Merkel Declares War On "Fake News" As Europe Brands Russia's RT, Sputnik "Dangerous Propaganda"

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Picking up the torch on the most hotly debated topic by the humiliated US mainstream media, namely the spread of so-called "fake news" (not to be confused with Brian Williams lying for years on prime time TV, and which until recently was branded far simply as "conspiracy theory"), German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned on Wednesday against the power of fake news on social media to roil the establishment and to spur the rise of populists, after launching her campaign for a fourth term.

Speaking in parliament for the first time since her announcement Sunday that she would seek re-election next year, Merkel cautioned that public opinion was being "manipulated" on the internet.

"Something has changed -- as globalisation has marched on, (political) debate is taking place in a completely new media environment. Opinions aren't formed the way they were 25 years ago," she said.

Quoted by France 24, she said that "Today we have fake sites, bots, trolls -- things that regenerate themselves, reinforcing opinions with certain algorithms and we have to learn to deal with them." The chancellor said the challenge for democrats was to "reach and inspire people. However, should that fail, Merkel essentially suggested the time for censorship has come: "we must confront this phenomenon and if necessary, regulate it."

She said she supported initiatives by her right-left coalition government to crack down on "hate speech" on social media in the face of what she said were "concerns about the stability of our familiar order".

She warned that "Populism and political extremes are growing in Western democracies."

Merkel's warning comes a week after Google and Facebook (which overnight was revealed to have a "tool" ready to implement regional censorship) moved to cut off ad revenue to bogus news sites after a US election campaign in which the global misinformation industry may have influenced the outcome of the vote.

Perhaps a reason for Merkel's concern is that while her conservative Christian Democrats are largely favourites to win the German national election, expected in September or October 2017, she is facing a strong challenge from a resurgent rightwing populist party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has her liberal refugee and migration policy in its crosshairs.

* * *

Meanwhile, just as Merkel was launching Europe's war on "fake news", Europe's bureaucrats were one step ahead, and in a shocking move, on Wednesday the EU Parliament voted on a non-legislative resolution which calls for the EU to “respond to information warfare by Russia.” Russian news websites RT and Sputnik news agency were alleged to be among the most dangerous "tools of Russian propaganda."

A total of 691 lawmakers participated in the vote: 304 voted in favor of the resolution dubbed ‘EU strategic communication to counteract propaganda against it by third parties’, 179 voted against and 208 abstained from voting. Authors of the document equate counteracting Russia with the resistance to Daesh terrorist group and call on EU member states to boost financing counter-propaganda projects.

Written by a Polish member of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group, Anna Fotyga, the report alleged that Moscow aims to "incite fear and divide Europe," and called for the establishment of measures to tackle the perceived Russian propaganda threat. The report suggests that Moscow provides financial support to opposition parties and organizations in EU member states, causing disintegration within the bloc.

In other words: to counter alleged Russian propaganda, Europe is unleashing it own, very much formal counter-propaganda. 

As a result of the vote, Russia is now accused of "information warfare," with such entities as RT TV channel, Sputnik news agency, Rossotrudnichestvo federal agency and the Russkiy Mir (Russian World) fund alleged to be among its most threatening propaganda "tools."

The document also places Russian media organizations alongside terrorist groups such as Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Sputnik has already appealed to the UN, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and a number of international journalists' organizations and NGOs, including Reporters Without Borders, to take measures to stop what it considers to be interference into freedom of speech in the EU. "The resolution hits straight at a number of respected media, including Sputnik agency, and has an aim to stop their activity in the EU. Moreover, the resolution bluntly contradicts the  EU's own human rights and freedom of press norms," reads the letter signed by Sputnik Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan.

* * *

Shortly after the vote Vladimir Putin slammed the EU parliament resolution against Russian media. He said that Europe is trying to "teach" Russia democracy. Putin added that the EU Parliament's resolution demonstrates "political degradation" in regard to the "idea of democracy" in the West. He also pointed out that while "everyone tries to lecture" Russia on democracy, European lawmakers themselves resort to a policy of restrictions, "which is not the best way" to deal with any issues.

