Syria Declares Israel Attack An "Act Of War', While Israeli Defense Forces Close Northern Airspace

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In the aftermath of last night's second attack in two weeks by Israel on Syria, the immediate response has so far been muted, with Syria condemning the aggression as an act of war. According to UPI, Syria "vowed to retaliate after an apparent Israeli airstrike on the capital Damascus early Sunday. A government official said on CNN the attack on a military research facility was "an act of war" that the government would not take lightly. "Syria is a country that does not accept insults and it doesn't accept humiliation," said Omran Zoabi, Syria's information minister. Zoabi added the attack had opened "a wide door for all possible options." It remains to be seen what, if any, option Syria will take or if it will merely jawbone toothlessly, inviting further unrequited air-based incursions into its territory. Most likely any response will need the preapproval, and the assistance, of Putin.

Incidentally, the only response so far has come from Israel. As Stratfor reports, citing Israel News, the airspace in northern Israel has been closed until May 9 due to an Israel Defense Forces directive issued May 5. Which means the only planes flying in north Israel, which borders Syria through the Golan Heights, would be military.

In the meantime, those curious what Israel bombed and why on Sunday Morning, Enduring America has compiled a detailed analysis on the topic.

Early on Sunday morning, huge explosions rocked northern Damascus.

Scientists said that the explosions measured between two and three on the Richter scale, a scale designed to measure earthquakes. Giant balls of fire rose above Mt. Qasioun, a mountain that overlooks the capital and is at the center of Syria's largest military complex. The very symbol of Assad's control over Damascus was on fire.

Immediately, Syrian officials stated that an Israeli airstrike had hit a military installation in the area. Within a short time, unnamed American officials confirmed Israel had struck Damascus, a sign that the US government likely greenlighted the attack.

This strike took place within days of another Israeli airstrike that apparently targeted a shipment of rockets en route from the Syrian military to Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon.

Some analysts have said that a stockpile of rockets, made in Iran and bound for Lebanon, was the target of this second strike.

However, this analysis ignores the fact that several important military installations appear to have been the targets of this most recent strike.

The Syrian government claimed that a military research facility was struck (map). In addiion, there have been many videos of the explosions, taken from many different angles, which suggest that a much wider range of targets, across a wider area of the military installation, were struck and not simply a convoy of rockets.

An initial analysis by Stroyful's Félim McMahon suggests that the research facility itself was not hit, but rather the nearby headquarters of the 104th Brigade. Beyond this, videos suggest that huge stockpiles of weapons, likely artillery shells and ballistic/artillery rockets, were also destroyed in the airstrike.

The 104th Brigade is an elite group of Republican Guards tasked with defending one of the most sensitive areas of Assad's defense network in the capital. 

The precise locations of the targets are still being nailed down and confirmed, but some insurgent leaders are reporting that an even wider stretch of area was hit:

View Strike near Mount Qasioun (May 5, 2013) @felimmcmahon in a larger map

The 4th Armored Divion is Assad's most important unit, run by his brother, Rifaat Al Assad. If the 4th Armored Division was indeed the target of the airstrike, this is a major blow to Assad and to the regime.

The Israeli airstrike did not target stockpiles of weapons deep in storage.

These are the most important fortresses that the regime maintains, and are instrumental to Assad's ongoing defense against the rebel offensive. These artillery and rockets from this area are used to routinely target insurgent positions, and civilian neighborhoods, all across the capital, from east to west, north to south.

These stockpiles are particularly important to Assad's efforts to retake Darayya, the largest suburb of Damascus which has been at the front lines of the fight for the capital for over six months. There are unconfirmed reports that the 4th Armored Division and the 155th Brigade SCUD missile base were also hit, but even if this is not the case, the Israelis have struck at some of Assad's most important bases, just kilometers from the Presidential Palace.

The message to Assad is clear. If the regime continues to move rockets across the border to aid Hezbollah, Israel willnot only strike at the immediate threat, but will deal serious body blows to the regime, severely hampering Assad's efforts to counter Syria's insurgency.

The question remains, however, as to whether destabilizing Assad was the ultimate goal of this airstrike. At the very least, Israel has proven that it is willing to pick a side and go all in if it feels threatened.

This incident should also permanently put to rest the debate as to whether Assad's air defense is capable of standing up to external threats. Assad is completely vulnerable, and has been dealt a serious blow. As a result, Israel may have completely changed the debate about foreign intervention in a single instant, and may have catalyzed an international drive to remove Bashar al-Assad from power.


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So colors the Golan as part of Syria.  That's a statement in and of itself....

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<- Civilian

<- Mossad

Hey Kito.  Push it down this time, you fucking tool.

As RT further reports, during the attack, one Israeli jet was reportedly shot down by Syria's Air Force, according to Hezbollah's Manar TV channel, citing security sources in Damascus."

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We have always been at war with Eurasia...,

   and under the thumb of the Zionists.

This is normal, and the only possible future.  Now, back to work comrades.  FORWARD!

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Luckiliy, Switzerland will declare it's neutrality and offer to hold everyone's gold till the end of the conflict..


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So that's what Bruce is up to.  Haven't heard from him lately. 

Sly Dog with that dopple ganger citizenship, or maybe he's up to a three bagger by now;)

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Bruce finally realized it actually is QE4eva and so there is not much to write about now.

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If people could overcome a small number of neurons in their brains and understand this quote:


"Whether the mask is labelled Fascism, Democracy, or Dictatorship of the Proletariat, our great adversary remains the Apparatus—the bureaucracy, the police, the military. Not the one facing us across the frontier or the battlelines, which is not so much our enemy as our brother's enemy, but the one that calls itself our protector and makes us its slaves. No matter what the circumstances, the worst betrayal will always be to subordinate ourselves to this Apparatus, and to trample underfoot, in its service, all human values in ourselves and in others."
— Simone Weil, Politics, Spring 1945

But alas, no.

