Ukraine Puts Troops Near Russia Border On Combat Alert As Tension With Moscow Spikes

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It has been over a year since the market cared about potential military developments and escalation in the ongoing proxy war between Russia and Ukraine in the Donbass region, however as reported overnight, tensions are again rising rapidly. Two members of Russian government forces were killed last weekend in what President Vladimir Putin said were "stupid" and "criminal" incursions by Ukraine into the territory annexed by Moscow two years ago. Additionally, Putin on Wednesday accused the Ukrainian military of launching the incursions into Crimea as part of repeated efforts to reclaim the land.

As the FT noted yesterday, Russia’s secret service, the Federal Security Service, said on Wednesday that it had foiled “terrorist acts” prepared by Ukrainian military intelligence against infrastructure in the territory, with the aim of disrupting Russia’s parliamentary elections due on 18 September. Kiev has denied the allegations. In response to the alleged operation, Putin said he was pulling out of international peace talks on the conflict in eastern Ukraine. He said he was no longer ready to meet his Ukrainian counterpart, Petro Poroshenko, and German and French leaders in the so-called Normandy format, which has been used for negotiations. Mr Putin hinted at a possible meeting on the sidelines of the G20 summit in China early next month.

“Under these conditions, meeting in the Normandy format, especially in China, is meaningless,” Mr Putin said at a press conference. “Apparently, the people who seized power in Kiev and continue to hold on to it, instead of seeking compromise, instead of searching ways of a peaceful settlement, have moved on to the practice of terror.”


The FSB, the successor organisation to the KGB, claimed that one of its officers and a Russian soldier had been killed while taking down the Ukrainian plot last weekend. The FSB said the soldier died in an exchange of fire with the Ukrainian army across the border that now separates Crimea from the rest of Ukraine — a level of fighting between the two militaries not seen even during the annexation. Moscow said it had arrested several people, including an Ukrainian military intelligence officer.


Ukrainian intelligence denied an officer was detained, and officials said Russian claims of a plot were unfounded. The Ukrainian defence ministry described the Russian claims, which could not be independently verified, as “an attempt to justify redeployment and aggressive actions by military units of the Russian Federation on territory of the temporarily occupied peninsula.”

To be sure, Ukraine promptly denied all accusations, when president Petro Poroshenko and Ministry of Foreign Affairs sternly rejected Putin's accusations that Kiev is committing terrorist acts in the disputed peninsula.

"Accusations against Ukraine of terrorism in occupied Crimea sound as preposterous and cynical as the statements of the Russian leadership about the absence of Russian troops in [eastern Ukraine's rebel-controlled] Donbass [region]," Poroshenko said.

"Ukraine condemns in the strongest terms yet another Kremlin-manufactured provocation and rejects all accusations, which are completely groundless," the Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a statement. "Under a made up pretext, the Kremlin is undertaking another hybrid special operation with the aim to justify its future aggressive actions against Ukraine."

It did not end there, and in what may be the biggest rise in military tensions between the two nations, moments ago Ukraine's president  announced he has put all forces forces on the border with Crimea and eastern Ukraine at the highest combat readiness.

Bloomberg adds that the order came a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin said Ukrainian agents had engaged in “terror tactics” on the Black Sea peninsula, which he seized in 2014. He vowed to respond with “very serious” measures. “To further escalate the conflict, Putin couldn’t imagine anything better than a cheap theater performance,” Oleksandr Turchynov, chairman of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, said in a statement. Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s ambassador to the European Union, added in a Facebook post Thursday: “This is not a casus belli yet, but Russia is actively accumulating stories for casus belli.”

The confrontation coincides with a surge in violence in Ukraine’s easternmost regions and torpedoed plans to revive four-way peace talks at the September G-20 meeting in China, with Putin reversing earlier support and calling the negotiations “pointless.” The yield on Ukraine’s dollar-denominated note maturing in 2019 jumped 40 basis points from a record low to 7.87 percent at 3:06 p.m. in Kiev.

“The events are developing according to a pretty negative scenario,” Alexei Makarkin, deputy head of the Moscow-based Center for Political Technologies, said by phone. “There may be escalation in eastern Ukraine and that is very dangerous.”

We expect Russia to respond in kind very shortly, at which point we will update this story.

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90's Child's picture

In Syria the administration calls them freedom fighters.

In Donbass they call them terrorist.

Looney's picture


What happened to 0bama’s foreign policy “Just don’t do stupid shit”?   ;-)


Haus-Targaryen's picture

I wonder if they're actually gonna get it on this time? 

