Newly Leaked Colin Powell Emails Confirm Clintons And Obamas Can't Stand Each Other

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Seems that Colin Powell is the latest target of the hacking group DC Leaks which apparently posted a treasure trove of 30,000 emails from his private account late last night.  One of the more interesting exchanges is the one below between Powell and Democratic mega donor Jeffrey Leeds which confirms what we've all known all along, namely that the Clintons and Obamas can't stand each other. 

The email exchange was disclosed via the following tweet from Lee Fang at The Intercept:


The following email from Leeds to Powell on March 6, 2016 points out Obama's disdain for his former Secretary of State saying that "I don't think the president would weep if she found herself in real legal trouble."  Well that seems so much more hostile than the friendly embraces and warm speeches we heard at the DNC.



Meanwhile the following email from a year earlier reveals that Hillary "HATES that the President ("that man," as the Clintons call him) kicked her ass in 2008."


Sounds eerily similar to when John McCain made the mistake of referring to Obama as "That One" in a debate which promptly led most of the mainstream media to label him a racist...somehow we suspect Hillary won't receive the same treatment.

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1980XLS's picture

The Clintons must be racists then. Anybody that does not like Obama must be racist, as there is no other possible reason.   (sarcasm)

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Powell may be a CFR member, but he's still only their house(ahem)boy, no better than the stable of gelded, tame intellectuals that write rationalizations for the Elite's predations. He "knows his place" and demonstrated that with the anthrax lies at the UN. Bought and paid for.

A pity he wasn't fragged in Vietnam. He's a 'Massengale' who couldn't lead people with Crohn's Disease to the shithouse.

Stu Elsample's picture

It's time to face reality...most blacks just don't have the brains to realize that they are being used by the Democrat party.. And IF they ever wise up and figure that out, it will be too late for them because their replacement voters are pouring across the border.

mrdenis's picture

So that makes Hillary a racist ,and Obama a  misigynist and the rest of us deplorables

BabaLooey's picture



"Trump a 'National Disgrace,' Colin Powell Wrote in Hacked Emails"
QE4EVER's picture

This iste has become a political propaganda machine and is nothing short of an online National Enquirer.

scraping_by's picture

Separate finance and economics from politics, and you get a lot of abstract blather. Welcome to reality.

Erek's picture

Who gives a shit if the Clintons and the Obamas don't like each other? Does anyone else like them?

Colin Powell = Lying sack of shit - should be heeled and hung on the barn door with all the other POS.

Thanks for the war fuckhead!

Berspankme's picture

The house negro has spoken. Surprised they havent erected a lawn jockey in his honor. Powell is a fucking liar who is responsible for the death of millions. How many has Trump killed?

S Spade's picture

real justice would place the clintons and obamas in the same cell for the rest of their lives.

OutaTime43's picture

"It's the one prize she wants"..    wow, the arrogance. Not "she really wants to serve the American people" but it's a prize.

Sparehead's picture

A prize like fat prey to be devoured by a predator.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

I the sound of vipers hissing at each other in the morning.

JailBanksters's picture

That's only because Obama is NOT doing what the Rothschilds wants.

The Clintons and Bushs have one thing in common, the Rothschilds.

People think Trump is not aligned with the Rothschilds, he might not be best buds like the Clintons, but he's probably owes more to Rothschilds for making him what he is today than the CLintons.

Bryan's picture

This should not be shocking, or even news, to most people.  And the people it would be shocking news to will ignore it, or don't care.

Skiprrrdog's picture

That bitch Obozo does not HAVE a legacy. He is an utter and complete failure as a president, a 'man' and as a human being...he is no more or less than that errant turd in the punch bowl everyone wishes would get flushed down...

milo_hoffman's picture

Colin Powel does not seem to like anyone.  He is really grumpy about Trump in his emails too.

He seems like he is probably kind of a dick in person.

Skiprrrdog's picture

I know... he reminds me of that joke... Why are gorillas so grumpy? Someone told them they are going to be niggers in a million years...

d edwards's picture

BTW, it was the Clinton campaign in 08 that started the birther thing about BO.

iAmerican2's picture

Were Obama a legitimate natural born American Subud-cultist Loretta Fuddy would not have needed to create the manifestly fraudulent birth certificate for him, or been murdered for her trouble.

ack's picture

Yep. Which surviver held her head under water? 

