US Government Releases Redacted "28 Pages" Missing From 9/11 Report

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Unleash the revisionist history. Congress released on Friday a long-classified report exploring the alleged ties of the Saudi Arabian government to the 9/11 hijackers.

The missing 28 pages from the 9/11 report begins as follows:

"While in the United States, some of the September 11 hijackers were in contact with, and received support from, individuals who may be connected to the Saudi Government..."

The "28 pages," the secret document was part of a 2002 congressional investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks and has been classified since the report's completion. As CNN reports, former Sen. Bob Graham, who chaired the committee that carried out the investigation and has been pushing the White House to release the pages, said Thursday he was "very pleased" that the documents would be released.

The pages, sent to Congress by the Obama administration, have been the subject of much speculation over what they might reveal about the Saudi government's involvement in the attacks masterminded by terrorist Osama bin Laden when he led al-Qaeda.The pages were used by the 9/11 Commission as part of its investigation into the intelligence failures leading up to the attacks.

A telephone number found in the phone book of al-Qaeda operative Abu Zubaida, who was captured in Pakistan in March 2002, was for an Aspen, Colo., corporation that managed the "affairs of the Colorado residence of the Saudi Ambassador Bandar," the documents show.

Osama Bassnan, who the documents identify as a financial supporter of two of the 9/11 hijackers in San Diego, received money from Bandar, and Bassnan's wife also got money from Bandar's wife. "One at least one occasion," the documents show, "Bassnan received a check directly from Prince Bandar's account. According to the FBI, on May 14, 1998, Bassnan cashed a check from Bandar in the amount of $15,000. Bassnan's wife also received at least one check directly from Bandar."

The top two members of the House Intelligence Committee cautioned that much of the information in the newly released pages were not "vetted conclusions."

"It’s important to note that this section does not put forward vetted conclusions, but rather unverified leads that were later fully investigated by the Intelligence Community," said Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif. and the committee chairman, in a statement. "Many of the Intelligence Community’s findings were included in the 9/11 Commission report as well as in a newly declassified executive summary of a CIA-FBI joint assessment that will soon be released by the Director of National Intelligence."

Rep. Adam Schiff of California, the panel's senior Democrat, said he hopes the newly released pages will reduce the continued speculation over Saudi involvement. "I hope that the release of these pages, with appropriate redactions necessary to protect our nation’s intelligence sources and methods, will diminish speculation that they contain proof of official Saudi Government or senior Saudi official involvement in the 9/11 attacks," Schiff said in a statement. "The Intelligence Community and the 9/11 Commission...investigated the questions they raised and was never able to find sufficient evidence to support them.  I know that the release of these pages will not end debate over the issue, but it will quiet rumors over their contents — as is often the case, the reality is less damaging than the uncertainty."

Actually, a quick skim of the report indicates precisely the opposite.

The 9/11 Commission did not actually write the newly released pages. Instead, the pages were part of the material the panel reviewed. The commission's chairmen have described the pages in the past as information based almost entirely on raw, unvetted material received by the FBI and handed over to House and Senate intelligence committees in 2002 as part of an earlier investigation of 9/11.

Current and former members of Congress have been calling for the pages to be declassified and released for more than a decade.

The 9/11 Commission concluded in its report that senior Saudi officials did not knowingly support the terrorist plot to attack the United States. The panel also found "no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials individually funded" al-Qaeda.While the 9/11 Commission found no evidence that senior Saudi officials were involved in the 9/11 attack, the report did criticize the Saudi government for tolerating and sometimes fanning the flames of radical Islam by funding schools and mosques around the world that spread extreme ideology. The report also noted that some rich Saudis gave money to charities with terrorist links.

To be sure, what the report does provide is much circumstantial evidence that the Saudis were most certainly involved in 9/11, sufficient to convince any rational man, but perhaps not enough to launch a lawsuit against, say, the King.

The Saudi government itself has repeated called for the pages to be made public so that it can respond to any allegations, which it has long called unfounded.

"We've been saying since 2003 that the pages should be released," said Nail Al-Jubeir, director of communications for the Saudi Embassy, ahead of Friday's developments. "They will show everyone that there is no there there."

Moments after the release, Saudi Arabia has already issued its prepared press release:

* * *

Here are some real-time annotations of the report:


The infamous Prince Bandar is also named:

While we have yet to read the full document, one section caught our eye - the use of Saudi "charitable organizations" to finance terorrism:

And then this:

That names sounded familiar, and then we remembered this WMD article:

The lawmakers noted Huma Abedin “has three family members – her late father, mother and her brother – connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations. Her position affords her routine access to the secretary and to policymaking.” Last week, Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner, who admitted he hadn’t read the letters, defended Abedin, and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., called the accusations “sinister” and “nothing less than an unwarranted and unfounded attack on an honorable woman, a dedicated American and a loyal public servant.”


* * *

Now it has emerged that Huma [Abedin] served on the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs’s editorial board from 2002 to 2008. Documents obtained by author Walid Shoebat reveal that Naseef served on the board with Huma from at least December 2002 to December 2003.


