Obama To Sell $10 Billion In Weapons To Israel, Saudi Arabia And The UAE

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Having been denied the ability to control guns by the democratically-controlled Senate last Wednesday in the biggest slap to the administration's face in a long time, Obama decided promptly to put as many guns as he possibly can in the hands of US soldiers and various non-Americans. First, it was the announcement that Obama would send more troops to Jordan to prepare for "stability operations" which is a euphemism for Syrian rebel support (much of it controlled by the otherwise dreaded Al Qaeda), and now we learn that Obama is set to announce the sale of $10 billion worth of weapons to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It appears that Obama, like a true expert of Sun Tzu, is well aware that the only way forward to a Nobel prize winning global peace, is under the barrel of a gun, or on the receiving end of a hot AGM-65 Maverick missile.

Bloomberg reports that the arms sold to Israel also will include an unspecified number of V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor transport aircraft, air defense radar and KC-135 refueling tankers; the U.A.E. will probably buy 26 F-16 jet fighters, and the Persian Gulf nation as well as Saudi Arabia will each buy precision missiles, said the official who provided details on condition of not being named before the deal is announced.


The missiles being discussed include an unspecified number of the U.S. Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile, a new weapon being bought by the U.S. Navy, the official said. The missile, made by Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK), is capable of attacking ground radar used by countries fielding sophisticated integrated air defenses, such as Syria and Iran.


If the transaction goes through, it will be the first foreign sale of the V-22 tilt-rotor made by Boeing Co. (BA) and Textron Inc. (TXT)’s Bell Helicopter unit. The U.A.E. already ordered 80 F-16s made by Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT) in the late 1990s, and Saudi Arabia operates a fleet of Boeing-made F-15 jets.


The move to beef up the capabilities of allies in the Middle East began with President Barack Obama asking then- Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to examine ways to boost Israel’s military edge in light of potential threats in the region, three U.S. defense officials told reporters today at a briefing. The U.S. suspects Iran of developing nuclear weapons and is concerned the Syrian regime led by Bashar al-Assad may use chemical weapons.


Following Obama’s direction, Panetta held a series of meetings with then-Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on weapons the country would need, the three officials said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss negotiations between countries. Bilateral discussions with Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. were held over the last nine months, according to the officials.


Plans for the arms package to Middle East allies comes as Hagel prepares his first trip to the region since taking his Cabinet post in February. The weapons sales will be a centerpiece of the visit, the U.S. official said.

Why the need to escalate the already heavily-armed Middle East and to paint America once more as the global supplier of precision-guided death to any corner in the world? Why the "immediate danger" that is Iran and Syria of course.

At a broader level, Hagel’s visit to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. will probably focus on regional threats from Iran and Syria, said Aaron David Miller, a Middle East specialist at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington.


In Israel, Hagel “has to make clear on the psychological and emotional side that he gets it that they’re in a very dangerous and uncertain neighborhood,” Miller said in a telephone interview before details of the arms sales were known.


To that end, the announcement of an additional arms deal with Israel will probably be a highlight of Hagel’s meetings with his counterpart Moshe Ya’alon, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

For Israel having the most modern military in the middle East is not enough. It needs to modernize it once more, courtesy of the US.

The deal also underscores Obama’s comments last month in Israel that the Jewish state must have the capacity to defend itself against potential threats from Iran and from Syria.


The Obama administration also has funded Israel’s Iron Dome system, designed to shoot down short-range rockets. In its 2014 budget request the Pentagon sought $220 million to buy additional batteries of the missile defense system for Israel. If approved by Congress, that spending will be on top of the $486 million the U.S. has added for the system in recent years.

And, as the movie The International laid out all too clearly, if Israel can't fund the billions it needs to purchase more "deterrent" armaments, then HSBC (or Goldman, or JPM, or [insert bank name here]) will be delighted to provide any and all loans the country may need.

