The State Of The Union - Live Webcast

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Last year's 6,977 word homage to jobs provided just over an hour's worth of applause-impacted rhetoric create much ado - more with what was not said than what was said. This year's 9pmET speech will likely be dotted with hope, and change, and jobs, and congress, and of course our union is strong... because the S&P is up 16% since last year's SOTU. But, by our measurement from Bloomberg's data from December 2011 (the last NFP before 2012's SOTU) to January 2013 (this year's last NFP) - Non-Farm Payrolls (NSA) dropped from 133.292 million to 132.705 million (or a 587,000 job loss).




Full breakdown and summary to follow:


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From the movie "Red:"

Marvin Boggs: Can I just shoot him now?

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What happen to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook sitting next to Obama’s wig figure? CNBS squawk box scrolled the ticker this morning.

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WTF - What does any of this bullshit have to do with the current state of the Union?

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First they steal the words, then they steal the meaning.

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When I listen to Obama I keep thinking of Billy Mays, the champion shit pitchmaster of all time. I'm waiting for the 

"act now and we will double our offer", just pay shipping and handling that cost more than the item itself. 

Special cameo from Obama:

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Thank you, And fuck you Obama.

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Where's that drone strike when we need it?

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clinton has your drone strike in his pants! heh

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Not one sentence about getting psychotropic drugs out of circulation which are responsible for more deaths than guns and wars combined... 



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Fuck me, Ted Nugent wasn't even featured. Cat Scratch Fever, FUCK YOU BERNANKE!!


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He better  stop writing his own speeches.

Crazy, but George W is sounding better and I didn't like him either.

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lots more spending and no attempt to reduce the escalation of debt...bleh

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We don't have a spending problem...better get back in line.

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i think he is still confused with a 1 trillion annual deficit against saving 2.5 or 4 trillion over ten years

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Didn't he say that he was going to tax the shit out of the rich?

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Fed industrial labor jobs!!   does he mean jail ?

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The thin blue lie, no wait thats dorners, I canot tell a lie no wait wrong prez, i lie therfore i am wtf it will do

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netanyahu still holds the record for most standing ovations. the israeli congress is proud of that record.

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?? Office of Digital Strategy ??

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PVC Gun Burial Tube. Holds 3 long rifles Ak47, SKS, AR15 plus ammo and gold & silver. Check it out here.



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Hock your wares somewhere else.

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Seriously, $275 for a piece of PVC with an inflator on it?  LOL

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PC name for Vibrator and Dildo Procurement in the TSA.

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If I get a job for $9.00 an hour now, linked to inflation, soon I will be making $4 million a year.

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So have they hid a corpse in the big bear mountain cabin rubble yet?

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If listening to this cunt Obama doesn't make you furious, you are most definitely part of the problem.  This snake, this tool, is burdening you and yours to no end. He is putting long-term pain in your future.  WTFU

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So if my math is correct, this $9 from $7.50 basically assures approx 16%(or is it 20%) inflation upon implementation, to catch up by about next Christmas should they implement fairly soon? I'm I the only one understanding this?


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well thats for the number of people being paid minimum wage...i suggest you short mickey d's and wal-mart if you own it (or dont own it!).

but yes..its a 20% wage increase for the 50% of the working population on minimum wage.

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I'm saying, thus it has to trickle into the economy at some point. Price increase to all, eventually, or the laziest 2 guys/gals get pink slips to support the other workers at a small biz, for example.

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yep...but then neither of us will get any benefit of trickle down (their leg) keynesian policies..i dont even know why they are called keynesian..they should be called "lemming over the fiscal cliff" policies

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Your close, it actually should have been implemented 2 years ago according to John Williams at shadow stats if you want to calculate REAL CPI

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This panel is truly scary.

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Indeed, their ideas are nuts. It's all about bullying, who was bullying lanza at an elementary school? The people in the audience seem so detached from reality, where did they get them from? 

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ponders whether it is better to have dominant security on every incoming vehicle (plane ship or border control) or whether the US shoudl give up its god given right to murder people in foregin countries...what right do we have to have anything more than diplomats in foregin countries again?

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the only thing worse than the state of the union address is the opposition response.

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It is amazing how many piles of SHIT fit in such a small room

hooligan2009's picture

yep...why cant they just watch it on tv? they dont contribute anything..just there for the big fat feed and copious amounts of booze, plus all the chauffeur driven rides, hotel rooms ...all paid for by the rapidly diminishing few who are still paying taxes.