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If people could overcome a small number of neurons in their brains and understand this quote:

Yeah 'cause it's that simple - grab your foghorn and tell the people of Israel they need to disband the apparatus of state, that'll really work out. 

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so, you're saying that because something is difficult to do, it shouldn't be attempted?

give up much?



James_Cole's picture

so, you're saying that because something is difficult to do, it shouldn't be attempted?

give up much?

Nope, not what I said. 

francis_sawyer's picture

Having 'Chosen One' status [especially when the distinction was scribed by your own], does not portend disbanding any apparatus that you've cocooned yourself within...


I guess Life's just a cocktail party when you have God on your side...

James_Cole's picture

I guess Life's just a cocktail party when you have God on your side...

Countries at war have generally always had either God or a dictator leading the show (often both), jury is out on whether God is the trump card. 

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Those damn starship captains... They should never be allowed to travel back in time. See what happens, when one of them does, and violates the Prime Directive to jump-start their ancestors!?

Sorry, could not resist. But the point is, sometimes a different perspective is useful or required. Which was the whole point of the Trek series... to get you thinking What if...

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+1, bravo!



"war is when the government tells you who the enemy is.

revolution is when you figure out for yourself who the enemy is."

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This is SO good, you need to get it copyrighted.

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Fuck Copyright! that's a tyranny in and of itself.

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The second part about revolution does not apply to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 afaik...

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The jew supremacist scumbags at still have Benghazi as their top headline with no mention at all of the jew supremacist attack on Syria. No doubt they are waiting for Syria to strike back and then run a screaming headline to the ziotard American morons as if Syria is the aggressor:




Benghazi Witness: We Knew It Was a Terrorist Attack 'From the Get Go'

john39's picture

what the MSM doesn't want you to know:

"Assad’s pro-Christian government forces have been gaining traction in the past couple of weeks against the Al Aqaeda-dominated terrorist “rebels,” thereby obstructing the goal of the New World Order to exterminate the large and flourishing Christian community in Syria, which has been protected by the Assad family for 40 years. As a result, the Israelis felt compelled to intervene on the side of the anti-Christian Islamic terrorists. As in Iraq under U.S. forces, Christians in Syria must be killed or expelled and the Israelis are helping to realize this objective with their completely illegal bombing of Syrian troops and facilities in and around Damascus."

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Yeah, all 8% of them.  I know many Christian Syrians and Chaldeans, and this is a bunch of garbage.

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Just about everything he pimps is.

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All this could end very badly. Putin may at any time prohibit the transit of goods to Afghanistan via Russia. In addition, Putin may at any time to ship weapons to Afghanistan. If he does this, the U.S. military will be in a very difficult situation in Afghanistan.

If the U.S. and its allies can supply weapons to the opposition in Syria, what prevents Putin and his allies to start supply weapons of the opposition in Afghanistan?

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Do you lust for gold or just have a hart full of neutrality?

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I've grown tired of all the zionist cunts.  Time for history to rhyme again.

freak of nature's picture

You mean for nazi's to fail like they did in 45? Here's a rhyme...

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The "cold war" never really ended, it just expanded and is more subtle (at least to the dumbed down masses).

Politicians will never quit playing these games until they get us all killed.

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+1 - pretty much every nation that the US has problems with is backed by Russia or China, and China I think is also allied with Russia.

I wouldn't be suprised at all if the US led a set allies, and Russia led the opposing set of allies when WWIII starts.

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According to an Israeli channel, Israel has officially cancelled all schools/day jobs tomorrow in case Syria decides to attack Tel Aviv.

Israel's Channel 10 is reporting a loss of contact with two Israeli warplanes over Syria


Precious's picture

Is it shelter-in-place like they taught us in Boston?

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Across Tel Aviv, stationery stores are reported to be running low on scissors

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Each and every American citizen must ultimately determine what the uh, edict, or the um, terror code level warning, or the erm, DHS command "shelter in place" means for his or her self.  For us, the meaning is quite clear:  Place your head firmly between your legs and kiss your bunghole goodbye.

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Obomba!, Obomba!, Obomba!



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@ ideal_hamster

Demarcation... as in india and pakistan

... and * 'The Balfour Declaration of 1917' ** [US enters WWI 6 April 1917 [WWI begins 28 July 1914 and officially ends at the Treaty of Versaille's signing 28 June 1918]                 

Note the date:  *** 1917? coincidence??   [no other links worked... strange, not even this!!!]

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June 28, 1919, not 1918.  The Armistice ending hostilities was on Nov 11, 1918.  The treaty was obviously signed later.

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Indeed, profits are down at the military industrial complex.

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Also, must hide the economic collapse.

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Un is a young pup. He yaps as long as they tug his leash, but is easily distracted and quickly goes back to licking his balls once the handlers get what they want. He will become a better actor as he gets older.

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Re: "Israel may have completely changed the debate about foreign intervention in a single instant, and may have catalyzed an international drive to remove Bashar al-Assad from power."

What planet is this writer on?  Does he not know who bankrolls Al-CIAda?  It has ALWAYS been about "foreign intervention." 

With this invasion of sovereign airspace, we should expect the US to come to Syria's aid. 

Christophe2's picture

Well said.  It often feels like ZH is NOT FAR REMOVED from the mainstream.


Over 300 people murdered by Israel (likely mostly civilians), to say nothing of the OBVIOUS aid this gave to the al-CIAda terrorists who 'happened' to have coordinated their own brutal attacks last night, in OBVIOUS lockstep with their zionist masters.



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But, but, but isn't this "The Holy Land"?