Soros And Liberal Mega-Donors Plot For War With Donald Trump

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George Soros and other liberal mega-donors are gathering in Washington for a three-day, closed-door meeting where they will discuss opposing Trump’s plan for his first 100 days in office.

According to Politico, the meeting, which began on Sunday night at Washington’s Mandarin Oriental hotel, is sponsored by the influential Democracy Alliance donor club and will include darlings of the left such as House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman Keith Ellison.

Politico reports:

The meeting is the first major gathering of the institutional left since Trump’s shocking victory over Hillary Clinton in last week’s presidential election, and, if the agenda is any indication, liberals plan full-on trench warfare against Trump from Day One. Some sessions deal with gearing up for 2017 and 2018 elections, while others focus on thwarting President-elect Trump’s 100-day plan, which the agenda calls “a terrifying assault on President Obama’s achievements — and our progressive vision for an equitable and just nation.”


Yet the meeting also comes as many liberals are reassessing their approach to politics — and the role of the Democracy Alliance, or DA, as the club is known in Democratic finance circles. The DA, its donors and beneficiary groups over the last decade have had a major hand in shaping the institutions of the left, including by orienting some of its key organizations around Clinton, and by basing their strategy around the idea that minorities and women constituted a so-called “rising American electorate” that could tip elections to Democrats.

The Democracy Alliance has fed upwards of $500 million toward liberal activist groups and candidates since Soros co-founded the groujp in 2005.

All members of DA are required to give $200,000 a year to recommended activist groups and pay annual dues of $30,000 to fund the DA staff and its meetings.

Gara LaMarche, the president of the DA, told donors Sunday evening that some reassessment is in order for the Democratic party. “You don’t lose an election you were supposed to win, with so much at stake, without making some big mistakes, in assumptions, strategy and tactics,” LaMarche said, according to prepared remarks he provided to Politico.

LaMarche would add that the reassessment “must take place without recrimination and finger-pointing, whatever frustration and anger some of us feel about our own allies in these efforts,” and he said “It is a process we should not rush, even as we gear up to resist the Trump administration.”

While focusing on preserving ObamaCare and other achievements of the Obama administration that are threatened by a Donald Trump presidency, the DA’s agenda includes panels on rethinking polling and the left’s approach to winning the working-class vote. The group will also stress funneling cash into state legislative policy initiatives and races where Republicans took over last week.

President-elect Donald Trump has said his first 100 days will be dedicated to restoring “honesty, accountability and change to Washington” through the following seven steps:

  1. A Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress
  2. A hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health)
  3. A requirement that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated
  4. A five year ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service
  5. A lifetime ban on the White House officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government
  6. A complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections
  7. Cancel billions in payments to U.N. climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure

Billionaire George Soros immediately had fingers of blame pointing at him for the anti-Trump riots and protests that swept the nation since Nov. 9, as his group has organized most of them.

The billionaire committed $25 million to boosting the Clinton campaign and other Democratic candidates and causes in 2016.

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Pumpkin's picture

Link just one protester to this old fuck and lock his ass up.

BigJim's picture

Nice meeding you got dere George. Shame if someding were to happen to it.

Au_Ag_CuPbCu's picture

Last time I checked the Republicans held both fuck off you old sack of shit.

Vatican_cameo's picture


One stray Hand Grenade in the right place would certainly solve a LOT of problems.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

I have little doubt Guiliani will put an end to this shit.

The_Juggernaut's picture

I hope this piece of shit lives long enough to die in prison.

Troll Magnet's picture

Can't he at least wait until he finds out what Trump's plan for Israel is first?  This fucker's impatient!

fleur de lis's picture

Stuffing Soros into a dog cage as a gift to Russia is looking better every day.

Think of all the money the Ruskies will save on the Soros arrest warrant they have on him.

That would translate to a nice deal for America.


The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) fleur de lis Nov 14, 2016 6:49 PM

What's Soros and his ass hole friends going to do?  Illegally pay for more riots?

