World War II From Space

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With tensions raging in Asia (and the Middle East) and the anniversary of the start of World War I drawing closer, we thought it contextually useful to look at World War II from a different (and more broad) perspective. This History Channel documentary shows - using an all-seeing CGI eye - a satellite view of the conflicts, allowing you to experience it in a way that places key events and tipping points in a global perspective. By re-creating groundbreaking moments that could never have been captured on camera and by illustrating the importance of simultaneity and the hidden effects of crucial incidents, the war's monumental moments in never- before-seen context. And with new information brought to the forefront, you'll better understand how a nation ranked 19th in the world's militaries in 1939 emerged six years later as the planet's only atomic superpower.


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I don't get your junks.  Are people upset with the recitation of facts? 

In a word, yes.  I know because I was that soldier.  As my research showed increasingly that the WW2 narrative we'd been given was a total crock of shit I resisted.  At least initially.  The resistance was replaced by a seething rage that I had allowed myself to be duped for so long.

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Umm Poland?  If anybody cares...

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No, WWII started because Germany invaded Poland. France and England made it very clear to Germany that that was a line that could not be crossed. And the attack on the Low countries and France was already envisaged.

Edit: this was not a reply to you but it somehow ended up like that.

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Nostradamus was supposed to see history like that too, but he saw it before it was made. 


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Why do we have to bomb so many countries? Why do we have 900 bases in 130 countries? And we’re totally bankrupt! How are you going to rebuild a military when we have no money? How are we going to take care of the people?

Ron Paul

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Interesting questions, but perhaps they are a distraction. It seems obvious to me that the plan is to render the US totally impotent, lest it be both willing and able to resist the NWO. Too much harm has been done, in too many different aspects of life, to make me believe anything else. Call it a battle between good and evil, if you wish, or between liberty and slavery. 

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I would call it a battle between evil and evil or between slavery and serfdom.

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This is only an audio...turn speakers on and up because some comm hard to understand scroll down and click video play sadly Ebony 2   B52D 12-26-72 U-Tapao Capt Robert Morris Pilot...not that lucky  Lilac 03    D 56-0678 12-18-72 Landed at U-Tapao.  350 external holes   You'll hear the term 'uplink' often was the Electronics Warrant Officers job to monitor radar comm in the "SAMs" no uplink, meant it wasn't controlled by radar and would self detonate at varying altitudes rather than locking in on B52s Sometimes Good and Evil have to be measured by degree, but it's hard to find a comparison or metric to adequately describe men like Hitler and Stalin and the systems they tried to enslave us with.   The next anti-Christ will be worldwide. There is your New World Order.
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Don't worry.

Your statement is INDEED valid.

The questions asked by the Honorable Congressman from the great State of Texas, Dr. Ronald E. Paul, were, in fact, quite valid. The timing was not within the scope of a solution within this age, however (he had been asking the same questions for about 3 decades, back when these COULD still be solved). Others had offered these questions, such as Lindberg, back shortly after the passage of the Federal Reserva Act, but they too were shunned and ignored.

Your statement, unfortunately, leads to only one conclusion (which is still NOT accepted): The United States, and in fact, the entire globe, WILL be enslaved, despite any attempts to change this trajectory. The plan has ALWAYS been thusly to render the United States IMPOTENT, ever since 1789, 1812, 1861, 1876, 1913...I mean, how many times can YOU come in one session?


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We are the heart of the NWO.  They're trying to destroy our private sector while keeping the goverment and it's functions strong, and the MIC is key to keeping everyone in line.  We're basically the world police force until everyone can be converted to a United Nations type format.

You know, everything the Founders intended when they drafted The Constitution.

G.O.O.D's picture

Bankrupt? Speak for yourself, we can pave the world in dollar bills and we do by the way. With a bionic printing press and checks still left in the check book, we are anything but bankrupt. Quit being an economic girlyman.

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On initial inspection there appears to be way too many propagandists with Bernays ingrained world views and mouths flapping hot air being picked up from "Space".   

suteibu's picture

+100  Chose not to watch after about 5 minutes.

It's America's Rags to Riches story via global war. 

Not like some of the banking families who funded it which is the Rich to Richer story.

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There is only One all-seeing Eye and He does not share power

MontgomeryScott's picture

Henry Kissinger.

No, wait...

Zbignew Brezinski.

Pure Evil's picture

How'd ja like to have my one eyed baby poke you in your all seeing eye?

Schmuck Raker's picture

Right... four-star general Keith B. Alexander.

blabam's picture

Oh how I hate modern "history" programs.

