).  Potassium chloride tastes like normal table salt (sodium chloride) to a minority of people (myself again included), while it tastes quite bitter to most others.  And there are many other such substances in many other foods.  Also, some people have vastly more taste buds than others, accentuating these taste differences, and tastes in general.  So it truly may be that those who dislike a food are not merely being "picky" or "stubborn", but are in many cases probably literally tasting that food in a profoundly different manner than those who enjoy it.