In Latest Obamacare Fiasco, Most Low-Income Workers Can't Afford "Affordable Care Act"

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Just ten days ago we described the latest unintended (we hope) consequence of the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare, when Colorado's largest nonprofit co-op health insurer and participant in that state's insurance exchange, Colorado HealthOP, announcing it was abruptly shutting down ahead of the November 1 start of enrollment for 2016, forcing 80,000 Coloradans to find a new insurer for 2016.

It wasn't the first: the Colorado co-op was at least the fifth in the nation to collapse. Similar nonprofit insurers have already failed in Louisiana, Iowa/Nebraska, Nevada and New York. A health insurance cooperative in Tennessee announced this week that it would stop offering new policies.

The insurer failed because it would fail to be profitable, in the process burning through $23 million in taxpayer-funded loss that would not be repaid.  "Taxpayers are on the hook for millions of dollars in loans given out to the CO-OP, money that will likely never be repaid," U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner said in a statement after the announcement.

And while many had anticipated from the beginning that the Obamacare tax was merely a subsidy for the large insurance companies (or rather, their public shareholders), few had expected a far more sinister consequence of the "Affordable" care plan: that the employer mandate would turn out to be unaffordable for a vast majority of low-income workers - the very people who were supposed to benefit from it.

But before we unveil this latest depressing, if also anticipated, outcome of socialized healthcare, let's remember that much of the U.S. has press has touted the success of Obamacare. To be sure, nationwide, the Affordable Care Act has significantly reduced the number of Americans without health insurance. Around 10.7% of the country’s under-65 population was uninsured in the first three months of this year, down from 17.5% five years earlier, according to the National Health Interview Survey, a long-running federal study. Some 14 million previously uninsured adults have gained coverage in the last two years, the Obama administration estimates.

However, what is left unsaid is that most of those gains have come from a vast expansion of Medicaid and from the subsidies that help lower-income people buy insurance through federal and state exchanges. Workers who are offered affordable individual coverage through their employers — a group that the employer mandate was intended to expand — are not eligible for government-subsidized insurance through the exchanges, even if their income would otherwise have qualified them.

It is the failing of Obamacare to address the needs of America's struggling lower-middle class, those women and men who work long, hard hours, often at minimum wage, scrambling to make ends meet. It is them, that the NYT writes about in its recent scathing critique of Obamacare (traditionally, it has been the WSJ that gives scathing reports on the disaster that is Obamacare, usually involving soaring monthly premiums for those who were dragged into the Scotus-enabled tax beyond their will).

Take the case of Billy Sewell who began offering health insurance this year to 600 service workers at the Golden Corral restaurants that he owns. He wondered nervously how many would buy it. Adding hundreds of employees to his plan would cost him more than $1 million — a hit he wasn’t sure his low-margin business could afford. His actual costs, though, turned out to be far smaller than he had feared. So far, only two people have signed up.

“We offered, and they didn’t take it,” he said.

But isn't that against the stated primary objective of Obamacare: to make affordable health insurance more accessible and affordable to everyone? The answer, according to the NYT, is no.

The Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate, which requires employers with more than 50 full-time workers to offer most of their employees insurance or face financial penalties, was one of the law’s most controversial provisions. Business owners and industry groups fiercely protested the change, and some companies cut workers’ hours to reduce the number of employees who would be eligible.


But 10 months after the first phase of the mandate took effect, covering companies with 100 or more workers, many business owners say they are finding very few employees willing to buy the health insurance that they are now compelled to offer. The trend is especially pronounced among smaller and midsize businesses in fields filled with low-wage hourly workers, like restaurants, retailing and hospitality. (Companies with 50 to 99 workers are not required to comply with the mandate until next year.)

Hold on, aren't those some of the "best" performing job categories in the past year? Why yes they are, in fact, with 11.1 million workers, those employed by "food service and drinking places" are the single largest job subcategory tracked by the BLS. It is almost as if the bulk of the jobs growth went to fields that would be mostly disadvantaged by Obamacare.