Naseef’s sudden departure from the board in December 2003 coincides with the time at which various charities led by Naseef’s Muslim World League were declared illegal terrorism fronts worldwide, including by the U.S. and U.N.


The MWL, founded in Mecca in 1962, bills itself as one of the largest Islamic non-governmental organizations. But according to U.S. government documents and testimony from the charity’s own officials, it is heavily financed by the Saudi government.


The MWL has been accused of terrorist ties, as have its various offshoots, including the International Islamic Relief Organization, or IIRO, and Al Haramain, which was declared by the U.S. and U.N. as a terror financing front.


Indeed, the Treasury Department, in a September 2004 press release, alleged Al Haramain had “direct links” with Osama bin Laden. The group is now banned worldwide by United Nations Security Council Committee 1267.


The MWL in 1988 founded the Al Haramain Islamic Foundation, developing chapters in about 50 countries, including for a time in Oregon until it was designated a terrorist organization.


In the early 1990s, evidence began to grow that the foundation was funding Islamist militants in Somalia and Bosnia, and a 1996 CIA report detailed its Bosnian militant ties.


The U.S. Treasury designated Al Haramain’s offices in Kenya and Tanzania as sponsors of terrorism for their role in planning and funding the 1998 bombings of two American embassies in East Africa. The Comoros Islands office was also designated because it “was used as a staging area and exfiltration route for the perpetrators of the 1998 bombings.”


The New York Times reported in 2003 that Al Haramain had provided funds to the Indonesian terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah, which was responsible for the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people. The Indonesia office was later designated a terrorist entity by the Treasury.


In February 2004, the U.S. Treasury Department froze all Al Haramain’s financial assets pending an investigation, leading the Saudi government to disband the charity and fold it into another group, the Saudi National Commission for Relief and Charity Work Abroad.


In September 2004, the U.S. designated Al-Haramain a terrorist organization. In June 2008, the Treasury Department applied the terrorist designation to the entire Al-Haramain organization worldwide

In other words, the US government knew about this terrorist front all the way back in 2001, even as Hillary's right hand (wo)man was working for an affiliated entity for years later?

We hope to find out more after reading the full document shortly, although sadly we are convinced the important sections will be fully redacted.

* * *

Full 28 pages (redacted) below (link)

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Every nation on Earth that has allowed Muslims into their country have eventually either been taken over by Muslims or had to engage in armed struggle to prevent being subjugated by Sharia Law. This is now playing out in Europe and PLOTUS (Pathological Liar Of The United States) Barack Hussein Obama, himself a Sunni Muslim and proponent of Sharia Law, wants to import millions of rapefugees and Muslim Sharia Law fanatics into the United States as part of his fundamental transformation of America.

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Released to remind people of the 9/11 lies; this was a professional job and no planes brought down those towers and it was a cruze missile that hit the Pentagon, which is why a missile turbine engine was found at the pentagon and no plane parts.  Keep the lie alive, but for what reason????


Oh and say goodbye to the House of Saud - good riddance.

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Say goodbye to the house of Saud? Yeah, your frigging dreaming. They are a cooperative dictatorship that keep their masses in control. If we kicked their ass to the curb, the entire planet would be in chaos within a week. The morons in DC learned this lesson the hard way taking out Khadafi. This country can be energy independent in a heartbeat but that will never happen. The house of Saud needs and will continue to get our money to keep thier dictatorship alive.

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ISawThatToo (not verified) Jul 15, 2016 8:49 PM

Banbait #416

Still no mention of the dancing Mossad troupe across the river that fateful day Silverstein won the redevelopment lottery.

To understand 9/11:

Protocols 15:8 "And how far-seeing were our learned elders in ancient times when they said that to attain a serious end it behooves not to stop at any means or to count the victims sacrificed for the sake of that end .... We have not counted the victims of the seed of the Goy cattle, though we have sacrificed many of our own, but for that we have now already given them such a position on the earth as they could not even have dreamed of. The comparatively small numbers of the victims from the number of ours have preserved our nationality from destruction."
Protocols 2:5 "...Through the Press we have gained the power to influence while remaining ourselves in the shade; thanks to the Press we have got the GOLD in our hands, notwithstanding that we have had to gather it out of the oceans of blood and tears. But it has paid us, though we have sacrificed many of our people. Each victim on our side is worth in the sight of God a thousand Goyim."

Just a wonderful people?!

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1. 911 Saudi pages are released

2. Turkey / Edrogen  coup de tat

3. John Kerry goes to Moscow

4. Terrorist attack in nice

5. Military build up along Russian borders.

Add them together


I suspect Saudi Arabia's Anwar field is running on fumes

I suspect the ISIS push for Syria and later for Iran has failed. They are now a liability.

I suspect Europe wants cheap energy and wants to lift the embargo on Russia and let Ukraine go back to Russian influence. They are also terrified of being nuked by Russia for actions taken by the Neocons.