BandGap's picture

90% of the Polish army is within 10 miles of the Russian border. They have been conducting exercises with US and NATO partners for over a year now. Let's not forget the A-10s and heavy armor being moved up at a steady pace during this time, too.

Somebody is getting ready for something.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

The Polish going toe-to-toe with the Russians is full on suicidal.  

While I imagine the Polish could take Königsberg, I do not think they would be able to do jack shit once the Russians crossed the Bug.  

wildbad's picture posted before...the next engagement will not be a WWII type battle.  it will be assymetric and were I a Pole I  would not want to be withing 100 kilometers of the 'battleground'

sinbad2's picture

Exactly, the Russians won't hold back, they will nuke the fuckers, make an example of them, send Obama running to the toilet, in his shelter.

Due North's picture

Every subversive plot needs that spark to roll it onto center stage

sinbad2's picture

Poland has a long history of starting fights with Russia.

Russia has a long history of finishing fights with Poland.

researchfix's picture

"While I imagine the Polish could take Königsberg"

Kaliningrad has S400s, so no Polish airplane will support a move on Königsberg. Russia has some sentiment for the Ukrainian fools but no such thing for the Polish fools. What I try to say is, your imigination got carried away, happens to me sometimes too;-)

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I am talking sheer numbers and proximity.  

The overwhelming majority of Polish forces are more or less on the border with Königsberg whereas the majority of Russian forces are closer to the border with the Baltics, Ukraine and between Weiß-Russland and Moscow.  

Russia would have no means of reaching Königsberg should things go south, save invading Lithuania or going through Poland, but it seems a waste of forces to liberate Königsberg when they could just as easily sack Warsaw. 

I think the real story/some hard core real Politik would occur once Moscow owns Warsaw again ... what happens then?  

Interesting times we live in. 

Mike Masr's picture
‘As fast as they want’: US commander says Russia outpaces NATO in deployment capabilities

Russian capabilities to deploy troops at long distances are “scary” as they outweigh those of NATO, the commander of US Army Europe has said, calling for “a military Schengen zone” that would allow troops to move back and forth within the bloc’s territory.

“The thing I worry about the most is freedom of movement. The Russians are able to move huge formations and lots of equipment a long distance very fast,” Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, commander of US Army Europe, told BBC’s Hardtalk show on Monday. 

"The Russians...can move anywhere inside of Russia, as fast as they want,” Gen. Hodges claimed, speaking during the Anakonda 2016 exercises in Poland, which are viewed as NATO’s largest Eastern European war games since the Cold War.

BorisTheBlade's picture

History teaches us one thing is that it teaches us nothing. If US generals ranks weren't purged by Obama to such an extent, there would perhaps be some people who studied Russian logistics capabilites during WWII, just a hint of that: 

The evacuation of the factories was an immense undertaking. In the last three months of 1941, GOSPLAN moved 1,360 factories: 455 to the Urals, 210 to Western Siberia, and 250 to Central Asia and Kazahkstan. By the end of 1941, 1,523 large factories were moved. A few went to the Far East. The total was only a small proportion of the 32,000 factories captured by the Germans, but arms-related factories, representing 12% of the industrial potential in the occupied zone, were evacuated.

So, entire factories packed up as Wermacht was advancing, moved thousands of kilometres and some started working just a week after arrival. Compared to that, moving large amounts of materiel during peace time is quite trivial.

king leon's picture

These NATO dumbfucks MUST be on drugs. Russia could swat the Ukraine like a fly, if NATO choose to get involved then Russia will go through Europe like crap through a Goose and when the Red Army are looking over the channel at the UK, Washington will throw the towel in and say "keep what you've got"

sinbad2's picture

Yeah, it's been obvious for months that the US is planning an invasion of Russia.

researchfix's picture

"Yeah, it's been obvious for months that the US is planning an invasion of Russia."

I think they are planning it since 1945, good job being on a planning comitee for life. But i think, today it is more hopeless than ever.

Gold_Member's picture

That is just plain silly.

Gold_Member's picture

That is just plain silly.

ghengis86's picture

The Rus Bear would maul the Nuland-Nazi fucks in short order

Mike Masr's picture

The Russian Army would roll across Ukraine into neo-nazi Kiev within 60 hrs, like a hot knife cutting through butter!

Fuck Poroshenko, fuck neo nazis and fuck Bandera to hell!!

oncemore's picture

1.Russians wouldn't cross anything. Russians are there. 90% of Ukrainians are RUssians.