Well, there may be millions of waiters and bartenders in the US, but contrary to what Obamacare promised the vast majority are and will remain uninsured:

Based on what we’ve seen in the marketplace, we’re advising some of our clients to expect single-digit take rates,” said Michael A. Bodack, an insurance broker in Harrison, N.Y. “One to 2 percent isn’t unusual.”

The reason? What was supposed to be affordable remains painfully unaffordable for the lowest rung of the employment pyramid.

Here is the actual math as experienced by both the abovementioned Mr. Sewell of Golden Corral restaurants, and his mostly minimum-wage employees.

He employs 1,800 people at the 26 Golden Corral franchises he owns in six Southern and Midwestern states, and previously offered insurance only to his salaried management staff. In January, when the employer mandate took effect, he made the same insurance plan, with a bigger employer contribution, available to all employees working an average of 30 or more hours a week.

Running the math on his plan — a typical one for the restaurant industry — illustrates why a number of low-wage workers are falling through gaps in the Affordable Care Act.

The annual premium for individual coverage through the Golden Corral Blue Cross Blue Shield plan is $4,800. Mr. Sewell pays 65 percent for service workers, leaving them with a monthly cost of $140.

The health care law defines affordable employer-sponsored insurance as that priced at 9.5 percent or less of an employee’s annual household income for individual coverage. (Because employers do not know how much money their workers’ relatives make, there are several “safe harbors” they can use for compliance, including basing their calculation on only their own employees’ wages.) Mr. Sewell’s insurance meets the test, but $65 per biweekly paycheck is more than most of his workers are willing — or able — to pay for insurance that still carries steep out-of-pocket costs, including a $2,500 deductible.

And this is where Obamacare's employee mandate fails for a vast majority of US workers.

Clarissa Morris, 47, has been a server at the Golden Corral here for five years, earning $2.13 an hour plus tips. On a typical day, she leaves the restaurant with about $70 in tips. Her husband makes $9 an hour at Walmart but has been offered only a part-time schedule there, without benefits. Their combined paychecks barely cover their rent and daily essentials.

“It’s either buy insurance or put food in the house,” she said. On the rare occasions that she gets sick, she visits a local clinic with sliding-scale fees. It costs her $25 for a visit, and $4 to fill prescriptions at Walmart.

Other business owners find the same paradox: 

Brad Mete, the managing partner of Affinity Resources, a staffing agency in Dania Beach, Fla., began offering insurance this year to most of his workers only because the law required it. He said the alternative, paying a penalty of about $2,000 per full-time employee, was unthinkable, “That would put us out of business, in one swoop.”


Trying to persuade his hourly workers to buy the insurance is “like pulling teeth,” he said. His company’s plan costs $120 a month, but workers making about $300 a week are reluctant to spend $30 of it on insurance.

That's ok - if you beleive the Obama administration, wages are about to soar.

Or maybe not.

What is truly tragic, however, that just like in the case of "punishing work" when Earned Income Tax benefits for those living around the poverty line, see their after tax pay rise above what comparable workers who make up to $50k per year, Obamacare seems to have been designed only for those making above the median US wage and above:

A study by ADP, the payroll processing giant, found an income tipping point at which most employees who are eligible for health insurance will buy it: $45,000 a year.


Workers making $15,000 to $20,000 a year buy employer-sponsored individual insurance when it is offered only 37 percent of the time. That rate rises at every income increment ADP studied until $45,000, when it reaches 82 percent and levels off. Further income gains have virtually no effect on the rate, ADP found.

And so the wheels slowly fall off the socialized healthcare train:

Low-income, full-time workers like Ms. Morris may prove to be some of the hardest people to bring into the ranks of the insured, said Gary Claxton, a vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation, which conducts an annual study on employer health benefits.