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The visionary story of South African Nico (Siener) van Rensburg (1864-1926) deals with the coming Third World War:

  1. A struggle between Germany and four other countries against England and France.. rebellion inside the ranks of the European Government.
  2. A war between the USA and the extremist revolutionary Islam in Europe
  3. The coming Third World War will be started in Europe by a terrorist character called The Turk and his fighting force. This fellow seems to attempt an attack somewhere in Germany, but he is smoked out before he can do so, and then the fight is on.
  4. Germany and the Americans in Europe become allies against this evil plot to overpower the free western world, and this part of the story describes how the Americans eventually overcome and destroy the Turk.
  5. Siener used the maps printed in the back of his Bible to point out how the war would run its course from Europe “over the North Pole” (Siberia), into Alaska and then roll through Canada right down to your southern border, and maybe even beyond that into Mexico and South America.
  6. He described this as three black clouds that came from Europe and Africa, and that they moved in from the north (Canada) and settled on the USA.
  7. During World War 3, South Africa will be a place of refuge for Christians, because by then, South Africa will have gone through and completed its own time of tribulation.

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Is this the same Bandar Bush that we have heard so much about?

SirBarksAlot's picture

And is that the same Riggs Bank owned by the Bush family?

The same Bush family that sat on the Board of the company that ran security for the WTC, Dulles Airport and United Airlines on 9-11?

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His name was Abawhu Fukincares. Make up names that do not matter to anyone in the us. Just don't downplay the unlimited military war budget after 9/11 that was played like a drum. Keep the printing press going, we the citizens need money after the police shoot us.

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This has been quite a busy week!!! Loretta Lynch testimony, 28 Pages (redacted) released, Nice attack, all coming on the coattails of the murder of Dallas police officers.

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the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Jul 15, 2016 11:21 PM






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 Hey can I get a copy of this in 2 ply?

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The purpose was to make people look at saudia arabia and stop looking at the US Government.

Will the stooges fall for it ?, probably.

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WT7 is all you need to look at. Explain how that came down at free fall speed, having not been hit by anything. I don't know what happened, but any story THEY told us, is bullshit.

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48 seconds of irrefutable proof:

I keep on wondering why there is no civil war in the US.

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Right. You can count almost 50 points of explosions and most have some light coming out.

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ZeroHedge gets so plagued with ads that it wont even operate properly as a page. 

Its quickly becoming a useless and frustrating place to view news.

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Those ads contain active code from who knows plausibledeniailityland

backtrace whackalackalackalacka

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Do a search for the "Tor Browser" and download it.  Problem solved!

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Mike Ruppert gathered the headlines from the papers issued in the years leading up to 9-11 and wrote this article, asking:


"Oh Lucy! - You Gotta Lotta
'Splainin To Do"


(RIP Mr. Ruppert.  Sorry you didn't live long enough to see this day.)

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Looks like a modified limited hangout to me.

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Fake, and/or a useless distraction.

What about dancing Israelis? What about Silverstein? What about "pull it"? What about Cheney and Rumsfeld? What about the Bush security company? What about the gold theft? What about the obstruction of justice in the destruction of evidence in building 7? What about the missile sent into the Pentagon? What about the $2 trillion in missing money and the dead auditors? What about the hiding of the physical evidence? What about all of the people who heard explosions? What about all of the people who mysteriously died because they were talking about what they saw. What about the private network message to the Israelis in the towers to not go to work? What about Bibi saying it was a good day for Israel?

What about prosecuting someone?

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Well, the Dancing Israelis were sent here to (deleted deleted) the event.  Larry was just lucky, really (redacted), didn't even make the first  payment on (Redacted) policy.


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Mericano's frantically searching everywhere for a bogyman when he's staring them straight in the face laughing all the way to the bank vault.

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Nope. There are only 2 camps of Mericano's . Those that know , and those that aren't even looking. no boogeyman necessary.

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so the released pages are redacted? oh fuck me

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I'm shocked that these tin foil hats haven't yet come up with the story that even the 28 pages ZH posted are a mirage. You fuckers are getting slow.

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Copy this video. ... Save this video multiple places.

These are the evidence details to indict the entire top end of dot gov.

The same dot gov that is getting ready to disarm you, strip your assets, muzzle your free speech, fund almost all of the 'terrorism' on the planet and that have completely destroyed the rule of law right in YOUR FACE.


Pass it on.

Should anyone out there care, that is.

Live Free, Relay On Important Information, Die Free

~ DC v2.0

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I want to see the 28 pages that describe how Killery had Ambassador Stevens killed so she could continue to send Libyan weapons to ISIS.

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That 28 page document was dumped as it was personal mail.

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Timing on this is pathetic. After how many years that the chocolate Jesus could have done this? Holder and Lynn could have done this? Homeland Security could have donw this. Congress? Now that our Muslim-n-Chief and his sycophant Dems are getting pilloried in the polls again on Security and he still can't find an answer to Ft Hood, Boston marathon, San Tennessee recruiting station, San Bernardino, Orlando etc....

Must be George Bush's fault.

LIBTRADS ... gotta luv 'em

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And it took more than

15 years 

fooling the people