Europe Goes "All In": Will Sanction Rosneft, Gazprom Neft And Transneft

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Until this moment, the main reason why everyone mostly dismissed Europe's sanctions against Russia is that despite all its pompous rhetoric, Europe consistently refused to hit Russia where it would hurt: its energy titans Gazprom, Rosneft And Transfneft. The reason is simple: by imposing sanctions on these core energy exporters, Europe would directly threaten the stability of its own energy imports (Russia accounts for up to 30% of German gas imports), and as winter approaches with every passing day, playing with the energy status quo would seem like economic suicide. This all appears to have changed last Friday, when as the FT reports from a leaked copy, Europe's latest sanctions round will boldly go where Europe has never dared to go before, and impose sanctions on the big three: Rosneft, Gazprom Neft and Transneft.


This is what is known in game theory terms as a major defection round.

It also means that suddenly the stakes for Russia, and thus Europe, just got all too real, as Putin will now have no choice but to really ramp up the retaliatory escalation, which following the food ban can only mean one thing: a staggered reduction in gas flow to Europe.


It also means something else: recall that it was just ten days ago when we reported that Gazprom would begins accepting payment for oil in Ruble and Yuan.

If today's news is confirmed, Europe's dramatic shift in sanctions strategy means that Europe's embargo of both the US Dollar and the Euro will accelerate as Russia further intensifies its shift away from both the west and the petrodollar. The only and clear winner here: China, which will almost certainly step in to provide the funding Russia needs however on Beijing's terms in effect making the symbiotic link between Russia and China even stronger, forcing Moscow to rely almost exclusively on China for trade and funding relations, and suddenly give Xi Jinping all the trump cards.

What China's president will do, now that he has all the leverage in the world to call shots both to the West, the East, and of course, Africa, remains unknown, although those thousands of tons of gold imports that mysteriously enter the country and are never heard from again, may provide a hint.

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mt paul's picture

standard operating procedure


currency wars

trade wars

real wars

IronForge's picture

If TEAM_RUS DEMANDS GAS/OIL PAYMENT IN GOLD instead of EURs, will it break the sanctions?

Will TEAM_DEU prefer the Nordstream and Silkroad Lifelines over the Eurocrats and TEAM_USA?.

USisCorrupt's picture

"no tough people any longer"


Like the pussies in America are tough?

MalteseFalcon's picture

In a three sided game: Oceania, Eurasia & Eastasia, the side that sits out the war wins. 

So the winner here is Eastasia.

ThroxxOfVron's picture

"In a three sided game: Oceania, Eurasia & Eastasia, the side that sits out the war wins. 

So the winner here is Eastasia."

Playing the role of banker and munitions factory for both sides could prove very profitable.  Reminds me of something the Untied States did once upon a time when Europe had a little war with itself and accidentally invited Russia while drunk on bloodlust.

Europe would have been in perpetual war for the last 500 years if the Western Hemisphere had not been discoverd.

Instead of colonizing the Americas there probably would have been Eastasian wars over the period and either Asia would be as checkered with latino and anglo nationstates as the Americas are or Europe would be broadly speaking Chinese...

BlindMonkey's picture

Fortunately England is bigger than Guam. There is less risk in capsizing England with the additional forces that will be stationed there.

general ambivalent's picture

Remember that in a three superpower world game theory suggests one of the powers must sacrifice itself to prevent eternal nuclear war. Watch for the deep state to build up one of the powers as a sacrifice, likely along Biblical lines.

Buck Johnson's picture

They are doing everything they can to start a war with Russia.  The economy must be about to come apart.

Bossman1967's picture

the fundamental transformation of the USA to ucsa yes not socialist as most think but a communist dictatorship before the elections which may never happen. oops a new conspiracy theory huh

Cat Sniper's picture

Europe goes 'Full Retard', what are the small eastern nations, which rely on Russian oil and gas, going to do? This could shatter the EU.

drendebe10's picture

Wonder what happens when Ebola attacks Europe, China & Russia

Volkodav's picture

Does not survive well in cold, according to some experts.

Russia has not political correct open vulnerablity as west nor the immigrants and travelers from Africa.

better worry about your own country

dbTX's picture

taking your que from Obama is a bad decision

RaceToTheBottom's picture

"What do the obamicans get out of this?"

Look, Squirrel!


August's picture

>>> What do the obamicans get out of this?