“This is one of the outcomes of trying to keep employer-based coverage in place,” Mr. Claxton said. “These are folks that didn’t have coverage before, and they’re not being given much help to get coverage now.”

Then, now that the disastrous law has been observed in practice, the result is nothing short of a bureaucratic nightmare, and everyone is scrambling to find loopholes:

Mario K. Castillo, a lawyer in Houston who has extensively studied the new law, said it was poorly understood in the industry, and a bureaucratic nightmare.


“They have to issue you a policy, but dropping it after one year is perfectly legal,” he said. “If you’re in this space, you essentially have to shop for insurance every year.”

But the biggest slap in Obama's care comes from those who were supposed to be the direct beneficiaries.

For employees, forgoing coverage can mean facing tax penalties. Ms. Morris said she was surprised by the $95 fee she had to pay this year for being uninsured in 2014. “I had kind of heard about it, but I didn’t think it was going to kick in until later,” she said.


Around 7.5 million taxpayers paid the fine, according to a preliminary report by the Internal Revenue Service. That is significantly more than the three million to six million the government had forecast.

Actually, considering central planning and government takeover of private industries always leads to disaster, it is more surprising that the number isn't far, far greater.

As for those tens of millions of minimum wage workers, who thought they had a right to "hope" for "change", and instead ended up even worse off - as well as unisnured and paying a penalty -  our apologies, especially since it is all downhill from here. What you should have done is buy the stock of health insurance companies: because their shareholders' gain (and your loss) is what the "Affordable" Care Act is truly all about.

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Bank_sters's picture

Of course not.  How can it be health care if you can't pay the deductible?   It is a TAX.   Just wait until 2017 when the premiums rise another 20-40 percent.   

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

Easy fix for those under 40k-50k per year and relatively healthy.


  1. Buy individual or family basic plan based on the subsidy dollars that you get calculated by the market place in
  2. These usually will be $0 monthly payment  
  3. These usually have a copay of $15 to $30 when you visit General Practician doctor and 1 or 2 visits to specialist per year
  4. Visits beyond the allowed visits to specialists go to the deductible which is high. 
  5. When you need a specialist, find one yourself and tell them you have no insurance and you get 40% discount (Novant Health clinics is one)
  6. If you need something beyond these like an serious injury or surgery you have a problem you must pay the $10k max out of pocket.
  7. If so negotiate the payment and the terms.

This is not the pefect solution but it will be cheaper than not having insurance and cheaper than the penalty.


Occident Mortal's picture

Why doesn't the US just copy one of the superior health care systems from the OECD?


Too proud?

Shizzmoney's picture

This is the type of shit that causes revolts 

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Mr. Sewell’s insurance meets the test, but $65 per biweekly paycheck is more than most of his workers are willing — or able — to pay for insurance that still carries steep out-of-pocket costs, including a $2,500 deductible.

When 62% of Americans have $1000 or less in savings.

Occident Mortal's picture

Plenty of countries in the world the deductible is $0 for everyone and the cost per capita for healthcare is less than $4,000 per year.


In America 17% of GDP goes through sick people.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



...the cost per capita for healthcare is less than $4,000 per year.

But the health insurance company stocks in those countries are not doing nearly as well as in the USA.

So, the next time your congressman tells you that he is working to help reduce healthcare costs, ask the fascist how his Cigna stock is doing, and remember that the only surefire way to dramatically reduce healthcare costs is to remove the middlemen and allow market forces to return to healthcare.


Don't agree with me?  Try this.  Call three local mechanics and ask how much an engine diagnosis and tune up costs.  You will likely receive three prices over the phone to compare.  No intermediary.  Next, call three doctors and ask how much an examination, x-ray, and any simple procedure like a complete blood test costs.  Good luck!  If mechanics can have transparent and affordable market pricing, then so can doctors, but only without the intermediaries.

NoDebt's picture

The "success" of Obamacare that the MSM is crowing about is DUE ENTIRELY TO THE EXPANSION OF MEDICAID FURTHER UP THE INCOME SPECTRUM.  Everyone else has gotten the shaft.