Ignatius's picture

When I think of all the great and interesting directions that ZH could go, History Channel reruns aren't one of 'em.

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I watched the video a bit. I stopped when I heard that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was unprovoked. Based on what I've read, that wasn't exactly true.

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On October 8, 1940, Admiral James O. RichardsonCommander in Chief, Pacific Fleet, provoked a confrontation with Roosevelt by repeating his earlier arguments to Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Harold R. Stark and Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox that Pearl Harbor was the wrong place for his ships. Roosevelt believed relocating the fleet to Hawaii would exert a "restraining influence" on Japan.[citation needed]

Richardson asked the President if the United States was going to war. Roosevelt's view was:

"At least as early as October 8, 1940, ...affairs had reached such a state that the United States would become involved in a war with Japan. ... 'that if the Japanese attacked Thailand, or the Kra Peninsula, or the Dutch East Indies we would not enter the war, that if they even attacked the Philippines he doubted whether we would enter the war, but that they (the Japanese) could not always avoid making mistakes and that as the war continued and that area of operations expanded sooner of later they would make a mistake and we would enter the war.' ... ".[5][6]

Japan's 1940 move into Vichy-controlled Indochina further raised tensions. When combined with its war with China, withdrawal from the League of Nations, alliance with Germany and Italy, and increasing militarization, the move provoked an attempt to restrain Japan economically. The United States embargoed scrap metal shipments to Japan and closed the Panama Canal to Japanese shipping.[7] This particularly hit Japan's economy hard because 74.1% of Japan's scrap iron came from the United States, documented in 1938. Japan's main source for copper was also heavily dependent on American trade; 93% of Japan's copper in 1939 came from the United States.[8] In early 1941, Japan moved into southern Indochina.[9] thereby threateningBritish MalayaNorth Borneo, and Brunei.

Japan and the U.S. engaged in negotiations during the course of 1941 in an effort to improve relations. During these negotiations Japan considered withdrawal from most of China and Indochina after Japan and Nationalist China drew up peace terms. Japan would also adopt an independent interpretation of the Tripartite Pact, and would not discriminate in trade provided all other countries reciprocated. However, these compromises in China were rejected by General Tojo, then War Minister.[10] Responding to continuing Japanese aggression in China, the U.S. froze Japanese assets in the U.S. on 26 July 1941 and on 1 August established an embargo on oil and gasoline exports to Japan.[11] The oil embargo was an especially strong response because oil was Japan's most crucial import, and more than 80 percent of Japan's oil at the time came from the United States.[12]

Japanese war planners had long looked south, especially to Brunei for oil and to Malaya for rubber and tin. The Navy was (mistakenly) certain any attempt to seize this region would bring the U.S. into the war,[13][page needed] but the complete U.S. oil embargo removed any hesitancy. Moreover, any southern operation would be vulnerable to attack from the Philippines, then a U.S. commonwealth, so war with the U.S. seemed necessary in any case. In addition to this, Japan looked to the Dutch East Indies. In the autumn of 1940, Japan requested 3.15 million barrels of oil from the Dutch East Indies, but received a counter offer of only 1.35 million barrels.[14] Therefore, the Japanese were interested in expansion to the East Indies, but Malaya and the Philippines had to have been cleared in order for the Japanese to secure the area. This meant inevitable U.S. intervention.[15]

After the embargoes and the asset freezes, the Japanese Ambassador to Washington, Kichisabur? Nomura, and U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull held multiple meetings in order to resolve Japanese-American relations. But no solution could be agreed upon for three key reasons:

  1. Japan's alliance to Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy through the Tripartite Pact;
  2. Japan wanted economic control and responsibility for southeast Asia;
  3. Japan refused to leave mainland China (without Manchoukuo).[16]

The U.S. embargoes gave Japan a sense of urgency. It would either have to agree to Washington's demands or use force to gain access to the resources it needed.

In their final proposal, on 20 November, Japan offered to withdraw their forces from southern Indochina and not to launch any attacks in southeast Asia provided that the U.S., Britain, and the Netherlands ceased aiding Chinam and lifted their sanctions against Japan.[10] The American counterproposal of 26 November (the Hull note) required Japan to evacuate all of China without conditions and conclude non-aggression pacts with Pacific powers.

The Wisp's picture

another little error was the claim that the Wolf packs, were effective.. the u boats did quite well enough solo diverting them to  far flung targets that were never there .

TN Jed's picture

Yes, and I'm growing damned tired of all the Hollywood Nazi porn, like the latest Clooney flick.  It's an unoriginal, dead-horse, can't-lose plot as it is universally agreed Nazis are bad, mmkay? 

