Is China Sending America A Message?

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There was China's president, Xi Jinping, Russia's president Vladimir Putin to his right, next to Philippine president Aquino and the uberwealthy Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah. And then there is Barack Obama, right in the middle of the "wives club"...

h/t Brian

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I wonder what that little gold badge that most of the posers, er, politicians, have on their shirts is for. I find it especially interesting that neither Obama or Abe are wearing one. It looks like all the other men are wearing one, and even a few of the women. Anyone know what that's about?

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Those are reserved for Starfleet Command.

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LOL! Almost didn't even make it into the picture at all!

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Worth more than a thousand words.

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...and he's not bowing. That's refreshing.


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Our President of the United States bows to no one! 

He merely sends an inviting signal of receptivity with his ass. 

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He's so gay he subconsciously lined up with the other women.

That suit looks gay enough for him, I bet he brings it home for Reggie.

"Oh, girls, over here! Over here!"

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Hard to bow, when you've been cut off at the knees.

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China can send a real messege. Get Gold to it's true value outside of corrupt paper. Could care less where Oboinko is standing.

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Wonder if BoFa got a call from FED today after having said: "Change your mind about gold"

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I believe the term is, "relegated."

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Matthew Continetti nailed it: Obama is The First Woman President

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Where's the wookie?

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eating crow at the Chinese buffett

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LOL!  I heard they ran out of crow and gave the last of it to Japan.  Obola got a sh*t sandwich.

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It's not a total insult like putting him in the back row (back of the bus) but just enough to remind him he's their bitch

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I'm going to buy a bunch of Chinese manufactured X-mas product this year.

You cats get a load of the “Evil Stick” yet?


Parents' horror after 'Evil Stick' toy for toddlers reveals picture of a young girl slitting her wrists with a knife Read more:
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Any parent buying a product called "Evilstick" for their child, toddler or otherwise, should have it repeatedly inserted sideways up their parental rectum.  Good practice for where they are going. 

p00k1e's picture

Meth toting “Breaking Bad” action figures a no-go at your place too? 

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What the fuck did they expect from something that starts with the word Evil?!

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css1971: Dudes. It is officially over.

 China just called it. America is no longer the sole world superpower able to throw it's weight around without consequences.


Indeed change is in the air.

Generational gold, it's what's for dinner.

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Wait until Rush and Ann see that picture.

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Duc888 thanks for the link. Great to hear these things. Ex. @ 21:00 "The people who need to be rounded up and put on trial for war crimes is the media."

We need to see a counter attack on the ongoing MSM lies and nonsense.

A different media message from Haaretz via RT.

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You voted Mr Barack Chamberlain Obama. Now you're a once-great power. Move over America until you get back your balls.

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So you would have voted GW Hitler Bush?

The choice is like that of Hamlet : damned both ways.

But then you are Hamlet's danish son !

So I'm talking to the choir!

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The Ottoman harem, and Obama is now François I, who asked for Soleiman's help after becoming captive at battle of Pavia, of his dire mortal enemy Charles Habsburg! 

1525 and 2014... a sign of the times. 

Charles of Habsburg today is Obama's ME cum European Nemesis : Saint Putin of Gazprom (like Saint Alexander Nevsky his historical model) !

And the Chinese are the new Mongols of the silk route and Persian Ilkhanate (or their later Renaissance Asian follow on of Ottoman fame).

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I couldn't have done a better job with Photoshop!!!!!!!!!


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Williambanzai sure has some great material here to work with for a loonngg time.

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It could have turned out far, far worse. Imagine the situation if 'Mittens' was POTUS.

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Wrong, that wouldn't happen to Romney, back to DC you Obama stooge

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Wow! I never expected that. You're funy.

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"mittens" might be encouraging us all to be stocking up on a years worth of food ...


tired1's picture

Judging by Mitten's relationships with Bibi, WW3 would be here by now.

As obscene as it is, and I cant explain it, there seems to be a faction in the WH that is somewhat a restraining influence re: the ME. I cant figure it out, bit the neocons dont seem to have complete control.

Anyone have any insights?

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Tired, it is obscene ... all of it. I agree that WWIII may have been a lot closer to occurring had Obola not beaten Mittens. That's my big concern at this moment how these POS chickenhawks will act going forward.

