The United States Desperately Needs An Objective News Channel (Video)

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By EconMatters

The biggest takeaway from this entire election process is just how big of a Propaganda Machine the US News Business has become. The News Business is a disruption waiting to happen for Independent analysis and coverage of the news.

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One America News? It was on the tube when I went to get a haircut. Looked interesting. I have just told you all tat I know about them: Basically, I know that they are there and worth a look....Peace.

JohnG's picture

When is the ZeroHedge IPO???

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Agreed.  Let's pool out funds and buy one, then change it to reports facts objectively and systematically exposenthe hypocrisy, bias and propaganda fed to the public by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. 

tc06rtw's picture

 Unfortunately, it  will not  and  cannot  happen.
 The ONLY funding source for any non-Governmental news powerhouse is  advertising,  and the point has been reached that only the weakest mentalities anymore are influenced by commercials  (i.e. Hillary’s targeted ad blitz)
 Intelligent people shun and are repelled by advertising today. Even  the great Tyler  himself would attest that securing advertising revenue is now extremely disagreeable but desperately important, regardless of the consequences.
 ( I  can only tolerate  the Zero Hedge experience  using  Firefox w/ Ghostery  and an ad-blocking firewall…  not what you’d call a  great marketing target.)