European "Democracy" Full Frontal - EU Parliament Head Tells Italians Not To Vote For Silvio

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To say that Germany does not love Silvio Berlusconi would be an understatement. But not even we thought European "democracy" would stoop so low as to tell Italians not to bring Bunga back or else. As Reuters reports, the German president of the European Parliament, once compared to a Nazi concentration camp guard by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, warned Italians on Thursday not to back the scandal-ridden media tycoon at the ballot box. Martin Schulz is the latest in a line of German politicians to express fears about a possible Berlusconi comeback largely due to worries he will halt Rome's reform drive that has helped to lift investor confidence in the euro zone. "Silvio Berlusconi has already sent Italy into a tailspin with irresponsible behavior in government and personal escapades," Schulz was quoted as saying in German daily Bild.

Ironically, as today's PMI data confirm, it is somewhat hypocritical of Germany to accuse Italy of anything since in the Zero-Sum mercantilist union, it is only Germany, now that France has careened off the cliff, that benefits from everyone else's misfortune. The irony is that Germany should be rooting for Silvio - after all they need that EURUSD some 1000 pips lower to boost German exports, and when all hell breaks loose with Italian bond spread, Germany will simply inject another €500 billion in current account liquidity via Target2 (even if it means crushing PIMCO and their long Italy bond position). To pretend that anything in Europe at this moment is about solidarity is hypocrisy of the nth degree.

Anyway, back to the Europe where any trace of a majority popular opinion must be promptly crushed as in any true totalitarian despotism.

In quotes not printed in the paper but sent in an advance copy of the report, Schulz went on to urge Italians to vote for continued reforms.


"Much is at stake in the forthcoming elections, including making sure that the confidence built up by (Prime Minister) Mario Monti is not lost. I am very confident that Italian voters will make the right choice for their country."


There is bad blood between Berlusconi and Schulz, a Social Democrat.


In 2003, the then Italian prime minister said he would like to suggest Schulz, who had criticized his policies, for the role of a Kapo in a film on Nazi concentration camps. A Kapo was a camp inmate given privileges for supervising prison work gangs.


Berlusconi later brushed off the comment, saying he was being ironic and had referred to a television comedy series.


Merkel herself, who has supported Monti's austerity drive and has a difficult relationship with Berlusconi, has kept mum on who she would like to see lead the euro zone's third biggest economy .


Monti risked embarrassing her this week by saying Merkel did not want the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) to win, following Berlusconi's remark that Monti would join forces with the PD after the election "with Merkel's blessing".

Something tells us a German telling Italians to vote for a pro-Goldman Sachs endorsed regime in this case embodied in a vote again one person, may have just sealed the outcome of this weekend's Italian election. And not in a way that will make Goldman Sachs, or ze Germans, happy.

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By this statement Merkel via proxy indicates de facto that all Europe is now her concern, signalling clearly she is "all in" to defend the Euro. 

We are now in for an awesome fight to bolster an alternative to USD as reserve. That is the long term ambition of Germany and the BRICs. Something that cannot be said out in the open by Mutti as Germany for historical reasons is both PAx Americana controlled and now destined to become lead challenger of Pax Americana first world economic supremacy in the next decade. Lagarde and Merkel will seem more and more on the same page...if the FED decides to change tack under sequestration reality. The ball in the next month is in the political camps of Obamy and Monti...fireworks bigtime in global markets if either of those go south.

...As Japan falters and Chindia growls for BRICS along with Putinistan...The gold unknown can come back with a vengeance. 

...As Sothern Europe implodes and France dangles by a thread to its partnership with Germany, we are now heading for a situation where Merkel's Germany will be more and more involved in a "Monologue of the VAgina" with herself, to represent European reality. Euro zone will soon be 1 big tit + 26 small twits. 

I'm sure that will make Nigel Porridge slurp his bangers and mash down. Small consolation for having his home currency given a gang banged clockwork orange shake down. Some clowns are sad sacks on a wooden horsed merry go round. Stranger things have happened on a runaway train. 

Canucklehead's picture

Falak, you watch too much Sesame Street.

If there hasn't been any real movement towards an alternative currency, there won't be one from here on in.

We are going back to the future.  There are two real powers in the world, the United States and Germany.  This time around, they are working together.  No one is interested in a currency coming from some region with low national IQs.  Everyone will talk a good line but vote with their pocketbook.  That is human nature.

falak pema's picture

Thats plan A, I agree, unless the past has made the USD construct unsustainable, as ZH and the contrarians say is the case.

My point is that Mutti does have a Plan B, IN CASE WHAT ZH SAYS WILL HAPPEN, DOES HAPPEN.

THEN ALL BETS ARE OFF THE PAX AMERICANA current PAGE and a country like Germany will have more leverage...

I'm just connecting the dots in case plan B becomes reality. 

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Well, the ongoing financial & banking crises sure has driven the political elites' true colours to be exposed.

First we had Greece being dumped on by a parachuted-in ex-squid bossman. Then the Italians got one. Then Spain got another one. And now we have the Krauts telling Italians who not to vote for in their elections.

Not to be outdone, we recently had the Obama Administration issuing a warning to David Cameron before his meeting with Fuhrerin Merky about the un-wiseness of Britain leaving the EU.

The corrupt, unelected EU-crat-in-chief Manuel Barreloso (a commie) said it all: "The Future of Europe Is Too Important To Be Left To Democracy".

I say: "The Future of Europe Is Too Important To Be Left To Unelected Fascist/Commie Political Elites."

ISEEIT's picture

irresponsible behavior in government...WTF?

I'm well conditioned to the surreal speak of these abominations commonly referred to as 'government officials', but did this twit really make reference to irresponsible behavior in government as if to suggest that this would in some manner be an exceptional or unexpected occurrence?

pipes's picture

"EU Parliament Head Tells Italians Not To Vote For Silvio"


Thereby insuring his re-election...'cuz if the Italians are anything like most other folk, foreigners telling them what to do will elicit the opposite action.

skydrake's picture

....until Silvio Berlusconi



I remember Berlusconi was able to define Merkel as "culona inchiavabile".

It sounds so offensive that, even I'm Italian, I have difficulties to traslate it.


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What a stupid text. The President of the European Parliament, Mr. Schulz, is a member of the

Socialist Party (equivalent of the Democrats), and his current position is equivalent to the one of John Boehner.

Would anyone be surprised if John Boehner would advise Californians not to vote for Jerry Brown, a Democrat?

Surprese's picture

What a stupid text. The President of the European Parliament, Mr. Schulz, is a member of the

Socialist Party (equivalent of the Democrats), and his current position is equivalent to the one of John Boehner.

Would anyone be surprised if John Boehner would advise Californians not to vote for Jerry Brown, a Democrat?

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You see, it's reverse phsychology - tell the peasants not to vote, they will do so out of spite. Voila, EURUSD down a 1,000 pips.

Cheaper Mercedes, bitchez.

tony bonn's picture

i guess Berlusconi is not part of the bildeberger in crowd....

TNTARG's picture

Awesome. Nobody knows shit about anything. I would say the bankster's élite has done a rather amazing work.