Europe's 'Status Quo Pandering' Risks "Radicalization Of An Entire Generation"

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It will come as no surprise to ZH readers that the topic of youth unemployment is critical in Europe but as Der Speigel reports, while the German government's efforts remain largely symbolic, Southern European leaders pander to older voters by defending the status quo and are failing in their fight against the potential for social unrest. One graduate noted, "None of my friends believes that we have a future or will be able to live a normal life," as a lost generation is taking shape in Europe. And European governments seem clueless; instead of launching effective education and training programs to prepare Southern European youth for a professional life after the crisis, the Continent's political elites preferred to wage old ideological battles. In this way, Europe wasted valuable time, at least until governments were shaken early this month by news of a very worrisome record: Unemployment among 15- to 24-year-olds has climbed above 60 percent in Greece. Suddenly Europe is scrambling to address the problem making it an 'obseesion'. There are strong words coming out of Europe's capitals today, but they have not been followed by any action to date.



Via Der Spiegel,

Stylia Kampani did everything right, and she still doesn't know what the future holds for her.




"None of my friends believes that we have a future or will be able to live a normal life," says Kampani. "That wasn't quite the case four years ago."




The unemployment rate among Greeks under 25 has been above 50 percent for months. The situation is similarly dramatic in Spain, Portugal and Italy. According to Eurostat, the European Union's statistics office, the rate of unemployment among young adults in the EU has climbed to 23.5 percent. A lost generation is taking shape in Europe. And European governments seem clueless..




Instead of launching effective education and training programs to prepare Southern European youth for a professional life after the crisis, the Continent's political elites preferred to wage old ideological battles.




These are strong words coming out of Europe's capitals today, but they have not been followed by any action to date.


For instance, in February the European Council voted to set aside an additional €6 billion ($7.8 billion) to fight youth unemployment by 2020, tying the package to a highly symbolic job guarantee. But because member states are still arguing over how the money should be spent, launching the package has had to be postponed until 2014.




A recent Franco-German effort remains equally nebulous.




Economists also argue that it's about time Europe did something about the problem. "The long-term prospects of young people in the crisis-ridden countries are extremely grim. This increases the risk of radicalization of an entire generation," warns Joachim Möller, director of Germany's Institute of Employment Research, a labor market think tank. "It was a mistake for politicians to acknowledge the problem but do nothing for so long,"




The key to combating youth unemployment is to reform the divided labor market. But as an internal report by the German government shows, the crisis-stricken countries have hardly made any progress on this front.




In Athens, young university graduate Stylia Kampani is now thinking of starting over. She is considering moving to Germany. And this time, she adds, she might stay there.

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Freddie's picture

The same open-borders marxist letting the third world flood in including msulims and africans.  The countries are broke, no jobs yet they still let the third world flood in.

PiratePawpaw's picture

If only we could engineer some sore of armed geo-political conflict....It would occupy the youths, generate jobs, and profits for the 1%......Have they tried that yet?

Steve Brown's picture

The ground has never been more fertile for social unrest. When the disaffected youth take to the streets, the shooting by TPTB will commence and anarchy will rule.

Kiss My Icelandic Ass's picture

"The ground has never been more fertile for social unrest."

And yet, the sheeple continue to cower and wait for the invisible hand of Keynesian intervention to save the day. Maybe the next trillion of QE will do the trick ! LOL

cabtrom's picture

All the worlds elites are sitting in a room arguing over who has to sell their Farrari. Haha

PontifexMaximus's picture

Markets need, as I said before, high unemployment rates, whether for young or "old" people. That's the oxygene, markets need. Reality? Who the hell cares. Larry Fink used to say: it (all) doesn't matter. So who is right. By the way, anyone tickets for champ. leag. final London? They could ask for 1000 pounds tag, sold out. So again, who cares? And Hollande, Letta, Rajoy et al know it full well. So be sure, Mario and Ben will synchronize every step.

Never One Roach's picture
Tourism chiefs dismiss fears after Paris riots

May 15th, 2013



"Honey, what do ya say we skip that 'romantic' trip to Paris this year and head over to Seaworld and say Hi to Shamu instead?"

Son of Loki's picture

Beijing on Saturday urged French authorities to better protect Chinese tourists known for their big spending habits, citing "concern" over recent attacks on visitors to Paris.

"France has long been considered a dream destination in China, where it is often lovingly portrayed as the country of "romance".