Which is not to say that Russia will be far behind providing Syria and Iran with all the MiG and AK-47s they may need in this time of crisis.... with loans provided once more by HSBC (or Goldman, or JPM, or [insert bank name here]) of course.

Rinse. Repeat.

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Forward!  Peace for one and all!

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That's an awful lot of dollars/EPS towards another consecutive "Gun Salesman of the Year" award...

john39's picture

gotta keep the zionist masters armed to the teeth... as well as the sunni-muslim (zoinist) puppet dictator vassals...   you know, to keep the world peaceful.

espirit's picture

And if ever one american is killed by one of these weapons of war sold by .gov, those responsible for the sale should be hung by the neck...

That is after a speedy trial for treason.


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The road to Hell-sinki is paved by morons espousing good intentions.


Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Sell weapons to both sides. Cover your bases in a thorough manner. Peace Prize winner extrodianaire.

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Good. Hopefully those religious childhood brainwashing victims will mutually destroy each other. That'll improve the world tremendously.

toys for tits's picture

Obama made his sales quota this year.

Isn't his commission 10%?

AldousHuxley's picture

he has to share the commission with thousands of other lobbysts


but if he was smart, he sold them defective weapons

casfoto's picture

During the war between Iraq and Iran, we supplied Iraq with all the stuff they needed ......meanwhile Israel supplied Iran with all the USA arms they needed

but not everything. Just enough to tilt the war. Israel was interested in making a large profit no matter what......

The moneychangers making the money on the dead and dying. You just got to love them.

fuu's picture

Israel also sold weapons to Iran to get American hostages back. They were resupplied with better weapons at a discount as part of the deal.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

The weapons trade is still one of the biggest industries worldwide. Nothing new. USA! USA! USA!

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MIC ~ key ~ M.O.U.S.E. ~ Jew led industry [collecting bonuses] selling to... drumroll... Jews... Funded by [jew bankers], Ignored by [jew controlled MSM]...


Quel Suprise!

I'm so happy the 'soccer moms' feel safe...


Edit:^^^^^Comment junked by... drumroll... JEWS... ZOMG!... You fucks are pathetic...

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look what we have here; an overly sensitive anti-semite.



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It is interesting that there are many tens / hundreds of Dictionary entries describing "Anti-Semite" and "Anti-Semitism"; I have yet to find a SINGLE entry describing "Anti-Goyim" or "Anti-Goyimism". Seems such concepts do not exist.

So, NO-ONE may criticise Israel, no matter what they do.  Israel, however, seems to have "Special Dispensation" to slander and criticise everyone else, whilst conveniently hiding behind the "Remember the "Holocaust" " banner.

Seeing as you (and many others) seem to be "experts" where Anti-Semitism is concerned, your comments, please.

Colonel Klink's picture

You'll never see the term anti-goyim, it's been recast into pro-Israel.

thisandthat's picture

And how do you know he's not semite, asshole? Far better chances non-jews being semites than jews, and there's no bigger anti-semites than jews themselves, just so that you know.

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Good Ol Francis Sawyer...... Always ready to carve into anything mentioning "Jews" or Israel.

Surprised it took you so long to get a comment up, Frankie.

kaiserhoff's picture

World of difference here.

The Arabs will pay for their weapons.  The Jews' loans will be forgiven and forgotten.  It's been going on for decades, and is by far the largest foreign aid transfer on the planet.

Urban Redneck's picture

The US Taxpayer will foot the bill either way, at least Arabs throw in some gas with the deal.  

Nobody buys American without dealer financing anymore.  

Pegasus Muse's picture



All wars are Bankster Wars. 

All Wars are Gangster Bankster Wars. 

All Wars are evil Gangster Bankster Wars. 


We need to get rid of evil.


willwork4food's picture

But first we need to isolate it.

I suggest Zero Hedge start a global anti-Nobel award nomination and award campaign that would allow common folk to vote for their favorite asshole.

We could call it the Caligula awards...