Obamacare is failing in EXACTLY the way it was hoped it would- adverse selection.  I doubt even Obama could have hoped it would happen so fast.  It's exceeded even the wildest socialist expecations.  

We're probably within 10 years of single-payer government-sponsored healthcare.  All those fancy hospitals that have been built the last few decades?  You won't be going to them any more- those are for rich people and maybe the upper middle class.  Everyone else, take a number at the deli counter and wait outside your local VA hospital for 6 months to see a doctor.

Once you do see that doctor I hope you don't have anything more serious than a hang nail.  Your life isn't worth the drugs or procedure needed to cure anything more serious than that.  

Philo Beddoe's picture

Yep, decent healthcare will require household income of about $100k. Not rolling in it...but enough to get you into the cheap seats.  If you welch on the tab the fuckers can always come after you. 

ebworthen's picture

That's it right there.  They are fucking the lower classes, the middle class, the upper middle class.

The only exceptions are the Elites and CONgress.  If the upper middle class doesn't cough up the dough when they get sick they always have assets and "retirement" to pilfer.  The middle class sells the house and liquidates the kid's college fund.  The lower classes do without or rely on seedy clinics or prison.


Richard Chesler's picture

You have to give credit to the corrupt miserable POS to fuckup an already broken system.

Jew cum is an acquired taste - BHO


Macchendra's picture

Can't afford Romneycare-lite?  You must not work for Bain-capital.  How about we stop giving handouts to the insurance companies for poor people tax?  (Poor?  Well, we better raise your rates!)  How about we organize and distribute the risk between people who aren't trying to make multi billion dollar profits with single payer?  Wake up and turn off Fox.

Everybodys All American's picture

The country will collapse into chaos long before then. No way we can get to ten years out on this level of madness. No chance in hell of that ten years going by without massive civil unrest and disobedience.

Money Counterfeiter's picture
Money Counterfeiter (not verified) Everybodys All American Oct 26, 2015 8:18 PM

Harvard grad and affirmitive action fucking the peasants hard.

Doña K's picture

We got a letter from aetna with a suprize 55% increase for 2016 renewal. Mind you the letter also states that the final amount may be different depending on regulatory requirements. (Not lesser. Different)

New years surprize!?

BTW: There is a company in Hong Kong and the Marianna islands (US territory) that insures Americans anywhere in the world. You go to the doctor anywhere and they deal with it. Much lesser cost. I will look it up as we used to have it in 2001 to 2003 and repost

Cheers mates

zhandax's picture

Keep us updated.  Interested in hearing what this cluster-fuck does (did) to their cost structure.

skipjack's picture

Only 55% ? My Aetna increase came i the form of a "we are cancelling your plan but are offering this better deal" in the form of an 82% increase in premium, a 300% increase in the deductible and a change of copay from 100% to 70%. 


Do the fuckers really think anyone will simply sit and take that ? Fuck Aetna and fuck Obama and fuck SCOTUS...feel free to add anyone else that deserves fucking.

Philo Beddoe's picture

I thought the exact same thing 20 years ago. Yet, here we are. 

Zymurguy's picture

This is what is so fucking in-human about these satanic statists... any means to justify the ends.  They don't fucking care one bit about anyone's well being, health, income, livelihood, etc.  They have a mental illness allowing them to be co-opted by the devil bent on inflicting as much pain and suffering they can on mankind.

corndog's picture

Get rid of the middle man. Amen to that.

nmewn's picture

And the income tax rates those countries charge are?

Occident Mortal's picture

Well the cost is right here


You can see it as a percentage of GDP or as a nominal cost per capita.

nmewn's picture

Singapore, you want the healthcare system to be like Singapore? 

Occident Mortal's picture

No need to go as radical as that.


USA has similar culture to UK and Australia.


USA has higher income tax than UK and Australia.


