Anonymous Claims It Hacked Fed, Releases Confidential Banker Information

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A year and a half ago, when the hacker group Anonymous launched its anti-Bernanke, anti-Fed campaign dubbed Operation Empire State Rebellion (or OpESR), we stated, rhetorically and jokingly, that "perhaps in the aftermath of the IMF "very major breach" by anonymous hackers, it is really time to make sure all external access points to FedWire and FedLine are truly safe and sound. It will be very sad if it is uncovered that this source of externally accessible portal to hundreds of billions in emergency Fed funding has been somehow compromised. Just imagine the loss of confidence in the system... Why, a global distributed attack would really stretch the Fed's 1,200-strong police force quite thin." It appears that either FedWire or FedLine may not have been "truly safe and sound" after all.

Recall that a week ago in retribution for the suicide of Aaron Swartz, Anonymous launched yet another "operation" this time titled "Last Resort", as a result of which it hacked the Department of Justice and released a 1.3 GB folder of still encrypted "warhead" data containing files each named for Supreme Court Justices. And while there has been no additional disclosure on this latest operation, Anonymous may have reverted to the mothballed OpESR, by hacking none other than the Fed.

As ZD reports, last night Anonymous once again hacked a .gov site, this time the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC). But it was not the site hacked that was material, but rather what was posted on it. What was posted is an extended data dump sheet, titled "oops we did it again" which lists some 4,606 rows of confidential credential data including titles, names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, logins, password hashes, and much more. The spreadsheet can be found at this link.

And while the data contains primarily B-grade information, with no New York bank disclosure at least on a cursory check, a more important question is where was this data sources. Anonymous itself provides a clue in a tweet from last night:

And judging by the level of detail, it is possible that Anonymous did indeed hack either FedWire or FedLine, although it is just as possible this was merely grabbing root data in some low security regional Fed website.

Anonymous provides some additional information in a further tweet:

In other words, to Anonymous this is merely an escalation of its Anti-DOJ campaign demanding structural changes (good luck) as retribution for the Swartz death. It is unlikely it will get them.

What is curious, however, is if Anonymous really did penetrate one of the Fed's critical money clearing networks, and if indeed it has access to key financial data at the granular, regional bank level. A bigger question then is just how much more Fed-level access does Anonymous have, and will it resort to it as its demands are unmet by the DOJ in the coming days. Or in other words, what else can and will Anonymous release?

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Agreed. As others have posted, this is what this group does. They 'hack' something, announce it, and then 'threaten' to release volumes of super-duper secret stuff. In the end, they either don't go through with it or release stuff that is completely inert in terms of real data implicating the TRUE inner workings of these institutions. Never the names at the top and the crimes they're continually engaged in. Always low-level flunky intel.

Until they prove differently, they're just another CIA front-group acting as 'cyber-boogey-men' in order to justify further control of the internet.

dtwn's picture

I really don't think it is a CIA op.  Do you really think that a bunch of old people who barely know their way around Twitter are going to be creative enough to create a Nyan cat asteroids game?  I'd be willing to be most people over the age of 30 don't even know what a meme is and definitely don't know Nyan cat.

Creepy Lurker's picture

Sorry to pop your bubble, but I'm 50, delight in entertaing memes, and know Nyan Cat.

I've been trolling around the internet since the days of modems that were so slow the download rate was measured in dinosaur rawrs instead of baud. But then, I'm guessing a youngster like you has never heard the term baud just so I can pass a blanket judgement too.

The majority of people in my age group still do stupid shit like get thier "news" from the TV. But then, the majority of people in every age group are stupid. What percentage of your own age group spends an inordinate amount of their precious time on this planet thinking about pop celebrities and little else?

If you're smart enough to be here, you're smart enough to dump preconcieved bullshit like this.

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I'm wondering now "What the hell is Anonymous waiting for!?" If they really did hack into the FedLine, then they have the power to bring it down and trigger the greatest deflationary event in all of history!

The elites are trying to avoid AT ALL COSTS a hyper-deflationary crash, so they can complete the greatest theft in history (via QE).

WSP's picture

"then they have the power to bring it down and trigger the greatest deflationary event in all of history"

I wouldn't be so sure of that. The fact of the matter is Anonymous could release videos of Bernanke and the rest of the vile criminals at the Federal Reserve A$$ raping little children, complete with drugs---you name it-----AND THE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR MAINSTREAM MEDIA WOULD NOT REPORT IT.

The bottom line is I am not sure how anybody can release any information to the propaganda filled, dumbed down sheeple who only care about half-time super bowl commercials, fantasy football, and other mindless pursuits. Think about it----if a video was released of Bernanke sodomizing little children in what I am sure is frequent pagan rituals at the vile federal reserve buildings; do you really think the mainstream media who gets their bernanke bucks would report it? They would say it is a conspiracy theory, that someone manufactured it.

