This Is How They Protect Us!

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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

The Latest TSA Horror

“These people think they are God. They think they can do anything they want.”

A partially blind, partially deaf young woman returning home from treatment for a brain tumor was brutally smashed to the ground by goon tug TSA “security” while her mother, a nurse, was shoved away.

The goon thugs responsible should get at least 30 years in a maximum security prison for assault with intent to kill. But nothing will happen to them. Their corrupt bosses always cover up for the psychopaths who occupy so many “security” and police positions from which they exercise unaccountable brutality over those of us forced to pay their salaries.

This is America today. We are forced to pay for our own brutilization by a criminal element that has taken refuge in “security” that “protects us.” We are in far more danger from the security forces allegedly protecting us than we are from terrorists. Indeed, the security forces are the terrorists.

Remember, during eight years of the Iraq War, US police killed more Americans than the US lost troops in combat. We needed our soldiers at home protecting us from the police, not over there “protecting” us from Iraqis who were not bothering us at all.

The only way to stop the continuous murder and brutalization of American citizens by “security” is to give the same jail sentences to the psychopaths, who comprise a large percentage of police, as are given to criminals without badges to hide behind. Until this happens, no one is safe, not even a handicapped young women traveling home from a hospital with her mother.

The same prison sentences should be given to executive branch officials who initiate wars of aggression on the basis of lies and fraud. These officials are criminals, not “world leaders.”

Read the article from the Guardian and weep for your lost country in which we are far less safe from “our” government than we were under King George. Indeed with Washington’s record of destroying seven countries in 15 years, no one in the world is safe from the government of “the land of liberty.”

America is now justice-proof. “Security” has so thoroughly inoculated us against justice that justice cannot happen in America. Winning some taxpayer money in a civil lawsuit is not justice. Justice is prison for the goon thug criminals with badges.

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EddieLomax's picture

A blow torch and pliers would do, seriously these goons should get 20 years in jail for attacking a defenceless woman alone, more for someone dying of cancer.

And the judge would be doing them a favour in any civilised world since otherwise they would be waiting for a group of people to come around and do something very unpleasant to them.

Seems like our justice systems both sides of the pond are no longer blind to authority, in the long run though there are going to be consequences to that.

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It depends.


If one is dying and has nothing left to lose...then why go alone?


Take some bastards out with you. Leave the World a better place.


Oh I know that it reads as the philosophy of the suicide bomber.


Now can you understand why they do it?


Just remember.


An injustice done to one is one injustice too many.

OldPhart's picture

The more I smoke and drink, the closer I am to death.  At least that's what the war criminal government we have tells me.

I don't believe them.  (Well, I'm coughing a lot more now and looking up addresses of assholes, and Klintun supporters, on I'm pretty close)

I do plan to take out a couple when I go.

I just hope I avoid the innocent in all the excitement.

And, you despicable FBI agents reading this, I truely hope that time is decades away.

In the meantime, I'm hoping you pull your collective thumbs out of your asses and take a few extreme measures.  I'm this >|< close to just fucking shooting you as just another impediment in my freedom.  And I don't wanna do that. 

I want YOU to do the fucking job I'm paying you to do.  Get off you fat, fucking, overpaid, ass and DO YOUR FUCKING JOB or very vocally QUIT!!

Your reputation has been ass fucked by Obama and Clinton.  I look at you, at this moment, as just another needless bureaucracy.  One that needs to die. 

If you have a shred of integrity you'd have handcuffs on the bitch and be marching her in a perp walk through central DC.

But you're not, so you're a bunch of pussies that are focused on trying to intimidate actual taxpayers who think you're useless. 

Way to go.  Build up support there for what your real job is, fucktoids.


you know they are lying because they are talking's picture

don't hold back, tell em what you really think

btw-I feel the same way

Tall Tom's picture





You too? Project Mayhem.


Actually Nine Eleven pisses me off much more.


While I am not minimizing what happened to the girl...or that Comey is a corrupted motherfucker for refusing to charge Hitlery...the truth is that Nine Eleven had a much greater impact. And then they let some of the perpetrators go?

buzzkillb's picture

hashtag OPTSA appears to be upset while twitter is taking down the links which are now google cached.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

You guys think like low-brows or high school drop outs.

