Is China Mobilizing For A War With Japan?

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We don't know if it merely a coincidence that a story has emerged discussing a Chinese mobilization in response to the ongoing territorial feud with Japan over the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands (and the proximal massive gas field) the very week that China celebrates its new year (and days after news that a Chinese warship was very close to firing on a Japanese destroyer). We don't know how much of the story is based in reality, and how much may be propaganda or furthering someone's agenda. What we do know is that the source of the story: offshore-based, Falun Gong-affiliated NTDTV has historically been a credible source of information that the China communist party desperately tries to censor, such as breaking the news of the SARS epidemic in 2003 some three weeks before China publicly admitted it. Its motto is "to bring truthful and uncensored information into and out of China." If that is indeed the case, and its story of major troop movements and mobilization of various types of military vehicles and artillery into the Fujian and Zhejian provinces, bordering the East China Sea and closest to the Diaoyu islands, is accurate, then hostilities between China and Japan may be about to take a major turn for the worse.

Fujian and Zhejian provinces highlighted below:

The clip that NTDTV released late yesterday covering the news is presented below.

As for the accompanying commentary, we recreate it below in its entirety so nothing is lost in translation (original source).

NTDTV February 8, 2013 News - the continental network transmission, Fujian and Zhejiang troops for several days active. Plus before the news that Chinese warships radar has repeatedly aimed at the Japanese ships and planes, therefore, the media have speculated that China may "prepare for war" Diaoyu Islands .


According to friends broke the news: February 3, Nan'an, Fujian Highway 308, artillery units practical exercise for several days.


February 3 to 6, Fujian, Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Huzhou, a large troop movements, nearly 100 vehicles of various types of military vehicles, armored vehicles, artillery filled the entire road, endless, Xiamen and even the scene of a traffic jam 10 kilometers.


In addition, on February 3 in Shiyan, Hubei, a large number of tanks, wheeled military base from Shiyan room counties is delivered to the coastal areas. Many local residents of the tense situation of some concern.


Prior to this allegation, January 15 and 30, the Chinese navy guided missile frigate, twice the fire control radar lock frigates and ship-borne helicopters of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, is also considered to enter a combat state.


According to mainland media quoted the "People's Daily" front-page article claiming that China will not change in point of view on the issue of the Diaoyu Islands , and have to prepare to win the war.


The international media alleged that China has purchased from Russia 239 engine, used in the manufacture of the H-6K. Combat covering the Diaoyu Islands, in this model, the engine can also be used to manufacture transported -20 transport aircraft purchased.


If the engine assembled, will greatly enhance China's military power.


Integrated these signs and reports, people have come to a startling conclusion: Day might want to go to war.


According to military experts, the Sino-Japanese war in the Diaoyu Islands, Fujian and Zhejiang provinces, is the most important logistical base. If the war to expand, at any time, will spread to the provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang.

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suteibu's picture

A two-fer.  And boy won't the Japanese be pissed if the US jumps in to protect Taiwan after leaving Japan hanging out there as this thing has built up.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

If this goes nuclear Japan will have the advantage their troops are already irradiated to f***. You could say their troops are already acclimatised.

lolmao500's picture

Well China will be in real trouble soon enough...

IMF sees 140m jobs shortage in ageing China as 'Lewis Point' hits

China’s vast reserve of cheap workers in the hinterland is vanishing at a vertiginous pace.

We can now discern more or less when the catch-up growth miracle will sputter out. Another seven years or so - enough to bouy global coal, crude, and copper prices for a while - but then it will all be over. China’s demographic dividend will be exhausted.

Beijing revealed last week that the country’s working age population has already begun to shrink, sooner than expected. It will soon go into “precipitous decline”, according to the International Monetary Fund.

Japan hit this inflexion point fourteen years ago, but by then it was already rich, with $3 trillion of net savings overseas. China has hit the wall a quarter century earlier in its development path.

The ageing crisis is well-known. It is already six years since a Chinese demographer shocked Davos with a warning that his country might have to resort to mass suicide in the end, shoving pensioners onto the ice.

Less known is the parallel - and linked - labour drain in the countryside. A new IMF paper - “Chronicle of a Decline Foretold: Has China Reached the Lewis Turning Point?” - says the reserve army of peasants looking for work peaked in 2010 at around 150 million. The numbers are now collapsing.

The surplus will disappear soon after 2020. A decade after that China will face a labour shortage of almost 140m workers, surely the greatest jobs crunch ever seen. “This will have far-reaching implications for both China and the rest of the world,” said the IMF.

There is little Beijing can do to head off the shock. The effects of low fertility rates - and the one child policy - are already baked into the pie. It would take half a century to turn around the demographic supertanker.

The Lewis Point, named after St Lucia’s Nobel economist Arthur Lewis, is when the supply of workers dries up and city wages soar. It is when labour turns the tables on capital, and profits crash.

steve from virginia's picture



After the bottleneck, the remainder will certainly have the chance at greater comfort (hard to find a word because neither 'wealth' nor 'prosperity' apply). There will be fewer claims against capital, some of it will be carried forward. There will also be plenty of work, demolishing the vast numbers of derelict concrete towers littering the landscape.

bluprint's picture

"IMF sees 140m jobs shortage in"


When that happens, you just start a war. Can't make new jobs? Eliminate the job hunters. Then there will be a long period of prosperity!

lolmao500's picture

Or they could invade NKorea and take it over, that would make them 20 million new slaves.

