Iran Says It Has Brought Down Another Foreign Spy Drone

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Back in December 2011, a US RQ-170 Sentinel drone was either brought down or crash landed smack in the middle of Iran, allowing the local military and scientists to reverse engineer it furthering their own understanding of possible countermeasures, as well as selling the underlying technology to China and other countries eager to peek inside America's remote-controlled "oppression liberators." All this happened because someone during the drone design phase forgot to add a self-destruct option. Now, over a year later, we will see if someone finally thought of adding this simple feature following news that Iran has just brought down another (just modestly antagonizing) foreign spy drone over its territory.

From Reuters:

Iran's Revolutionary Guards have brought down a foreign surveillance drone during a military exercise, the official Islamic Republic News Agency said on Saturday.


"We have managed to bring down a drone of the enemy. This has happened before in our country," the agency quoted war games spokesman General Hamid Sarkheli as saying in Kerman, southeast Iran, where the military exercise is taking place.


The agency gave no details on who the drone belonged to.


In Washington, a Pentagon spokesman said he had seen the reports. He noted that the Iranians did not specifically claim that the drone was American.


In the past, there have been incidents of Iran claiming to have seized U.S. drones.


In early January Iranian media said Iran had captured two miniature U.S.-made surveillance drones over the past 17 months.


Several drone incidents over the past year or so have highlighted tension in the Gulf as Iran and the United States flex their military capabilities in a standoff over Iran's disputed nuclear program.

In other disturbing drone-related news, Michael Krieger reports that when it comes to targeted killings...

It's OK if Obama does it"


In a YouGov poll of 1,000 voters last August, Tesler found significantly more support for targeted killing of suspected terrorists among white “racial liberals” (i.e., those liberal on issues of race) and African-Americans when they were told that Obama supported such a policy than when they were not told it was the president’s policy. Only 27 percent of white racial liberals in a control group supported the targeted killing policy, but that jumped to 48 percent among such voters who were told Obama had conducted such targeted killings.

- Joan Walsh’s recent article at Salon:  Targeted killings: OK if Obama does it?


Think about how troubling the above passage is.  Basically, a reasonably large percentage of the population of America will simply allow Barrack Obama to do whatever he wants because he is black and a member of their “Democrat” football team.  The irony is incredible, but believe me this fact is not lost upon the elites that want to perpetuate the warfare state indefinitely. They fully understand that Obama essentially neutralizes a large part of the “liberal” resistance simply because he is black and ostensibly “liberal.”


I came across the above information while reading Glenn Greenwald’s article about how MSNBC has finally make the total transformation into official government propaganda arm by hiring Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod.  His article is a scathing must-read.  Here are my favorite excerpts:


Last month, MSNBC’s Al Sharpton conducted a spirited debate about whether Obama belongs on Mount Rushmore or instead deserves a separate monument to his greatness (just weeks before replacing frequent Obama critic Cenk Uygur as MSNBC host, Sharpton publicly vowed never to criticize Barack Obama under any circumstances: a vow he has faithfully maintained). 


A Pew poll found that in the week leading up to the 2012 election, MSNBC did not air a single story critical of the President or a single positive story about Romney – not a single one – even as Fox aired a few negative ones about Romney and a few positive ones about Obama.


“Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs has become a contributor for MSNBC. Rachel Maddow introduced Gibbs as a new member of her network’s stable in the final minutes before President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night. . . . Gibbs was White House press secretary from 2009 to early 2011, when he left to become a senior campaign adviser for Obama’s re-election.”“David Axelrod, the former White House senior advisor and senior strategist for President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns, has joined NBC News and MSNBC as a senior political analyst, the networks announced today. . . . Like Gibbs, Axelrod will appear across the networks’ programming.”Finally, American citizens will now be able to hear what journalism has for too long so vindictively denied them: a vibrant debate between Gibbs and Axelrod on how great Obama really is.


That you can cover what political officials do more effectively when you act adversarially and without their “cooperation” doesn’t seem to occur to them. Moreover, getting to sit for personal interviews with the president usually produces anything but adversarial questioning. As even Politico admits: “some reporters inevitably worry access or the chance of a presidential interview will decrease if they get in the face of this White House.”


Well looking at the bright side, the more the mainstream media continues to screw up, the greater the opportunity they are creating for people like me.


Full article here.

