Ali-ByeBye - Weibo IPO Plunges To Bear Market

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Just a few brief days ago, Weibo IPO'd "successfully" at the bottom-end of its range ($17) and exploded higher - "proving" that Candy Crush (or take your pick of recent IPO failures) were all one-offs and that 'quality' companies were still in demand. Fast forward 6 days and Weibo just entered a bear-market - down dramatically from its highs over $24 and is nearing its IPO price. There's no data, no news - just selling, in size. Investors stashing cash away for another pop in Alibaba's forthcoming IPO perhaps? Not if market conditions continue to look like this...


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Mon, 04/28/2014 - 11:43 | 4704089 American Dreams
American Dreams's picture

What's a Weibo?


Mon, 04/28/2014 - 11:57 | 4704115 El Oregonian
El Oregonian's picture

Wei bo? Or is it Wei broke?

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 12:05 | 4704146 moriarty
moriarty's picture

Every time I see the name I get this in my head

 Defiantly wobbling but will the adults in charge let it fall down!!


Next up Ali Baba and the forty thieves.


Mon, 04/28/2014 - 17:04 | 4705389 Ghostdog
Ghostdog's picture

It's the level between cub scout and boy scout that is purgatory until you place in the pine-wood derby

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 11:44 | 4704090 buzzsaw99
buzzsaw99's picture

don't worry about insiders, they got plenty

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 11:45 | 4704091 American Dreams
American Dreams's picture

Wei bo need no education, Wei bo need no thought control.


Mon, 04/28/2014 - 11:48 | 4704100 slightlyskeptical
slightlyskeptical's picture

Best post of the day!

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 12:40 | 4704292 Four chan
Four chan's picture

pretty strong.

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 13:59 | 4704612 Drachma
Drachma's picture

Wei Bo Wobbles don't fall down!

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 14:08 | 4704655 codecode
Mon, 04/28/2014 - 11:45 | 4704093 ParkAveFlasher
ParkAveFlasher's picture

The IPO Dream: Get in on the ground floor!  This is a productive, scalable company that adds value in innovative, unique ways in rapidly expanding markets.

The IPO Reality: Here, hold this for me-  [runs away]

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 12:28 | 4704233 Vampyroteuthis ...
Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Most small companies fail near the beginning. Wall St has figured a way to dump the worthless garbage companies onto suckers and make money along the way.

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 11:46 | 4704095 slightlyskeptical
slightlyskeptical's picture

What is the point of this? Trying to out Gartman, Gartman?

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 11:47 | 4704097 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

Too bad I didn't get a sandwich bet on this one too.

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 11:47 | 4704099 youngman
youngman's picture

Alibaba will be the biggest IPO ever....they will make it so...but I think it will be the high water mark for IPOs....then the crash....and the fake numbers will come out...just like 1999....

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 12:03 | 4704150 Bunga Bunga
Mon, 04/28/2014 - 12:27 | 4704224 TideFighter
TideFighter's picture

Alibaba 1 had forthy thieves, Alibaba 2 will be much more successful. Yeah, crash is comin' 

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 11:54 | 4704120 Petrus Romanus
Petrus Romanus's picture

Pump and dump are a few words that come to mind.

Just sayin'.

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 12:03 | 4704145 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

Weibos wobble and apparently fall down.

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 13:33 | 4704511 Downtoolong
Downtoolong's picture

But, it has to go to $15 before it can go to $60, or some such bullshit.


Sincerely yours,

Evert sell side  bullshitting analyst who ever lived.



Mon, 04/28/2014 - 13:35 | 4704516 Itchy and Scratchy
Itchy and Scratchy's picture

I didn't say 'Swell' .... I said 'Sell!'

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 17:16 | 4705426 Debugas
Debugas's picture

this could be called IPO frontrunning

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