Parrotile's picture

Why be different? We already have the IgNobel annual awards, so may I humbly propose -

(drum roll)

The Sveriges RisBank IgNobel Award for Global Financial Incompetence

If successful, we could even have a series of Awards, reflecting exceptional performance in certain key areas. Suggestions include:

1. The US Presidential Award (for best looking after the interests of Presidential Lobbyists),

2. The Corzine Award (for the most effective mismanagement of entrusted, presumed "safe" funds),

3. The (Mis-) Service to the Community Award ( for the ex. Politicians / Staffers who have managed to make the most profitable "transition" via the revolving door mechanism)

All additional suggestions will be gratefully received!!

hooligan2009's picture

how about the titanic award...yanno the politician screaming "get those women and kids out of my lifeboat!" award

willwork4food's picture

Fitting..yes, I like it. But I might suggest something more subtle... like the White Star Awards.

dark pools of soros's picture

but this way Lockheed, et all get serious corporate welfare with the strings attached on the aid..  around 75% of the military spending from that aid has to go to USA arm dealers from last I heard

Israel used to get the free shit and then double dip by selling some to China for them to try to copy..  until around 2000..  now they probably just do it without telling anyone or go through France, or whereever


MeMadMax's picture

Whatever dude... If they wanted they could get the stuff from Russia with love... and even cheaper on top of that...


Your fake hate stinks, gtfo...

john39's picture

 fake hate? lost me...  why buy from Russia when the American taxpayer simply gifts it to is-ra-el?

HyperinflatmyNutts's picture

Fuck The Zoinist and Fuck Isreal!!!!

Element's picture

Dude, fret not, change your name to Abraham, Mordecai Judaberg, or something that reeks of jooiness and you'll make a stack of digits. The name-change trick works both ways. You might even get an attack helicopter or somefing ;)

Defcon1980's picture

This site is ripe with Nazism. Ya, ya, all about Israel, not the Jews. Hate is hate, ignorance is ignorance. Yours and others comments are what is wrong with the world, not Israel. 

Groundhog Day's picture

considering the US taxpayors fund Israel with about 4 billion a yr, their real cost of 5 billion in Military equipment is 1 billion or the equivalent of Macy's huge one day sale, everything off 75%. 

SafelyGraze's picture

first send them more financial aid so thay can afford to make these purchases

Boozer's picture

Israeli Central Bank can buy lot's of munitions with their profits made from buying Apple stock...oh wait.


TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

SafelyGraze noted:

first send them more financial aid so thay can afford to make these purchases

A very tiny sliver of the 'foreign aid' provided by the US government, barely enough to qualify as a token amount, goes to things like food, shelter, and medical supplies for starving children, disaster victims, and refugees. Almost all of it is in the form of vouchers valid for purchases from US-based armament manufacturers and offense contractors.

It's just another laundered path which money follows on its way to the US Military-Industrial-Welfare-Queen complex.

Son of Loki's picture

I hope he did a background check on these guys first. ...wouldn't want that stuff getting into the wrong hands.

Go Tribe's picture

Maybe DHS can open up retail locations in empty malls and sell us some .223 rounds at a decent price.

Buck Johnson's picture

This is list (Israel) for an attack on Iran.  The refuelers (there jets can't get their unless they stop to refuel or air refuel), The ospry's (possibly to land troops to attack critical areas in Iran.  And the Anti Radiation missiles to take out the sophisticated radar systems of Iran.  This is a list to attack Iran pure and simple.

Element's picture

Land troops in Iran and they're going to get hit with precision artillery bombardments (that's right, Iran also has precision-guided artillery shells) plus hit by anti-personnel variants of the same mobile missiles that took out Israeli Merkava, in 2006. SP artillery has the precision and targeting flexibility to reliably hit the deck of a moving ship using a single round, fired from well over 30 kms away, and can repeat that several times per minute, per gun.

And that's not even mentioning their rocket artillery, nor their antiship IRBM, nor their multitude of sea-skimming systems.

