Chief Advisor To US Treasury Becomes JPMorgan's Second Most Important Man

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Recall from "The Supercommittee That Really Runs America":

With Tim Geithner having proven repeatedly and beyond a reasonable doubt he has insurmountable intellectual challenges, many have wondered just who it is that makes the real decisions at the US Treasury? The answer is, The Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee, or the TBAC in short, chaired by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, which meets every quarter, and in which the richest people in America set the fate of the US for the next 3 months....

Recall further: the TBAC's composition:

Naturally, recall that 40% of US spending is debt-funded. In other words, the US Treasury will gladly take all "advice" on borrowing it can get. And the key person providing said advice would have a very high position in the hierarchy of the US Wall Street-controlled muppet state.

Next, recall how Mr. Zames recently rose to prominence at another venue: JPMorgan itself. He took over for former CIO head Ina Drew in the aftermath of the biggest government backstopped prop-trading desk implosion in history. That's ok though, Matt was well-versed in spectacular blow ups. After all he worked at LTCM previously.

As reported yesterday, here it is officially:


Good bye Ina: we are sure that you will voluntarily claw back your $15 million bonus from 2011 one day ahead of the JPM shareholder meeting.


Now... Matt Zames... Matt Zames... where have we heard that name before... OH YES: he just happens to be the Chairman of the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee, aka the TBAC, aka the Superommittee that Really Runs America. The Matt Zames who... "previously worked at hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management LP, may have benefited as the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and JPMorgan’s takeover of Bear Stearns Cos. left companies and hedge funds with fewer trading partners in the private derivatives markets."

Finally, recall from one of our FleeceBook entries, that Mr. Zames, who subsequently was promoted to co-COO at JP Morgan, is quite fascinating in every possible way.

Previously, in our first two editions of FleeceBook, we focused on "public servants" working for either the Bank of International Settlements, or the Bank of England (doing all they can to generate returns for private shareholders, especially those of financial firms). Today, for a change, we shift to the private sector, and specifically a bank situated at the nexus of public and private finance: JP Morgan, which courtesy of its monopolist position at the apex of the Shadow Banking's critical Tri-Party Repo system (consisting of The New York Fed, The Bank of New York, and JP Morgan, of course) has an unparalleled reach (and domination - much to Lehman Brother's humiliation) into not only traditional bank funding conduits, but "shadow" as well. And of all this bank's employees, by far the most interesting, unassuming and "underappreciated" is neither its CEO Jamie Dimon, nor the head of JPM's global commodities group (and individual responsible for conceiving of the Credit Default Swap product) Blythe Masters, but one Matt Zames.


It is our humble opinion that Matt is one of the most interesting people not only at JPMorgan but in all of modern finance, courtesy of his dominant role at the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee (of which he is Chairman, profiled here: The Supercommittee That Really Runs America"), a group of Wall Street individuals best known for telling the current (and future) Treasury Secretary what to do, and thus effectively represent the handful of people, all of which are employed by various financial firms, that decides the fate of US public spending (and deficit creation, which incidentally must always go on - i.e., no spending cuts... ever, because if there were no deficits to be monetized the Fed would no longer create excess reserves, which are now the lifeblood of bank profitability in the New Normal as explained previously).


But perhaps just as important, Matt Zames is now the head of JPM's infamous Chief Investment Office. As also explained previously, courtesy of the London Whale massive prop trading faux pas in early 2012, we have the CIO to thank for providing us the insight into just how banks funds their massive, Volcker-rule skirting prop trading operations (which incidentally are far more pervasive than the recent Bloomberg's expose on a certain group at Goldman, which has openly been involved in prop trading since its inception), namely via excess deposits over loans. We are certain that it is not only JPM, but every other commercial US bank (see Wells Fargo's record delta reported earlier today), that takes advantage of what is now a cumulative $2 trillion imbalance of excess deposits, driven by the Fed's excess reserves, to do just what JPM did and reinvest deposits, no longer firewalled from trading activities, in risky assets, such as buying stocks and selling CDS. But mostly buying stocks. As a "hedge" of course.


In other words, it is Mr. Zames whose dual role of continuing to be on the TBAC on one hand, and indirectly determining how many excess reserves will be created by the Fed as a result of excess Treasury monetization - an issue he has direct input on in his capacity as quasi public servant, to then flip, and on the other hand, use said reserves, transformed via repo or (ab)used directly, as prop trading dry powder in his private sector capacity as CIO head, and proceed to invest as he sees fit. All of this, of course, will be done with absolute stealth: after all has JPM released anything more than broad strokes details of what precisely went so wrong at the JPM CIO aside from a $200 billion notional CDS position going horribly wrong? Because, naturally, the regulators are complicit on this scheme too.


