Deposed-Ukraine President Yanukovich Speaks At Press Conference - Live Webcast

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The long awated press conference has begun. Here are the highlights:


Live webcast below:


Some more highlights:

"Reject this government. It's not too late" says Yanukovych,

"Laws were approved by violence in Rada. I don't recognize, never will recognize this new government". The ousted president assured that he intends to return to the country. "When I'll have real opportunity and guarantees of my security, including from international mediators, I'll return to Ukraine"

"I was tricked by the EU deal" says Yanukovych

The ousted Ukrainian president repeats that he's still the legitimate president of the country, saying that "any military action in Crimea is unacceptable and I don't intend to ask for it".  "I didn't meet Putin, we spoke on the phone, we'll meet as soon as Putin has time. I dont know when".

"I apologize for not retaining the power and stability in Ukraine"

Yanukovych says that Ukraine's parliament is "illegitimate", defending again that he's still the president. "I haven't flee, I've just moved to Kharkiv in the last days. During move I was shot at with automatic weapons. My car took fire from all sides.". Asked by a reporter if he's "ashamed", the ousted president answered: "I am. I apologize for not retaining the power and stability in the country". Asked about his presence in Rostov he says that he decided to move to the russian city because of "threats against him and his family", "'I went to Rostov because I have a good friend here".

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"Pro-fascist" forces??  Versus what??  

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Well you can't argue with that.

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Anyone else having the problem of Zerohedge using ridiculous amounts of memory and locking up the browser? Started like 7-10 days ago. Come on Tylers get the shit together, or is there something else running on the site that is using so much overhead? Hmmmmmmmm?

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There is an ad that keeps crashing the Shockwave player...

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I disabled my flash player. That cleared it right up.

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Today in Ukraine there is no legitimate authority and any legitimate ministers of Internal Affairs. Today in Ukraine there are only rebels, buyout force seized power in Kiev. And also in Ukraine, there are regions that have remained faithful to the Constitution, democracy and legitimate democratically elected Ukrainian President.

I repeat: The authorities in Kiev are now thugs and criminals. It's a fact and it does not depend on opinions EuroNATO of USA . All these criminals, have committed particularly serious crime. They have committed armed coup and eventually they all will be arrested and prosecuted.

Including an accomplice of criminals that today nazyvetsya himself " Minister of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine ." He is not the Minister. He impostor. It will be sent to jail , along with all the other members of his criminal gang.

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ron paul, said stay away from this mess, so of course we do not..our military should be used to defend America like secure borders, of course we have sociopaths doing the exact opposite. NWO will lead to alot of deaths, and a prison planet for most.

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From a Norwegian perspective I will call the coup-makers a Quisling government. Unless they have actual power by law to overthrow a democraticaly elected President, they effectuating a coup-d'etat and are by definition guilty of high treason.

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"Democratically elected" does not confer legitimacy forever:

Morsi was "democratically elected."

Chavez was "democratically elected."

Hitler was "democratically elected."

But go ahead...try to defend all those people who ended as overt dictators. This fixation on "democratically elected" is really becoming a fetish and a substitute for thinking.

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So, we should all disregard the law? Or cherry pick when we feel like it? How was Yanukovich an overt dictator? What does that even mean? If he was elected with praise on the conduct of the election process ( then how has he become an illegitimate president? Where are the laws that enables the Ukrainian parliament to depose him?

This is a coup d'etat camuflaged as a "democratic" revolution. True democracy would have been to call for a new election (which was agreed upon for December 2014). A mass of protesters/revolutionaries/rioters overthrowing a democraticaly elected president is not "democracy".

What we see in the Ukraine is very similar to what Quisling did in 1940. When the Norwegian parliament fled ahead of the Germans, Quisling stepped in and declared the existing parliament null and void because they fled. But the law did not open for any such action and he committed high treason by doing so. Same case in Ukraine.

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Title of article is crap and the CIA provocation.
Should be as follows:
Valid, legitimate and democratically elected-Ukraine President Yanukovich Speaks At Press Conference - Live Webcast

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Doubtless the adoring people want him to collect - personally..

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He's like the Ukrainian Jack Sparrow...aaarrrggghhh!

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My God, that man's melon is ginormous. Is it packed with brains?

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Please Russia don't let Goldman Sachs get control of the pipelines.

Only Obama, Susan Rice, Victoria Nuland, Washington’s European puppets, and the Western prostitute media can describe the brutal reality of post-coup Ukraine as “the forward march of democracy.” --Paul Craig Roberts.