Mroex's picture

YES! I somtimes wonder why Trump does not bring that up when Shitlery accuses him of being a birther

Dorothea Binz's picture

Powell loves Obama.  But more to the point---Powell was an incompetent as a member of the joint chiefs and secretary of state. 

iAmerican2's picture

As assistant division S-3 Powell attempted to dishonor those who dutifully reported the My Lai Massacre to Americal's chain of command.

He is satanic. 

GeezerGeek's picture

He resents the fact that he wasn't ordained President somewhere along the line. Had he been a Democrat he may very well have been the first black president. He was too much of a statist for the Republican electorate, so he never got to be the nominee.

konadog's picture

Maybe Colon Bowel is grumpy because he doesn't sleep well at night knowing that he was pivotal in the deaths of approximately 500,000 Iraqis and 4,491 U.S. service members.  Where exactly are those WMDs Colon Blow?

Ace006's picture

He's a snake. He turned on the Republicans and voted for Obongo.

Skiprrrdog's picture

Speaking for myself, I *would not* be upset if someone (not necessarily the Russians)picked a time when most of the politicians were in attendance, and completely nuked Washington DC and Virginia...

Ace006's picture

All they have to do is wait ten years and we'll implode on our own. Why waste a nuke?

I'm not a Russophobe just saying any putative enemy just has to sit back with plenty of popcorn. Europe's the same. Internal contradictions are cracking the foundations.

Dorothea Binz's picture

I can feel for both parties over why they hate one another. They are all pretty loathsome human beings.  This is one of the few times I'll find myself agreeing with both the Clintons and the Obamas. 

conraddobler's picture

Satans minions don't have to like each other they just have to sew evil and strife wherever they go.

Nice to know that in today's world professionalism can still win out over personal differences.


Zero-Hegemon's picture

Let them eat each other

Crash Overide's picture

I am sorry to report but things have gone past the point of no return, I don't care who's elected the culture of criminal politicians is ingrained too deep into the system.

We have to burn it all down and build it back up.

conraddobler's picture

Probably but there is no gurantee of what will go up or when.

Might just stay ashes for a long long time.

The crux of the matter is that we have forgotten the totality of the human journey.

My view of the matter is simple.  We should allow as much freedom as possible, that's freedom to win, lose or draw in material items because the material world is a sort of spiritual training ground for souls.

Whatever we do the training still goes on so largely it's a question of how enjoyable it all is because the fundamental purpose is fullfilled no matter what we do.

If we do good, it's more pleasant but maybe we forget some things so if it's more evil, it's highly umpleasant but maybe we learn more faster?

In the end nothing really matters to me.

Benjamin123's picture

Oh how noble of you. Thanks for allowing us to be free!

bardot63's picture

Hillary will have a staggering performance.

mary mary's picture

Hillary Clinton appears to be a very unhappy person.

Skiprrrdog's picture

Trying to be a killer vagina/black hole in a world of swinging dicks takes its toll...

Skiprrrdog's picture

First we had a brain dead president for eight years, next we will have a completely dead one...

SuperRay's picture

If she's dead, I'll vote for her

SmittyinLA's picture

Funny thing is all the hacked emails reveal nobody can stand the Obamas or Clintons.

America has chosen 2 pairs of demanding unlikable Socialist parasites with entitled wives, the wives of these men are horrid.

If you marry a rage bitch do you increase your odds of winning the Presidency?

The Masked Unit's picture

You might be conflating correlation with causality there. :)

wobblie's picture

If Obama or Clinton resembled anything close to a socialist they would never have been allowed to go so far.

You have to be a complete idiot to think so.

Obama joked that he deserved a gold watch for being such a great salesman for Boeing.

Socialist don't do that shit.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

You forgot Smith and Wesson and pretty much any company that cranks out ammo in any caliber.

crossroaddemon's picture

Doesn't matter. They both work for the same people, and so does Trump.

reptillian overlord's picture


wobblie's picture

With the help of her security details

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One of the emails cited claims that Obama is concerned about what she'll do to his legacy.

Makes me question if they knew the emails might get hacked.