Guest Post: You Know You're Not Living In A Free Country When...

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Via Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog,

You know you’re no longer living in a free country when the government tells you what you can and cannot put in your body. Or when an unelected board of bureaucrats and corporate insiders can confiscate the assets of hardworking small business owners.

Yet these have become par for the course in the Land of the Free.

The latest bout involves a family-owned raw milk operation in Missouri that was decimated last week by the heavy hand of government, courtesy of the State Milk Board.

Of course, this isn’t even an actual government agency, but rather one of more than 200 such committees in Missouri which wield tsarist authority over their domains.

State Milk Board members include both state bureaucrats and corporate leaders from the milk industry. How convenient that a few big producers are given unelected, absolute authority to torpedo a raw milk competitor...

And so, last Friday, farm inspectors arrived to confiscate 18 tons of cheese that Morningland Dairy had produced from raw milk. They were met by a small crowd which had gathered to show support for the family… and to denounce these agents of government for carrying out an immoral act on innocent people.

It was all captured on video, including the police response.

You have to respect what these people were doing. They stood to face their enemies and peacefully demonstrate against abuse of power. They even tried to convince government agents to stop participating in the wholesale destruction of liberty.

It’s a noble thing indeed. But the uncomfortable reality is that their efforts were wasted.

The police, the bureaucrats... they are not the enemy. They are merely pawns of an entire system gone critically bad. In truth, there is no actual enemy. The enemy is an idea - a faceless government that is not embodied in a single individual or group.

Trying to ‘fight’ this enemy, this idea, is as futile as a government ‘declaring war’ on drugs or poverty. These are not enemy combatants. They’re nouns. Concepts.

As such, trying to ‘take back’ the country is a noble yet unfortunately misguided expenditure of precious resources. One would be more successful trying to train a potted plant how to juggle rather than trying to change the system.

As humans we have natural instincts to defend ourselves. Rationally, though, the best move we have is to simply refuse to play the game. That means leaving.

Our most solemn obligations are to our families, ourselves, and our chosen loved ones. Not to a society that no longer shares our values. Not to a passport. Not to a politician. Not to a piece of dirt.

Just as our forefathers did, when the walls of the social contract start closing in, you go find a new piece of dirt. Or at least have a plan for it; the time to consider your escape options isn’t while you’re packing your bags.

Ecuador could be a possibility. It’s pleasant here. The economy is growing. It has plenty of modern conveniences. It’s easy to become a resident– in some cases you can even use the funds in your IRA to qualify.

Plus it’s cost-effective. You can still live reasonably well for under $1,000/month. And real estate can be extraordinarily cheap. I’ve just seen a spacious 2,000 square foot home on 10 acres for about $100,000 dollars; they’re effectively selling the home at construction cost and throwing in the land for free.

Now, I’m not trying to convince you to move to Ecuador. But rather point out that as the steady march into tyranny continues, the best solution may be to stop playing the game altogether. You won’t be worse off for at least reviewing your options and having a plan.

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Nation-states are for the little people. You can buy your way into basically any country "legally", but it's gonna run you no less than a few hundred thousand USD at the very least. There are other ways, but they're not "easy" in any sense of the word. The whole purpose of this system is to keep people in their place - where they came from. Why should the state care? Populist pandering (appeasing the racists/nationalists) and zero-sum neo-liberal economics of the state-capitalist welfare-state (i.e. every citizen is a cost/liability until they prove otherwise - by amassing lots of taxable wealth).

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A really good interview (print) with Joel Salatin

The Food Police State



Here's a neat one on how towns people basically went to the board and said FU.  

Here’s a Way to Eliminate the Regulators and Lawyers, and Build Community At the Same Time: Organize and Declare “Food Sovereignty,” Like Sedgwick, Maine

In March 2011 the citizens of Sedgwick, Maine passed the first Local Food and Community Self-Governance Ordinance.  The ordinance states in part that “producers and processors of local foods are exempt from licensure and inspection when the producer is selling directly to a consumer intending to use the product for home consumption, or if the foods are sold at a community social event. Citizens have the right to produce, process, purchase and consume local foods of their choosing, and it shall be unlawful for any law or regulation adopted by the state or federal government to interfere with these rights.”  Since then similar local food ordinances have been adopted by other towns in Maine, California, Vermont, and Massachussetts.