G.O.O.D's picture

the glory of it all

rtalcott's picture

more history channel crap...gave that up decades ago...

Rafferty's picture

Not the History Channel, the Hitler Channel.

Ranger_Will's picture

Soon to be continued with "World War III: In Space"

GeezerGeek's picture

Should I switch from wearing a tin foil hat to wrapping my entire house in tin foil, or better yet lead? 

MontgomeryScott's picture

Well, I suppose the question here must be:

WHERE do you find 'TIN' foil, anyway?

Reynold's Wrap ALUMINIUM FOIL is so much more popular, you know.

Tin foil, also spelled tinfoil, is a thin foil made of tin. Actual tin foil was superseded by cheaper and more durable[citation needed] aluminium foil after World War II, although aluminium foil is still referred to as "tin foil" in many regions. (See also tin can.)

Frikking WW--II, I see.

The paint in my house is pre-1970, and therefore has LEAD in it. I lick the walls constantly (yeah, RIGHT!).

Interesting thing about lead-lined walls: Lead prevents all types of radiation from being transmitted (including 3-G and 4-G). Lead raises the octane number in gasoline, and retards wear of the valve train. Lead is used by the shitload in the bullets that the DHS is buying. Lead was used as ballast in sailboats, as well as 'bottom paint'.

Lead in gasoline was outlawed by the USEPA, due to the fact that Stanford-Binet studies of the I.Q. levels of those who lived next to freeways seemed to be lower than the general population (it had 'nothing' to do with the fact that those who live near freeways don't make as much money, due to the fact that they are less intelligent, and therefore need to live in less-expensive housing, such as that found next to freeways).

You DO understand, of course, that the USEPA has proposed rules that OUTLAW the use of LEAD in rounds sold within the CONUS, to take place in 2017, don't you?

'TIN FOIL HAT'...That's a RIOT!

toxic8's picture

History channel blows,

this was an interesting idea but basically H2 turned it into

one big propogandized American circlce jerk, yeah, we came up in the end conveniently and cleaned the fuck up but...

no mention of 20 million russian lives lost?

no mention of Standard Oil supporting the Nazi war machine?

nothing on US oil embargo of Japan, forcing them to react?

if the US had advanced Radar + had broken Japanese communication cyphers.. why was the US taken by surprise by a fleet of Japanese aircraft flying half way across the world into Pearl Harbor?

no mention of Bush regime selling to Nazi war criminals?

no mentoin of the Patriotic Bush family legacy going way back... as in the failed coup/conspiracy which was stopped by "War is a Racket" Major General Smedley Butler?

no mention of deliberate targeting and massive loss of civilian lives in British bombing campaign against Germany (hamberg etc?)

bunch of hypocrites, democracy this and peace that, and the US is the only country to nuke muthafuckas TWICE off the face of the map

shepherd's picture

And no mentioning of the "holocaust" being a giant fraud industry.

nmewn's picture

Don't be a fucking dumbass.

You're saying the Einsatzgruppen & SS were figments of the imagination?

shepherd's picture

Don't even try to defend the gas chambers now anymore. Lol.

nmewn's picture

You're a twisted little bastard aren't you?

You are now apparently saying ZyklonB was never used at Auschwitz...and just what was the purpose of Auschwitz by the way?

And, what is this?...

shepherd's picture

Zyklon B was used to disinfect the clothes. Your images show people that died of typhus and starvation, while Germany was bombed to smitherens, that's why they look the way they did. Gas chambers don't make people thin, now do they, knucklehead.

nmewn's picture

Normally, you disinfect clothes when the people are not in them...idiot.

So, I guess the Babi Yar (Kiev), the "Harvest Festival" (Poland) and Odessa (Ukraine) massacres are figments of the imagination as well?

shepherd's picture

There was no gas chamber in Dachau. So what are you even talking about you jewish liar.

akak's picture

And I suppose that Hitler was just a well-intentioned patriot who was grossly misunderstood by non-Germans, is that it?

Fuck off with this insulting neo-Nazi bullshit.  You are probably just another Cass Sunstein paid minion sent here to troll this site with your egregious pro-Nazi lies in the attempt to discredit it, and us.

akak's picture

You contemptible bastard, I have known people who were IN some of those death camps (none of them Jews, as it happens, as Hitler and the Nazis were committed to the genocide of far more than just the Jews --- like ALL the Slavs, for starters), and their first-hand accounts are both rather more reliable, and believable, than your vile and malicious revisionist bullshit.

