Syria Traffic Goes "Dark" As Country Disappears From Internet

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While there have been no new military attacks on Syria since Sunday morning, something more peculiar happened in the past few hours, when according to Akamai and various other Internet traffic trackers, Syria has literally gone "dark", or, as Umbrella Security Labs describes it, as if "Syria has largely disappeared from the Internet."

Some more from Umbrella's blog:

At around 18:45 UTC OpenDNS resolvers saw a significant drop in traffic from Syria. On closer inspection it seems Syria has largely disappeared from the Internet.


The graph below shows DNS traffic from and to Syria. Although Twitter remains relatively silent, the drop in both inbound and outbound traffic from Syria is clearly visible. The small amount of outbound traffic depicted by the chart indicates our DNS servers trying to reach DNS servers in Syria.




Currently both TLD servers for Syria, and are unreachable.  The remaining two nameservers and are reachable since they are not within Syria.


The Umbrella Security Labs also reported on an Internet blackout in Syria November of 2012, where we shared details of the top 10 most failed domains during the outage. 


Update: 1:28 p.m. PDT


There have been numerous incidents where access to and from the Internet in Syria was shut down. Shutting down Internet access to and from Syria is achieved by withdrawing the BGP routes from Syrian prefixes. The graph below shows the sudden drop in visibility for Syrian network prefixes.





How it happened:


Routing on the Internet relies on the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). BGP distributes routing information and makes sure all routers on the Internet know how to get to a certain IP address. When an IP range becomes unreachable it will be withdrawn from BGP, this informs routers that the IP range is no longer reachable.


For example, one of the name servers for the DNS zone .SY is with IP address


Normally our routers would expect a BGP route for


Currently that route has disappeared and we no longer have a way to reach the Nameservers for .SY that reside in Syria

And in parallel news, we are hearing unconfirmed reports that mobile connections have been cut off as well.

Did Assad simply forget to pay his country's DNS (and cell) bill, or is this a preamble to putting Syria in the "dark" in advance of possible future military escalations? We will provide updates as we see them.

h/t @911buff and @l0gg0l

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Dr. Venkman's picture

If I were in Syria now, you would not be reading this.

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Ooo this is just like in the scary movies where the psychopath first cuts the lights before he goes in to do his horrendous acts.

NWO genocidal terrorists at it again. How long before they hit here?

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How's that BitCoin economy doing?   How about ATMs?

Warning:  this is NOT a physical gold commercial.

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I hear there's some internet out Caleeforny-way.

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Internet now under KKK - Koscher Kike Kontrol

css1971's picture

Yup, the Internet is now under centralised control.

Can't have videos and photos of attrocities getting out of the country.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

you mean the rebels beheading civilians, forcing children to behead people, raping, looting christian churches and what not? I'm sure a US NGO has provided internet in a suitcase for that,


don't worry, you'll have something to beat off to when you're drinking your Kool-aid.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Well, the western satanists, the demons in israel and the djinn in the feudal gulf monarchies are almost ready to make their moves, now that assad has survived a relntless onslaught from al quaeda funded and armed irregulars with escalating weaponry ( including chemical ), the usual caderie of provable lies from the US and other western nations, and now naked aggression from the worst rogue state int he world Israel.


Given this, they need to up their game. The only question is... if russia buckles, why are they buckling.. if it wasn't for tartus Syria would be a failed state already like libya, somalia, afghanistan, iraq.

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Fuck, there's something about this post that makes me want to up vote it and also down vote it.

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Any chance they could be convinced (or bribed) to keep him?

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Why, is Russia short of horse-faced jew fellators?

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Can we sweeten the deal by throwing in Piers Morgan?

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I think you are on to something there Dirtlump... Just saying.

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The answer to Russia backing off will be found with Sibel Edmonds boilingfrogspost and the Caucasus. A deal being reached to advantage both sides. Typical of all these power mad control freaks. Sibel is one smart, courageous and gorgeous woman.

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Syria Disappears from Internet ?

You've got to be YIDDing me!

Bastiat's picture

Syrians who went into Bitcoins for shelter are locked out.

Clycntct's picture

Shut down a City,shut down a country. It is a test. Just got the the timelines backwards.

It was supposed to be Syria first and then Boston.

No info No justice No problem.

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How can anyone survive if not in a virtual world?

Suisse's picture

This is perfectly normal, the 90 Layer 3 switches that announce the BGP sessions just all happened to fail simultaneously. It is simply part of Cisco's planned obsolence feature built into IOS and all they need to do is buy a new smartnet license.

Bastiat's picture

No embarrassing Willie Peter photos this time.

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 Umbrella Security Labs = "Resident Evil Pt.4 Bernakageddon"...

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So... Peer to peer networks for mobile devices using wifi?

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Is the west really up for war in Syria?  Really ready to go toe-to-toe with the Russians and Chinese?  And a quick scan of our MSM shows them on the ball as usual...  Not even a hint that something might be going on.


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Damascus get red glow.

optimator's picture

Syria has no right to defend itself from the Israeli Air and Space Force.  Even the U.S. Navy didn't have that right when the U.S.S. Liberty was attacked for hours by that same force!  I should think Syria knows better as trying to defend themselves will only bring more ruin.

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yor ov corse write! 

All hail the kike!


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Benghazi Hearings Are Tomorrow.

It would almost seem amateurish to let this receive heavy attention and media coverage.

darteaus's picture

They won't be hearing about Benghazi in Damascus tomorrow.

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what about short-wave radio?  can they cut that off?

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Here comes the diversion to tomorrows Benghazi hearings. Cutting it close Obummer?

Silverhog's picture

No video streaming out of Damascus showing fireworks. I don't think it's an internal shutdown.

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Hello? How would you suggest they get a video stream out while communications are down? That's usually the point, regardless of who did it (if indeed it was intentional). Didn't you read the SOP? We should expect some sort of troop movement within the next 24 hours or so unless coms come back up soon. Patience. Watch and wait. Maybe you'll learn something.

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Son of stuxnet.

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BREAKING #Syria SNC cites FSA Lt. Mehdi Jacoby for bravery in downing two IAF F16s and Turkish airliner

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This should be good for gold right????

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There's a lot a things in the past year or so that should have been good for gold but look where we are. Don't worry, when the shtf really happens throughout planet earth our gold and silver will come to our rescue.

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SHELTER IN PLACE.  I hear that works very well at shutting down a city.

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Viva Israelhole !!!!

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And with the flick of a switch.

All who may be concerned are left with naught but...


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It was 100% propaganda beforehand...lie all you like

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Seems like the only way to get away from the propaganda is to shut the whole thing down.

And that is why -- they never will.

Once you understand that part and how it works a lot of the rest becomes clear.

magpie's picture

whatever information goes to zero

invidual hangups like gay agenda and numerology remain