"More recently — and these attempts are still ongoing — they [European officials] tried to 'teach us' democracy, and we have always heard from these 'teachers' that the most vicious way to do business with opponents is to ban something and that it is not consistent with the principles and norms of democracy. Open discussion is always the best way," Putin said.

Adding that he hopes the Western move to "counter Russian propaganda" won't lead to serious restrictions, the president congratulated RT and Sputnik journalists on their work.

He concluded that the EU parliament resolution is an "evident sign of degradation of the Western society's vision of democracy," Putin said. It is curious how many "western society" citizens agree with him.

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olebugger's picture

Putins media is much more honest and less indoctrinated than the terrible European media which is basically managed by liberal elitists and the CIA.

CatsPaw's picture

Look at cute little Merkel, blaming her own mess on others like a little child.

Russia wants to divide Europe? Europe is doing that fine without Russian help.

dumbkopf's picture

This says far more about the fragility of the EU than it does about RT. When you can't stand the mildness of RT you really are in trouble.

I don't think though that these folk are hypocritical; they've been so brainwashed themselves they do't even know it.

TrustbutVerify's picture

I guess Merkel isn't concerned with the 95% of news outlets in the USA that built a reputation of "fake news." There are oh-so-many that are oh-so-concerned about the vast majority that news outlets here that spew fake news and smear. ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, (in some measure) CNBC, New York Times, Chicago Trib, LA Times, GOOGLE, Facebook, (The really, really short list) Its their stock and trade. An incredible number of voters live under this over-arching propaganda machine.

insanelysane's picture

It is already well known that European governments have leaned on their media to not report criminal acts by immigrants.

yogibear's picture

Hey East German Merkel, 

Leave already! Time for your people to show you the door.

rockstone's picture

"She warned that "Populism and political extremes are growing in Western democracies."

Exactly. We're tired of your shit lady. Want it to stop? Step down.

Bill of Rights's picture

Gee isn't it funny how all these Liberal Cunts come out at the same time with this fake bull shit, bottom line we need to round these pricks up and set up a firing squad and rid ourselves of these vermin

Squidbilly's picture
Squidbilly (not verified) Bill of Rights Nov 23, 2016 10:14 AM

yesterdays news germany was contributing to the clinton campaign. if theyre dumb enough to vote merkel in to a fourth term oh well. firing squad would be nice.

Joe A's picture

You can take the Merkel out of the Stasi but you can't take the Stasi out of the Merkel.

king leon's picture

This is off topic but it's a fucking bombshell: There is a big link between the abduction of Madeleine McCann and the Podesta brothers. The latest photo fit  pictures released by Portuguese police bare an uncanny resemblance to the Podesta brothers It is confirmed that the Podesta Brothers were staying at a 1 Mn dollar villa at the time of her disappearance  owned by a English MP at the resort  1/3 of a mile from the complex where Madeleine was abducted. 

mrbyrite's picture

the sources are an anonymous FBI agent and apparently the Suffolk Police who place them in Clement Freud's villa near where Madeleine was abducted at exactly the right time.   Question is whether those sources are reliable. If so this would be link the whole progressive democratic leviathan to an internaitonal - probably satanic - paedophile ring.   Is it actually possible something like that would be allowed to get out?

mrbyrite's picture

the sources are an anonymous FBI agent and apparently the Suffolk Police who place them in Clement Freud's villa near where Madeleine was abducted at exactly the right time.   Question is whether those sources are reliable. If so this would be link the whole progressive democratic leviathan to an internaitonal - probably satanic - paedophile ring.   Is it actually possible something like that would be allowed to get out?

mc888's picture

that sketch looks more like Mark Cuban than Tony Podesta.

Yttrium Gold Nitrogen's picture

I see Merkel is resorting to methods she probably learned in East Germany, where she grew up.

researchfix's picture

Yes, thanks to Margot and Erich, she took courses in Agitprop, agitation and propaganda.