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“My Country ‘tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died! Land of the Pilgrim’s pride! From every mountain side, let freedom ring!”

--(written1831 by Samuel Francis Smith, serving as one of the de facto national anthems of the United States before adoption of The Star-Spangled Banner as the official anthem in 1931)

Worthless, Money-Sucking TSA | AFP

Karen Kaplan, the assistant editor of the science journal  Nature, recently wrote a column for The Day magazine in which she described being violated by a TSA security agent at Norfolk International Airport on Nov. 25. “The search involved highly invasive groping and probing of my private areas,” wrote Mrs. Kaplan. “As a white American female over 40, a law-abiding citizen with nary so much as a traffic violation in my history, and an editor of an eminent international science journal, I hardly fit the profile of a terrorist… The TSA, a worthless and money-sucking artifact of the George W. Bush administration, must be disbanded, or at least stripped of the power it now holds to commit such assaults.”

This onrush of tyranny threatens all Americans; these attacks on our civil liberties must be stopped if America is to remain a free society.

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There was a connecticutt court case awhile back where Walmart or Lowes  or Home Depot attempted to coopt the local gubbamant, around the Greenwich area to take a 70 year old widows house to put up a strip mall. The judge threw it out.

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Kelo v. City of New London (also Connecticuit) didn't have such a happy ending, and that was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

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If we had a king, then we could cut off his head. Hmmmmmmm, wait a minute ...

rustymason's picture

Most people still fly. Most people pay for total filth on TV and listen to disgusting raunch on the radio. 90%+ still send their children to the government school institutions, despite complaining about them commie indoctrination factories.

We have the government we have because we deserve it.

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well bud, you'd be amazed how many of us are homeschooling here in my neck o the woods (Gulfcoast Mississippi). Folks are getting tired of this shit.

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Calling it your job old hoss, sure don't make it right!  Sorry Simon - I don't agree that we are not allowed to blame the low level police enforcers.

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What sort of country is it when banksters can commit fraud on hundreds of levels and are too big to jail but put a little raw milk in a glass and get crucified?

Give me a break.

Hey gubbermint:  Quit telling us what to eat, drink, etc., etc.  It is none of your damn biz if I want to have some raw cream in my coffee....I won't use your gubbermint doctors and big pharma so just butt the Hell out!

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my passport is still good. Started a farmers market where I live. Got the best freedom. grow my own. Got my own water,land, trees peace!

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"The police, the bureaucrats... they are not the enemy. They are merely pawns of an entire system gone critically bad. In truth, there is no actual enemy. The enemy is an idea - a faceless government that is not embodied in a single individual or group."

usually you have good things to say, but this paragraph is the most imbecilic moronic mountain of goat shit i have heard this weeek - you could be a sock puppet for the leaders of the new world order....the police are the enemy as are bureaucrats and politicians....

but let's give names to their paymasters - many of whom are dead, but their biological and philosophical heirs carry on - nelson rockefeller (ordered murder of jfk), averell harriman ( jfk murder and vietnam), dean rusk, mcgeorge bundy, prescott bush (jfk murder), edward lansdale (jfk murder), curtis lemay (jfk murder), wirth walker iii and his wife (9/11), george bush sr (jfk murder), lyndon johnson (jfk murder), koch brothers, ponchitta pierce, barack obama, tim geithner, the clintons, and many more faceless oligarchs who are on the trilateral commission, bohemian grove, bildeberger, and a host of other secret (conspircacy) organizations which are destroying national sovereignty devil worshipping whore will own it all for a short period of time.....all of these people are card carrying nazis.....naziism was not a product of germany or hitler - it was a product of wall street plutocrats - including henry ford - and academic elite - let's not forget henry luce (not an academic)...naziism was triumphant in world war 2 and is the ruling philosophy of this nation's seen and unseen rulers....

there are some good people on this site who say truthy things, but almost all of them are wooly headed naive children facing monsters whom they know not.....and calling the enemy a faceless idea is the most revolting thing i have heard today.....until you know your enemy, you are dead meat.

