We Have Discovered The Boom! Record Jobs For Those Who Make Stuff Up

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In what may be the most appropriate chart to summarize not only the entire US "recovery", the "all time high stock market" and the daily newsflow, we present the number of jobs for those in the motion picture and sound recording industries, i.e, those who "make stuff up." It just hit a record high. And with "circus" jobs at all time highs, we can only assume jobs for makers of bread, if the BLS actually broke it out, would be off the charts as well. We will just leave it at that.

Source: BLS

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I think the data is just skewed due to the high number of former American Idol contestants.

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Here's a nice movie. Not Hollywood, that's for sure.  I approve more of this from the creative types.


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CNN is now reporting that Michael Jackson has just risen from the dead and will lead everyone to Neverland. Buy your tickets now on stub hub.

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McDonald's is hiring.

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The government never lies!  The CPI must be true.  You Sheep out there need to start complaining to the management of Safeway, Albertsons, and Walmart.  They must be gouging consumers with outrageous food prices and probably pocketing all those profits.  They have no shame.

Mr. Bernanke is doing God's work; and God now lives in the White House.

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I know something about this industry and I can assure you actors and support are available and very reasonably priced.  There is  no upward price pressure

This is just B "L" S



Maybe the IRS hired 30k people for that fultard Star Trek hackjob they did?


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Not to mention, reality TV is huge. This sector doesn't really hire people for any extensive period of time. Jobs come and go by the day here. Turnover is at a frequency most wouldn't believe. I've written employee on-boarding software systems for TV producers in this industry as they'll hire 50-100 people per day. It's all very short term though.

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It's the circus, you stupid idiot.

Told you so.

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Opiats for the masses.  Couldn't possibly have anything to do with the free-flowing tax credits.  Funny how Hollywood elitists want everyone to pay higher taxes, except themselves.

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Boom times in the agitprop industry?! No mystery there.

Soon to be a boom in guillotine and related industries.