Trump Continues To Blast Media - Cancels Meeting With "Failing New York Times"

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Just one day after calling a summit of the major mainstream media executives and anchors at Trump Tower in which he referred to everyone as "dishonest, deceitful liars," Trump this morning has continued his feud with the media by cancelling a planned meeting with the "failing New York Times."  A tweet sent by Trump this morning indicated that the meeting was cancelled after the New York Times tried to change the "terms and conditions" of the meeting which Trump found to be "not nice."


Trump also took shots at the NYT's for their "nasty tone," "inaccurate" coverage and record-high complaints.


Meanwhile, the New York Times released a statement saying that they never tried to change the rules but refused Trump's request to squash an on-the-record session.


While Trump has never had a great relationship with the New York Times, it turned nuclear back in October when they obtained and published a copy of his 1995 tax return along with a baseless headline implying that he hadn't paid taxes in 20 years.  In reality, the tax return merely revealed Trump's usage of net operating losses to offset ordinary income which is a fairly common practice employed by many business owners. 

In its leading Sunday story, the New York Times reports that "Trump Tax Records Obtained by The Times Reveal He Could Have Avoided Paying Taxes for Nearly Two Decades." Specifically, it reports that according to a previously undisclosed 1995 tax filing, Trump reported a $916 million loss on his income tax returns that year which could have allowed him to legally avoid paying any federal income tax for up to 18 years. As it explains, "the 1995 tax records, never before disclosed, reveal the extraordinary tax benefits that Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, derived from the financial wreckage he left behind in the early 1990s through mismanagement of three Atlantic City casinos, his ill-fated foray into the airline business and his ill-timed purchase of the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan."


Certainly the early posturing seems to indicate that Trump will continue to have a fairly contentious relationship with the media for the next four years....and we suspect his supporters are just fine with that.

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bada boom's picture

Stop using the shitters.

i-dog's picture

They won't even be around in 4 more years! The yellow press has jumped the shark and are now only for poor quality fantasy stories.

TeamDepends's picture

How sweet this is! "Um yeah NYT, I'm going to have to cancel our meeting because something more important has come up. Ivanka invited me out for donuts."

VinceFostersGhost's picture



The Donald doesn't have meetings with the fake press.


What would be the point?

War Machine's picture

i was a Gary Johnson guy until a few months ago, but I always marvelled at how the NYT basically abandoned any pretense of being interested in real journalism - one morning I think there were 9 anti-Trumphit pieces visible or linked on the front page.

they didnt really cover 3rd party at all, they didnt really cover hillary's various crimes.

add to this their clear and persistent bias on Israel (front page when a jew gets stabbed, not covered when settlers murder Palestinians, front page if hamas breaks a ceasefire, no coverage when Israel did - which was more often actually)

add to that their neocon-agitprop on Ukraine, Putin and Russia.

the Times is not journalism at all - it is quite literally propaganda, and its writers are almost all east coast Leftists, and, sorry, very disproportionately Jewish. and when they cover palestine, its almost always a jewish zionist writer.

with ties to israels gov and mil

ditto ukraine.

the point is the bias is not unusual it is how they have felt free to operate.

they are not at all important.

trump should simply bar Times reporters from the white house.

has anyone simply suggested that?

a real empirical study of Times slanted coverage should prove that they basically went way over the top and were perpetually dishonest.

so - ban that paper and its reporters from direct access to the WH and AF1.

fuck 'em

wren's picture

Hopefully people will cancel their subscriptions. As consumers we have the most powerful control over media.

Grandad Grumps's picture

Hopefully the NY Times will blast you for protecting the "swamp creature" Hillary Clinton.

... don't think so.

Philo Beddoe's picture

Nasty tone? 

Hope he did not break a nail writing his tweet. 

NoDebt's picture

He's sending a message:  I'm not laying down and taking this shit from you like GWB did.  Give me a raft of shit, I cut you off.  I don't need to go through your filter when I can talk directly to the American people (until Twitter turns off his account for being a "fake news" outlet).

No down-vote, though.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Hope he did not break a nail writing his tweet. 


Should be fine......he's got he'll get to meet his new doctor.

Philo Beddoe's picture

You can down vote. I probably deserve it for other reasons. 

He is just coming off as a pussy. He can dish it out but can not take it.  

Not liking their tone? FFS is he gonna wanna a safe space in the White House? 

GreatUncle's picture

He can dish it out but can not take it.

Reckon it is laying the ground rules, I will not smash MSM to fuck provided you behave syndrome. Failure to do so executive order time solves that...

Somehow Trump needs to quell the snowflakes before it gets out of hand and the MSM do have a part to play here unless they want to be shut down. 

Trump though by insinuating that Clinton and the foundation will not be prosecuted is revealing he has a weak hand to deal with the shit because if so he would demand Obama and Clinton make speeches to calm the population.

They ain't doing that and the statement of no prosecutions suggests his hand is weak also because for stability of the nation he should be able to call upon that as a given for closure.

So what gives????

