The Real Inflation Fear - US Food Prices Are Up 19% In 2014

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We are sure the weather is to blame but what happens when pent-up demand (from a frosty east coast emerging from its hibernation) bumps up against a drought-stricken west coast unable to plant to meet that demand? The spot price (not futures speculation-driven) of US Foodstuffs is the best performing asset in 2014 - up a staggering 19%...



h/t Bloomberg's Chase van der Rhoer

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I'm starting to get email from people that didn't believe me over the years that inflation was high and going to get higher--I was trying to educate them to protect themselves with gold, silver and lead.

They are now writing, "What was that you were telling me a year or so ago?" To which I respond:

1) Get gold silver and lead and preferably some grub and ground as well (Guns, gold, grub and ground, and God if you are so inclined).

2) Realize that everything is a lie. Nothing is what it seems. Reeducate yourself. Start with the brutality of the gun and badge thugs on YouTube (Newest)and work from there. Pelosi’s “Pass it to learn what’s in it” is also a good watch.

3) Learn how fraudulent-reserve banking works.

4) Learn and memorize the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Common Sense, etc. They will be mentioned more and more as things go forward and you will want to know them.

5) Learn what the banality of evil is.

6) Start making a Retribution/guillotine list.


"My guillotine said, 'So many names, so little time.'"

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I miss my $2.00 Aldi gallon of Milk.  It's up to $2.79 now.  I noticed their frozen garlic bread slices are much smaller than they used to be too.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

The real Kandy Krush- my Snickers bars is 2 ounces smaller.

new game's picture

lets see here;food fuel taxes all bodes well for a cunsumer driven economy with flat incomes.

all good...

Gert_B_Frobe's picture

Gotta love fuel surcharges ... fuel price goes down yet the surcharges remain.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

19% is a bitch. Thankfully i don't have a car, heat a house or eat

Quus Ant's picture

Eliminate sleep and you'll really have something going there.

Rainman's picture

When TP costs 5 fiatscos a roll, personal hygiene demands you wipe your ass with your left hand.

cro_maat's picture

Yellen will happily print you a few rolls.

Quus Ant's picture

But will she lend a hand?

El Vaquero's picture

Then the only place you'll be able to eat is Allan's Snackbar.

dobermangang's picture

The fun size snicker bars used to come 10 or 12 to a pack.  Now they're down to 6 in a pack.  And the bar sizes are smaller.  And the price is higher.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Just wait until "fun size" becomes "regular size", and you'll get one per pack!

MeMongo's picture

Yeah O did tell us to eat our peas, but at least he didn't say Bitchez!

valley chick's picture

Peas? You said peas! My early pea crop planted two weeks ago. If I don't plant it or get my food from my farmer friend I don't eat it.  The ZH article regarding the tuna aka escolar did me in. Making a run to the coast for more tuna....then can it.

MeMongo's picture

Glad to hear you got your garden going! I would already have snap peas, onion sets, and lettuce seed in, but it was frickin 13 degrees here last night. (:-(

Abitdodgie's picture

13 degrees , you were lucky it was 0 degrees here North Dakota.

novila's picture

How are you guys growing stuff in that weather, we have 0 here in Maine I've all but lost hope of getting anything started by June.

El Vaquero's picture

Yikes!  I had volunteer lettuce coming up a few weeks ago.  I now have brassicas, turnips and raddishes coming up, and I'll be starting on beans, corn and chile fairly soon.

mt paul's picture

we cut the bellies of king salmon into strips

dry it slow smoke ,lots of fat ..

good stuff to knaw on ..

unrulian's picture

What ever happened to Hedgeless Horseman and his Back to Basics prepping posts and dead rabbit pictures? I enjoyed those

 (not sarcasm)

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One of the most tragic videos I've ever seen was one of Haitians making mud pies and giving them out to their children, who were already visibly malnourished, to eat as a main course. Food cargos from other countries were immediately taken into possession by the Haitian government and army with the 'promise' that it would be dsitributed but no one volunteered to oversee the distribution for fear of alienating the government which the West had freshly installed.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Well, duh.  You send food to Nigeria/Haiti/Liberia, and as soon as the truck rolls in, men with guns are on board.  And they 'distribute' the food.  Mostly into an army truck, to then be sold for profit...

RSloane's picture

Yep. They've gotten to the point that they don't even have to care if anyone is aware of it or not. Toss out a few slides of people starving in villages and the army gets richer and fatter.

STP's picture

It may be tragic, but here's a clue: DON'T FUCKING HAVE KIDS, YOU CAN'T FUCKING FEED!