You know, I realy like it! Enough of this dead Italian "America" stuff.  Truly, Obamica is the land of the future, for the people of the future.

If the Latin guys will buy in, we can have North Obamica and South Obamica, all populated by Obamicanos!

Obamica! Obamica!  Brotherhood from sea to shining sea!  Dare to make it so.

HardlyZero's picture

Going back a few thousand years...I wonder when a Senator horse gets all the votes.

The borders are out of control.

The virtual armies exists (since real boots and real bullets and Army deployments are a no-no).

All Risk No Reward's picture

Obama is a Debt Money Monopoly House Muppet.  He is a Debt Money Monopoly whose job it is to keep the Muppets in the two party plantation.

That's it - he's just a controlled tool.

The Debt Money Ponzi is due for the bust cycle - all the Debt Money Monopolists need is a correlating event on which to blame the "event" so as to keep the Muppetry mystified.

It looks to me like they are framing Russia.

When the Debt Money Monopoly bankrupts everyone they then will seize more collateral from humanity that has ever been seized in the history of humanity.

If you had any real liberty left, they'd steal that, too.  They will lick their lips as they steal away even your illusion of liberty...  by you and your I'm speaking of everyone outside their little club that we ain't in, as Carlin would say.

skbull44's picture

As the Starks maintain in Winterfell and is increasingly stated within the Russian government, "Winter is coming."

falak pema's picture

So now Qatar runs the energy scene of Europe; along with its football clubs !

Move over Abrahamov.

This has awesome repercussions as it means that the Islamic Caliphate which is financed by Qatar/Saudi by the looks of it, is now more "kosher".

You can't declare Putin "son of Satan" in the West/EU and also declare the Sunni brigade who is its worst enemy--as that of his allies, Syria and Iran---that they ALSO be Sons of Satan.

There is a problem there and Obama is right in the middle of it; aka "managing Caliphate" or "destroying" it. 

The US seems to be hedging its bets in ME, depending on the intensity and speed of the developing face-off with Putin about Ukraine/Gas to EU thingie. This is NWO core chess game; not flea bites from an obscurantist mercenary army on the loose in the rubble of Iraq/Syria-- where US past plays have created mayhem; all the while sanctuarising the Ghawar spring of black gold and its monarchist owners.

Even DEAR HENRY, the creator of Pax Americana world order and Trilateral in the 70s, is now openly saying : Guys, the real enemy to our WORLD ORDER is Iran not Caliphate...Awesome conclusion from the Man who made the system that Reagan and Bushes/Clinton then ramped up to Bubbleonomics fed offshored NWO.

general ambivalent's picture

A former-MI6 intelligence expert has recommended ISIS fighters from Syria be allowed back into the country because 'remorseful' ones could be used as double agents.

Or triple agents it seems.

falak pema's picture

Best example of a "remorseful" agent : Lawrence of Arabia who wrote Seven pillars of wisdom, after having organised the Arabs as Sykes-Picot re-occupation plan surrogates in the dismembering of Ottoman empire's smoking ruins. 

That legacy is still smoking hot by the looks of it!

Only now, since 1956, the US have taken over the camel brigade from the Brits.


TheGardener's picture

Big falak fail as usual. Bagdad rails was a German thing
and had to be failed. Screw this evil agent "of Arabia "and curse the hell hole he came from.

August's picture

It's pretty funny to believe that carefully-selected ISIS fighters will be loyal to the UK governmnet, when a majority Scots are not.

TheGardener's picture

NWO for nigh. Kill me who? I mean it, who is leading and cheerleading it ?

Stop them, they are the type you always wanted to run over at the curb without a second thought.

Cretin creatures pulled out to daylight would just fade away like the vampires they are.

Grab your torturers by the neck, no stopping you.

intric8's picture

Let europe shoot itself in the foot. If its citizens are dumb enough to follow leaders who suck up to mandates of the west, then they deserve the discomfort.

X-defiler's picture

Because Americans don't follow their stupid and insane leaders.

Monotaur's picture

Intric8, what a stupid comment, and 50 thumbs up? People, look, who you "follow" here in the States ... where is your revolution?

Well, you obviously have been dumb enough to follow your leader into Iraq, Guantamo, Drone war etc ....

NoPension's picture

This will not be sorted out "diplomatically".

813kml's picture

The anit-semitism card is even more effective than the race card, follow the rats deserting the sinking ship if you want to live.