Australia = 82.1 life expectancy, 9.1% of GDP, $6,140/capita

UK = 81.5 life expectancy, 9.4% of GDP, $3,647/capita

USA = 78.17life expectancy, 17.2% of GDP, $8,895/capita



Dont bother copying the high tax European socialist countries. Also we don't have the same lifestyle/culture as the Asian countries.


But Australia, UK and New Zealand? What are those guys doing?

nmewn's picture

So lemme get this straight, after Obama-Pelosi-Reid "fixed it all" you want to fuck around with it some more? But don't bother copying "European socialist countries" where one can go blind waiting for "permission from the state" for a cataract surgery or in Singapore where you're "warded off" based on your taxable income?

See, what we really need is the fucking IRS involved in medical decisions, right? 

venturen's picture

ever been in the UK health system? I have....and a friend almost died of a routine isn't a very good sysetm....2-5 year wait for hernia operation

ForTheWorld's picture

What is Australia doing? All levels of Australian "government" are fucking everyone as hard and as fast as they can... sans lube.

I just did my taxes. Last financial year I paid $21K in income tax and another $4K for private health insurance for my wife, son and I. Like Obamacare, it is legislated that you have private health insurance, lest you pay a tax for not having it. The ATO assesses my income, and decides that I'm $2500 short. I need to pay the Medicare Levy to cover all the people using the public system without insurance. Private Health Insurance in Australia is subsidised by the Federal Government, because people couldn't afford the full price, which means that $4K I paid would have been closer to $6K without the subsidies.

Anecdotal: My wife and I had our son during this last financial year, and we used our private health insurance to cover the costs. Now, we went to the closest hospital, which happens to both be a public hospital and the best Midwifery group in the state. When we were doing our admission forms (which we were able to do a few months prior), we said we'll use our insurance to cover the costs. The registrar was really happy about that, because the hospital gets to charge the health insurance company a lot more for services provided.

I've no idea how they can do that, but the end result is everyone gets fucked because health insurers just pass on rising costs to the insured, and the FedGov has to pay more in subsidies for private health insurance, which pushes more people to the public system, meaning the Medicare Levy has to rise (again), which means insurance costs rise to insurers can keep their profit margins.

I don't think there's any health care system on the planet that functions properly. At best, it's just taking money from people who don't use the system, and giving it indirectly to people who do. Lots of people don't see it like that though. They see it as our "moral obligation" to help those in need. If that was the case, health insurance providers wouldn't be making the rules.

The take away from all this: Eat well, exercise, sleep, and don't stress. Do your best to avoid the health insurance debacle.

FreedomGuy's picture

I work in a part of healthcare and Obamacare is far worse than you think. It is like a spreading cancer in our system. I am not sure if it is just incompetent or it is designed to fail. It will fail in the end and the pain will be enormous. You only see the tip of the iceberg right now. Remember, too that everyone who does not buy Obamacare becomes a criminal or at least a tax cheat. I see these people every single day. They are not just the poor like this article says. I would say most of them are what I would call Trade-Class. These are working class independent guys who might do electric, carpentry or be a 1099 guy in an oil field. They work hard and run thin. They cannot afford $500/mo and a $5k deductible. That is 11 large out of pocket every year. Almost no one outside of the top 5% of Americans can afford that. In fact, it is not really insurance. It is self pay and someone gives you a shitty piece of paper to say you are insured. You are mostly self insured.

Here are a few points for my fellow ZH friends that will help make sense of things including why Europe is cheaper than America according to leftist lemmings.

1. Private insurance has always subsidized government programs. That is why it is rather costly. Everyone from your doctor to the nursing home makes more on insurance than the razor thin, even money losing reimbursements of Medicare, Medicaid and even TriCare. So, if they have enough insured and make enough they take the lousy government plans, too. Obamacare designers are too stupid to know this and now they are eating the whole financial enchilada. They will choke on it.

