All Hope And Change Roads Lead To Greece

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Who says Barron's covers are only good for timing contrarian market inflection points to the millisecond? In this specific case, we learn that all hope and change roads (soon to be de-potholed following another trillion in road renewal stimulus, aka ARRA 2.0, spent shortly and paying a minimum wage of $9.00 to the depotholers) lead to, where else, Athens, Greece.

Meanwhile in Greece, free food for everyone!

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Seriously?? You're counting on Princess Lie-awatha for any kind of help?? Fauxcahontas is controlled opposition. She's a classic Post Turtle, put in place to make some squawking noises that will lend an appearance to the idea that things might change...but she won't be allowed to actually do anything.

If you have any doubts, just look and see how effective or useful she was at her last job.


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I'll bet she could make a nice pair of mocassins.
Let me rephrase that, it was a little vague:
I'll bet she could be made into a nice pair of mocassins.

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Economics is the bastard son of the bastard son of the bastard son of Mathematics. Economics can get away with much bullshiting, but Math does not bullshit, and when Mathematics gets mad, there is no forgiveness. None.

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You give too much credit to the normal birth process. I believe economics was spawned from underneath a rock.

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Economics by itself is pretty harmless. The problems began when it was subverted by the elites as a policy tool to help control the masses.

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So is rat poison until it is shoved down your throat.

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And math is the son of Philosophy.

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Both Philosophy and Mathematics are twin sons of a notion called truth, without which neither can speak.

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Economics is actually not mathematics at all. Mathematics may be used in an attempt to describe relationships but it is the relationship recognition that is the point. One may make an equation for GDP or the effects of a dollar of goverment stimulus but they are simply describing relationships or are inexact measures.

Economics is the study of human behavior on small and larger scales. Math does apply but it is the realm of finance, balance sheets and currencies and as you will have it's day.

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Hmm... I think I did not make clear what I mean by Mathematics. It's not the cut'n'dry stuff they teach you in the classroom. Pure Mathematics is the class of all propositions in the form "p implies q," (won't go into details) and I don't think I have to tell you that following the axioms of logic, symbolic and otherwise, you can describe most everything using the notion of truth and untruth. All that exists, including Economics, is a subset of Mathematics, which in turn is a subset of truth.

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Mathematics is based on abstract logical thinking.

Economics is based on abstract emotional thinking.


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I agree with you about people's malaise and yet they re-elected the same President, essentially saying "more please".

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Can't tell you how many times I've heard "I know things are fucked up but I can't do anything about it anyway."

I'm convinced that the clueless are the lucky ones. It sucks knowing the truth, sucks even more trying to invest based on it.

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Ironically, when people are insecure and worried about their future, they tend to vote for bigger government. Most of us believe that that is the source of the insecurity (e.g. Obamacare), but it's not easy to persuade others on this point.


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FreedomGuy--point well taken, and I'm not trying to piss on normal folks, hell I'm normal folks.  But math was never my strong suit, ocassionally good at it especially when I was in school but it's been awhile.  And I too know many people that have forboding, but shit with that many zeros applied to every fiscal number I see, and O saying that he's cut $1.5T with only $2.5T to go over however many decades they'll spread that small amount over with $1T annual deficits-- the only way i can describe it in my own head is the School of Hallucinatory Economics.  Folks just stumbling around muttering to themselves, and we just had a fucking election, just seems to put all of this in la la land, bullshit.  People need to wake the fuck up, or start digging their own fucking graves, so to speak.

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Well, you are the person I am describing. We don't know when the Prez is really telling the truth on the numbers and history tells us to be suspicious. That is where your instincts come in. For you whole life you have heard how things are getting better despite occasional setbacks, whether it is unemployment or the national fiscal situation. Yet, you see the final numbers, the deficits and total debt and they are going exponential. So, the Big O says he's cutting government, yet you see $20+ trillion in debt forecasts. Your instincts are correct because you look at the proper numbers and you know they are so large you and I really cannot comprehend them and given that it is debt, not surplusses you know it has a bad ending.

There is some really great storable food out there for reasonable prices.

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That $1.5 trillion is really 150 billion. The current trick (that no one in the MSM calls them on) is to multiply that annual figure by 10 years and use the inflated number for their talking point.

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Au contraire, mon frere. They, yes the almighty "They", pay very close attention. You have to pay attention 24/7 so They can twist the math, twist the basic economics message so the MSM and the sheeple are fed MOPE, MOPE, and more MOPE.

As long as WE have the internet, ZH, et al WE can also pay attention, and We do. My takeaway from much reading is WE need to get to 3% of the population and that apparently is the magical critical mass to effect change. I wonder where we are at presently?

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Of the % of people in the world who are aware of the truth of how global system and interconnects fully work? Proabbly sub 1%. There certainly would be a lot more pissed off people if they weren't either pacified or in denial.

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It's his third and fourth terms that I'm worried about.

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But the "O" is worried about his legacy.  Terrified of being labled the retard of the century when its all over.  As his minions of poorly educated leftist conscript suffer and struggle in what could now easily become an economic reset of the 30's or worse, the name Barack Hussein Obama and the legacy of this presidency could readily become comparable and appropriately added to the list of the most hated and despised fools of the last two centuries.  I can see his picture now, on a "Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime" book cover, centered between the "Bearded Potato" Krugman, Alfred E. Greenspan, and the Village Idiot "Bernank".  

MFLTucson's picture

I think they meant 2 to 5 months, forget the 25 years, thats utter bullshit!  Unless of course, they are figuring during this jackoffs term he can do 25 years more of damage?

wee-weed up's picture

ObamaCare alone will easily ensure 25 years more of damage!

