The CIA, Washington Post, And Russia: What You're Not Being Told

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According to an unsubstantiated article by the Washington Post, anonymous CIA officials have confirmed that the Russian government hacked the United States election to favor Donald Trump. Though it’s entirely possible the Russian government attempted to influence the election, the Post has been widely criticized — for the second time in a month — for its failure to follow basic journalistic practices. Nevertheless, the narrative is sticking.

But the outlet’s behind-the-scenes relationship with the CIA is nothing new. In 2013, a conflict of interest arose shortly after Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, purchased the newspaper. As the Nation reported at the time:

[Jeff Bezos] recently secured a $600 million contract from the CIA. That’s at least twice what Bezos paid for the Post this year. Bezos recently disclosed that the company’s Web-services business is building a ‘private cloud’ for the CIA to use for its data needs.

As this occurred, a petition calling on the Washington Post to disclose its new ties to the CIA when reporting on the agency garnered 30,000 signatures. According to the RootsforAction petition:

The Post often does reporting on CIA activities. The coverage should include full disclosure that the owner of the Washington Post is also the main owner of Amazon and Amazon is now gaining huge profits directly from the CIA.”

Robert McChesney of the Institute for Public Accuracy pointed out the glaring conflict of interest:

If some official enemy of the United States had a comparable situation—say the owner of the dominant newspaper in Caracas was getting $600 million in secretive contracts from the Maduro government—the Post itself would lead the howling chorus impaling that newspaper and that government for making a mockery of a free press. It is time for the Post to take a dose of its own medicine.

In its most recent article on the CIA’s claims of a Russian hack, the Post made no mention of its ties to the CIA. But while this connection calls into serious question the validity of a newspaper that claims to be a purveyor of “great journalism,” the connections are not enough to prove nefarious collaboration.

Unfortunately, however, history reveals actual collusion between the CIA and news outlets, including the Washington Post.

In 1977, Carl Bernstein, a former Post journalist, wrote about the CIA’s efforts to infiltrate the news media, often with the assistance of top management at the papers. In total, Bernstein reported, over 400 journalists were involved:

Journalists provided a full range of clandestine services—from simple intelligence gathering to serving as go?betweens with spies in Communist countries. Reporters shared their notebooks with the CIA. Editors shared their staffs. Some of the journalists were Pulitzer Prize winners, distinguished reporters who considered themselves ambassadors without?portfolio for their country…In many instances, CIA documents show, journalists were engaged to perform tasks for the CIA with the consent of the managements of America’s leading news organizations.”

Though Bernstein failed to name the Post as an offender in his article, according to Tim Weiner, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, the CIA worked directly with the Washington Post, among many other outlets. In his comprehensive history of the CIA, Legacy of Ashes, Weiner wrote of the CIA’s first official chief, Allen Dulles:

Dulles kept in close touch with the men who ran the New York Times, The Washington Post, and the nation’s leading weekly magazines. He could pick up the phone and edit a breaking story, make sure an irritating foreign correspondent was yanked from the field, or hire the services of men such as Time’s Berlin bureau chief and Newsweek’s man in Tokyo.

He continued:

It was second nature for Dulles to plant stories in the press. American newsrooms were dominated by veterans of the government’s wartime propaganda branch, the Office of War Information.”

Dulles’ tenure lasted throughout the 1950s, and in 1954, for example, papers like the Washington Post and the New York Times promoted the narrative that Guatemala’s democratically-elected leader had ties to the Soviet Union and needed to be dealt with accordingly. The American news media helped create public support for a coup covertly backed by the CIA (interestingly, the Times also recently came out with an anonymously-sourced article claiming the CIA has determined Russia hacked the election). At the time, Frank Wisner, chair of the CIA’s Directorate of Plans — and whom Bernstein named as a key operator in the CIA’s relationship with news outlets — directly praised the Post’s piece.

Given this historical relationship, it’s no surprise that the Post and CIA have worked together in more recent decades.

In the 1990s, then-CIA Director Bill Casey appointed a man named Max Hugel as chief of the clandestine service, a small department within the CIA. But some agents disagreed with the appointment. Weiner explained:

They dug up dirt on him, fed it to the Washington Post, and forced him out in less than two months.”

Whether or not the Post knew it was being used as a tool of intrigue by agents within the CIA is of little consequence. At best, they acted as “useful idiots” for schemers within the agency; at best, they knowingly aided the internal machinations of a spy agency.

