Marketwide Short Squeeze

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It appears the US open this morning was accompanied by a significant long-capitulation that slammed "most shorted" stocks down almost 3%. Since then, thanks to a USDJPY liftathon, "most shorted" stocks have levitated back to unchanged and dragged the broad equity markets back up too. The question is - now that the flush has been unwound... what happens to the market?


Dump and pump...


Thank you USDJPY...

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Just another day when reality is what you want it to be.

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I pulled a little short squeeze last night. Helps when you are really excited and..


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i wonder when Belgiums next 500 billion treasury purchase is?

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Has been made clear that the "markets" are now maintained as part of a National Security campaign.  Federal Reserve and Federal government knew a rising interest rate or rising mortgage rates would destroy the national government, the real estate market, the banks and GSE's and Fed who own that mortgage debt.  Same true for stock market so critical to funding underfunded pensions...on and on. 

Please stop referring to these as markets.  They are not.

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You can still buy and sell stuff.  It might not be a "fair" and "free" market, but somebody famous ones said:   life isn't "fair" because their's no "free" lunch. 

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how do you price an asset when there is a buyer with infinite cash and infinite will to buy...and no intention to ever sell.  Just perpetually removing assets from the Treasury market, stock market, RE, CRE, etc...causing a perpetual short squeeze with ever moar cash to buy with and ever fewer assets to be bought.  That is not a is a national policy tool.  Huge actors in the market not acting with the intention of making a profit (and a loss is fine) so long as policy goals are met.

Civilization's picture

Yes, and what if the next policy tool is to buy vol? Those exuberant, oh scuse me, complacent investors...

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I would not be suprised if we close in the green today. 

Never know but the rush to buy into the closing 15 or 30 minutes is a new "market" institution.

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And this ends when the world loses confidence in the primarily US driven gaming which they're doing day by day, week by week, month by month.  Because it cannot go on.  They have stretched out the inevitable much longer than most of us thought possible.

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not to be argumentative - but this game is likely only interrupted by real world available net exports of oil - for at $100 a barrel the price is too low to draw out more capex spending and exploration to meet the shrinking supply of exportable oil...but higher prices will also cause an economic slowdown.  Rock and hard place are like tectonic plates with a earth quake overdue...CATCH 22 with no CB'er answers

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Yes, that's huge.  Real GDP is very low to flat to negative.  Who knows how negative real GDP is in the US in Q2?  I refer to 'real' vs. the gamed/propagandized numbers.  Speaking of just the US for a minute, TPTB are having more of a time hiding the reality.  The middle class squeeze continues with 70% of the economy dependent on them, how can the reality of horrible GDP and FT jobs shrinkage be hidden for much longer?  More and more of 'we the people' are talking about what BS the official numbers are.  This is what I mean by 'lose confidence' in my comment above.  It may be happening slowly (for now), but it is happening.  And moreso in other parts of the world openly discussing ending the dollar hegemony.  That will greatly hamper the FED's ability to manipulate and propagandize reality.

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Re:  how do you price an asset

If the game was FAIR any dumbass could win.     The real test is winning against the smartest-n-savviest people who have manipulated the "market" for their own personal benefit.  But, only the most-fit get to WIN the game.  

jay28elle's picture

screw the famous person who said that.  he's flat wrong and out of his mind...  There's lots of free lunches, and what isn't fair needs to be done away with. Sure we can buy stuff, but only if the govt has given given us the money to do so, it's properly regulated by the govt, and it doesn't put the buyer at some unfair advantage.



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Re:  and what isn't fair needs to be done away with

Fair is FAKE.   Only dumbasses play fair.    Any market that's fair doesn't have the smartest-n-savviest people playing.  

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I assume you don't want the "market" run by a bunch of criminals - like it is now?  Unfair by smartest-n-savviest is one thing.  Criminal cabal is another.  We've got the latter.  TBTJ=too big to jail.  How's dem apples?

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Why would these f*ckers give a toss about your house value, your security or your pension? As for the Federal Reserve , the banks and the GSE's printing another few trillion isn't a problem, is it.

'Never let a good crisis go to waste'.


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They care about the value of my pension only to the extent that I feel I'm quite wealthier since BO came into office.  Maybe if everyone's pension increased 30%-50% each year we would all be happy campers and open the borders completely, allow the govt to spy on us, allow the IRS to cheat/steal/lie, allow the jerks in DC to continue being croooks, etc. Oh, and not mind the day when they come and confiscate our guns.

John Law Lives's picture

"They care about the value of my pension only to the extent that I feel I'm quite wealthier since BO came into office."

Very insightful post.  I have long considered that the prolonged pump in equities could serve as a highly effective diversionary tactic whilst the nation is being drastically transformed.

SheepDog-One's picture

They care about your pension because they're planning to steal that shit.

SeattleBruce's picture

Right.  They keep pensioners, and 401kers quiet the same way they keep the free shit army quiet - they feed/sell them on illusions of wealth - whether on-paper increases in their 401K statement, or 50 inch plasmas to watch sports and dancing with the stars works til it doesn't - but if you're a 'community organizer' or a radical - it's pret darn good environment to enact your personal, Executive Order driven 'hope and change.'  Which is why the community organizer in chief can go down to Dallas yesterday and chide congress to 'do something' about the problems that he exacerbated exponentially with his insane Excutive Orders, and why "we the people" are doing little about it.

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What shall we refer to them to?

Generator?  Fabricator? 

Debeachesand Jerseyshores's picture

I got my balls squeezed this morning Too......

Squid Viscous's picture

what a fukn joke, AAPL down 2 bucks, back to green because it's so cheap at 16x earnings with 6% growth... wtf

jubber's picture

what a crock of shit this is, got stopped out on that fucking bollox.

overexposed's picture

This is definitely not the market to maintain stops in... Unless you're in a position to have your trades DK'ed, that is.

order66's picture

It's just because everything is so unriggedly cheap at these levels.

slaughterer's picture

Kev' got a tattoo last night: "Need. ES. 2000."



NOTaREALmerican's picture

It's almost like, like,  "they're" taking the loot from the short guys.  What happens when there's no more short guy loot left?

IANAE's picture

cue the red lights and submarine ambience...

"Take 'er down to 1100..."

"Aye aye Captain...DIVE DIVE DIVE "

slaughterer's picture

"What happens when there's no more short guy loot left?"


Then they go "all in" short.  Easy. 

Squid Viscous's picture

bot some CMG on that mini dip it got all the way down to 38 times next years est.  woo hoo~

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This market will never crash until people like me who sat out the market, get in.  I'm convinced of that. 

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Exactly what they are waiting for...

BandGap's picture

I'm not going back and I do enjoy the soap opera.

Crash or not you just have to keep watching. Days like today are "fun".

SheepDog-One's picture

No doubt, I should just take $500 and buy some stawks, no doubt everything would immediately collapse 15%.

Bear's picture

I think we're ready for a 'slip & slide' ... UsdJpy's slip is ES's slide

Bear's picture

58.75 then away wee goo

SheepDog-One's picture

Fuller retardeder

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Good news overnight: BOJ decides to print trillions of trillions of yen to buy stocks all over the world. 

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This shit is NEVER going down...NEVER

jay28elle's picture

Apparently no reason to go down, right?

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Kev's girfriend has a tattoo: "Must. Raid. Gold. Overnight."

Tenshin Headache's picture

"It's not over until the last bear is carried out on a stretcher."

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NEVER is a very long time. Be patient.  Think of articles in 2000 or 2008 saying no recession on the horizon.  With that said, it may not be very soon.

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looks like someone finally noticed the news that the UN is evacuating it's staff from Libya due to escalating problems...but Oil has been down for the last 10 days because Libya was fixed LOL

NotApplicable's picture

Problems? I think you mean opportunities.

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ECB are talking about QE again so I guess it's a slow melt up till 7th August