Ham-bone's picture

Labor shortage??? -I think it is/will be exactly the opposite.  Production worldwide is moving toward automation, robotization, technological advance, driverless cars, trucks, production without hands...deflationary forces globally continuing to create fewer jobs as MBA's do their productivity mapping, streaming, ever higher productivity on all fronts.  Unemployment is just getting started.  Labors day of wage increases and power via shortage of labor is done.  There is a reason labors share of the pie is shrinking and will do so globally...debt serfs are more compliant if kept on edge...

AnAnonymous's picture

If there is higher productivity, there is higher consumption. So yeah, it tells the conclusion of the story, infinite growth, producing more than consuming and the rest.

Bobbyrib's picture

I don't think that is necessarily the case. It could lead to higher consumption, but if you have a lot of people making next to nothing then how would consumption increase. So far higher productivity has gone to the global elites, who are the true benefactors of globalization.

ZeroAvatar's picture

Every time I hear the 'population's shrinking' meme, I just have to laugh.  Oh, sure, maybe the native demographic is aging, becoming less active or dieing.  But not to worry:  Third worlders MORE than make up the difference.  The world's population doubles what, about every 30 years? 


But the labor force is 'shrinking'?

Matt's picture

Do you think China will allow a mass immigration of Arabs, Africans and Latinos to make up for the demographic shift? I bet no.

Banksters's picture

Does China have a Dream act?   Maybe they could annex Mexico?  

lolmao500's picture

Then MAYBE, just MAYBE the US would protect the border??

Bad Attitude's picture

Dear Leader won't allow the southern border to be protected. He needs more third worlders to further his goal of destroying and remaking the US.

akarc's picture


My new word for the day.  Will try it out this afternoon at Biker Sunday.

Hopium Dealer's picture

Let them eat dog...

Larry Dallas's picture

War makes everything OK again. See 1929 - 1933.

Atomizer's picture

Let me fix that title again. China Is Mobilizing For A War With Japan On Fukushima Carbon Credit Trading Price?

lolmao500's picture

One HUGE indicator that this is serious is that this is happening while the whole country is in holidays... it would be like the US doing full mobilization on December 24...

Clever Name's picture

My buddy's wife translated this whole thing for me. It says:

Nothing to see here, move along.

peter4805's picture

Why all the tanks?...if I were in Taiwan I'd be a bit worried right about now.

steve from virginia's picture



So ... Japan which is already bankrupt ... will become more bankrupt.


China will burn more fuel fighting a stupid war as it would gain from the Senkaku region.


Like 2 children each with their hands caught in cookie jars, beating each other with the jars.

Har di-har har.



Vlad Tepid's picture

Well, the Central Committee read on ZH that Japan is ruled by aggressive rightists and so they think they're doing the world a favor.

Iocosus's picture

LOL, Asians driving. 50 car pile up, not one shot fired.

Colonel Klink's picture

Whomever I've offended, it's a joke.  Get a sense of humor!

Ineverslice's picture


Off to the FRont u go!  Lots o snow this winter.

Colonel Klink's picture

I'm assuming it's the Boston front you're referring to?  Another tea party?!?!

Meat Hammer's picture

I thought it was funny, Coloner Krink.

Jab Cross Hook's picture

They managed straight and orderly, but only using their tanks' and APC's view slits.

ShortTheUS's picture

War: What is it good for? Absorutery nothing.

Bear's picture

With BHO we really don't have to worry about that

Peter Pan's picture

Wars serve many good purposes including the display of stupidity at leadership level and heroism at a soldier level. Best of all however it sobers man up but only when it is too late.

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lolmao500's picture

Chinese worry the Year of the Snake may bite

When the Chinese-speaking world ushers in its new year on Sunday, its 12-year zodiac will turn from the dragon to one of the world's most despised animals.

As undeserved as the snake's reputation might be, its last two years did not go so well: 2001 was the year of the September 11 attacks and 1989 was when Chinese forces crushed pro-democracy protests around Beijing's Tiananmen Square.

Some wonder if this one also could hold bad tidings. "In Chinese mythology, snakes were often associated with monsters, or with incarnations of monsters, so some political turbulence can be expected," said Taiwanese astrologer Tsai Shang-chi.

This might be why they are doing this... they are expecting things to get out of control... well guess what, mobilizing your army might do just what you fear...

lostcause's picture

 When people run out of money they steal. When countries run out of money they go to war!

joego1's picture

Excuse me please point that some place else, I'm trying to drill for natural gas.

Son of Loki's picture

Might be a good time for the average Japanese to purchase a 1-way ticket to Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, or similar (but not on a Dreamliner!).  War is seldom beneficial for the "average Joe."

mc_LDN's picture

Please stay away. We dont want your wars.

Cheesy Bastard's picture

Might be a good time for the average Japanese to purchase a 1-way ticket to Hawaii...

Yes, Japanese flying to Pearl Harbor just before a world war breaks out should work out well...

Ineverslice's picture


Coming here (Honolulu) in almost record numbers...economy or not, it's an easy flight out for them to de-stress  with some blue sky, sunshine and of course our warm, cesium enriched waters....imo.

Colonel Klink's picture

Maybe China will benefit from the newly enacted suspension of the 4th amendment of the Constitution within 100 miles of the border.

Oh wait, wrong story!  Sorry.  That's the USA.  Meh, it's all become the same difference now.