The Post again served as a platform for warring factions within the CIA during the Bush years, when agents rebelled against Porter Goss, the director who replaced George Tenet after he resigned. Goss had vowed to repair the agency’s broken reputation but angered other agents with his seemingly radical approach. According to Weiner, agents took to the Los Angeles Times to criticize Goss (the Los Angeles Times recently faced backlash after one of its journalists was caught sharing stories with CIA agents before publication). The agents also took to the Washington Post to smear Goss:

John McLaughin, who had held the agency together as acting director after Tenet’s resignation, delivered another riposte. The CIA was not ‘a dysfunctional and rogue agency,’ he wrote in the Washington Post. ‘The CIA was not institutionally plotting against the president.’”


Weiner notes that “in all the years that the agency had been battered in the press, never had the director been attacked in print, on the record, by the most senior veterans of American intelligence.”

The CIA also used its power in the media to silence a story published in the 1990s regarding the agency’s potential involvement in drug trafficking and the emergence of crack cocaine in black communities. Journalist Gary Webb had written an explosive investigative piece linking the agency to Contra fighters and the domestic drug market. Though the piece had shortcomings and reported on some already known information, as Peter Kornbluh of the Columbia Journalism Review noted, it was able to “revisit a significant story that had been inexplicably abandoned by the mainstream press, report a new dimension to it, and thus put it back on the national agenda where it belong[ed].

Six weeks after the story broke, the CIA’s PR machine struck back. The Intercept notes the “CIA watched these developments closely, collaborating where it could with outlets who wanted to challenge Webb’s reporting.”

The Intercept summarized the account of Nicholas Dujmovic, who was a staffer at the CIA Directorate of Intelligence at the time:

The agency supplied the press, ‘as well as former Agency officials, who were themselves representing the Agency in interviews with the media,’ with ‘these more balanced stories,’ Dujmovic wrote. The Washington Post proved particularly useful. ‘Because of the Post‘s national reputation, its articles especially were picked up by other papers, helping to create what the Associated Press called a “firestorm of reaction” against the San Jose Mercury News.’ Over the month that followed, critical media coverage of the series (‘balanced reporting’) far outnumbered supportive stories, a trend the CIA credited to the Post, The New York Times, ‘and especially the Los Angeles Times.’”

Given the CIA’s history of using media to accomplish both internal and external political goals, it’s possible — though admittedly wholly unconfirmed — this Post piece on Russia serves as yet another example of the clandestine agency using the paper as a tool to achieve its own ends.

Regardless, the Post continues to treat anonymous statements from the agency as fact, leading the way as countless other mainstream outlets parrot their narrative. Though it’s possible Russia did attempt to intervene in the U.S. election, there is little reason to trust information from an outlet with a history of collaborating with the agency spreading these claims.

Should any actual evidence of Russian hacking be produced, however, it’s likely the Post will be among the first to let us know.

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xavi1951's picture

It was an inside job.  A hacker that made it look like the hack came from Russia but was in his mothers basement in New Jersey.

They traced it Russia and stopped there.  That fit the narative.

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So, Amazon is getting a $600 mln contract from the CIA to put up a "private cloud"?

They'd better keep that secure (whoops!).

* * *

Fun Fact: Oracle got their first BIG order from the CIA to manage data too...


Never One Roach's picture

it's pretty clear now that Obama himself hacked the DNC to make Hillary look bad. It's no secret Obama and Moshelle hate Hillary and Bill Clinton.

bamawatson's picture

moshelle hates Everybody
including itself

Save_America1st's picture

Yep, I'm pretty sure I'm never going to believe a fucking thing from the Washington Compost and the treasonous, homicidal, Cocaine Import Agency about this shit.  But thanks for playin', bitchez.

His name was Gary Webb:


And then they shot hit TWICE in the head and called is "suicide". 


WordSmith2013's picture

There's much more behind WashPo's fake new about a Russian hack that never took place.
Yesterday's triplex of terror events was staged to bring about a certan outcome.

Electoral College Day MASSACRE!
Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) 38BWD22 Dec 20, 2016 7:24 PM

The problem with WaPo isn't with what they're 'NOT' telling you, it's with what they 'ARE' telling you...

wwzmach's picture

The CIA has a lot of data to manage since they manage everyone elses data too...

Freddie's picture

Larry Ellison was a CIA contract programmer.

True story - someone I know had a relative who worked at Oracle.  They had to do a software upgrade in a island in the Pacific.  It just required installing a few disks or probably a CD ROM.  Uncle Sham flew this Oracle programmer there first class and they billed the US some insane amount of money.  Oracl probably bill the USA billions.

813kml's picture

That contract will more than pay for itself after factoring in free 2-day shipping to FEMA camps.

nmewn's picture

His name was Seth Rich.

nonclaim's picture

Seth Rich...