Vageling's picture

And Soros isn't mentioned anywhere. That says enough. And how to deal with the boogyman? More indoctrination. 

EU stay out of my head! You lying deceiving punks.

tuetenueggel's picture

Let SOROS play russian roulette:


6 rounds in 6 chambers.

johnnycanuck's picture

There are two sides to every issue and somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

RT website helps me find the middle.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) johnnycanuck Nov 23, 2016 10:17 AM

"The truth is in the middle" is one of the major pieces of horseshit that allows the manipulation in the first place.  The truth is the truth and is not constrained by two warring factions.

johnnycanuck's picture

Spoken like a true zealot.  Because you believe something, that doesn't make it the truth.

Aubiekong's picture

Sorry but the email leaks proved it was the msm that was propaganda.  This is an attempt to silence the truth and only allow the government approved propaganda...

Mike Masr's picture

Fuck this dirty NWO, globalist cunt. I can't wait to see her face when Trump stops the TPP. LoL LoL LoL


me or you's picture

Europa is dead Russia must keep her focus on Asia where the future lies. 

otschelnik's picture

il n'y a que la verite, qui blesse.

Lady Jessica's picture

This was never truer, now that skins are so thin, like snowflake thin.

Citizen G's picture

I would love to see Angela and Hillary tribbing it out......mmmmm...ssssssssmegmafest 2017.....

mrbyrite's picture

that would involve a whole lot of dust.  

Gadfly's picture

“Fake news” is just another word for mass censorship – something the elites have been doing for some time now.  By declaring war on “fake news” the globalists are trying to control the information we receive.  A kind of info war, whose sole aim is mind control of the masses.  This is more than Orwellian.  It is information totalitarianism.  To say that this effort is anti-democratic and anti-freedom would be an understatement.  It is both fascist and totalitarian.  This effort to control the information we receive must be opposed at all costs.  We need MORE disclosure, not less.  Better and more accurate information, not more lies and bullshit propaganda.  Only liars are afraid of the truth.

me or you's picture

These European pedophiles are trying to silent the awakening European sheeple. 

Mike Masr's picture

Fake news is what we Americans watch.

The US MSM today is no better than Pravda in the Soviet Union days. I don't believe anything I hear from these liars and propagandists! I'm 57 years old and a cold war kid. Here is the irony, I see professional and responsible journalism on RT. We get bullshit lies and propaganda  from our MSM. Fuck the networks, fuck CNN, Fuck CNBC and fuck Fox News!!!

And fuck this NWO, globalist cunt Merkel.


tuetenueggel's picture

Fuck Merkel  ?

No never ever. Then I´d prefer a goat.

Newspeaktogo's picture

Those silly European leaders are FLAT STUPID!

me or you's picture

RT, Sputniknews and some other Alt-Media sites are leading in the spread of the truth.

css1971's picture

Die Regeln!!

Die Regeln!!


Guys... You need to adopt the British concept of common law... I know it seems all very vague and amorphous (Die Regeln!!) but it's the only sane way forward for society.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Congratulations JERKEL!!!

With Shrillary side-lined,  you just took over as the Most Cretinous Creature On Two Cankles!

tuetenueggel's picture

You mean Shitlery and Murksel ?