2. America subsidizes the rest of the world. Most everyone involved in medical innovation looks at the American market to make their money on. Europe gets a discount because you have the heavy hand of government "negotiating" (if you do not agree to their prices they have the ability to seize your patents) and you do at least get total access to the population. However, the real money is in America. For an analogy compare our military to their crappy little contingents. Because we have a military roughly as big as all of them put together to protect them, they can scrimp on their military and devote it to social programs. It actually works roughly the same in medicine.

3. Lefties just cannot get the difference between actual health care and insurance through their thick skulls. There were many uninsured in America and 100% of them had access to healthcare. There are a zillion community health and subsidized and discount plans across America. I expect they will begin to evaporate or change their business models.

4. Obamacare has a bunch of expensive and adverse selection mandates. There is a part called "Accountable Care Organizations" which are cooperative groups of doctors who will work around disease states for cost savings, e.g., diabetes, allergy, asthma, etc. Without a long explanation, I predict the more ruthless ones will begin discharging complex and sick patients as the inevitably blow your cost averages. In other words, if you are sick and complicated you will find it HARDER to get a doctor. If the groups beat cost targets they get kick backs from government. This happened in the good ole USSR. If you were sick you got kicked out of hospitals. If you were well they tried to hold onto you forever because you improved their ratings and government reimbursements.

Obamacare is a ruthless brainless attempt to put the whiney leftist "social justice" ideas into actual practice. It is stupid and supremely arrogant people intervening in things they do not understand.

Unfortunately, outside of Ben Carson who has real connections to medicine (and maybe Rand Paul), I do not think any of the Republicans are bright enough to see both the economic carnage, healthcare destruction or the gigantic voter appeal opportunity right on their doorstep. I expect the R's to do nothing.

Billy the Poet's picture

Thanks for taking the time to compose that informative missive.

johnconnor's picture

you are forgetting, perhaps because you also work in healthcare, that the average salary of a physician in the EU is less than $100K, here the average MD makes over $200k, the average surgeon over $400-500k, and don't even get me started with the top tier hospital admins, they are on the millions range... the money for that racket is coming from the patients 

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

It's the cost of administration that has positively skyrocketed in the last thirty years.

I don't have a problem with a doctor making $200k. It's a tough job and they earn it. It's the fucking administrators that need to be cut out of the system.

FreedomGuy's picture

There are a lot of different stats to answer your question about incomes. First, doctors' incomes vary widely with specialty. Basic patient care and office visits do not pay so well. Procedures pay much better. Averages tell you very little. A family doctor might make about $125k, less in some areas and much more in others. It really depends on who your patients are. If you work in a large Medicaid area or on are loan repayment you will make much less. If it makes you feel better, incomes are dropping as most everything pays less.

The administrators in the hospitals earn a bunch because they usually can do two things. First, they run a pretty good (profitable) ship and second, they figure out how to game the billing system. I could talk about the art of billing for an entire page. It is a game and it is run mostly by insurers (including government). It is a mix of not paying for anything they don't have to pay for, paying as low as possible and sometimes getting gouged when someone finds something they MUST pay for...sort of revenge, actually.

Obamacare empowered insurers because Obamaphiles and designers really do not know how to price risk. They have not done it before.

Frankly, if you had to go to school till your early 30's, go through what the doctors have to go through, pay huge sums for overhead and liability you'd demand decent compensation. Their salaries are not any higher than mid level corporate types and they actually save or lengthen your life. Lawyers earn far more creating havoc in every system and industry known to mankind.

In a freely traded market, doctors, nurses and so on would all find their proper value like anyone else. I submit it is pretty high. I would also double check those income stats. Those sound far too low for Europe. I will also guess they put in regular hours and are more like government employees in most of those countries.

You will find that many come to the USA to practice, as well. I have known lots of Canadian physicians, in particular.

Remember, every system, economic or ecological adapts to the forces within that system. Medicine is one of the most government controlled systems anywhere.