But that dream has recently turned into a nightmare for some Chinese tourists, who have been victims of violent robberies and other aggressions. Chinese media has in recent weeks reported on several such incidents."

PontifexMaximus's picture

I do not want them in Paris, the frogs are already pushing up prices and giving no countervalue, as they always did in Paris.

Kiss My Icelandic Ass's picture

"Tourism chiefs dismiss fears after Paris riots"

"Pay no attention to the rioting youths beneath the Eiffel Tower! Move along folks, nothing to see here ... "

Charles Wilson's picture

"Honey, what do ya say we skip that 'romantic' trip to Paris this year and head over to Seaworld and say Hi to Shamu instead?"

Shamu has had it. He told his Psychotherapist the other day that he's about ready to break out.

"You think it's easy swimmin' around inna play pool all day?...For freakin mackeral' for God's sake?  I'm tellin' ya', let little Johnny get just a little closer and I'll show you all.  I've had it.  Why don'cha loop that movie of my family roostin' out a few penguins, OK?  I tell you, I'm BIG and I float the dime around here.  You think THAT matters?  Don't nobody get ANY kind'a support around here.  Things are gonna change, Reeeeel soon, I can promise you. Real soon."

Seasmoke's picture

The devil will find work for idle hands to do

Kaiser Sousa's picture

they have a future...

and the sooner they learn how to make malotov cocktails and begin hurling them at the cocksucker bankers and their bitch owned politicians the brighter that future will become....

Stuck on Zero's picture

Wait!  Aren't these youth supposed to be supporting the older generation with the incredible benefits and pensions?


Charles Wilson's picture


"Instead of launching effective education and training programs to prepare Southern European youth for a professional life after the crisis, the Continent's political elites preferred to wage old ideological battles."

That these 2 statements are concatenated together is astonishing.  The old "Ideological Battles" were PRECISELY about "launching effective education and training programs", etc., etc., to NAUSEA.

Never a mention of education and training happening in...I dunno...a JOB maybe?

Capitalism or...uhhh...Oh, NEVER MIND.




Kiss My Icelandic Ass's picture

It would be laughable if it weren't so sick. O tempora !

Joe A's picture

It is a big problem but unemployment among high school and university's undergraduate and graduate students is also due to the fact that many students do 'fun studies' without any real prospects for a job. Who needs 'leisure time consultants',  'social media advisors', 19th century Enlish literature graduates, etc.?

And they actually think they are entitled to get a job in these 'professions' while these jobs are  just not there.

There will always be work for people who actually know how to do something but these kinds of studies are looked down upon in Europe. Also, not many people are taught skills needed to promote themselves, for work searching, how to set up a business and to look for work other than the profession you studied. And societies also don't make it easy for them: no internship places are created, no support and guidance for young people with a business idea, no business incubators.

It is a hard wake up call for some but knowing how to chat, make funny videos and text really fast are not skills that any employer is looking for.

Sandmann's picture

There are lots of unemployed Chemistry graduates, Engineers, Aeronautical Engineers, IT Programmers, Physics is only Media studies graduates that get jobs in Amazon warehouses

Joe A's picture

In my country NL there are 15,000 IT positions that cannot be filled. Overall there is a shortage of any kind of engineers and medical staff such as nurses. But any technical profile is not appreciated neither in salary not in carreer prospects in NL.

They tried outsourcing but that was not much of a success. People who are unemployed now had jobs mostly in services or in administration although due to the housing crisis also a lot of construction workers lost their jobs (or were replaced with cheaper Poles).

Sandmann's picture

They will all have to come to Britain which ZH always ignores. It may not be in the Euro but it is a Class A Basket Case, though ZH never mentions it. Youth unemployment is simply ignored but facts on the ground are different from Bloomberg terminals.

There is not a lot of difference between Britain and Italy really

Uncle Zuzu's picture

Germany at 7.9% and Austria at 9.9%, show-offs!

timbo_em's picture

Merkel is a clever bitch. It should be clear by now that she uses the Euro to cure Germany's horrible demographics.

Floodmaster's picture

Remove the military and the US is worse than Spain.

youngman's picture

I do think many College grads will be under employed for many years...its what they do with those underemployed years is they re educate the go out and do their own thing...sole proprietor...startups....or do they just file for disablitly ..move to Colorado for the easy access to pot....and call it a life....I think the latter unfortunatly....

Fezter's picture

Bring back the Holy Roman Empire....Otto I will fix this mess....

Boondocker's picture

Hmmmm.Britian must have really low

BattlegroundEurope2011's picture

The UK is NOT in Euro land.

