Carl Icahn Warns: "Easy To Fake Earnings" Thanks To Fed; "Major Correction Coming"

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"Everybody loves this market," jokes a hursuit Carl Icahn fresh from his eBay exigencies, "everybody is buying this and buying that... we have a lot of hedges on." However, Icahn - who knows better than most just how one can financially engineer a company - says "there is reason to be cautious... a lot of the earnings are sort of artificial." While proclaiming that the Fed "did a great job in saving the economy," Icahn laughs that "with these low interest rates it's easy to fake earnings... and I don't think that can continue forever." Simply put, the billionaire activist investors concludes, you can't print money forever and "that there will be a major correction."


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re Icahn is not a blood sucker

How's about a c*ck sucker?

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The longs are as screwed as the shorts in this market.


If you do not know how to hedge, you will make no money.  Better just stay in cash and BTFD.  Because there will be a FD....