No, she just hit the Jackpot in the TSA lottery: She will simply sue the TSA and get an awarded tens of millions, and retire happily ever after.

Tall Tom's picture





She is dying of Brain Cancer.. She will not ever live to see a dime.


Do not be so glib. This is very sad brother.

undertow1141's picture

Makes "a boot stamping on a human face forever", much more obvious.

ebworthen's picture

Fucking cancer patient, 19 year old with brain tumors, what a rabble of goons!

Shoot, beat, punch, kick, kill first; no tasers or gentle restraint with questions and explanations.

You must not question the Empire!  Mordor on the Potomac rules supreme!  Yield or die plebeians!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Serious Q: Would YOU let them beat you up like that, if you got $20-50 million for it?

Well, would you?  If you have ANY integrity, your anwser would be "Hell, Yes!"

That's what she'll get paid by the Jury, when her lawyer is finished suing.

Lore's picture

No. For starters, she's not going to receive anything like that amount in damages. Furthermore, depending how you're injured, the injuries and complications could be lasting and debilitating. You want to live the rest of your life hurting and crippled?  Again, no. If you're healthy and smart and principled, there are always new and moral ways to create opportunity in life.  Abusing the legal system makes you part of the problem, not the solution.  ...That said, when rule of law breaks down and is seen by all to be breaking down, follow Ghandi: "Be the change you want to see in the world." 

shovelhead's picture

Ghandi got shot. Fuck that.

No thanks.

Lore's picture

What happened to "Liberty or death?" 

4freedom78's picture

It would be on all the mainstream Leftist media CNN and MSN but sadly is not ( as usual ) , Shame on them and the responsible TSA, once again this show who is the real fascist.

buzzkillb's picture

This was a quick blip on the MSM when it happened days ago.

How is this not a terrorist act? US Airports are starting to sound as safe as middle east hospitals.

sankol's picture

In those messy third world countries, cops would be extremely careful about doing such things in the open. They would get beat up by a mob. No pretence of civility would cover the sorry asses of those TSA thugs.

EddieLomax's picture

In Barbaric societies people do treat each other with more courtesy.  Seriously, if I was dying of something then hunting down these goons would be top of my bucket list, if you are going to go out then go out with a bang.

Ghordius's picture

evidence for that? barbaric? the proper term is, imho, if "might makes right"

the hallmark of a civilized society is redress of wrongs... in court

EddieLomax's picture

But when they do not redress the wrongs in court the barbaric society looks better.

Those TSA agents will not be prosecuted over this, in a civilized society they should be in the dock facing heft sentences for assault and bring their office into disrepute, instead a lump sum of tax payers money will be handed over thus penalizing the tax payers for their crimes.  That is not justice.

We have been convinced to hand over ever more of our policing to the state over the years, in the past in the UK people would leave their doors unlocked, not just because the police would enforce the law, but also because you would quickly face a large mob of locals if you were found to be stealing.  This still does go on where the police are hesitant to act, for example gypsies are persuaded to move on by the locals turning up one night.

It comes to me that one of the big problems with todays society is government is too big and too expensive, in the past many of the functions of government were done for free by the people, but personal responsibility seems to be out of fashion with todays politicians.

WorkingClassMan's picture

Jeh...when your parents just don't care when thinking up a proper name for you.


Sounds like something someone would say when they shrug.

any_mouse's picture

Better than the inifinite variations of ~shawn~. DeShawn, ShawnTee,  LaShawn, KeShawn, ...

Oh, wait, his parents couldn't remember how to finish spelling Jehoshaphat.

Like Juneteenth.



Rakksan's picture

Another pathetic mulatto of low self-esteem.

sankol's picture

When you fly into an American airport. you realise that the image of the same is far from what it should be in a first world country. Moldy,80s style airports full of uniformed goons out to make your life as uncomfortable for you.

Déjà view's picture

U.S. airports present that nostalgic before deregulation (1978).