No, I don't think the federal reserve has much to worry about in terms of what Anonymous has---the federal reserve only has to worry if over time people start losing respect for the dishonest institutions that have been lying to them for so long. We can start with the mainstream media, but in the end, it is the educational system that will have to be "educated"-----without education, there is little hope of ever fixing this problem, and I suspect the criminals behind the federal reserve know that.

Honestly, I am astonished that so-called "respected institutions of higher learning" like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, University of Virginia, and the other elite Ivy League schools where the elite send their children with money printed by the federal reserve and stolen from us are able to maintain respect. Frankly, I think the various "movements" like the Occupy Wall Street should take their message to the public via the colleges. That's right---ASK A PARENT OR STUDENT WHO IS $100,000 in debt WHY THEY WERE NOT TAUGHT ABOUT OUR CRIMINAL, THUG CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM? Why? You mean to tell me you spent 4 years at a respected college, and not one of your courses taught you that our financial system is based on money created out of thin air by a private, off shore central bank? You mean to tell me you spent $100,000 and do not even understand that inflation is created by criminals printing money so that they can benefit the elite at the expense of the masses? You mean to tell me you spent $100,000 and did not even learn that you will have to gamble your savings in the criminal, fiat Ponzi scheme casino we call markets----not to "make money", but just to keep up with inflation? You mean to tell me that after all that education you do not understand that if you save $1,000,000 over your lifetime it will HAVE TO GROW to $10,000,000 just for you to maintain purchasing power by the time you retire? Why is that?

If you look to the past and what the criminals at the federal reserve have gotten away with, I don’t think it is a stretch to come to the conclusion that all of the vile members of the Federal Reserve and their masters behind the scenes could be caught at one of their satanic worship sessions sodomizing young children and the public would call it a conspiracy---it is that bad.

Seriously-----go back in history and look at what these central bankers have gotten away with-----starting wars, assassinating presidents and others "in the way". They get rid of all politicians that oppose them using any means necessary, they fund all sorts of vile projects designed to socially engineer society the way they want it---they print the money so they can do whatever they want and pretty much get away with whatever they want. ONLY EDUCATION will fix that and it won't happen overnight.



misnomer's picture

The reason why they don't teach the student of the true nature of banking is that they want all those students to keep the system alive by teaching them the way to become part of the present predatory banking system. 

They certainly don't want people to get a glimpse of "free-banking", or any other type of alternative monetary system.  They must keep this one going, any way they can.

I've talked to the local Economics professor here where I live, and he is surprised a lowly clerk (me) has knowledge of the screw-job we're getting from the crony-capitist system in place now.  I'm not the best at explaining what I know (which is still in learning phase), but he looks at me very differently now...

Raymond Reason's picture

That is true.  If they put what they claim to have out there, it would probably have no effect, if not reported by tv and newspapers.  Maybe their strategy is to bait their way to notoriety, but unlike Assange, remain anonymous. 

Freddie's picture

Supposedly - Aaron Swartz found something he was not supposed to find and was Brietbart-ed.  

I bet Aaron, his family and friends would vote for O again without hesitation.

RebelDevil's picture

lol I wasn't talking about an information leak! I was talking about how they might be able to send a virus in and kill the FedLine!

Forget about the masses, they're gone with the wind. - I do agree that the Fed will get way with anything because they're that secretive. There's also the flip-side of the coin to that, which is a slient Coup de-tat of the system.

goldenbuddha454's picture

Does Anonymous have no shame going after the good, helpful, decent, hard-working and charitable people in the banking community?  This is beyond the pale!  What's next, divulging information on the honorable folks at the IRS?  It will be a cold day in hell before I read anymore of this rubbish from Anonymous I tell you!  Now, back to some good and happy news from CNBC Fast Money. :)

resurger's picture

Happy Bloomberg and CNBC Cables!

MarcusLCrassus's picture

They touched a nerve.  This is very revealing. 


As Sun Tzu teaches us, when you find the enemy's weak spot, you can then drive the knife in at a time of your choosing.  Heroes like Assange and Anon have found some good dirt.  I can't wait for them to drop the hammer and see these bankers sh*t bricks. 


They've found an Achilles Heal. Now its time for them to exploit it. 

lolmao500's picture

The only way Anonymous survives this is if they RELEASE ALL THEY HAVE NOW... then they have no motive to kill you if you already have released all you have... but if you have info only YOU KNOW ABOUT... then it's dangerous.

GolfHatesMe's picture

Kevin will need his password changed before the 10:30 login

CrimsonAvenger's picture

Actually, what would be really great is if they changed the passwords on everyone in the system. Kevin can't log in, neither can anyone else - who knows what would happen?