Phoenix_Rising's picture

Just wait, wait till that fiasco get's started.

At this point we need a miracle.

machineh's picture

Why, oh why, did Barron's not commission a Banzai7 cover? 

They missed the punch.

gould's fisker's picture

Excellent point on WB, and I'd put money on that type of recognition coming cause a great thing like Banzai's work has got to break out sometime, especially in times like these.

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How any rational American citizen doesn't see that O is try to destroy this country as quickly as possible boggles my mind.


FreedomGuy's picture

I struggle with that idea. I am not sure if he is just such a dedicated blind know-nothing leftist that he is pushing on no matter the consequences or as you state, purposely destroying the country. The new major increase in the minimum wage is evidence of the latter, I think. Obama has no economic reasoning whatsoever. 

In the end I have decided it really doesn't matter too much whether it is ignorance or purposeful malice. The end result is about the same.

Freddie's picture

The public is easily manipulated with TV, Hollywood (both Operation Mockingbird - CIA), media, polls.  You have a totally corrupt Senate.  rigged elections 2008 and 2012 especially.   TV, Hollywood, most radio just lies 24x7 wwith total O love worst than the old USSR.

F TV and F Hollywood.  Turn it off or you support it.

Phoenix_Rising's picture

BUT...But without TV who's going to educate those "low info voters" ?

You know, all those Obama voters/disciples

FreedomGuy's picture

If you had to guess, would you say more people would be influenced by who Snookie voted for or by who Thomas Sowell vote for?

Phoenix_Rising's picture

I give up hope a long time ago....

Everybodys All American's picture

You are absolutely right. Without advertising revenue maybe we would get their attention. As long as the eyeballs are watching this same race away from capitalism to a queer fascism continues. Obama is a Marxist just like his daddy and would like nothing more than to see our country go up in flames imo.

Freddie's picture

They also control other businesses like Disney World, Universal, all the cruise ship lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean.  Obummer's best pals the Pritzkers control Hyatt Hotels, Royal Carribean and other businesses.

Everybodys All American's picture

I'd love for someone to organize a capital day boycott. Name the day. April 15 would be great. Where nobody works and nobody spends a dime on anything. The goal would be to get rid of the crony corrupt Fed. I think the only way to get their attention short of war is to boycott the system that supports the evil bastards.

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FreedomGuy, I think the second possibility is the correct one - Obama really knows nothing about economics and gets bad advice from the likes of Krugman, et al.

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"because the Banks are one step ahead of him" that's why. I mean "why pop a bubble"? So you can buy everything back at a song afterwards. The question isn't "how big was the 2008 bubble" though...but "how big is this one?" The...ahem..."good news" this regard is that "the economy stinks going into this one." if that's what this is of course.
there is the backdrop of War of course...ironically a War on Terror which one would assume means "not destroying the American economy in order to save it." While i can understand higher prices/wages "paying for the war" i'm at a loss as to how plunging prices and wages do that. (from the other O. aka "the Voice.")

AlaricBalth's picture

I would venture to say that he is not out to overtly destroy it but he is trying to have it attain a certain equilibrium with the rest of the world. The unintended consequence is a certain amount of destruction. By slowly eroding the standard of living here in the US, it allows the grand plan of globalization to come to fruition. Our loss occurs as the emerging economies gain. Obama's first priority is clearly not in line with the interests of the United States, but is a complete global realignment. He feels his legacy will be assured by helping the global elites attain their aims, which are counter to the benefit of the American people.

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Forward!... [I'm seriously beginning to entertain the notion that the teleprompter is actually a holograph]...

Yen Cross's picture

 And my {extra virgin} "Olive Oil"  is single pressed!

orangegeek's picture

Typically at tops, the positive news is beyond euphoric. At or near bottoms, the news become suicidally doom and gloom.


This is doom and gloom news.  This implies we are heading higher in the markets.  As said before, Ben and Barry are doing whatever they can to manipulate markets higher.


Share buybacks to bump EPS, firings to boost profit, channel stuffing, daily juice from the Fed.  Whatever it takes - until the collapse takes over.

OOONONO's picture

Market is so fucking rigged to always go higher that the day after the fucking sun goes nova will undoubtably be a +120 Dow day (on low volume, of course)

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The Middle Class must be destroyed as they have the biggest stake in the status quo and will resist any attempt at change.

-Marxism 101


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The Impeach the Totus cover would have been better.

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Is it too late to fix this with a Willy Nelson Econ-Aid Concert??

Chicago_cranium's picture

Related indirectly.  Here's how USPS is helping accelerate its own collapse.  I hope that Tyler is reading this to expand on it, you need a full article to handle it.

This year 2013, USPS increased its rates, and for some services upward of 60% in increase rate.  As a website owner, international orders used to make up about 50% of the total order volume, both on our direct website and ebay (or other channels.)  I have my metrics for over 5 years, by day, by month... in my own database.

The day after we updated the API to reflect the new prices of USPS, we saw our international business plummet on all channels by more than 70%, due in big part to the price increase.  

Great thinkers are at USPS, now they have a more expensive service and lesser volume of it.  It will take them one year, maybe 5, and 365 brainstorming sessions to figure out what happened to their overall business.


Conman's picture

Not suprising when government tries to get into a profit creating enterpise. The only needed to look towards another package shipping coompany for a model, AMZN. Low margins, high volume. Still money losing but at least lose less money than they are losing now.

Freddie's picture

The problem is USPS is overstaffed with lazy govt unionized employees that cannot be fired.  About 60% of the people there work pretty hard and 40% are useless and do nothing.  Lots of Hope and Change there.