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The multinationals are so doped up on free money creation crack. They have no exit strategy, once they become a Christopher Dorner on the run. You’ll see their warriors protection turn on them.

hooligan2009's picture

(trying to listen to the republican drivel from Sen Rubio now....ack

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Republicans died in 88.    Now they are democrat-lite.   

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what crap. raising the minimum wage stagnates the wage for those already making the new minimum wage and reduces the funds available for rewarding key employees

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should cost a few million jobs is all (20% of 10 million on minimum wage)...but dont worry, EBT is usable in mickey d's and wally world. and ust think of the extra taxes on the 8 million...oh wait..they still qualify for benefits and dont pay taxes..nm

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Just another MMT [Modern Monetary Theory] gone south. They believe that taxes drives fake money printed into central monetary systems.

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"They deserve a vote."

No, I and every other real person deserves a vote, and you, you dumbfuck dictator asshole, are going to get it, hear it, know it, feel it, understand it, comprehend it, and live it before you are done.

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ponders why there was nothing about the 3 million people banged up inside jails...

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***Obama says, put your left foot in, take your right foot out and shake it all about.


But on a more serious note, raising the min wage to 9$ is pretty much a given in a high inflationary environment of banker bailout to infinity complex, the social distress the bailout socialist corporatism model brings about will force the governments hand and drive min. wages up.

The problem is this though, that small businesses might not be able to afford any meaningful increase in wages, and inflation in prices will quickly follow.

For wage increases to even matter they have to be begged to inflation and taxes on businesses paying these inflation matching wages need to be lowered to compensate.


So to summarize...

Model for Success:

Min Wage Raised to 20$ an hour (just to wipe out all the bad debt and bolster gdp and growth)

Taxes lowered as a percentage based on how many employees the businesses employs, the more employees the businsses has (based on business size); the lower their taxes.

Income Tax abolished completely, a national sales tax takes its place.

cap gains taxes lowered to a cap of 10% to boost investing (its just not worth it to invest and take risk when any profits you actually do make will probably be taxed into oblivion).

Dividends shouldn't be taxed at all, they are simply a tool corporations use to boost shareholder value, you are hindering the efforts of corporations to increase share holder value by taxing dividends.

Real-estate taxes should be pegged to yearly house-hold income, if your a 60 year old retired person who owns your home, your retirement fund shouldn't be taxed in order to rent your own house from the government.

Citizenship is pointless, just abolish federal citizenship and allow states to issue their own ID'S and Citizenship papers (this gives states the ability to control their own immigration and population growth), citizenship should be like this : John Doe Citizen of Florida, Florida is a state within the federal union of The United States.

That solves imigration problems.

High Frequency Trading should be banned, it causes too much market instability and is purely a tool used for manipulation of markets (its a weapon banks use to make money because they are too stupid to actually manage their own businesses without bailouts and "market hack attacks" (HFT).

Banks should be forced to delete money paid back on loans from the system (because when you take a loan out say for a house, each bank prints the money for the loan on a computer, and that money is added to the money supply, if the loan is paid back the money should be deleted and accounted for, currently the banks are not deleting the new currency from the market, this causes problems, loans should actually be loans from the public trust to individuals, not unmitigated counterfeiting and fraudulant booking of credits as debits. 

Also govt can not create jobs, all it can do is:

Protect the borders

Protect the economy by imposing tariffs on imports (tax all the counterfeit shit coming from china, so that its cheaper to produce the products in america than in china.... fucking morons thats your prime solution right there).

Protect the money, govt backed money, backed with national oil and mineral reserves (the contracts to mine such ore and fuel is worth more than gold).


Northern Lights's picture

Gun Control and a Gun Registry?????

Attention all ZH'er's.  The Federal Liberal Government of Canada introduced a gun registry in Canada about 10 years ago.  Cost to the Canadian taxpayer was in the billions.

It did ZERO in reducing the amount of gun crime here.


Because criminals don't register their guns!!!!

Goggle this and you'll find what a waste of money it was here.  Took a Conservative Government to come in with a Majority and get rid of it just last year.


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I can't wait for all the mind reading, lie detecting equipment to be perfected and used against the people because we will then turn it on every politician every single time they address the people with ridiculous dejavu speeches and the blind will finally see all the bullshit flying in the oval office and on capitol hill.

imapopulistnow's picture

On reflection, it could have been much worse.  Obama gets it about 25%, which is about 25% more than when he started. 

Reducing the corporate tax rates, more free trade agreements, accelerated oil and gas permits, more R&D investments, those technology hub thingys, more H1B least it is something to work with.

notadouche's picture

Well it's not so much what he says but what he actually does.  Thus far the track record blows.