Quickly forgotten by his peers at the Democratic Party.

But by the ultimate sacrifice demanded, certainly not forgiven.

nmewn's picture

Intriguing isn't it?

Private donors and Wikileaks, along with the "customary" DC police reward for information...its now up to $150,000 (the largest MURDER reward in DC history)...yet his supposed "criminal element common compadres" of this wayward yooot haven't rolled on him, to collect this lottery-ticket-in-the-not-stolen-wallet reward?


It no longer seems like a very "common street crime" to me...given the fact nothing was stolen in the first place and how is that forensics coming along, any bullet matches yet?...I guess not.

He was 27, a noted "progressive" (meaning most likely a Bernie Marx supporter), working at DNC headquarters in DC with access to its data and probable cause to be disgruntled. The data revealed in "the DNC leak" is dated for all to see stopping in May 2016, a month or so later he was killed on July 10th.

One Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars Reward.

Lets get busy out there boppers ;-)

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) nmewn Dec 20, 2016 9:15 PM

"Lets get busy out there boppers ;-)"

The Baseball Furies have dropped the ball. Y'all be lookin' out there.

I remember that.

nmewn's picture

Great movie, it had it all, a real cult classic.

The lust for power & control by one gang, the pettiness of one group who would kill just say they can & did, the Warriors unsure about any of it, their leader now dead after wrongfully accused by the killers just trying to get home through different unfamiliar gang turf, Ajax not keeping his mind on the task at redemption without ever backing down from anyone or anything against overwhelming odds.

Clink clink clink...warriors...come out ;-)

Freddie's picture

Katherin Graham's husband Phil in the 1960s got a younger girlfriend.  He started going off the reservation complaining that the Wa Post was a mouthpiece of the See Aye Ae.   He was also going to divorce Katherine who's father Eugene Meyer had been a Fed Reseve chief.  If they divorced, Phil might have controlled the paper.   How does a Fed chairman control a major influential Was DC paper?

Well Phil got esssentially abducted by his wife and commited to an insane asylum and then was released.   Not long after that he killed himself with a shot gun.

Watergate?  Nixon wanted to raise tarriffs to the anger of the Rockefellers.  My theory is See Aye Ae was set up by Rockefellers and their ilk as David was an OSS agent in WW2  Well who did Nixon deeply distrust?  George Bush.  The See Aye Ae then leaked al the info to Wa Post through Ben Bradley.  He was related to to Cord Meyer aka Operation Mockingbird.  Cord's wife had been shagging JFK (Mary Pinchot Meyer).  After JFK's death, she was going to blow the whistle but she was murdered talking a walk near her apartment.

Supposedly Ben Bradley raced to make sure her diary was secore, it disappeared.  James Angleton a See AAye Ae psychopath also went to the apt.

The See Aye Ae leaked the goods, probably George Bush, to Ben Bradley and his cub reporters Woodward and Bernstein typed it up.


VisionQuest's picture

Before Bob "Watergate" Woodward became an ace reporter for the Washington Post he was a U.S. Naval Intelligence officer. Bob Woodward's Watergate operation produced the template for the type of "journalism" we have today: foggy facts laced with innuendo, veiled allegations & endless questions. Bob "Watergate" Woodward knows a lot more than he ever tells:

Nobodys Home's picture

Has anybody come up with the factually provable whereabouts of Eric Braverman yet?

Mr Pink's picture

Let's see......Bezos, Bilderberg, bullshit news....anyone else see the connection here?

zenbones's picture

I for one am grateful that we have fine institutions like the Washington Post to keep the public safe from dangerous websites like NullShrubbery or whatever this heathen website is called.

Sheila Jackson Lee 2019!

Nobodys Home's picture

Shrubbers are not heathens. It's a very respectable profession!
Wasn't S.J.Lee abducted by aliens?

Cruel Joke's picture

This is so silly, anyone can do this - even on a low, low budget. All you need is an VPN point in say Moscow. You log on to that Moscow VPN point and PRESTO - everything you do on the internet seems to originate from an IP adress in Moscow. 


More info:


-"Carthage must be destroyed."-

Nobodys Home's picture

Right now, I'm using TOR to browse
The tor cicuit I'm on leading to to ZH is:
my browser with a cloaked ip, to Germany, to Switzerland, to UK to ZH.
I can change the circuit any time I like...takes 15 seconds at most.

I can't pick which countries I want, but I could keep changing the circuit until Russia was the last hop off to the internet.

edit: Maybe there is a way to pick countries. But I don't know how. I haven't tried to find out because I have no need and I haven't used it for that long.