It is precisely his role at the proverbial core of the US ponzi scheme, where he takes public funds, indirectly, with one hand, and proceeds to invest it for private benefit, with the other, that is what makes Mr. Zames quite so fascinating.


Among the other things that make Mr. Zames quite fascinating, is that he used to be a trader for none other than the first hedge fund to feel the unwrath of the Federal Reserve, and receive a bailout: Long-Term Capital Management (the same LTCM, its management team, and of course its legal team, that ushered in the parasitic and destructive era of Too Big To Fail... but that is a story for another day). It is somewhat ironic that Mr. Zames had to go from the original hedge fund blow up, to head another (one located deep in the bowels of JP Morgan) that blew up just before his arrival.


But fear not: Mr. Zames is quite qualified for all of the above - after all he graduated from MIT. Sadly, Matt is not on the "MIT engineers" list of central bankers (profiled previously) who meet secretly at the BIS every now and then and decide the fate of public funding in the "free world."  At least not yet. Or at least, not that we know of.


Yet, that Zames does all of the above with virtually no public exposure is most fascinating.


Which is why we are happy to make him the third honorary inductee into the Zero Hedge FleeceBook half of fame. 


More on Mr. Zames courtesy of Bloomberg's Max Abelson:


Zames Rises From JPMorgan Battlefield to Dimon’s War Council


Twice in the past 100 days, JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon has turned to a 41-year-old former hedge-fund trader to tackle challenges facing the largest U.S. bank.


Matt Zames, named chief investment officer in May to contain trading losses that have cost at least $5.8 billion, became the firm’s co-chief operating officer last week. Zames, who began the year as co-head of the bank’s fixed-income business, now oversees senior executives including Chief Financial Officer Douglas Braunstein, 51, and regulatory affairs head Barry Zubrow, 59.


“He had the guts and the brains,” Dimon said in an interview after announcing the management shakeup on July 27. “Matt is straight, direct, does his work. He’s got that kind of confidence without arrogance.”


Zames shoots sporting clays, described by its national association as “golf with a shotgun.” He studies military history, reading books about World War II and more recent conflicts. A husband and father of three, he leaves his bed in New Jersey at 4:45 a.m., he said in an interview.


“I wake up every morning -- every morning -- excited to actually make this place a better place,” he said. “I am truly humbled and honored to have been given the opportunity.”


Zames will continue to lead the chief investment office while adding oversight of finance, strategy and regulatory affairs, according to a memo sent to employees last week. The additional duties place him among senior executives who might one day succeed Dimon. Zames will serve as co-COO alongside Frank Bisignano, 52, whose responsibilities include technology and security.


Two JPMorgan executives who weren’t authorized to speak on the matter said Zames is particularly interested in trying to help shape regulatory policies so they’ll be better for the New York-based bank and the broader economy.


He and Dimon, 56, were both involved in an earlier multibillion-dollar trading crisis. After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management in 1993 and spending some months at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), Zames became a trader for Long-Term Capital Management LP.


The hedge fund was bailed out in 1998 after Russia’s debt default led to $4 billion of losses in what was then one of the largest collapses in U.S. investment history. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York organized support from banks including the firm Dimon was leading, Salomon Smith Barney. Zames said he “definitely” remembers meeting Dimon then, though his boss doesn’t. “No,” Dimon said when asked about the encounter.


Even so, Long-Term Capital veterans recall Zames as one of the firm’s most-trusted young traders.


Zames was trusted and mentored by senior colleagues, according to Rickards and Long-Term partner Eric Rosenfeld.


He’s a mathematician and he’s a poet: He understands the math, but he understands qualitatively what’s going on,” said Rosenfeld, who now teaches fixed-income at Sloan. Zames is one of the people on Wall Street who “live and breathe the trades they’re doing,” he said.


The trading that Zames has overseen at JPMorgan has made the firm billions of dollars. Fixed-income trading revenue last year was $14.8 billion excluding accounting adjustments, more than any other global bank. JPMorgan posted the only increase in debt trading among the largest firms that year, while Bank of America Corp. (BAC) and Goldman Sachs slid more than 30 percent.


In last week’s interview, Dimon praised Zames’ handling of the crisis and recounted their meeting in May to discuss the situation. Dimon had called Zames into work on a Saturday, and the two were standing in a hallway when the CEO asked him to take over the money-losing unit. Zames’ promotion came fewer than three months later.


“When you have a talent like that, you got to give him a challenge,” Dimon said.

