Parabolic Europe Closing Ramp

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Presented with little comment just to note the entirely news and fundamentals driven ramp in US equities has an odd correlation with the smash in AUDJPY... (and it's Tuesday and a POMO)

3 legs:

1. US open - yay, stocks are open to buy...

2. Quick - Buy Bonds and Buy Stocks - we need that regime back...

3. We need Green!! - ramp AUDJPY...

Or maybe it was none of the above, and it was just select Reuters clients reacting to the very early leak of the University of Phoenix Consumer Spying index, which will have just hit a record high when it is released to the broader public in due course...

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Well, that's an interesting take on it.

Or maybe we wake up one day and gold and silver have doubled or tripled.

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If that happens, and I hear how a bunch of hedge funds made out like champs by buying the big dip in GLD and SLV I am selling all my phyz, ripping out my garden, taking out as many loans as possible and hitting the mall to buy as much shit as I can. I have a lot of catching up to do.

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I don't what changes will occur fonz. We are all guessers in this completely FUBAR'd sector. Nothing is based on reality.

Look at the Gold/XAU ratio, 13.31, lol.

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It seems as though they can keep the game on indefinately.  I still like my garden, gold, and goods (DRY).  I am sticking with the plan though tempted to through caution to the wind.

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It would be a miracle at this point if silver could even climb above $22 again.   Silver looks like it is perpetually ready to implode to $19-18.  Maybe Chine re-opening tomorrow will help, but I doubt it.  

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it would have only been funnier if the market was green last tuesday and the streak was still alive.


this is a total joke, and it just shows, because when they broughtthe dow back from down 150 to even, it has been flat since, basically showing there only intention was to go green.

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They got the "dippers" to chase the ramp so now it should be "Bombs away!" to -15 S&P. I hate this fucking bot-driven POS like it was a Ukranian mother-in-law.

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They got the "dippers" to chase the ramp so now it should be "Bombs away!" to -15 S&P. I hate this fucking bot-driven POS like it was a Ukranian mother-in-law.

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Did I actually double-click the "SAVE" bar?

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Put the shorts on.  The pig was stuck and we are going to bleed...

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Karlsruhe calling... will determine how the exchanges mumble or tumble. 

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Everyone feeling about like this over these asinine moves. 

I think that says it all.


Jack the motherfucking paper to THE MOON, Alice ! 

Them, pull the investment rug out from under all of the rubes who rushed in to buy.

P.T.Barnum said it best. " There's a sucker born every minute. " 

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Yahoo is beating up gold mention anywhere about the recent bond sell off.

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With apologies to Neil Young:



Look out Mama, there’s an algo comin’ up the river

With a big bull flag and a candle with a mile-long tail

I think we’d better move our stops

Cuz it don’t look like they’re here

to deliver the mail

It’s a millisecond away

I hope it’s not here to stay

It’s got “Goldman” on the side, high volume, 

and it’s making big waves


The SEC’s AWOL, and Bernanke’s huntin’ bears in the mountains

My boss’s been drinkin’ since May 6, 2010

So the powers that be left me here to do the trading

And I just turned twenty-two

I was wondering what to do

The more I lost, the more those feelings grew


Logitech mouse in my right hand felt reassuring

They told me Green means Run, son, numbers add up to nothin’ 

But when the first spike hit the tape, I never saw it comin’

Raised ‘The Finger’ to the sky

Never stopped to wonder why

Then I saw black and my account balance went bye-bye

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The Parabolic European Closing Ramp is becoming such a common theme that I propose we use an acronym: Ladies & Gentlemen, I present for your approval 'the PECR' (pronounced 'pecker)'.

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I wonder if the Tylers will find this to be another quote-spamming rally, like on Thurs afternoon.  The 5-min volume histogram just doesn't support what happened today.  Thankfully, it appears to be rolling over, so those of us caught with our shorts down can get out without losing a mortgage payment.  Fuckheads.

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A dip below 80 in the McLellan oscillator has presaged multi-week bull runs for the last 3 years.  We had such a dip last Thursday.  This is the last run to ES 1700 before the summer doldrums and 2Q massacre.  

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What another truck load of money from the FED...what to do?