Village Smithy's picture

A great youtube skit with the Dow plummetting in the background while kids at the Fed trading desks panic trying new log-ins.

fonestar's picture

Why do so many think that Anonymous is a CIA/MI5 front organization?  Is it that hard to believe that some politically motivated hackers are taking a stand and are capable of hiding behind proxies and dark nets?  Anonymous seems like the real deal and while their demands may not be met (and I think they know they won't) they are bringing attention to the cause and along with Wikileaks, holding a candle to the lies and corruption at the highest echelons of power.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

I think they are. They have danced around so many issues without actually doing anything of merit. Until they actually drop a big bomb and make a difference somewhere my opinion is as follows:


They are a stooge group in whole or in part who will ultimately be used to pass internet censorship.

fonestar's picture

As someone who actually works in the industry, I can tell you it won't be any simple feat to bring down a major institution's core network.  Anonymous does what it can, even if it's a simple DDoS or defacement it still will get publicity.

If you believe Anonymous is a straw-man or a front organization to impose internet censorship, why not go all out and propose the internet itself is some grand conspiracy to inforce censorhip and control?

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

"why not go all out and propose the internet itself is some grand conspiracy to inforce censorhip and control?"

Why go to extremes to make your point? Some people disagree with you and many also "actually work in the industry", assuming you meant IT.

espirit's picture

B-grade info. That say's it all.

goldenbuddha454's picture

Yes, they tried to light that wet fuse how many times now?

Dr. Engali's picture

It's hard to believe because they don't do anything significant. You want to impress me? Take down a bank. Otherwise they are just a bunch of hot air at best, but more than likely they are part of the psyop division of a three letter agency.

XitSam's picture

It doesn't matter to me if they are a governemnt proxy. Their actions (never release anything significant) show they are fakers.

Confused's picture

Or a game of cat and mouse.

And if you are the mouse. The game is to not get killed.

e-recep's picture

the MSM gives too much emphasis to news involving anonymous, which indicates that the establishment is using it or will be using it in future.

A Lunatic's picture

There is no substance to their supposed exploits. I see this as seeds of propaganda craftily sown into the fabric of society in order to make way for some serious financial rearrangements that severely restrict/eliminate any freedom whatsoever in the financial realm for the majority of society (99%).

Stuffs And Stuff's picture

Anonymous is not a front organization. However, the group has definitely been infiltrated. This doesn't mean Anonymous has been compromised, it simply means you should be careful and skeptical.

The greatest strength of the group is how impersonal it is; this is also a weakness in some ways. Anyone can hack something and then call themsleves Anonymous, even the CIA.


Maos Dog's picture

A no-name group of russian hackers without fancy videos or nice photoshopped images of themselves in fancy masks released the "hide the decline" emails and the programmers mod log, which changed the debate on Global Warming.

Anonymous has accomplished what exactly? All Sound and Fury, nothing more

A Nanny Moose's picture

Show me the data.


espirit's picture

The meme in this PsyOps saga is from an old playbook.

As long as somebody is doing the activism, I don't have to do it.

JeffB's picture

It's a shame Congress has abrogated its oversight duties, rather than following the lead of Ron Paul in asking for some accountability and transparency.

A free country, by, of and for the people should not have to rely on Anonymous hackers to get information about what quasi-governmental officials are doing with the nation's money and money supply.


Proofreder's picture

...with the nation's money supply"

Don't think so - it's the Federal Reserve System's (fiat) money supply that is so difficult to get real information about.  What our Nation needs is a return to National money, not Corporate debt-money - National as in Constitutional money - hard currency defined as gold and silver.

But to the point, YES; bring it on, as Bush the Lesser said ... let's see the Anon_Info NOW.

IridiumRebel's picture

Less talk, more us something juicy. 

The Gooch's picture

YES. Print the fucking shareholder list.

Shell Game's picture

Print some home addresses...

LawsofPhysics's picture

Indeed, both of the above.  Impress us "anonymous", providing that you aren't a government entity of course.  Someone needs to send these guys a copy of "The Monkey Wrench Gang".

LawsofPhysics's picture

I have always wondered to whom all that interest was going.  A lot of motherfuckers out there with a serious birthright complex.

francis_sawyer's picture

Nope ~ The only TRUE way of hurting them is to stop using their counterfeit money...

TotalCarp's picture

My hopes for these guys are very high. There is a lot of work of truth telling and exposing that needs to be done, especially in light of recent crackdown on whistleblower..

But so far i fear they have been more bark then bite.

francis_sawyer's picture

So many fizzies... So few swim meets...

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

I dunno about this....