Lock 'em up.  Lock 'em ALL up.


Joe Davola's picture

Where's legionella when you need it.

Occident Mortal's picture

So they are going to hold a 3 day meeting to plot against the POTUS?


If there is a single smartphone within 50 meters of that room then Trump will know every single word discussed.


Trump already has the ability to read all of Soros mail, to listen to all of his phone calls, to watch him taking a shit.


Only one winner from here on in, and it aint Soros. This ain't Ukraine man, POTUS sits atop a 3.8 trillion dollar octopus.

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Occident Mortal Nov 14, 2016 8:52 PM

The problem is that it's not just Soros and liberal mega-donors. It is 90% of the "news" media corporations who will continue to go all out promoting the violent fucktards as poor little loving, peace seeking, angels while falsely ripping into Trump every second.

Good people will start to hate Trump becasue of the lying "news" media corporations..

Mr. Universe's picture

I don't think so. Most of those who are paying attention realize that the media is a big stinking pile of lying crap. the only thing keeping any newspapers together is that they are a tool for propaganda. Broadcast and even cable TV will be dead before I am. The world is headed towards a new age and soon what we all took for granted as normal will seem sadly out of place. Which direction will the pendulum swing? I don't know but somehow I get the feeling things are not going to get better, and it won't be Trump's fault.

JamesBond's picture

It's called a tax audit and it will shut them the fuck up



lonnng's picture
lonnng (not verified) JamesBond Nov 14, 2016 10:44 PM

What Trump REALLY means for America. Destruction.

stizazz's picture

Only idiots vote. Useful idiots for the powers that be.

techies-r-us's picture
techies-r-us (not verified) stizazz Nov 14, 2016 10:46 PM

Remove a rat, put in a rodent.

PrayingMantis's picture

... Here's Cenk Kadir Uygur, one of Soros' cuck admirers, and the moment when Cenk and The Young Turds realize Trump won over Hillary

... >>>

CuttingEdge's picture

Steven Crowder's rebuttal to the cunt at the end of that vid?

Best thing all night, other than the snivveling Grima Wormtongue taking to the stage instead of Hillary to send the delusional home early.

Multi's picture

Cenk Kadir Uygur?   oh, you mean Chink Wigger. Gotcha now.

CuttingEdge's picture


This is not rocket science.

Calling Mr Comey?


Potential to earn some much needed cred, maybe?

Revoke this terrorism-initiating cunt's US citizenship for financing provable anti-US activities (chat to Scott and Bob - they'll put you  in the right direction).

Then deport the fucking cancer from your shores - a flight to Budapest, preferably stopping at Sheremetyevo on the way, and job's a good 'un.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) PrayingMantis Nov 15, 2016 6:46 AM

Why they didn't see this coming is they are narcissists who never listen to anyone else and demand an echo chamber all around themselves.

I knew from day one the white working class was going to elect Trump because I watched them being eliminated and replaced by foreign workers, then ridiculed by Barack Obama in San Francisco at the oil baron Getty's house.

They ran the most corrupt candidate who was under FBI investigation who would have been indicted if it wasn't for Obama who was planning on setting up the Obama Foundation after he left office, you are gonna lose across the board.

moonshadow's picture

Thanks for the MALWARE-link there PM

Argentumentum's picture

Who the fck downwotes you? ZH is becoming as dumb as any controlled media site. I totally agree with you!

If voting could change anything... it would be illegal. Emma Goldman

How many times will the monkeys push the button before they realize they never get the banana?

philipat's picture

SPAM ALERT: Do not open the fake links. Lonnng has now taken over as Spammer-in- Chief after Yippee Kiyay was banned. This serial spammer previously known as: mofio, santafe, Aristotle of Greece, Gargoyle, bleu, oops, lance-a-lot, Loftie, toro, Yippee Kiyay, lonnng, letsit, Mano-A-Mano, techies-r-us, beauticelli, stizazz, Nekoti, SumTing Wong, King Tut, Adullam, jcaz, espirit, rp2016, Holy hand grenade of Antioch (some still active for the purposes of talking to and congratulating himself) and others. He seems to have more accounts than all other ZH members combined. Beats me why The Tylers can’t just block his IP?

hestroy's picture

Are you serious? I mean... Some fucking "biblicm institute"? Geeez

Oldwood's picture

But that's the whole crash the economy BEFORE Trump can take office while still blaming HIM for it.