Put a fleet unit, or hostile hovercraft over the gulf, or troops ashore, or helicopters into LZs, and they'll all get chewed-up faster than they can be either replaced, resupplied, or extract. They would be captured, or slaughtered.

And before anyone says airpower will "take them out", this is not 1990, or 2001. The lessons have been learned, And just remember that then state-of-the-art USAF F-15E could not even find Scuds on conspicuous huge TEL vehicles within the flat open western desert of Iraq during GW1. The Iraqis were regularly firing brilliantly illuminated giant missiles from point locations on the ground into the night sky actively patrolled by dozens of Allied aircraft and still the US didn't locate or nail one of them.

But Iran is en-echelon mountain ranges, one of the most mountainous countries on earth in fact, numerous water courses, endless valleys with fields, probably millions of caves, and almost everywhere within reach of where ever you land troops or armor. It would quickly become a wholesale turkey-shoot, whether the Israelis or the US tried to do it, and a failure to dominate Iran would basically break the back of US regional domination thereafter, in much the same way Israel knows it will get creamed if they try to invade Lebanon. Their power and influence was curtailed. Hence the Syrian uprising. On Aug 15th 2006, the day after the Lebanon 33 day war, Assad said this:

" ... I would like to speak out of the reality we live in; If Israel wants to analyze, it should analyze the Arab-Israeli wars in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, the confrontations with the resistance in 1993, if they analyze these wars, they will notice that these wars represent the four generations. They will notice that the Arab fighter has become more determined; these battles and wars reflect the Arab status towards Israel. Therefore, we say to them that you have experienced humiliation in the recent battles in Lebanon. Your weapons, warplanes, rockets and even your atomic bombs will not protect you in the future. Generations are developing and the future generations in the Arab world will be able to find the way to defeat Israel in a fiercer manner. Thus, the Israeli leadership should stop their foolishness and arrogant, and should know that it is in front of a historic juncture now; either to go towards the peace and returning rights or to go towards continuous instability until one of the future generations puts an end to this. ..."


This what is really going on since that speech, and that is what these weapon sales are all about, try to eliminate the Arab resistance, and buy off Arab state supplicants with weapons, thus creating reliance and dependence for cooperation with the US in order to obtain on-going parts, updates and ammunition for these weapons.

But times Lebanon by 50, and then square it, and that's about the size of the military challenge Iran would present to Israel. No one is going to move on Iran any time soon to invade it. The threat is in the other direction. Namely, what would be the strategic result of Iran getting totally fed-up with the situation and deciding to take pre-emptive action to change the entire regional dynamic?

Because regionally we could expect to see a spectacle not unlike Pearl Harbor meets Saigon April 1975, as the US scrambles to get hundreds of dead and thousands of injured, and what remains of its fleet, the hell out of the way of a sustained precision-guided missile barrage, that would quickly flatten the key economic infrastructure of several gulf states, and sink anything and everything floating within Persian Gulf waters.

If they did do this the West would be forced to negotiate a withdrawal of their forces simply to get the gulf opened. And looking at the arsenal of Iran, that is clearly the capability they've been building for the past 30 years, because that's what they've envisaged having to do one day, to get the old 'Great Satan' out.

And Western people can rant about the red-herring of Islamist dogma, and totally misunderstand this as much as they want, but that will change and address nothing. Iran wants the US out of the region and so do many other states (the ones that don't get many US arms but do get a lot of their bombs).

Take note; North Vietnam demanded full reunification with South Vietnam after the French were finally kicked out of North Vietnam, and to thus get rid of any hint of western European colonial puppet Govts. So they invaded the South, and they won just such a regional battle, which changed the entire regional strategic dynamics (just as Iran now needs to do so it can finally get rid of the US).

China and Russia also wanted most of what North Vietnam wanted, or at least were willing to strongly support them against the west.