As far as who can/is ultimately influencing things, my best guess is that there are different factions within US gov that may be at war - figuratively or otherwise - amongst themselves.

Freddie's picture

Mormons have a close relationship with the chosen ones.  This coming from a Mormon once who wasa  rip off like many Mormons. 

They run Las Vegas together.

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if it walks, talks, smells and looks like a twat.....STAND WITH 'EM...

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he looks like the waiter

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When you act like a banana republic you get treated like a banana republic!

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Clearly a message.

China is saying, we got Russia on our side and the Canucks have our back.

Russia and Canada combined account for how much of all the world's resources and harvests? A good chunk for sure.

The Canucks will be pegging their Loonie to the Yuan soon.

Obama is standing with the Indonesians. Looks better in the picture and is closer to the truth considering where Obama was born and where he went to school.

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At tonight's banquet he's sitting at a card table set up in the garage!

Winston Churchill's picture

In the trunk of a car in that garage.

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As expected Obama is not getting the respect that a strong leader would get. It did not help that Republicans took away much of his power last week. Too many people it appears a struggle is occurring to unseat America as the worlds most dominate nation. For many proud Americans who see the world from the unenlightened and possibly undefendable position of the United States having a right to be in control it is both threatening and frustrating to see control slip away.

It is threatening to think the country might quickly fall to the position of a second rate power mired in debt with many of the options we have come to see as our right suddenly ripped away. It is frustrating that in many ways the country has become its own worse enemy guilty of political inaction and squandering its power through a series of bad choices and missteps. The article below delves into what America must do to turn this around.

Freddie's picture

Republicans are owned by AIPAC and the zoligarchs like Obola and ALL the Democrats.

There are a few decent Republicans in the House like Ron Paul was but not that many.

kchrisc's picture

A picture is worth a thousand words.

That pictures is worth a QE of words.

An American, not US subject.

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In the old days, if you were seated near the bus station in a fancy restaurant "YOU WERE IN SIBERIA."

I don't think that message is lost on President O'Bagman today.


My theory about the president's trip to China and the G20 begins with James Clapper, the nation's top spy, going to Prongyang to collect 2 American ne'er do wells, Miller and Bae, whom the North Koreans decided to release a week before the meeting in Brisbane and a couple of days before President O'Bumble's scheduled meeting with President Xi in Beijing. 

It is my contention that North Korea made Clapper's appearance in NK sine qua non for the release of these two alleged spies.


To return to Washington and President O'Bummy with privileged information from Beijing and/or Moscow.  Information which required the intelligence of the head of the NSA and which could not be delivered by the Secretary of Relish and Catsup.

I have no idea what this information is or whether its release depended on a certain response by the US.

As MH17 has suddenly returned to the news, perhaps it relates to the guilt of those who ordered it and those who carried it out. 

I know I'm probably wrong about MH17, but seeing President Bouncewell standing the ladies lingerie department of the photo, gives me the hope of being a little right. 

phaedrus1952's picture

Interesting points, bid. It is absolutely over the top that someone in Clapper's position should have performed that mission UNLESS, as you suggest, he was to receive - directly to his face - information.

It has been clear for some time now that virtually NO written/electronically generated data is secure (ya listenin', Noodleman?). If you are correct, sumpin' big be a'brewin.

Freddie's picture

MH 17?  Hmmm..  Here is what I do not understand.  The two Malaysian plane crashes are related.  The first one, I doubt, crashed.    The majority of the people on the first flight were Chinese.  The second were supposedly Dutch. 

The Chinese treat their people like cattle but probably better than the zoligarchs treat Amerikans.  Anyway, China cannot be happy about the first flight and I am sure they know what happened.  Russia cannot be happy about the second flight.   The Ukrianian people are starting to get they are being used.

Finally, the Malaysians I assume are at this conference.  These two crashes pretty much destroyed this airline.  Someone said the Red Shield was the majority shareholder.   These crashes also made the Malaysians look like fools. 

I think something may eventually leak out soon.  What are the chances that the Russians, Chinese and Malasyains talked about this during the meeting?

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what's funnier is that barry is probably quite clear on how much of an ass he has made of himself over the last 6 years


barry can talk all he wants, he can't do damage at the rate he did it at prior to Nov 4