I'm also looking into using freenet..seems very promising.

Freenet is a peer-to-peer platform for censorship-resistant communication and publishing.

Twee Surgeon's picture

You do know that it is not a secret that TOR was designed and built by the US Navy, yes ? The Silk Road guy is doing life, that TOR ?


Laddie's picture

The CIA and the FBI and .gov are in the hands of the same team that has run the FED for the last decades. One certainly understands either the uninformed or those who are members of the same team NOT GETTING TO THE ROOT of the issue but it is necessary that the average person learn what is going on.

A single example should start the ball rolling:

Stanley Fischer: A Dual U.S./Israeli Citizen and Pro-Israel Activist as Vice-Chair of the Fed January 5, 2014

Grant Smith, writing at provides an enlightening account of the nomination of Stanley Fischer as Vice-Chair of the Federal Reserve (“AIPAC’s Fed Candidate Stanley Fischer on a Warpath against Iran: Dual-citizen nominee’s lifetime benefit to Israel comes at a heavy cost to America“). When I first read that Fischer was a possibility, my only thought was something like “Can’t we find anyone who’s not Jewish to fill a post like that?” After all, the Chair of Federal Reserve has been Jewish since 1987, Janet Yellen, the present vice-chair, will likely be the next chair, and Yellen’s predecessor was Donald L. Kohn.

And one would think that appointing an Israeli citizen —and a high-level one at that (former head of the Israeli Central Bank and likely on a first-name basis with everyone who matters in Israel) — would raise all kinds of red flags about old-fashioned issues like dual loyalty.

But there is much more to the story. Fischer, it turns out, will be AIPAC”s man at the Fed. Smith notes that...

Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) Laddie Dec 20, 2016 7:30 PM

Yeah but... (((They))) NEED to be in those positions so that they can help keep the Nazis from invading us from their secret flying saucer hideaways in Antarctica and giving us all wedgies...


They were 'chosen' for this task by ZZ Top's great grandfather, who broke stone tablets over their heads & knocked some sense into them while they were worshipping a golden calf...

lakecity55's picture

These fucking Khazars need to be in their own government in Tel Aviv, not running ours.

I am sick of Khazars in every government, banking, and TV business.


flaminratzazz's picture

to bad friend, those fvkers are embedded like a three day tick.

Citizen_x's picture


Good facts to bring to the table and have a grown-up conversation about.

This article WaPo and the CIA   If we can read about this, it's because someone wants to read this.  What's their "Qui Bono" ?  Is the CIA going thru a divorce ?  Some kind of Mad magazine Spy vs Spy ?  If you drain the swamp, we are the good "bad guys"; those over there...they are the bad "bad guys".

This will get more murky before all is said and done.  More popcorn anyone ?

War Machine's picture

+1 amazing link. it is insane the power Israelis (never mind American Jews) have been allowed.

Richard Perle inter alia should have been dropped into the ocean from a fuckin' cargo plane decades ago. guy spied for Israel and ends up in Bush's admin as a national security advisor...

That guy knows fuckall about national security. He simply lied and spied for Netanyahu.

if you havent read "the lie factory" at mother jones... that's a solid intro to just how Jewish and Zionist the drive to fake evidence of Iraqi wmds was.

Ledeen cowrote a book with Flynn. Ledeen is literally an Israeli spy.

Trump needs to do what he needs to do, but one of those things he needs to do quietly is to begin a massive new counterintelligence department to handle Israeli (and Saudi at this stage) infiltration.

it is worse, I promise, than you think.

when I harp about Oded Yinon and Clean Break and leave those links in my profile, its not for shits and giggles. I limit what I say and link to quite on purpose.

Between the zionists, neocons, neolibs, and cold war fossils, our country will be bled dry and flooded with 3rd world cannon fodder.

and its for banks and banking dynasties, the MIC, and for Israel.

Personally, I wish hacktivists would concentrate fire on the CFR and Brookings, AIPAC and Chatham House for a while.

the shit kicking around those places would make the wikileaks look like the recipe for Grandma's oatmeal raisin cookies.

Nobodys Home's picture

I'd love to see those dink, I mean think tanks exposed! The CFR is Rothschild's Illuminati HQ in the U.S. The member list blows my mind!

Uzda Farce's picture
Uzda Farce (not verified) Laddie Dec 20, 2016 10:21 PM

Every Fed chairman since WW2 has been a member of the Rockefeller/CFR, along with most secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense and CIA. That includes the Dulles brothers. Also Yellen, Fischer, Brainard, Powell, Tarullo and Kohn. See member lists at cfr dot org.

chunga's picture

Anything that comes from gov or fake news is moast likely a lie.