And earlier North Korea wanted to re-unite with South Korea, to get rid of any hint of a pro-western colonial puppet Govt, and in June 1950 they invaded the South to obtain that. But the US insisted on remaining there and frustrating the divisions that should have ended with WWII. But no one just gives you things like independence and sovereignty (certainly the UN didn't want it to happen!).

But China and Russia definitely wanted what the DPRK wanted, at that time, and got basically directly involved in the fight.

But the DPRK of today has never given up its PRIMARY goal, to reunify with the South, to get rid of any pro-Western 'traitor' govt lingering there that has usurped a wider unified Korean Sovereignty. THIS IS THE GOAL THE DPRK SOLDIERS DIED FOR, AND WHAT THEY REMAIN TO THIS DAY DEDICATED TO BRINGING ABOUT. We merely presume they will fail, or rather that they gave up, but they have not. They have no intention of failing, or giving up! Twenty years ago I also thought they might give it all up, but now I realize they'll never give it up, nor even consider surrendering the rest of Korean sovereignty to a foreign domination. Ignore that dynamic, and discount it, or dismiss it as an impossible fantasy and you'll totally fail to understand the situation, then, and now, and why they're still acting the way they do. This is not over. Their disposal of the ceasefire is the signal of this.  This is how they see this playing-out, and how the Korean War finally can 'end' within their minds. There's no possibility of them giving up on the ending of foreign domination of Korea.

This is why China does not press what leverage Washington imagines it has over the DPRK. Washington does not understand that threats, or wasting of leverage are all pointless, over issues that to the DPRK are non-negotiable items.

The DPRK is absolutely determined - still - to reunite with the South and to do it on their own terms, and via massive force, if it's necessary. Does the West, or Japan, or Russian, or even China fully grasp that this is the bottom-line that the DPRK military estate will never compromise, no matter how long it takes to get there?

And that is the reality the US, and Japan, and the western world, and the UN body fails to face up to. This has not gone away simply because it has not been resolved yet in a way that will be acceptable. That is why they starve and still resist, that is why they've built nukes. They know they will have to fight for it again. Not reuniting under solely Korean control is not an option. And North Vietnam showed them what you have to do to win, how high that price is to force the US and everyone else off the Peninsula.

Thus we now have both Iran and the DPRK working together, both with a fierce military capability, and both verging towards lashing out, to finally get rid of regional western influence and domination, and all hostile puppet Govts within their region (regime change is a double-edged sword).

So we're walking a very thin line here, and if these two act in concert and sustain it, and absorb and ride-out everything we throw at them, and they keep coming back at us, they will indeed 'win' - just at an extremely high price. One we will not be prepared to pay-in-kind. But like North Vietnam, these states both show all the signs and intent of doing this and they're ready right now to do so. They can kick it off any time they want from here, they are in that window-of-opportunity. And if, or rather when they win such a sustained battle, regional frameworks will be very much re-ordered, and along different strategic lines.

So any Western or Israeli talk of attacking either of those countries is very, very unwise, at this point. Iranian media comments these days are positively bristling with warnings of what's coming. And we keep dreamily thinking that soon they'll give up and make their peace with us, on our terms.

That is never going to happen.



HyperinflatmyNutts's picture

Great piece of writing + 100%

maskone909's picture

10 billion = 1 f16 and 3 gold toilette seats

Joebloinvestor's picture

The US is the biggest arms dealer in the world.

Wether it be legitimate sales or not.

JustObserving's picture

In 2011, USA accounted for 77.7% of world arms sales while Russia, the closest competitor, accounted for 5.6%.  All hail the Nobel Peace Prize winner - Forward into death and destruction:


“In 2011, the US led in arms transfer agreements worldwide, making agreements valued at $66.3 billion (77.7 percent of all such agreements), an extraordinary increase from $21.4 billion in 2010. The US worldwide agreements total in 2011 is the largest for a single year in the history of the US arms export program,” according to the report prepared for Congress.