Fireman's picture

So Germany's NSA GESTAPO asset hag (like her Clinton twin) cannot give up power, addicted as she is to her role as USSAN Natostan meat puppet in chief. Wonderful, because otherwise fat, pensioned Germans, as opposed to fat, pensioned West Germans would vote for the craven CDU en masse. However, Merkill with the stench of the herd of migrants and terrorists all around her is repulsive to the majority of thinking Germans and they will reject this stooge wihen it comes to the crunch. When Er dog an opens his concentration camps the next time what will Frontex or Spandex do; shoot the economic migrants on sight or flood Germany with the next wave of ungrateful Coudenhove Kalergi Muslims, thus unleashing civil war? How much more will Frumpy Merkill have to bribe Er dog an until she gets to lock down power in 2017? Will Er dog an play along? Merkill's "Wir schaffen das" bullshit resonates about the same with the downtrodden German working class as the Obomber jingle "Yes we can" etc etc. She will be dumped like Clinton and has no future in Europe where the dismantling and escape from the Pedophile Politburo in Natostan capital Brussels is already under way. Watch Renzi get ditched on December 5th and then the ridiculous Hollande in France, March 2017. Frumpy can rant all she wants about the peasants getting too uppity and getting their "news" from some where other than the NAZI ZDF and ARD state owned propaganda media. She can threaten to ban RT, Fort Russ, Russia Insider, Sputnik and any of the other sources of information that the USSAN matrix hates but it won't accomplish shit. The masses have the presstitutes and the kosher anglozionazi political slime balls figured for what they are and there is no going back to the state administered poison that STASI girl was weaned on in her safe space as commie nomenklature in the Soviet Union. The jig is up and she is history already. Trump, whether for real or not is the future of Europe and the Europeons won't settle for business as usual dispensed from on high by the half wits in Brussels, EUSSR sewer and the most anti democratic collection of mutts on planet earth. Nein danke!


A nation that cannot defend its borders is no longer a nation. The Pedophile Politburo in Natostan BrUSsel$ and ex STASI agent code-named "Erika" (currently USSAN NSA GESTAPO asset Fatty Merkill) are bewildered and floundering in their hubris as the entire CIA project of United Snakes of Urupp totters beyond control. The evil globalist project will fail and the NWO nightmare is doomed despite their threats of WW3 or not. Whether it will happen as a result of the fast approaching USSAN civil war or the implosion of the Ponzi crapper bankster fiat toilet paper monetary "system" is irrelevant.

The signs of decay and incurable corruption are everywhere to see on both sides of the Atlanticist nightmare of pox amerikana be it in the shameless lies of Barry Obomber or the peeling mask of Agent Erika. All in all the masters of the anglozionazi empire of carnage overplayed their hand in their all consuming arrogance and as history shows the little people will time and time again bring the great schemes of tyrants to nought.


Onward to the collap$€ of the Ponzi sewer with the great flushing sound of toxic derivative s#it as the Potemkin Village USSAN "economy" gets sucked down the crud caked bowl of the most evil slaughterhouse humanity has ever had the misfortune to experience.


NuYawkFrankie's picture

WOW! Breathtaking! What a MASTERPIECE!  What A Tour De FORCE!

I really don't know where to start - so I'll just say --->>> ROCK ON DUDE!!!

Where's me jumper's picture

BRAVO, to the echo.

"Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and Despair"

Yars Revenge's picture

The free flow of information on the internet is destroying the globalists.

Crying about "Fake News" now is about two decades too late.

That truth genie has long escaped the bottle and there's no putting it back.

Regarding Russia, they're not Europes enemies; George Soros and the treacherous politicians he controls like Merkel however are.



roadhazard's picture

I like to watch Max Keiser and his rubber chicken on RT... and that's about it.

Pliskin's picture

Hey Angie, remind us all again why Udo Ulfkotte quit the German MSM.

Now fuck off and make your silly fucking NWO hand-signs in hell bitch!

tuetenueggel's picture

The lady of borderline syndrome:

eaten off fingernails till to the roots. ugly !!!

Yars Revenge's picture

Was it Russia who allowed millions of third world savages into 1st world Germany where they could rape as many German women as they pleased with no consequences?

No, that was Angela Merkel. Who Wikileaks exposed as being controlled by George Soros.

The enemey is within, Germany. It's within.

RealityCheque's picture

Once a Stasi, always a Stasi.

Consuelo's picture



 Something tells me William B. could have a field day with that photo/pose of Frau Merkel...

rondellio's picture

"When it becomes serious you have to lie"  Claude Juncker 20 April 2011.   

And lie is what they do.  Over and over.