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TBT or not TBT's picture

The elections won't need rigging much beyond 2016.    Ted Kennedy's immgration bill, Reagan's amnesty, and the current federal govt lawlessness on immigraton have seen to that.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Self-destructs are rarely used because they have a habit of blowing up at the wrong time.  Also, the really valuable part of a drone is not the hardware but the software. You can bet that the flash in that drone was smoked as soon as it dropped out of a stable flight envelope or lost power.


Monedas's picture

They could have a nose dive Kamakazi mode feature self-destruct option parameter procedure that takes out the hacker ?  I'm suspicious of how they seem to find a "patch of sand" like Das Boot .... maybe they're decoy plants to confuse the rag head reverse engineers ?

Stinko da Munk's picture

You guys don't get it. This is by design. We are letting them capture our junk drones not the good ones. 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Iran & Israel are NOT "natural" enemies -- as in "competing for same space and/or resources" enemies -- the way West Bank Settlers and Palestinians are, for example.  This 'enmity' is totally contrived and politically useful for domestic consumption on both sides (the Iranian and Israeli leadership).  Especially around election time in the US, Israel or Iran.

As long as Iran's help of the Palestinians (and their Hezbollah) is not "excessive" -- does not cross a sensitive level -- the war of words is convenient for all sides.  The old "sticks, stones and words" analogy.

Obviously, as in any international crisis or conflict, this artificial "conflict" is always useful for the global arms industry, America's MIC and the Fed also.  As long as someone else is bleeding money or blood. 

The 'worst' thing that could happen to these global MIC and banking types, is for Iran and Israel to make up -- which they could do at a moment's notice, because -- and I repeat -- they are not 'natural' enemies.  That would seriously dampen some careers in the MIC, spook, banking and politics businesses.  And all these people would have to find "real" jobs.  And as long as these co-chefs get to stir the pot also, they can't have "peace" happen, can they?

Savyindallas's picture

Yes they are natural enemies -Israel wants to dominate the entire middle east, occupy and annex tons of land ans Etblish ""Greater Israel"   -a geographical area many time larger than the area they presently control. They are an alien, hostile foreign people in a region where they are not wanted and have no legitimate claim to the land -Most are Ashkenazis of Russian/Turkish Khazzar origin. 

MrSteve's picture

This is the most unfortunate, stupid, prejudiced hogwash I've read on ZH in a long time. Savyindallas must be hitting the bottle / bong /bullshit mighty hard to be putting this mindless crap up for us to read. You jerks giving him green ups are in the same class, of universal jerk. I am sorry for your ignorance-based feelings. May God's Peace be upon your hate-filled troubled minds.

IridiumRebel's picture

"In a YouGov poll of 1,000 voters last August, Tesler found significantly more support for targeted killing of suspected terrorists among white “racial liberals” (i.e., those liberal on issues of race) and African-Americans when they were told that Obama supported such a policy than when they were not told it was the president’s policy. Only 27 percent of white racial liberals in a control group supported the targeted killing policy, but that jumped to 48 percent among such voters who were told Obama had conducted such targeted killings."


So awesome living with brain dead gimme gimmes who would eat shit if they were told to do so by their master. 

geotrader's picture

Can't wait until the day comes that a US State brings down an Obamadrone.



MrSteve's picture

Imagine the problems for Uncle Sam when Iran publishes the how-to-book on bringing down drones with cyber / jamming/ overpowering electronic signals tactics.

The rifle-totin' chuckle-heads who think they can physically oppose drones will continue dying en masse while the electronic-cyber warriors live to fight and run away and fights again another day. The cyber Swamp Fox of olden years lives again.

Victory is won in the minds of your opponent. Never forget this. It ain't about the drones.


thewayitis's picture

We could actually save alot of $$$ if we keep our nose out of trying to police the whole world.  Now friggin mini-drones around us

azzhatter's picture

I've always thought Robert Gibbs surely rode the short bus to school

lolmao500's picture

Of course, if a ``liberal`` does something evil, it's all good since he had ``good intentions``... but if anyone else does it, it's evil because his philosophy is evil aka not liberalism.

Liberals (as labelled in the US) aka statists are one big bunch of fucking retarded people who think they are better than everyone else.

thisandthat's picture

Long chinese drones, bitchez!

Artful Dodger's picture

Krugman says this is good for GDP. More transfer payments to the defense sector.

Cuz you know, there are so many economic sectors these days that are actually both

a) intrinsically productive/value-creating

b) not funded or backed by government, strike, YOU.

What the fuck is GDP? If you cut out everything that wasn't both a) and b), you'd be left with about 20% of the "economy" as currently defined by all movements of cash.