In an earlier period, Washington justified such weapons deals as part of its Cold War strategy of countering the influence of the Soviet Union and propping up regimes aligned with the West against Moscow and its allies. This was under conditions where Soviet arms sales to the so-called Third World rivaled and even surpassed those of the United States.

Today, however, as the CRS report makes clear, the US accounts for more than three quarters of global arms deals, with the share of its closest competitor, Russia, amounting to just 5.6 percent.



Aurora Ex Machina's picture

While I understand the humour in sending ZH people to the World Socialist Workers Organisation (either to troll them, heighten the irony or whatever), you can link direct to the paper [warning: PDF].


If you want a handy bookmark here is the list of the reports they have, including more specific papers.

For instance:

Japan’s fighter force includes, among other aircraft, about 200 F-15s and about 90 aging F-4s. To replace the F-4s, Japan reportedly wanted to purchase 40 to 50 new fighters. The effort to procure the replacement fighters is called the FX program. (A projected subsequent effort to replace the F-15s is known as the FXX program.) Secretary of Defense Robert Gates reportedly recommended the F-35 Lightning II over the F-22 and other candidates in a meeting with Japan’s defense minister on May 1, 2009, but Japan reportedly still preferred to purchase the F-22. In December, 2011, Japan chose the F-35. Congress was notified of the proposed sale in May 2012. However, former Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne “said by email that Japan and Australia would ‘immediately partner’ to restart the line if Congress lifted the F-22 export ban.

p22 Airforce F-22 Fighter Program



As an aside, I've been reading the CRS for years (which is probably more than most Congressmen do, but hey); I've no idea why people bother with Alex Jones etc, the actual papers are far more informative... and salacious, if you can read between the lines.

Element's picture



“said by email that Japan and Australia would ‘immediately partner’ to restart the line if Congress lifted the F-22 export ban."


This is not true. RAAF have made it clear on multiple occasions, and in a thorough Parliamentary inquiry that they do not want the F-22A, as they do not believe it is the correct aircraft for such a small force-mix, and would present a lop-sided capability that would detract from the regional strike capabilities and detract from other roles, sustainment and availability. The other major objections were cost, which was entirely prohibitive, and the congressional ban on exports. They were also very explicit and detailed about its numerous operational limitations, and the secondary limitations it would induce in RAAF capabilities, in comparison to the then preferred F-35A option. They have since invested heavily in a pseudo-interim superhornet replacement for F-111, and now for time-expiring MLUed classic Hornets. The current thinking is to retain the Superhornets past 2022, and acquire 3 squadrons, or 72 x F-35A (rather than ~96), as that mix of aircraft will have long-term broad operational compatibility and technology leverage, due to USN operating both out to at least 2030 (and with a lot more developmental upgrades still to come for superhornets). I have no doubt the prior analysis remains broadly valid and RAAF would not be interested in buying F-22s. They are instead looking more at development of Superhornet capabilities to enable the later purchase of later-block F-35As that will have a more developed capability. But given the insecurity developing in the program they have been looking at fall-back proposals again.

The insurmountable problem for the F-22A, at this point, and even five years ago, is that it's actually a far less developed aircraft, for RAAF strike needs than the current block F-35A is (RAAF Air Marshall's words, not mine). It was argued that it would cost far more to bring the F-22 up to the strike capability required by the RAAF, and would take so long to do, and involve so much technical risk, that without direct USAF involvement in such an accelerated development of the F-22, the RAAF would not even be interested in going in that direction. Five years on this is an even larger insurmountable hurdle to F-22 acquisition.

mjorden's picture

Nothing new here, it's called IDEX (international defense exhibition) and is hosted in Abu Dhabi, UAE very year.

ILikeBoats's picture

Does this help Boeing, since they slipped on their commercial aircraft orders?

Motorhead's picture

Cool for DoD.  They need to cut $85 billion for the sequester nonsense.  Now they are down to $75 billion and maybe won't have to furlough that GS-7 admin clerk.  (sarc)