Fuck off and die, troll.

shepherd's picture

No, you fuck off. Ever wondered why there is no shortage of "survivors". In fact there are still 200000 "survivors" alive today in Israel and 10000 in the US. That is 70 years after the "fact"!

Now if you could at one time in your life start to think and count you would know that there must have been untold millions of survivors after the war for this to be true.


Hugh G Rection's picture

Shepherd- The programming is strong on this one.

I put together a 6 minute vid (Cabbalistic pun intended), highlighting the hard facts of the "holocaust".  In the age of 5 minute attention spans it's unrealistic to expect a sheep to watch a full length documentary, at least until they are slapped in the face with the most glaring evidence.

Hard Facts of The Holocaust:

Dinero D. Profit's picture

Dachau Concentration Camp

Commandant’s Office

October 1, 1933


Disciplinary and Penal Code for the Camp


The following penal regulations have been issued within the framework of already existing camp regulations for the maintenance of discipline and order in the Dachau concentration camp.


All prisoners in the Dachau concentration camp are subject to these regulations from the moment they enter until the time of their release.


Executive disciplinary powers are vested in the Commandant, who is personally responsible to the Chief of Political Police for carrying out the prescribed regulations.


Tolerance is a sign of weakness.  Therefore action will be taken without consideration, if and where the Nation’s interests demand it.  The decent citizen who has been incited will not be subjected to punishments laid down in these penal regulations, but let any political or intellectual agitators, whatever their leanings, pay heed:  take care that you are not caught or you will be seized by the throat and silenced according to your own prescriptions.


.#6... A penalty of 8 day’s detention and 25 strokes administered before and after the sentence will be given to any person: 1. who makes ironical or jeering remarks to a member of the S.S., who intentionally omits a salute as stipulated, or who by his conduct shows that he does not wish to submit to order and discipline.


.#8... A penalty or 14 day’s detention and 25 strokes at the beginning and end of the sentence will be given to any person: 2. who makes unfavorable remarks in letters or other communications about National Socialist leaders, the state or the Government, authorities and institutions, who extols Marxist or liberal leaders or November parties, or who communicates information about events in the camp.


.#10... A penalty of 42 days detention or prolonged solitary confinement will be given to any person; 4. who vilifies the emblems of the National Socialist State or those who wear them, insults them or disregards them in any other way. 


.#11... Any person, who at work, in the living quarters, kitchen, workshop, toilets or rest places engages in subversive politics, holds provocative speeches, congregates with others for this purpose, forms cliques, loiters, collects, receives or buries information, repeats or smuggles out of the camp by means of a note or some other method to a camp visitor information, either true or false, concerning the camp, to be used in our enemies horror propaganda, or who sends written or verbal message through released or transferred prisoners, conceals them in items of clothing or other objects, throws them over the wall, writes coded messages, or any person in order to incite rebellion climbs onto the roof of the huts or up trees, or transmits signals with a lamp or by any other means, seeks outside contact, or advises, supports or aids others in escape or crime, will be hanged as a subversive instigator under the terms of revolutionary law.


.#13... Any person who in the camp, in living quarters, workshops, kitchen, stores, etc. deliberately causes a fire, explosion, flooding, or any other material damage, or any person who tampers in any way which does not correspond to orders given, with the barb-wire fence, high-tension cables, electricity junction box, telephone lines, water pipes, the walls of the camp or other security installations, heating installations or boilers, engines or motor vehicles, will be punished by death as a saboteur.


If the deed is committed through negligence the guilty party will be placed in solitary confinement. Doubtful cases will be treated as sabotage.


.#19... Solitary confinement consists of a diet of water and dry bread and a hard bed.  The prisoner will be given hot food every 4 days.  Hard labor includes hard physical and especially dirty work carried out under strict surveillance.


The following complementary punishments are laid down;  Punishment drill, flogging, deprivation of mail, withdrawal of food, hard bed, the “post”, reprimands and warning.


All punishments will be recorded in the prisoner’s personal file, Detention and hard labor will prolong preventive detention by at least four weeks.  Prisoners in cells cannot be released from the camp within the foreseeable future.


The Concentration Camp Commandant


signed: Eicke




MontgomeryScott's picture

Dachau simply worked the people to death and starved them to death and froze them to death.

No need for such a costly infrastructure...

A 'win-win' situation, I suppose.

NO, I don't buy the official story as reported ever since 1915 or so, about the 'six million jews' (and, by the way, I am NOT one of those so-called 'chosen ones').

YAY ZION, say you. Obvious misdirection...

nmewn's picture

Auschwitz and I'm not jewish.

There was no gas chamber at Auschwitz then?