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Yes, government mandating seat-belts is an intrusion on my freedoms. Government limiting my freedom to dump pollutants into the river is a violation of my liberties. Government-mandated fire code is a gross violation of my constitutional rights - it is my God-given right to shoot Chinese-made pyrotechnics in a night-club of 5,000 capacity with no windows and a single exit locked from outside. Government-imposed restrictions on sales of BSE meat is an intrusion on my right to eat what I want.


Morons united, let's jump up and start screaming about tyranny in the US because of the restrictions such as above and such as one that the movie clip is parading.

Simon Black, btw, is the same guy who suggests relocating to places like Brazil, Belize and Venezuela (less tyranny and greater personal safety) or investing in Russia (everyone knows, your investments are in jeopardy in the US, but in Russia they are perfectly secure) or watching the GDP of Maldives exploding due to the tremendous growth potential.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

.gov troll alert..gyoza fascism has it's own smell and you need a bath big time

let's jump up and start screaming about tyranny in the US because of the restrictions such as above and such as one that the movie clip is parading.

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"The police, the bureaucrats... they are not the enemy. They are merely pawns"


This is existential horseshit of the most putrid kind.  Yeah, they're pawns--working as your enemy, as you are a free person.  Every cop, soldier, bureaucrat, taxpayer, and establishment voter is an enemy of humanity and freedom.

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no matter how bad the usa may be or gets... there ain't no better place to live.

plus... as long as you are connected to assets and wealth, you can't escape the control mechanisms no matter what country you flee to.

etresoi's picture

I can not write a response to this fool, except for saying thanks for the laugh.

akak's picture


no matter how bad the usa may be or gets... there ain't no better place to live.

That's right --- because my caged cesspool is better than your caged cesspool, no matter how unfree and impoverished our cesspools become.  All that matters is that mine is (arguably) slightly better than yours.

It's because the USA is exceptional --- we're #1!
Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!


alfbell's picture



forgot to say...

i've read a lot of articles and listened to a lot of interviews by researchers in search for the optimal country to expatriate from the usa to. some of them have spent up to 2 years traveling and living in countries all over the planet to sincerely check it out (eg. erik townsend). you've got guys with bias and willing to take chances and put up with shit (eg. doug casey and argentina). but the guys who don't seem to have any bias or special agendas and have done earnest and responsible research to cover all the factors necessary for a quality life have all reached the same conclusion... there ain't no better place to live than the usa.

Herkimer Jerkimer's picture




I know these back to country types like their raw milk, but didn't we invent pasteurization for a reason?



akak's picture

Yes --- primarily, to raise the bar for legal entry into the milk market, thereby shutting out of the market the many small, independent former and potential milk producers who could not afford the cost of the expensive equipment necessary for pasteurization, on the pretext of "improved sanitation" of course.

EVERY legal restriction, EVERY regulatory burden on business, EVERY attempt to shut out competition to favored or well-connected big businesses, EVERY intrusion into our privacy and our freedom, can and has been rationalized by self-serving half-truths and outright lies by government.  When will all the naive children who masquerade as adults and believe in the wise, paternalistic, all-knowing, all-seeing, all-caring Santa Claus state wake up to that fact?

alfbell's picture


it's government oppression, as people should be able to eat and drink whatever they choose, so down with them.

but... dairy and grains are not for human consumption anyway.

man has been a hunter/gather most of his existence on this planet. his normal food is meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and herbs. dairy and grains were only introduced (erroneously) after the agrarian age. then of course with the industrial age came processed foods laden with chemicals. these departures from normal food is the key reason as to why we have all the diseases and obesity that exists in our modern civilization.

cow's milk is for baby calves. not human beings. duh.