Keyser's picture

Alas, much like the boy that cried wolf once too often, the anti-semite chant is now starting to fall on deaf ears... That conditioned shiver that goes up one's spine when accused of being anti-semetic no longer works given the evidence of zionist influence on world affairs and their power in politics, banking and media... They have the perfect cover hiding behind the Jewish banner and screaming anti-semetism every time they are caught out, but they are no more jewish than the man in the moon... 

TheReplacement's picture

Deeper, look deeper.  Zionism is supposed to be about Jewish nationalism.  What good comes to the state of Israel and/or Jews in general if there is a world war between east and west?  These people operate under the cover of zionism but they do not care if Jews are murdered.  They don't care who is murdered as long as they get their wealth and power, and apparently, reduced population. 

This is not a crisis of nationalism.  This is a crisis of globalism.  Someone wants to rule the world.  They don't care who is ground to dust along the way.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

The original wing of National Zionism -- a Homeland for Jews, in Palestine -- has been taken over by the Global Zionists and has become the default wing associated with 'Zionism'.  These guys have outgrown the national boundaries of their own country and that of Israel itself, and have created a Global Network that seeks to make their Worldview and their Oligarchs and Chief Rabbis in each country as the Ruling Elite.

This has been happening so fast and coordinated in the last 13+ years, that few people are realizing the full extent and implication.  Many who do realize it, are too weak, too scared, too comfortable (bribed), too compromised or too complicit to do anything about it.  Even rational and fair attempts to reign in their influence is turned into "Antisemitism"

The GRC of the USD is in deep trouble, the Defense spending of the EU has been falling, Russia and Iran offer energy alternatives to Europe and Asia, US fracking does not have the longevity that was promised... so, it all adds up to Big Trouble for the Petro-Dollar, whose fundamental model is predicated on constant or growing demand. 

If the USD "falls" (loses its GRC status), so does the bottomless and hidden funding for the MIC and the Zionists --> Game Over.  It's Do or Die time for the Fed, the MIC and the Global Zionists, and they are desperate not to have the EU, Russia or China outplay and beat them.

TheReplacement's picture

That just the thing though.  The anti-smeitism is real and real average Jews will pay the price again.  The people doing this cannot be religious Jews nor real honest to goodness Zionists if they willingly bring death and destruction to their own people in favor of personal wealth and power.  There certainly is a global cabal of a mafia sort but they are antireligious and certainly antihumanistic.  They are monsters.

FeralSerf's picture

The Rothschilds didn't hesitate to sacrifice millions of Jews in WW2. The Rothschilds could have prevented the Jewish holocaust if it had wanted, but it wasn't profitable to do so.

The Chosen People have been "chosen" to be cannon fodder before and it could happen again as well.

Eahudimac's picture

People need to understand who the semites are and those who claim to be semites really are. Here is a start:

The ancient kingdom of Khazaria includes eastern Ukraine, Russian and the Caucases.


TheReplacement's picture

I recall reading in Viking history that they did very well against the Slavs (slavs became slaves in our language because of this).  Their advances were blunted by Constantinople and the Khazarians to the south and east, respectively.

Edit:  Regardless, you are not who you were born to.  You are what you do.

FeralSerf's picture

The Khazarians won. (And not just vs. the Vikings.)

conscious being's picture

Eahudimac - in your 2nd link, the map of khazaria w/ the capitol located doesn't load. ??

Amerikan Patriot's picture

We need more pro-Putin supporters here voicing their unvarnished support for reconstituting the Soviet Union.

Come on, anti-Americans, speak up!

IridiumRebel's picture

Stupid Post. People are anti-war here. We are sick of seeing the all but gone national wealth used to create MOAR WAR. It's actually quite Pro-America if you consider us giving a shit about our future. So on that note, fuck the fuck off and bring intelligent commenting or go masturbate elsewhere, fuckhead.

BlindMonkey's picture

You took the vulgar words right from my mouth IR. Gracias!!

ebworthen's picture

It is not the Soviet Union anymore, and it was something else entirely before the Communists came allong.

Kiev is 535 miles from Moscow.  You think if Russia backed a Communist coup in Ottawa we'd be upset about it?

TheReplacement's picture

"You think if Russia backed a Communist coup in Ottawa we'd be upset about it?"

Doesn't that seem to be the result in Canada?