Zymurguy's picture

It's because the healthcare system was overtaken by the insurance agencies, then by the lawyers/bean counters, and then overrun by the govt.  Next up everyone will really take an ass-raping when the UN or the World Health Organization decides to take over.

Killdo's picture

I've lived in the Uk and the US and always thought Americans pay much more tax (and get nothing in return). My education in the Uk was free and so was the healthcare. Plus part of the tax goes to maintain parasitic royal family etc

Iam_Silverman's picture

"My education in the Uk was free and so was the healthcare."

Free?  So you never paid taxes?  And you call the royalty parasites.....

sessinpo's picture

You left out that most advances and expenditures on research come from the US.

Thus those other nations may not be sharing in the costs for the benefits they are getting. Would the life expectancy around the world drop? Don't know. Would their costs go up if they spent the billions for R&D? Don't know.

We also find that many of those nations have a higher public debt per gdp then the US. Eventually something has to give and most likely it won't be pleasant for the populations around the world.

So perhaps there is no fair comparison.

FreedomGuy's picture

Good point but actually a subset of my point. The research might actually take place in Europe or even S. America. But whatever they are developing, whether a new med or a new MRI machine is aimed squarely for the U.S. market.

My assertion is we do not know what fair compensation is because the market for healthcare is either horribly distorted or fully government controlled (which is also distortion). If we can reconnect or better connect people with costs and value judgments, including the price of insurance we will get a more rational market. This includes people, not employers owning their healthcare.

piceridu's picture

A growing number of Americans are indeed travel abroaad to get very good and affordable healh care:

cpgone's picture

As if you have any knowledge of the Sing. system


Billy the Poet's picture

I don't care if they pay me to take medical insurance, I don't want the government involved so intimately in my life. Have I no right to opt out entirely no matter how wonderful the deal is?

Pure Evil's picture

Hillary says no.

Try to remember, it takes a village to raise an idiot.

7 years and counting since 2008.

cpgone's picture

8 downers? Strange that truth hurts.

Anyway we are 44th .. USA USA USA

A Nanny Moose's picture

Strawman. These bullshit articles measure effiiency based on cherry picking statistics such as life expectancy. Life expectancy misses quality of life, which has NOTHING to do with FUCKING SICK CARE. With life suport, I can keep you alive for 100 years., but what is your qualify of life? Life expectancy falls into the trap of quantity over quality.

So much for the goal seeking horseshit. Who the fuck would want to live forever in this shit show anyway?


Borrow Owl's picture

" Who the fuck would want to live forever in this shit show anyway?"

Raises hand!

This shit is fun to watch.

Imteresting times indeed.


Canoe Driver's picture

Obamacare is certainly a train wreck,but no one can say that socialized medicine has failed in the USA, because socialized medicine has yet to be tried in the USA.  Obamacare is a far cry from the socialization of health risk. It is more like an enhancement, or an amplification, to an already deeply capitalist medical system.

ISEEIT's picture

"In America 17% of GDP goes through sick people."


It's a hell of a lot more than 17% going through the hands of "sick" people.


The system is an obomination.



cpgone's picture

Yep we spend A TRILLION FRIGGIN DOLLARS on the MIC and the poor US worker 

gets screwed health insurance wise. Medicare or single payer for everyone and if you want your

own insurance and doctors let the free mkt, run

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

This is all by design, folks.

Obamacare was designed to be too expensive.

It was designed to be inefficient.

It was designed to be confusing and awkward.

This is only the first step in the Demonazi plan to implement fullblown socialized medicine.

This is the David Lloyd George initial phase, which is designed to get people to say, "It isn't working. The government must takeover even more of our healthcare, must take more of our earnings, must replace the copper fist with the iron fist."

This is designed to force the citizenry to demand a totalitarian state.

Hitlery! Will finish that off and, as a concerned and loving grandma, will finally get rid of that 2nd Amendment issue (for the chil'ren).