The reason we asked readers to recall all of these trivial facts is because Jamie Dimon just gave Matt a challenge... Quite a big challenge in fact: he just promoted him to the sole position of "Number Two" at the biggest Too Big To Fail bank - JPMorgan. From NYT:

A senior executive in the inner circle of JPMorgan Chase’s chief executive, Jamie Dimon, is leaving the nation’s largest bank, the latest chapter in management turnover after the bank’s multibillion-dollar trading loss.


The executive, Frank Bisignano, the co-chief operating officer, is expected to leave as early as this week, according to several people with knowledge of his decision. The trading losses at the bank have swelled to more than $6.2 billion since first disclosed almost a year ago.


With Mr. Bisignano’s departure, executives who once surrounded Mr. Dimon as he helped steer the bank through the 2008 financial crisis will be even thinner. Several other executives have already left, including Heidi Miller, James E. Staley, Bill Winters and Steve Black.



Mr. Bisignano will become chief executive of First Data Corporation, a payment processing firm, people with knowledge of the matter said. Matt Zames, who had shared the role of chief operating officer with Mr. Bisignano, is expected to take over all aspects of the job, according to people with knowledge of the decision, which they said, should make for a smooth transition.

Obviously, the rotation of the old guard at JPMorgan has started, and it is only a matter of time before Jamie Dimon says enough, and hands over full control of the company to the fascinating Mr. Zames.

* * *

To summarize: the man who is the chief advisor to the US Treasury on its debt funding and issuance strategy was just promoted to the rank of second most important person at the biggest commercial bank in the US by assets (of which it was $2.5 trillion), and second biggest commercial bank in the world. And soon, Jamie willing, Matt is set for his final promotion, whereby he will run two very different enterprises: JPMorgan Chase and, indirectly, United States, Inc.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you take over the world.

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And if there was even a line of definition left between the FED, US Government, and Banksters it has blurred more.

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"There's never been a better time then now to buy........moar KY."

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Let me be the first to say, Welcome Aboard and FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

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I had an interesting convo with co worker the other day, and it got pretty heated to the point of "we have to help them etc etc they are the chosen race bla bla bla" to which I told him go grab your fucking skull cap and join them

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I will rarely differ with ZH fans, but this I cannot support, that is inciting racial criticism... the race put-down, derogatory, you know... I suppose one could also say 'jealousy' and 'envy'.  While a great cliche', it smacks of Hitler, or Iraq, or Iran, or Egypt, or England, or 'put historical country here'.

I don't say this to spike anger, only to point out the truth and spur the speech I normally enjoy hearing from the logical and well-informed ZH comment contributors.  We should not allow the oh-so-easy race-goating to slip under the door.  The issue is people, people that lie and deceive and love power and control, and are destroying our most unique country.  And race has never been a problem for anyone to pursue those goals, which historically have ended in revolution and scores of crushed lives.

That said, it will never cease to amaze me how in-your-face the JP Morgan's of the world are, and yet the People are continuously duped, over and over, by the well-oiled machine (i.e. the Press, White House, Fed, and UNfrastructure such as the other central banksters and government hacks across the world.

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This article make it pretty clear that whether or not JPM's gold vault will empty tomorrow life will go on as usual.

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He's just a pawn who obeys orders.

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If Zames knows he is eventually going to rule the world but Jamie rules the world now...what does Zames say when Jamie tells him they have to play hide the sausage?

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At this point they just stack up like legos!

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People against Dimon have put Zames in power to control Dimon. Standard stuff. 

One clueless is checked by another clueless.


Shareholder meeting is on may 21. It looks like Dimon will be losing one position, hence forced to resign.

Pure entertainment, that's the only worth of it. Other than that, they both clueless and it makes absolutely no difference who's running JPM because it is simply NOT RUNNABLE.


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but it will continue running. 

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Existing is not the same as running.

JPM and US Gov are one thing, inseparable. Is Obama competent? Anser is no, but he is the CEO of US Gov Inc.


For mammoths like JPM there is no such a thing as a competent leader. You just need one that sucks up to the major shareholders, skills are not only not necessary, but it actually works against you if you have any skills.

You just need to say yes all the time. JPM is the state, state is the JPM

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700 trillion in notional derivatives and incompetant assholes running the show. 

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Again, nobody, absolutely nobody is running anything.

They are simply REACTING DAY BY DAY.


That's why I say, just one Obama order, would make the whole thing collapse in 72 hrs.

85billion/month is no longer enough, it's pretty clear and congress won't allow them to do more, besides, not much left to buy anyway.

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Who coulda seen it coming!?!?!

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Insiders know very well that it's coming, they just don't when and they keep playing with ...other's money.

But know..they do