STP's picture

And I'll add, it's supply and demand.  Supply of Humans on Haiti = High.  Demand = Low.  Worth = ?

Same goes for food.

LFMayor's picture


El Vaquero's picture

That's a negatory on that one ghostrider.

Rafferty's picture

What's going to happen with the Free Shit Army and their EBTs?

MeMongo's picture

Hungry people will do very desperate things. Needless to say my outlook is not very optimistic!

RSloane's picture

Remember a few months ago there was a vid clip here of two women publicaly beating the shit out of each other to get a place in line to buy 200 USD Rebok shoes for their kid?

Fast foward a few months and you will see the same two women beating the shit out of each other to get a place in line to buy stale Twinkies on sale.


Rafferty's picture

I can't wait.  Hopefully, in the interests of the gene pool, they'll beat one another to death.

LFMayor's picture

Too bad got all that negative publicity stirred up, else we could have made some real money when the Shit-Fling Olympics start.

I'm talking pay per view headline events, streamed live.

Seer's picture

So, you're taking the same positions as TPTB... good to know.

Offthebeach's picture

"Your dog? No, I haven't seen your plump, gormet food fed, couch potato, yet well marbled dog.
( Burp ) Excuse me. Well good luck, I'll keep a eye out for "Winston". He'll be back. "

El Vaquero's picture

That's fucked up.  Funny, but fucked up.


(Yes, I did let out an audible chuckle.)

Seer's picture

I have a well-cared-for dog.  It's a working dog, a farm dog.  I would assure you that it would be someone's last meal...

Muddy1's picture

Read about the siege of Stalingran, and Lenningrad if you want the cold harsh facts of how bad things went.

Skateboarder's picture

A diet primarily consisting of plastic, and secondarily, modified corn.

NotApplicable's picture

You forgot soy. They can turn that shit into anything they want.

john39's picture

with the exception of healthy food.

new game's picture

noted last saturday, $180 bot 4 bags of quality food at local coop(weeks worth of all organic top qual food). best health insurance premium spent, and best of all i didn't subsidize a fat fuk...

RSloane's picture

+1 New Game. The best health insurance is eating a diet of fresh healthy foods, and if at all possible, grown yourself. There are a lot of foods you can even grow in a large container in your back garden if you don't have access to a large yard. Just be aware that TPTB do not approve of self-sustinance as evidenced by people being sued by their local government for collecting rain water in a barrell or being told their gardens are an 'eyesore'. There was a family in Detroit that decided to use their front yard as their growing garden. Most of the block they lived on was either abandoned houses or houses that were falling to bits. Even then, the city of Detroit told her she had to destroy her garden so her neighbors, of which she had none, wouldn't complain. That kind of shit won't be tolerated for very long as people become hungrier with less cash available to buy food.

Seer's picture

"Even then, the city of Detroit told her she had to destroy her garden so her neighbors, of which she had none, wouldn't complain."

I'm skeptical.  Unless there's a code against this the city can only react to complaints (not anticipate them).

quasimodo's picture

Yes, soy......the miracle food. We wonder why there are so many efminate men and younger boys that seem predisposed to larger than normal breats. Many cases can be traced back to this miracle food. I cringe when I ride past all the fucking soybean and GMO corn fields here.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Predisposed to seduction by larger than normal breasts?

Or predisposed to HAVING larger than normal breasts?

pods's picture

The soy bitch tit thing has been argued to death.

Soy does contain phyto-estrogens that can mimic estrogen.

But, the activity of the phyto-estrogens is very low and way lower than most of the other estrogenlike hormones they are exposed to.

Fucking meatcentric people love to spout off about soy and bitch tits.

My neighbor has bitch tits, and probably eats about zero soy.  Cheeseburgers two at a time though.

Why is it that obese amerikans will try and blame their problems on everything but what is staring at them in the mirror?


general ambivalent's picture

But for how long has this been given to kids in 'formula'? Soy for children is absolutely terrible, and no doubt changes their genetics (there are vital ages for children when their genes drastically change, and the environment can ruin the process).

While soy may be overstated there is a severe shift in hormones and genetic effects from the destruction of food. Soy is just one aspect of a food system which is essentially waste and medicalisation to cover up that waste. Remember the dog food scandals? We aren't far from that, and our organs are being affected.

pods's picture

Do you have any actual facts to back this up or is this just rambling?


Martian Moon's picture

Genes don't change, other than by mutation

Though GMO foods have been known to transfer their genes to gut bacteria via unknown means

Genes do however get expressed or not as they pass by a masking filter recently discovered, and that filter can be affected by the environment

The mask is also inherited interestingly enough, and traumatic experiences of the parents can thus be transmitted to the offspring