BabaLooey's picture

The New York Times


...but I repeat myself

souljaboy's picture

Keep bringing them over. Keep cancelling the meeting. Too funny.

pachanguero's picture

Fuck the Mexican whore rag!

Sandmann's picture

Jeff Bezos should by in and build his canine portfolio. He just hates businesses that make profit

Catullus's picture

Why do I need a reporter to get an on the record statement from anyone when the internet exists? Anyone can just tweet a question to the Donald. He can choose the answer.

aardvarkk's picture

Yep.  I think Twitter and YouTube will be his main way of communicating a lot of the most important stuff when he doesn't want his message to go through the MSM filter.  Well...until they shut down his accounts for "hate speech" anyway.

Kina's picture

He can fight as much as he likes with the NY Times and nobody will care much, they have no credibility left.

NoWayJose's picture

Good move Donald - you do not need the NYT / they need you!

Now, just lay off the tweets!

LawsofPhysics's picture

Trump will demonstrate what real cronyism looks like.  He won't touch his friends the Clintons and he will be a one term president. But, it simply won't matter for the vast majority of sheeple...



Chaos or not, fuck it! Give me a free market at all costs!

plenty of opportunity in these "interesting times"!!!!

conraddobler's picture

This  ^^^^^

I'd love to be proven wrong by the way, that works for me.

Only I don't see what comes after a Trump failure other than a tsunami of fascist control disguised as socialism.   

LawsofPhysics's picture

The U.S. is arriving at the same outcome experienced by the people of the former Soviet Union. We are just approach from a slight different path.  One of "safe spaces" and "political correctness" etc...

Hedge accordingly.

robobbob's picture

Trump said "HE" wont go after the Clintons

The FBI has an ongoing long term investigation into the CF.

All Trump has to do is stay clear, keep politics out of it, and have a DOJ that gives them the green light to proceed. The investigation will speak for itself.

Hillary herself may have been stopped, by the vast Left Wing Conspiracy is ready to slit Trumps throat. They'll probably fight him on how many rolls of TP he gets for the official WH shitter. Keeping a sword hanging over HRC and WJC's heads might just keep some of that a bay

The man hasn't even gotten to sit in the big chair yet and people are jumping him for not doing anything. Even then turning the SS Waste-a-Lot around will take a lot of time. save your complaining until 6 to 12 months in and even then dont expect a general to let you in on every one of his secret moves.

The man was voted in with one hell of a long list of BIG expectations. Wait until hes failed at a few of them first before jumping him.

Kina's picture

LoL The Mexixan Times.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Get the special get a free gram of meth, or coke......we're not really sure. Pedro just got here.

Omega_Man's picture

shut it down Trump....execute them

Mass_hysteria's picture

More coning from the con man.



bada boom's picture

Cancels a meeting, why was there a meeting in the first place?

souljaboy's picture

So he could cancel the meeting.

buzzsaw99's picture

that rag is only good to keep the bums warm at night

shimmy's picture

While I like him not being a bitch for the media, all these parties involved need to grow up and quit this drama. The presstitutes need to quit being their typical libtard selves and report accurate news and Trump needs to quit going on about people not being nice whenever they do something he doesn't like.

Since I live in the real world where humanity fucks everything up and people are far too prideful, I fully expect the idiots at the NYT to double down with their stupidity and Trump trashing while watching their readership keep dropping and then Trump to double down with his stance of tweeting about them not being nice and boycotting them.

NoWayJose's picture

You can bet that the NYT wanted something 'on-the-record' that they could publish, and that they wanted to make it something to embarrass Trump. Trump's own instincts prove right again - the NYT will not even respect their own sacred 'off-the-record' policy!

johnnycanuck's picture

"Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel"

 Mark Twain


Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.
Read more at:
innertrader's picture

Yes, that's excellent advice for it's time, however, "we" aren't using INK, are we?

Hammer823's picture

But he has so much charm wrote the NYT. Which is the driver behind the recent stock market rally.  Right?


wherewasi's picture

I will lick the ink of their last wasted headline with joy.

Rebel yell's picture

"What is absolutely true is always correct, everywhere, all the time, under any condition. An entity's ability to discern these things is irrelevant to that state of truth." —Steven Robiner

medium giraffe's picture

Childish but hilarious - Redditors have sent over a metric ton of salt to NYT HQ via Amazon Prime:

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

he needs to quit fighting with the press on twitter

VinceFostersGhost's picture



I wouldn't call it fighting......I'd call it WINNING!

DuneCreature's picture

Group meetings with news outlets. .. On or off the record, no matter.

Just hand out the same rulebook for all and send them on their way.

One on one backroom meetings are where the trouble starts. .... I think Trump knows that too. ..... It looks fucked up if nothing else.

Transparency and lots of disinfecting daylight in government is GOOD.

Since when do you let employees have secret meetings behind the backs of those writing the paychecks. ..... Who made that stupid shit up in the first place?

Live Hard, Time For New Rules And Protocol, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

Salzburg1756's picture

Trump, get it straight once and for all: it's The Jew York Times

OliverAnd's picture

Then the New York Times should be on Donald Trump's side as his son in law is Jewish and his daughter has become Jewish.