They are already doing it...have been for months, blaming Trump for "talking down" the economy and predicting his election would be economic disaster. Soros is and has been spending big money...for a long time, to do this. A trump victory gives them everything they need. Riots, lawsuits, Electoral challenges, dead silence from Hillary and Obama.....meanwhile the press is nearly silent about all of these simmering pots on the back burner. President-elect Trump.....Inauguration plans.....things going forward as normal.

Also note that while the election was close...and unpredicted, the popular vote went to Hillary. Many of us greatly suspected that the election was rigged, that the votes were predetermined and only doubted our fears once we saw trump won. But WHAT IF THEY WERE PREDETERMINED? What if the results WERE RIGGED? An "official" win that has grounds for doubt...a popular vote and all polls predicting Hillary creates plenty of popular ground support for protest.

All while we are watching the wall street icons talking down the economy....because of Trump or course.

We can have a dramatic upsurge in VIOLENT protests, simultaneous with a major world wide market crash, all piled on an as of yet sworn in Trump. It presents a crisis that DEMANDS some extra-constitutional, unprecedented executive and congressional action that would suspend the handover to Trump. It provides the needed crisis to subvert our constitution while diverting ALL blame onto Trump....a man that both the democrat AND republican establishment HATES. They have always been faced with the problem of crashing the economy while being positioned to take control while also not being blamed for it.


maybe I'm crazy....and maybe not...

not dead yet's picture

Obama is worried about his legacy which consists of Mr Nice Guy who did great things but was taken advantage of by the evil people around him and it was them not him that caused all the bad stuff. Thus his destruction of the ME, bringing us to the brink of war with Russia, jury rigging the economy and it's eventual world wide crash will be blamed on others although he is the real culprit. He's the same guy who bragged how good he is at killing people. Thus your scenario is very plausable but if it happens your timing is off. Obama wants his bags packed and be as far away form DC when the stuff hit's the fan so as to not take the blame. Unless he intentionally crashes it before Jan 20 and declares martial law to combat the anarchy it will create so as to stay in office. This whole scenario is just speculation on our parts but it has a possibility of happening.


Sick Underbelly's picture

You still believe the myth about "Clinton won the popular vote"?

An article yesterday at infowars specifically showed 3 million illegal voters on the rolls and 4 million dead people voted.   About 7 million votes left to count, and Clinton's popular vote count was only a fraction of a percentage ahead.

The data is still not sifted and clean enough to tell whether Hildebeest really *did*, legally, "win the popular vote".


Normalcy Bias's picture

I sure hope 'rogue' elements of the Fed Gov (i.e., Patriots) are there taking notes.

X_in_Sweden's picture
X_in_Sweden (not verified) Normalcy Bias Nov 15, 2016 1:56 AM

Considering these manipulators require,

"All members of DA are required to give $200,000 a year to recommended activist groups and pay annual dues of $30,000 to fund the DA staff and its meetings." ,

Makes them excellent candidates for a "who to do-list" instead of the traditional protocol of a "what to do-list".

Kind'a like the Top 50 Hitlist; music to my & many ears.


Cher can sing for her supper....

"Bang bang, you shot me down, Bang bang, I hit the ground, Bang bang, that awful sound, Bang bang...."

ZD1's picture

So who belongs to the group Democracy Alliance (aka DA) that Soros is meeting with?