switch to the paleo diet (hunter/gather diet) and you'll be much more healthier and live longer.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

I'm on this fight now. The city told me I can't keep my 6 bird flock in the city after 2 years. I spoke to a councilman, and he told me about how the city changed the ordinance after a argument with a 62 year old lady with cancer about her 5 birds. What did the city do? They went out and passed a law against her while she was in the hospital, after having a FUCKING STROKE. They did her so bad that the state, which only moves when it feels it can fuck something for money, came in and hit the city with a civil rights violation! None of this stops until the guys don't leave with the cheese or chickens. 

aka Gil's picture

I agree with Mr. Black that changing the existing system, which imo is FUBAR, is a preposterous notion. I somewhat disagree with his supposition that taking back the country is a misguided use of resources. The efficient (and proper?) use of energy and resources might be to allow the entire ball of madness to collapse under its own weight (of fraud, debt and other dark matter), after which our individual lives could be recaimed as our own without permission from a central authority. As to finding a new piece of dirt on this planet, good luck to all the exploitive outsiders and their emotionally feeble and insecure victims down in Ecuadoria. I'm perfectly comfortable with my odds of arriving safely on the other side of the black hole right here in the middle-of-nowhere USA, thank you very much.

q99x2's picture

Where's the Magnificant 7 when you need them.

aleph0's picture

Straight out of Atlas Shrugged.

Wanton1's picture

"The enemy is an idea - a faceless government that is not embodied in a single individual or group."



Fred C Dobbs's picture

I couldn't finish watching it. 

Peter Pan's picture

All this is in stark contrast to the treatment of the pharmaceutical companies. When they get caught marketing a dud product they are eventually forced to withdraw the product but the fine is far less than the profit they have made in the meantime.

Clearly what is missing in cases such as this one, is an independent process that can be availed of by the milk producer.

One hwoever cannot discount the possibility that there are perhaps some real concerns about raw milk products although the owners seem to be still alive despite consuming their product.

Nicely mannered sheriff although the interviewer is clearly cheesed off.

slackrabbit's picture

"they are not the enemy. They are merely pawns "


Clearly you haven't met some of the pawns, nor watched the video dude.

This guy only cares about a pay check, nothing else!

TNTARG's picture

That's the very starting point. When people became (looooooong ago) to sell themselves, it was done. Slavery went obsolete and the very notion of freedom was lost. The rulers just have to buy. Even mercenaries to fight their wars so they can make further money and accumulate further power to buy further wills to achieve whatever they want.

Exiting this status it's very simple: stop being for sell. Stop having fear. Acting moral.

When we sell ourselves we're giving up our and others free will. Our and others freedom and liberty.

That undermines self esteem and make people feel miserable. So we need any kind of shit we can use in our quest for feeling ourselves less miserables. Then we work (for them) to death for buying (from them) all that shit. In the process we're working to allow them keeping control over us and taking control on others.

We work like Trojans, we struggle, we die for the guys that bought our will in the first place.

We work, we struggle, we die for our own slavery. Worlwide.

It's up to us.



Notarocketscientist's picture

Ya and GET FUCKED Gov't!!!

I am hereby refusing to wear a seat belt.  And I refuse to drive at any speed lower than 100mph.

And I will carry a machine guy the next time I go to the mall - 'just in case ' you know?

Oh and I am gonna keep on selling custard pies at the fair that contain just a hint of arsenic.

Ya FUCK YOU GOVT!!  We don't need you ya hear?


capitallosses's picture

In case you didn't get the memo, it's end game folks.

Kingkongballs827's picture

PVC Gun Burial Tube. Holds 3 long rifles Ak47, SKS, AR15 plus ammo and gold & silver. Check it out here.



Peter Pan's picture

Has anyone seen a sheriff taking possession of harmful cigarettes from a tobacco factory?

Thought so....

smacker's picture

Even though the police officers were enforcing a corporatist-politically inspired court order and simply "following orders" (not an acceptable excuse IMO), they did at least carry out their duties with reasonable calmness and respect.