No. 28 highest ranked U.S. airport.


shovelhead's picture

We really do need those 6' X 8' posters of Obama in all the Airports like the Soviet Union had of Joe Stalin to complete the image of America.

Down to Earth Thinking's picture

me too , sickening what has happened here in USSA today ! way past time to revolt and kick some asses. Fuck all these Obama cocksuckers

stacking12321's picture

fuck everyone who works for the govenrment and the bankster cabal - it's not about obama, he's just another sucker on the squid's tentacle

junction's picture

When Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte staged a coup in France in 1851 to continue ruling the country, one of his first moves was to set up a penal colony in French Guiana, later called "Devil's Island."  There he sent both common criminals and political dissidents. When asked where he would get the prison guards to work in such a miserable place, he said he would hire worse criminals.  Exactly the philosophy followed by the degenerates in charge of hiring people to staff security posts.  Hire sadists, defrocked pedophile priests, mental defectives and rapists.  You don't think someone like Obama will find fault with putting sexual predators to molest Americans, Obama isn't even an American.

JRobby's picture

Put G4S in charge of the TSA.

That will straighten everything out. They really know how to vet employees.

Four chan's picture

the millennials wanted a police state and complete isolation from the world, well they have it now. back to their screens and jbook. militarizing the police was the first and biggest mistake. 

Dark Daze's picture
Dark Daze (not verified) Four chan Jul 5, 2016 10:13 PM

Really? What a useless fucking comment by a hidden psychopath.

sun tzu's picture

I don't see millenials protesting against it. They got out to demand free shit though

Dark Daze's picture
Dark Daze (not verified) sun tzu Jul 5, 2016 10:33 PM

When you are finally ready to stop seeing the world in terms of which social group doesn't suit your fancy, then you will be united. Until then you will be exploited and brutalized. Take your pick.

Anonymous_Beneficiary's picture

It's all the millenials fault. The trolls told me so.

RedDwarf's picture

Yeah, it's all their fault.  They went back in time and convinced Woodrow Wilson to pass the 16th amendment and Federal Reserve acts, helped create the Deep State / Military Industrial Complex, Social Security, and all the rest, then took us off the gold standard, and so on.  Also the moment they because of voting age they all voted in huge numbers, overwhelming the old baby boomer votes, and brought about the S&L crissi and later 2008 crisis and were behind 9/11 as well.

Oh wait, they did none of those things.  They are recently come to power and inherited most of the current mess.

offwirenews's picture

"alright everybody (sheep), single-file lines to get your dose of radiation, groping, exposed pictures of yourself taken, and potential beat downs if you get out of line"


But don't worry, I'm sure concentration camps aren't going to happen, come on this is 'murica right? /sarc

ACES FULL's picture

Seeing the look in that girls eyes makes me wanna do BAD shit to the fuckers responsible.

trulz4lulz's picture

Indeed. Hard to make my words go good right now. Fuck these guys. Id ratjer walk than give these "people" my time of day. Satanic androids.

Everyman's picture

I am thinking a battery acid/salt and ground glass enema?

1980XLS's picture

Actually what you propose to do would be good shit, even awesome shit as I see it.

WillyGroper's picture

prolly a cell phone generated brain tumor at that.

adr's picture

Hillary got away with it. Accept your face smashed into the ground for your own protection.

I loved seeing the police at the 4th with body armor, two guns, a tactical knife, taser, pepper spray, and five extra mags.

I asked a cop before how many police officers were ever shot in my town. He looked at me funny. I said, really how many? He didn't know how to answer. I told him that I knew the answer, zero. As in none, nada, zip.

What are white people enjoying a holiday going to turn on the cops. Did they need enough ammo to kill every single person at the parade?

Screw the police. If you wear body armor and carry over 100 rounds on your vest you deserve to be shot. You aren't a protector of the people, you are an enemy of the people.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

Fuckin A! How any self-respecting man can join law-enforcement is beyond me. Maybe that's why I'm seeing so many chick-cops these days.

Northern Lights's picture

Interesting observation.  Not necessarily a good thing though.  Bitches are known by their nature to act irrationally.  Wouldn't want to get stopped for a ticket and find the bitch unholstering her gun as she approaches my window.