Check out the staff and board of despicable leftist pigs:

Here's a list of the leftist organizations that the DA "invests" in:

"The Democracy Alliance has adopted a 2020 Vision that recognizes the imperatives of working in the states and organizing people of color, women, millennials and others in the New American Majority, while at the same time prioritizing three key areas: our democracy, economy and climate. 

The 2020 State Funds are a set of collaborative funds that will make significant investments in twelve strategic states. Each fund has a strategy that reinforces collective goals and helps forge connections and collaborate across issue areas and among and between constituencies. These funds add to the organizing capacity and strength of existing DA funds – the Black Civic Engagement Fund, Latino Engagement Fund and the Youth Engagement Fund – which have existed to lift up constituencies.

The 2020 State Funds will help change the electoral map by working to make targeted gains in state and federal elections with an eye on setting progressives up for more favorable redistricting maps post-2020; build the progressive base by investing in the New American Majority and centering those communities in our strategies; win significant policy gains through strong issue organizing work on climate, economic inequality, and voting rights; and build and sustain state infrastructure by engaging new donors and allies, strengthening donor tables, supporting convening and communication hubs, and building field, leadership, and policy capacity."

mvsjcl's picture

I read the whole opening remarks. Scary people.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) ZD1 Nov 15, 2016 7:05 AM

I told you guys the solar eclipse on Sept 1, 2016 spelled trouble for Hillary.

Gara LaMarche born Aug 26, 1954 had this eclipse conjunct his Sun in Virgo.

Virgo is labor, victimization. It's not the Mexican labor that was victimized

it was the white labor in the rust belt that was victimized by Bill Clinton 20 yrs ago when he signed NAFTA

and the left who mocked them later for being poor and white.

They can't see beyond their echo chamber.

They are fools.

Sick Underbelly's picture

Following the money...this is the fucker you go after.   He's the "banking arm" behind Keith Mestrich:


"Keith Mestrich is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Amalgamated Bank....Our customer base – which includes the Democratic Party, Hillary for America, leading campaign committees, thousands of labor unions, non-profits and foundations....We are a bank that understands their needs, offers expert advice and guidance and ultimately, provides the financial solutions necessary to reaching their goals...."

He and fellow board member Mary Kay Henry share working at SEIU (Service Employees International Unionand were heavily behind the movement to get the minimum wage up to $15/hour for fast-food workers.

Labor labor, workers workers...unions unions...civil rights...Hillary progressive...raise wages raise wages....women women....coloreds coloreds.

Any doubt what brand of "-ism" these folks worship?   Any doubt as to what they want to do with the fruits of your labor, if you let them?  Any doubt as to who they are against?   Don't you question why they aren't trying to reach out to white males?  =)

warsev's picture

No. A 3.8 trillion dollar octapus sits atop POTUS and the rest of the elected government.

Jim in MN's picture

Just imagine of they did it properly--strip all attendees naked and confiscate their 'devices'.

Kind of a bringdown.

Sick Underbelly's picture

Wouldn't wanna be the one stripping...these people are fugly, fo' dam' sho'!

American Dreams's picture

This man should be arrested for subverting our Republic.  The time is now to remove him and others alike from the process of governing our country, he is an emeny of the state!

Know your enemy


Delving Eye's picture

Trump will crush his ass like the cockroach it is.

Keyser's picture

Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a drone strike... Clean out the swamp, one rat at a time... 

e_goldstein's picture

I'd say send him to the grave, but he probably rises from one every evening.

Peak Bull's picture

Careful. Him and others, like the DNC? The Nazi party had similar, justified reasons to attack political adversaries.

The Law is clear, and where he breaks it, justice should come. But you also need to allow opposing views, if you want to keep your democracy.

JRobby's picture

Arrest them all. Bring in Justice Roberts while you are at it.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

George Soros, "Elder of the Protocols of Zion"

J Jason Djfmam's picture

George Soros- He rode a tank, in the general's rank, when the blitzkrieg raged and the bodies stank.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) The Saint Nov 14, 2016 8:20 PM

Washington’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel

1330 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024