It's unlikely that things would have happened like that in the UK. The police would have arrived at some unearthly hour of the morning and resembled a gang of jackboot thugs. Anybody who attempted to film them or otherwise engage them would have been man-handled, probably arrested and their film equipment forcefully confiscated (for the purpose of removing the memcard evidence).

A subsequent formal complaint by those aggressed about police behaviour may have resulted in an IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) investigation. The IPCC are many things but independent is not one of them. The investigation would have taken very many months to reach a conclusion (aka: get the issue off the headlines) during which period no police officer would agree to make any public comment ("it would be inappropriate for me to comment while an investigation is going on"). The final report would not recommend any police officer is disciplined or prosecuted for criminal behaviour.

The IPCC investigation would have cost large sums of taxpayers money. The nation would declare "a whitewash" and move on.

The rare occasions when legal action has been taken against criminal police behaviour are when film evidence has been taken without them being aware, as in the case of the police assault on one Mr Tomlinson which caused his death. It was all filmed by several TV News cameras and private people and the police involved could not deny their actions. The IPCC could not avoid recommending action against the police officer, who it turned out had a track record of thuggery.

shutupnsing's picture

I thoroughly disagree...

shutupnsing's picture

...because, in dealing with the Evil that is centralizing power there simply is nowhere to run...not even Equador! That would be us kicking the can! And Mars is not an option. We stand in the place that we live! There are fates far worse than death my friends...

My Days Are Getting Fewer's picture



I have no issue with the subject matter of the article.  But, I do have one with you.

I will be in South America for one month, beginning in February.  When overseas, you lose your grip on the day-to-day events in the USA and mood and thinking of the people who live here.

Simply stated, you can not vicariously experience real life in the US from afar, no matter how many contacts or emails you receive.  You thinking is molded by the people who surround you as well as your immediate surroundings.

Simon, either get a real job and stop blogging.  Or, come back to the US as a permanent citzen and resident and report on stuff from the the battlefield.

You have no credibility with me.  And, I have the same problem with Jim Willie and Doug Casey.

GoingLoonie's picture

"The police, the bureaucrats... they are not the enemy. They are merely pawns of an entire system gone critically bad."

You are wrong.  When these "bureaucrats", refuse to act in the best interest of the people or municipality they serve, it is usually because they are too lazy to actually do their job.  Then, they lie to cover-up their actions, or inaction as the case may be.  They are the enemy.  And they should be subject to the law of the land.  A good example is if the local bureaucrat is aware that hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from a local fracking or sewage operation is poisoning someone, they have an obligation to put an end to it.  Even if that entails warning or moving the people.  Instead, they are usually quiet, and let it pass because it does not effect them personally.  Often, these "bureaucrats" should in fact be prosecuted for attempted manslaughter, but instead they are protected by the wealthy perpetrators as they claim ignorance.  This is nothing but pure evil at it's worst, as lives are destroyed and not a finger is lifted.

Regretfully, this has become the norm in the United States.  Like the man in the movie "Avatar" when he is told that there are people "down there."  He responds by pushing up the power saying, "They will get out of the way."


smacker's picture

I'm sure there are crats who act in the way you describe. But I believe that most actions/inactions by these crats are driven by their superiors who themselves are keen to stick closely to the *official* party line, in many cases issued by political elites.

Perhaps the best example of this in the US is a complete failure to  criminally prosecute a single bankster and others in the financial scandals that continue to this day. Did I mention Libor rigging?

That said, I also don't believe that "I was only doing my job" or "I was only following orders" should be an acceptable defence by these crats. That defence was not allowed to the Nazis, why should it be given to our modern day fascists?

El's picture

I had this discussion elsewhere, having posted the video in response to what I felt was government overreach. Further discussion and research revealed that some of Morningland's cheese tested positive for Listeria. Listeria will kill you. I don't know enough to have an informed discussion about this particular case, but my initial, emotional reaction was the same as Simon Black's.

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A 2,000 square foot house should cost between $50,000 and $90,00. Simon is getting gringo-priced.

Shameless plug: