ISIS Gets Angrier At America: "We Will Drown All Of You In Blood"

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Over the past month ISIS has been getting angrier (""God Willing, We Will Raise The Flag Of Allah In The White House" - A Deeper Look Inside ISIS") and angrier ("ISIS Issues Threat To White House; Secret Service Taking "Appropriate Steps") until today it released a video in which it warned the United States it will attack Americans "in any place" if continuing US raids hit its militants. The video, released by Reuters, which shows a photograph of an American who was beheaded during the U.S. occupation of Iraq, featured a statement which said in English "we will drown all of you in blood".

But while we get the anger of the Islamic State, be it real or staged, now that the US has allegedly retaken the Mosul dam, one wonders how a terrorist organization with over half a billion dollars in funding, a state of the art "made in the US" weapons arsenal, and glossy year-end profit & loss reports, can't afford to spend a few dollars on the production quality of its propaganda videos, especially if as the rumors suggest not one but several key "developed world" intelligence outlets are pulling the ISIS strings.

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are we there yet's picture

Muslems need a subscription to some literature from this century.

salvadordaly's picture

What they need is a bottle of booze, a nice looking women, and to fill their bellies with bacon. Quit fucking each other and get a life. All that imbreading going on over there is raelly messing with their minds!

Winston Churchill's picture

Thursday night in any hotel bar in Bahrain, you see them drinking and whoring it up

(with women)all night.

In Pindi in Pakistan theres a great beer brewery.(in a dry islamic state).

Americans need to travel a lot more, and listen to MSM less.

Most Muslims are very human, with all that entails.

There are fanatic Christians I don't want to be in the same room with.let alone

with  ISIS There is no shortgage of assholes, anywhere in the world, is the lesson,

lets deal with the ones here first.

Go looking for trouble and it will find you.

BliptoP3's picture

Theirs or ours?

Dr Strangemember's picture

Since it's clear that ISIS seems to love playing with blood so much, perhaps they'd like to play with some Ebola?  I'm sure that can be arranged via a fly-over aeration.  Oh, my bad, we're told it's not airborne... yet.  

Bossman1967's picture

Just infect some goats and when they fuck the goats they will get Obamad

Tall Tom's picture

Oh, my bad, we're told it's not airborne... yet.  


Who is 'we'? It is airborne. Do not let the title mislead you.


Transmission of the virus — which causes an often fatal hemorrhagic fever in people and primates — was thought to require direct contact with body fluids from an infected animal or person. But in the new study, published online November 15 in Scientific Reports, piglets infected with Ebola passed the virus to macaques housed in the same room even though the animals never touched.  

The evidence that the virus got from a pig to a monkey through a respiratory route is good,” says Glenn Marsh, a molecular virologist at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization’s Animal Health Laboratory in Geelong, Australia. Marsh was not involved in the new study but has investigated Ebola and other viruses in pigs.


This article IS ABOUT Ebola Zaire...the strain currently ravaging the West African coast.


You cannot rely upon the Main Stream Media for "facts"


Yes we will drown in our own blood....FROM EBOLA.


tony wilson's picture

blood yes kind of like the jews yes

they love the blood ritual

thst is why the kids go missing all over the world caananite blood fest ye sir.

the isis actors sure have been mossad programmed well.

poor isis still said nothing about gaza

still lost cannot find israel on a map and seem to have little position on nuttyahoo funny that

BigJim's picture

I'm interested to know why Francis Sawyer got banned, but you're still here, Tony.

Are you a sanctioned anti-Semite?

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

if they said I will drown all of you in water that is one thing, but i'm drawing the line with blood, they can officially eat shit and die now, go get em you bunch of kurdish badasses with american aerial attacks

ebear's picture

If they're going to drown me in something, I prefer it be 12 year old scotch.

Bossman1967's picture

Bring it on jerkoffs would love that fight start in Furesson

yrbmegr's picture

If I had a nickel for every time a jihadist has threatened to drown me in blood.  I mean, when do they conclude that God (or Allah) is NOT willing?

tony wilson's picture

they are just vice tv rupert murdoch mossad actors you twatter you are as dumb as a bunch of rocks.

you do not need isis comin around to your home fella  you need a canadian seal clubber and his bat to put you out of your misery.

general ambivalent's picture

Hahaha, you're one of the best posters on the internet.

q99x2's picture

They're going to have to wait in line behind the MS13 gangs and the West African Ebola victems that are coming across the Mexican border.

Dr. Engali's picture

Now where did I here this before? Oh yeah from AL-CIA-DUH........ Same message same people. Original thinkers they are.

fonzannoon's picture

CNBC had McChrystal on earlier today ( I locked in your spelling error btw) and he was encouraging youngsters to get involved in the military. Made me ill to see the guy who was instrumantal in covering up Tillmans death on there all smiles....politely asking for the millenials to join up....

Dr. Engali's picture

These people make me sick. The commercials on teevee make serving look so glorious. My son talked about going into the military because he likes the idea of duty, honor, and brotherhood.

fonzannoon's picture

Doc when I saw that guy on this am my skin actually crawled. These people have to go in a very horrifying fashion.

Dr. Engali's picture

Oops, I accidentally cleared out my Kenny remark editing my comment. Anyway, I had to let my son see some of harsh realities of war instead of the bullshit they try to feed the kids.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Take him to visit a VA hospital and let him talk to some of the vets there.

I wonder why recruiters never do that.

BigJim's picture

Wow, Dad, those prosthetic limbs are soooo cool! I HAVE to join up now!

Ignorance is bliss's picture

I thought Pat Tillman embodied the Spirit of America. He thought he was defending his country against forces that were arrayed against it. He went so far as to give up a lucrative professional football career and his life for this nation. There are heroes being sacrificed at the alter for America. Unfortunately, that place does not exist anymore.


Anyway...I thought your Kenny remark was in poor taste as it was applied to a hero like Pat Tillman.

Dr. Engali's picture

I'm not saying anything negative about Pat Tillman. It's the recruiting I have an issue with.

Ignorance is bliss's picture

Glad to hear it. America doesn't have enough heroes as it is. Can't be dishonoring the few brave men and women that we do have.

Tall Tom's picture

I watched that long haired hippie, Pat Tillman, play Free Safety at Arizona State...LIVE. I watch him play for the Roses the year before with that cCinderella Team that Larry Marmie at Arizona State fielded. Passion is that which carried them almost to a National Championship. That Arizona State team was the only team which defeated Washington State University that year when I watched :the Hippie" LIVE..


You see I followed his career.


Then I enjoyed watching him and Jake Plummer, once again as teammates, play for the NFL's Arizona Cardinals. (I actually rooted for the Cardinals during that year???)


But Pat was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan, serving on the same unit with his twin brother. He laid down his life for NOTHING.


I have nothing bad to say about Pat. He was filled with zest and had a gusto for life. I enjoyed, vicariously, knowing about him.


It was a sad and tragic waste of a young man's life, someone who had much to contribute, whose life was cut short due to politics.


But I am sorry. He was not a hero and did not die a hero's death. That is not true.

fonzannoon's picture

and he would be the first one to say that.

Ignorance is bliss's picture

I think we'll have to disagee. He served his country and died for his country. Friendly fire, long hair, football hero or not. He wore the colors of our nation with the intent to defend it against all enemies. He homored this country. He is a hero.

Tall Tom's picture

To the people whom downarrowed...


I did not read Smedley Butler's "War is a Racket" until last year.


It is a good read authored by a Military Officer...


I can respect another whose definition of the word, "hero", is much broader than mine.


I can also suggests that he reads this, as well as you.


I am antiwar. My stance has not changed.


Pat Tillman died for his PRINCIPLES.


He actually laid down his own life to do what he BELIEVED was the right action to do.


Even though what happened in Afghanistan was wrong Pat laid down his life. His principles meant that much to him. I have nothing but respect for people whom are willing to stand up for what they believe in.


If you cannot respect that...


If you cannot respect someone else declaring someone else a "hero" due to a broader definintion of the term...




You must understand that I AM WILLING TO DIE FOR MY PRINCIPLES.


Here is my address.


12223B Woodside Ave

Lakeside, CA 92040


Let's go hunting.

trulz4lulz's picture

I just wanna say, respect. Only up arrows here. Good exchange of ideas. Cant agree with everyone, so you might as well be friends. 

PS. passing on the hunting, got my own back fourty. Peace. 

Tall Tom's picture

As well as peace to you.

Quus Ant's picture

Even better it sounds like you are willing to live for your principles.

I had to google that address and the pawn store next door buys and sells gold.  How convenient.  :)

Tall Tom's picture

Not really convenient. But I have bought Gold from him before.


I generally deal with my Coin Store contact, Axiom Coin, in Chula Vista. His store does live up to the namesake, Undisputed Truth. That is what an Axiom is after all. I do like Don Kurtz. He is one of the most honest people I have ever dealt with.


But the Pawn Shop is actually below me.


He thinks that I steal "his customers". I do not. That would not be ethical.


Scott is actually times.


But he is not there most of the time. He does lose a lot of business.


If I did take "his customers" I'd end up a lot wealthier. But it is not worth that.


At times dealing with him is hard.


In the long run it is worth it to deal with him.

bitterwolf's picture

yeah horrrible idea ..serving ones country and those values/ideals like  "duty,honor,country" revolting...better the values of "money,me first, better you than me, and fuck you" right buddy????

 Your son has the right idea and you should let him make his own decisions.

Cheers Dr. no nutts

Five8Charlie's picture


Where have you been the last forty years?  Do a bit of reading and research.  Get back to us.

Dr. Engali's picture

Fuck you. You send your kid off to die in a banker war, just so that .gov can turn around and overthrow the puppet government they supported for years and another generation of American kids can be slaughtered or fucked up for life. Then, when those poor fucked up kids get out from "serving their country" with honor and distinction, .gov does everything they can to shit all over them. Let's face it these kids are nothing more than meat to them. I don't what illusions you live your life by, but you need to get a clue about how the real world works, not some bullshit they want to shove down your throat. . BTW, my son makes his own decisions, but they are informed decisions, not based on some propaganda on the teevee.

fonzannoon's picture

Bitterworf it's people like you that keep my buying the fucking dip. Stay clueless my friend.

Ignorance is bliss's picture

This country is at a crossroads. There was a time when you could serve this nation with honor and pride. Once upon a time the U.S represented freedom, Democracy, and Liberty. We were the good guys in an unjust world. Now...things have changed. If you look into your heart you know that it has. So how can you ask the current generation of young men and women to serve this nation as you and I did? We served an ideal. Our leaders have chosen a different path for America. One that I do not agree with. 

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

I long for the day dumb cunts stop signing up for war. Unless US soil is being invaded by a foreign army then no one man or woman has any reason to join the fucking military. People who do enlist are canon fodder and nothing more.

The bankers have trained the citizens to exchange their labour for meaningless pieces of paper.

The generals have trained the citizens to exchange their lives for shiny little trinkets called medals.

It's a fucking sick joke.

mvsjcl's picture

I read crap like you spew, bitterwolf, and I'm revolted at the effectiveness of the conditioning we've all received. I'm then reminded of the countless hours of research and soul-searching and pain which I needed to undertake to reverse a whole lot of that fucking programming that was incessently pumped into my brain for as long as I can remember.


One of two things will happen to you, bitterwolf: you'll either go through the same process and become more aware, or you'll continue making a fool of yourself. The good news is, at least you're here at Zero Hedge. You've got a chance.

quasimodo's picture

bitterwolfs bio

"modern 'merican, intellectual, true believer, recovered"

Recovered from what? Did you have a brain in your former life?

Where the fuck do all these dipshits keep coming from lately? Fuckin A Tyler, we need an ignore feature ALREADY, or at least make us add 2 + 2 before posting, that would eliminate 80% of these trolls.

ebear's picture

Ask him if he can live with the idea of killing another human being.

There's no going back from that one.  You carry it with you the rest of your life.

Rootin' for Putin's picture

Try it goat fuckers!

I piss on you and your pedophile homo false deity!!

Well that should do it.  Time for a bacon sammich.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

It may interest you that, before Mohammad came along, each Arabic tribe worshiped their own tribe-specific deity.  ~ 500 tribes/deities in all.

Having traveled in the ME, and having been exposed to both Judaism and Christianity, Mohammad decided to unify all the tribes under one god.  Call it a "merger" of tribes and beliefs into one standardized Product, that he defined.  To do that, had had to claim "divine" inspiration, of course.  After all, who would follow him, if he'd just said:  "Here are my ideas on how the world and universe works, where we come from, how we should behave, and what's in store for us"?  Exactly!  You always have to claim "divine" inspiration, dictation, sanction or protection.

Pumpkin's picture

Anyone else notice the use of a pagan godess' name Isis?  What the hell are the Satanists up to with that?

are we there yet's picture

Isis was the egyptian godess of cats. I think my cat is a muslem, its cat pan faces mecca. There, my cat just made an Allah nugget offering of allahs mercy, kindness, and wisdom.

Jam's picture

Bob Dylan Isis..

I married Isis on the fifth day of May
But I could not hold on to her very long