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Crashes to 79.81 on TV and Is Selling US Treasuries To Make His Point Clear


Somebody has read James Rickards' new book "The Death Of Money" and playing along with it. As we have noted before, Ukraine is another battle to be lost by the US dollar as The Reserve Currency of Choice. Who is selling US Treasuries today? Is it only angry Russia or is it China raising cash to Buy Barrick Gold's vault in the ground at Pascua Lama?    Now with Yuan pushed down and US Dollar going down after the highest number on record of Chinese selling US Treasuries, Gold has no other way but to go much higher. Short squeeze will help, as some banks were encouraging to sell gold again after this very initial advance, after bottoming in 2013. We have seen nothing here yet. The Mother of Short Squeeze in Gold and, particular, in Silver is still to come.


Ukraine, Syria And Global De-Dollarization: USD To Go Down And Gold Up TNR.v MUX RGLD GDX GLD ABX


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Yanukovich is a Pussy

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a extremly rich pussy.

He transfered 20 billion from the Ukraine to his personal accounts and now he's gone.

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He transfered 20 billion from the Ukraine to his personal accounts 

Says who? Where is the evidence for this?

Oh wait, the neo-fascists who violently removed a legitimate, democratically elected leader from office, and are now desperately looking for a justification for doing so, have said so. 

So it must be true..... 


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Got to love when people play the "legitimate" democracy card. You know that Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a nice place too with legitimate elected president.


Btw this is how poor your legitimate president were:


And the new Prime minster is saying that actually 37 billion is missing...


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The new boss only found 37 billion to steal this week?
The banking situation and the old boss must be worse than I thought.

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"Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a nice place too with legitimate elected president.


Btw this is how poor your legitimate president were:

 And the new Prime minster is saying that actually 37 billion is missing..."

Why are you so ridiculous lie about the leader of South Korea, who received power by inheritance?

And why do not you tell us about the crystal honesty Tymoshenko?

Do you think that the so-called "new illegal finance minister" among the rebels had already stolen $ 37 billion from the Treasury of Ukraine? I'm not surprised.

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

i think you missed the sarcasm...


along with several other down voters.

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Not sure if this $20B thing is true, but it IS a fact that $20B is almost one week to the Fed's QE program.

Who's calling the kettle black?

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So, I suppose that govt corruption at all levels had nothing to do with all the protesting, then?

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It's all about the money boys!

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If you like your Yanukovich, you can keep your Yanukovich

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"If you like your Yanukovich, you can keep your Yanukovich"

If you like your Kiev, you can keep your Kiev. But without: the Crimea, south, and east of Ukraine.


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On a side note California is getting flooded. It has been raining hours on end and another monster looks to be forming off in the distance.

Free car wash for me.

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Boy this michael snyder can't catch a break.

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Break out the rain barrels.

Punch small drainage holes in the tarmac.

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On another side note, fuck California. Hope they drown, burn, then drown again.

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This is just Putin playing the game... he has to legitimize his troops in Crimea...

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What a lunatic.

If the US banks turn over his quarter billion Euros and his son's 2 billion, it might reduce the amount Ukraine have to borrow from the IMF.

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What time is John Kohn's rebttual presser?

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You only get one crappy microphone once deposed.

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Damn NSA cut us off!

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Did Tyler somehow miss reports of  Einsantzgruppen spreading terror along Dnieper? 

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Apologize for not maintaining power and stability?

Well maybe if you only looted a few hundred million and let a few crumbs fall off the table, you would not have to pony up such faux remorse...

Or maybe he just wishes he had spent a bit of that on more OMON types...

Anyway, he should just run off and go lick Putin's fingers....

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barking chihuahua.... 

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start putting fracked gas in the pipeline and watch the big bear make a big move... otherwise russia saves the $15 bil they promised the chihuahua, keeps the naval base and business as usual without the ukraine albatross.. oh yeah and your gas prices are going up... 

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Thats cute. Putin doesnt even meet with him. Just go back to Ukraine and see what happens!

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Yulia Tymoshenko is said to have opted to compete for the presidential elections in Ukraine on 25 May. Recently there had been conflicting evidence about Tymoshenko's plans.

This would oppose Klitschko to Tymoshenko as competitors, because the ex-boxer has already announced his candidacy.

Yttrium Gold Nitrogen's picture

Yes, later she denied that fact. News is she's gonna get treatment for her co called "back problems" in Germany. I told several of my friends that she is going to make such move, to claim her back problems were real, not simulated, in order to get out of the prison cell and admitted into hospital. Of course, she will return magically "healed", as no one will vote for a disabled president. She is manipulative, believes her own lies, and has natural talent for energizing crowds. Of course, she is going to wait for the right moment to return to Ukraine, and proclaim that she is Ukraine's only savior. There is also a possibility that people are already sick of her, and that no one will believe her. You can't fool all people all the time.