CunnyFunt's picture

Dinosaurs like the WP and NYT have for too long staked their reputations on "officials say ..." and "sources close to [fill-in-the-blank] ..."

Their credibility amounts to zero.

Baron von Bud's picture

It's quite obvious that the CIA was running the anti-Trump campaign through ALL the major media; print and tv. I'd wager a large percent of the staff at the NY Times and WaPost are on the CIA payroll. But here comes Trump on Jan 20 and he knows their game. It will be delightful to see these worthless propaganda shills outed and the CIA rolled up.

TheReplacement's picture

What you suggest is unlikely.  All you have to do is control the important editors and they will hire useful idiot underlings and reporters.  The rest of it just works out the way you want.  Feed a few stories here and there, edit copy, quash negative stories when necessary.  They probably can control the NYT or WaPo with very few people getting paid.  They probably can control the NYT or WaPo with even fewer people thinking about what they are really doing.

Dilluminati's picture

Any article for or against the idea that Hillary lost the election for any "other reason" than being a ridiculous criminal cunt is fake news.

The US voter looked at Hillary and made a decision, Hillary or Donald and voted Trump.

The election is over and thats that.

Ridiculous Cunt 0 Donald Trump 1


Now onto Sow Merkel, no matter what you are told, that ridiculous cunt on the merit of her own bad decision to admit 1 million muslims loses the next election.

Again there is no real discussion as to outcome.


SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

"It is time for the Post to take a dose of its own medicine.”

The level of hypocrisy that WaPo has achieved, is stunning.
Their is no cure for the consolidation of The Deep State and the MSM.

DirtySanchez's picture

I prefer the Russians rather than the cia when I read/watch my fake news.

Son of Loki's picture

Most common sense Americans are on to wapo and one lever above fish wrapper at this point.

lakecity55's picture

Man, didn't everone already know the cia owns most of the Post? The Bozos guy is a front. They use it as a tax-write off so as not to pay taxes on their heroin imports.


Chupacabra-322's picture

My fellow Commrads,

The fact that we all have to worry about the CIA killing a President Elect simply because the man puts America first, really says it all.

The Agency is Cancer. Why are we even waiting for them to kill another one of our people to act? There should be no question about the CIA's future in the US.

Dissolved & dishonored. Its members locked away or punished for Treason. Their reputation is so bad and has been for so long, that the fact that you joined them should be enough to justify arrest and Execution for Treason, Crimes Against Humanity & Crimes Against The American People.

Arrest Hillary & Bill Clinton. Freeze their assets. RICO The Clinton Foundation & bring down the Satanic Global Crime Syndicate.

This will de facto Drain the Swamp. Then, immediately End the Fed.

These Scum Fuck Occultist have been "Illuminated" and forced out into the light. This opportunity to peacefully "Drain the Swamp" cannot be squandered.

Overdrawn's picture

All countries have and I guess need intelligence agencies, so the US can't just say were getting rid of the CIA because it's corrupt.  Probably, the best chance Trump has of avoiding assassination by the CIA, is to create a new intelligence agency with people who are not loyal to the Democrats.  I don't know what should happen to existing CIA agents, maybe identify those who have been working against Trump and dismiss them, but I'm sure there are a lot of agents who had nothing to do with the attempted election coup.  Don't know, it's a massive problem though.

elmo jones's picture

National Intelligence Agencies are obsolete. High School kids with arduinos and custom Operating Systems outnumber them by tens of thousands and are inventing tricks none of them have time to imagine. Recycle Intel trash.

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) Overdrawn Dec 20, 2016 9:10 PM

See, the thing is, though, that the CIA ain't even an intelligence agency. They're a big, well funded ratfucker agency for interfering in the affairs of foreign governments anf foreign businesses at the behest of Wall Street fatboys.

Those fatboys are the investment banking community that are the big winners in the casino games played via the stock market. Nothing the CIA does is in service to "The Country" and it isn't even meant to be.

War Machine's picture


they arm people that our guys are going to end up engaging in Syraq.

that means the CIA is helping to kill Marines, soldiers, etc.

sooner or later, someone is going to take that personal.

VisionQuest's picture

"Disposition Matrix" is the corporate name CIA director John Brennan gave the Kill List that Obama scans while sipping his morning coffee.

Dilluminati's picture

"The history books are not written by losers. She lost the election because she broke the law and didn't bother to campaign in swing states. She's got nobody to blame but herself."

ZH adds.. didn't help she was a ridiculous cunt