2. he job to eliminate jew Walzmann, eventually CIA HQ in Kiev, would be done by kalibr or iskander type of weaponsry.

Scuba Steve's picture


Putin's objective (and probably China by proxy) eliminate jew influence in capital markets and cntral banks.

imo, tactical to hit the right dudes and stop cash flow (fiat cash flow)


Finally Coming down to Fiat vs Physical ... and I dont like the team that represents me in the cage match.

BorisTheBlade's picture

Poroshenko wishes he was Leo DiCaprio, he could at least got an Oscar.

Keyser's picture

That strategy died, along with the claim of transparency... Since that time, he has become so opaque that his true intentions have become transparent... Perhaps that what he meant all along... 

wildbad's picture

well its good to see that the Oligarcrs in Ukraine still know how to lie in the face of bare facts.  nothing changed on that front.

here in europe, al that stuff is a days (long) car ride away..not half a world.  this shit cooks up fast and just goes to show that George Soros invests for the long term.

many counted his plan (and Nuland's and Obama's and Merkel and Holland...) down for the count.  no such luck.  winter will be here again before you know it and the gas will be tight this year.  the koffers are empty in that sad land and provocation is the only thing they've got left and warm Ukrainian blood the only thing they can afford

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


What happened to 0bama’s foreign policy “Just don’t do stupid shit”?

He left off the second half:

Just don't do stupid shit, be stupid shit.

BandGap's picture

Well, if it ever gets down to ?????? ???????? ? ????????, well I am going to consider responding with harsh terms. I mean, when they call for ?????? ?????????? ??? ?????????? ? ??????? ????????????, that's pretty much the last straw.

I should not have to repeat myself, Mr. Putin.


Shemp 4 Victory's picture

The twitter response from Putin: "???? ??? ? ??????, blyatch! Spasibo."

1stepcloser's picture

Sorosist is the new moniker 

Squid Viscous's picture

LLLLLLLLLLLet's get ready to RRRRRumbullll!

Havoc Squad's picture

"We terrorized some folks."

Mike Masr's picture

How Russia is preparing for WWIII

Russia wants to make darn sure that the Americans do not give in into the illusion that a full-scale war in Europe would be like WWII which saw the US homeland only suffer a few, tiny, almost symbolic, attacks by the enemy. Since a full scale war in Europe would threaten the very existence of the Russian state and nation, the Russians are now taking measures to make sure that, should that happen, the US would pay an enormous price for such an attack.

spanish inquisition's picture

Make sure they target the globalists world wide who are instigating WWIII with their own Sarmat. Should they get their wish of a nuclear war, make sure none of them is left to claim victory. Would the world be perfect with no Sauds, Rothchilds and Rockefellers et al, no. But it would be a start.

Nexus789's picture

We will probably get to find out if nukes actually work.

DetectiveStern's picture

From that article there is this beast. The Russians could have a nuclear tipped cruise missile anywhere in the world undetected.


Fractal Parasite's picture

They always have to start a war during the Olympics!

Remember Saakashvili's assault on South Ossetia during the Beijing games in 2008 and the Nuland coup in Ukraine during the Sochi games in 2014.

Berspankme's picture

Missile right up Porko's lard ass is a good start

cowdiddly's picture

The US puppets in KIEV probably under advice from the United States have really fucked up now and moved this to a whole new attacking Russia directly within their own borders.

NOW you stupid idiots are going to get VLAD THE HAMMER

GOD how many more days till Obunghole is out of office..

sinbad2's picture

Any bets on how many hours it would take Russia to reach Kiev?

cowdiddly's picture

about 13 mInutes. Do any of these morons in the Pentagon pick up a HIstory book and ask, look WHO founded thes great cities? EVEN way down the coast Odessa was founded by Catherine the Great.

There is no such thing as the nation of Ukraine dipshits, Yeltsin was just drunk. fuck.

Its like a Russian Texas

Volkodav's picture

Ukraine as a nation never existed

Was Malorussia

Ukraine has never been a sovereign country 

cowdiddly's picture

Correct. Volkodav. I hope we meet someday.

Volkodav's picture

Ukraine A History  Orest Subtelny   The Author is of historical Ukraine territory heritage

Long read that is best for English

RawPawg's picture

Putin lost "Street Cred" when he shook hands with the Mastermind behind the Russian Plane Takedown.


sinbad2's picture

When did he shake hands with Obama?

Lordflin's picture

And so the end begins...