The UK is not part of the Socialist Republic of Europe.


The sooner UKIP gains traction or our useless 3 Main Parties wake up the better.

We Brits do not want anymore Europeans pls.  We are full.


harry555's picture

Fellow Europeans are fine.  It's the third world dross that's the problem.

BattlegroundEurope2011's picture


Close the borders and get our "OWN" ppl to bloody work instead of sponging from the Social.  We have enough unemployed to fill all the jobs in the country.


Then and only then do we open our borders back if there is a REAL need.

End of.


Joe A's picture

Europeans don't want no binge drinking English hooligans and slags nor bloated arrogant ex-pats anymore.

Floodmaster's picture

Strangely Germany/Austria never had a housing bubble (same price as 1970) as the PIIGS have.

PontifexMaximus's picture

It is difficult for the anglosaxon world to understand, that high youth unemployment in EU is an absolute nobrainer. They are doing well, they enjoy a nice life. So, believe me, no one cares in EU about it.

Gordon Freeman's picture

Lazy, disaffected, eurotrash are perfectly happy to keep sucking off the government teat. 

Fake-indignant articles like this ZH perennial chestnut, purporting that Europe is full of a seething youth underclass, are just pathetic and risible.  As others have pointed out, these kids vote FOR this stuff!

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

When the promises can't be kept that youth unemployment thing becomes a real issue and it is not just the youts that you gotta worry about then.

malek's picture

 "None of my friends believes that we have a future or will be able to live a normal life," says Kampani. "That wasn't quite the case four years ago."

Now has only the belief changed or the whole future - that's the next question.

Kreditanstalt's picture

"launching effective education and training programs" would be equally useless, treating the symptoms rather than the problem.

What is needed is radical deregulation, smaller governments, lower taxes, less government have to make it possible for people to become entrepreneurs.  It isn't now.

And, of course, the elimination of fractional reserve banking, central banking and fiat money!

PontifexMaximus's picture

U took the words rite out of my mouth

My Days Are Getting Fewer's picture

When utter hopelessness sinks in, Rudi Dutsche and Baader Meinhof will be resurrected.  There are plenty of groups who would like to see Europe degenerate into anarchy. And, the free-flow of weapons and munitions from East to West would be easier than transporting drugs.  If the governments don't stop giving money to the banks and redirect their efforts to rebuilding civil society, you only need the bottom one percent to forcefully engage themselves to destroy the status quo.  And, a whole bunch of people in the lower strata of society will offer passive support because they too have nothing to lose.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

And if share some of the spoils, once they get a taste....

Joe A's picture

I don't know. People have become complacent and passive. I mean, in the past smaller crisis led to more civil unrest and acts of resistence/terrorism then we see now. I wondered why in countries such as Greece or Spain people instead of popping bankers and politicians are killing themselves.

AgentScruffy's picture

Yes to economic liberalization: the strides made by the Baltic states, though not perfect, are promising.

Divine's picture

Seems like all the kids in Europe are doing dope. 


This will end up in tears bitches

Poor Grogman's picture

Starting a business from scratch that can employ people and make it's owner financially comfortable, is virtually impossible with all the red tape and indecipherable regulation.

Even if by some good luck and Herculean effort you were able to overcome all the state imposed hurdles to wealth creation, you would be taxed into oblivion while simultaneously being portrayed by loud mouths as a "rent seeker" or some sort of capitalist parasite.

Why would you bother?

Atlas has shrugged, and is enjoying a good book, he might get out of his chair after the great reset...

pashley1411's picture

Its not the end of the world.

The Chinese youth of that time lived thru the Cultural Revolution.   They may be bitter about the lost opportunity for what amounted to sheer political theater. 

Other generations have to live thru stupid and pointless wars.   Sad for them, and yet it happens.

So, in a different context but similar result, the youth of the EU countries are sacrificed on the pyre of their elder's promises and delusions.    

Loophole's picture

The only thing govts can do to help in their economies is to get the hell out of them.  Aside from the military, police, courts, and their support services, everything else they do is, one way or another, just wealth redistribution.

Some stealing from others.

But it looks to me that people are determined to learn this the hard way.  The very hard way.

Apocalypse airtractor's picture

Lots of jobs coming soon to euro youth. As long as your throwing arm is good and you can fill bottles with petrol. Of course no base salary or benifits it's strictly straight commission work, what you can haul home that isn't smoke damaged.