Illinois Is Losing 1 Resident Every 4.6 Minutes

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Illinois has record loss of 114,000 residents to other states in 2016 as population shrinks by 37,500.

Imagine the entire population of Peoria, Illinois’ seventh-largest city, all picking up and moving across state lines in one year, never to work, pay taxes or create jobs in Illinois again. That’s equivalent to what happened to Illinois over the past year: New migration data from the U.S. Census Bureau show that from July 2015 to July 2016, Illinois lost 114,000 people, on net, to other states, a record high for the Land of Lincoln.

Now consider the permanent loss of the combined populations of Illinois’ 10 largest cities outside of Chicago: Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield, Elgin, Waukegan, Champaign and Arlington Heights, along with Peoria. The loss of these 10 cities’ combined populations approximately equals Illinois’ net loss of population to other states since 2000. Illinois has lost some 1.22 million people, on net, over the past 16 years.

illinois outmigration

For the third year in a row, Illinois is the only state in the region with a shrinking population.

illinois outmigration


Illinois sustained record net losses for each of the last three years of census migration data: a net loss of 114,000 people from July 2015 – July 2016; a net loss of 105,000 people from July 2014-2015; and a net loss of 95,000 people in the year before that.

From 1990-2011, the annual net loss of residents from Illinois to other states was 64,000 per year. But the 2011 income tax hikes, repeated property tax hikes and the state’s political dysfunction precipitated the record population losses of the last three years.

illinois outmigration

Illinois’ rate of exodus is now one person every 4.6 minutes. That’s a faster rate of flight than even Michigan experienced in its worst years as Detroit plunged into bankruptcy. And according to wealth flight data from the Internal Revenue Service, the net loss of one person every 4.6 minutes comes with a net loss of $30,000 of taxable income every 4.6 minutes, too.

illinois outmigration

Illinois’ population shrank by 37,500 people between July 2015 and July 2016 because the migration losses to other states overwhelmed the natural gains all states experience: more births than deaths and people immigrating to America from overseas. If there were no migration between states, every state would experience population growth every year. However, a few states lose so many people to other states that their populations shrink. Because Illinois lost so many people to other states, the Land of Lincoln’s population shrank by 37,500 people, the worst of all states. West Virginia was second worst with its population shrinking by 10,000.

illinois outmigration

Pennsylvania is also shrinking: Its population contracted by 7,700 in the most recent year of data, compared with Illinois’ shrinking by 37,500 people. However, Illinois is shrinking so much faster that Pennsylvania is poised to surpass Illinois to become the nation’s fifth most populous state as soon as next year.

At the last census in 2010, Illinois had 130,000 more people than Pennsylvania. Now, the difference stands at 17,000, an amount Pennsylvania will make up in 2017 if next year’s migration losses resemble this year’s for both states. The population gap between Illinois and Pennsylvania is closing rapidly, and Illinois will soon drop to become the sixth-largest state in the U.S.

illinois outmigration

The alarming census data should grab the attention of Illinois policy makers and shift the conversation toward transformational reforms. Out-of-control spending continues to drive up taxes, and only changes to government-worker pension systems and collective bargaining laws can rein in those costs. In addition, the state’s hostile investment and jobs climate is especially inhospitable for for blue-collar occupations such as manufacturing. Without businesses investing in Illinois, there will be no job creation for Illinois’ middle class.

Perhaps most importantly, Illinoisans need to see changes in the state’s political environment. The fact that Democratic lawmakers haven’t found a single substantive economic or political reform on which they will agree with Gov. Bruce Rauner speaks volumes about the intransigence of the state’s political class, and its refusal to work for the common good. The lawmakers who have driven the state into financial and economic peril and who have overseen a flood of out-migration are poorly suited to guide Illinois to a brighter future. Illinoisans need new leaders to address the problems the state is facing. Term limits for elected officials and a more equitable legislative map would be a powerful signal that Illinois is changing its ways.

Illinois is living through a man-made exodus. It must enact responsible spending, tax, regulatory and political reforms to show residents and job creators the state is serious about keeping its most valuable resource – its people – and welcoming businesses that can help them earn a living and stay here.

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Escrava Isaura's picture

Nothing to worry.

All these cities will be great again.


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I dunno, Escravita, it is hard to imagine Chicago ever being great again.

MCGA?  Doubtful (and yes, I have been there many times).


thecondor's picture

Chicago will be Aleppo soon. 

nmewn's picture

But but but...Hillary won Illinois!

I'm so confused ;-)


GeezerGeek's picture

Just because they're losing population doesn't mean they have to lose voters. Apparently all those dead voters choose to stay in Illinois, because neither the cold weather nor taxes affect them.

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Don't look for any help from Illinois fuckers ran him out of town last time.

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I hope he told Chicago's mayor to go to hell.

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He was pretty blunt with Rahmmie. He told him the only thing worse than a conniving Jew was a short conniving Jew.

Twee Surgeon's picture

As a native, born in California, I highly recommend the state to you. R.E Prices may be high in the big cities but there are many modestly priced homes on the rapidly growing outskirts, you will feel right at home, just warmer.

The Commies, Hippies,Meth addicts usually do a Calpers parade in each city on January the 1st to welcome newcomers, it is a sight to behold, remember to bring your own lube though as the Lube drought continues and you will need it because of the 'Climate change'. Please register your Debit card number with the State before requesting a license to travel freely from your masters. Thanks.Ca.Gov.Ticks.

glenlloyd's picture

It's starting to move faster, the last time this was reported it was one person every 5 minutes.

Poor old IL, then again who wants to be around the next Detroit. Chicago is going to be a yuge mess, even more than it is now!

SubjectivObject's picture

If we take out the Chicago death rate, the state numbers should improve significantly.

Context is everything.

Mr. Universe's picture

I guess they need more gun control.

edotabin's picture

Why do you think they let the shootings go on? That is the never-ending, nationwide commercial FOR gun control brought to you by Rahm E Productions Inc.

Look, let's be honest..... any state losing population is doing so because they are racist and refuse to accept more people from underdeveloped countries.

Second paragraph= </s>


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Looks like we've found the perfect place to put all those Middle Eastern migrants. Lots of empty homes and they're used to the sound of gunfire.

larz's picture

Don't be confused obamanation comes from this maggot pit too. There are Tony rezko stories and mysterious payouts to Michelle good Lord this place SUCKS oh and the BLM illegal alien murder rate.  Don't get me started


IIt's Putin's fault donchaknow or biased media or Comey' s letter  hard to keep track.  it's just not the fault of decades of corrupt  liberal progressive dem policies

toady's picture

Lost to other states? Like the state of death? If they keep moving out and shooting each other pretty soon ther'll be no one left.

abyssinian's picture

Why are they moving? Is Obama moving back to the ghetto? 

yogibear's picture

Obama's staying in DC after his term.

President Barack Obama has said that he and his family will remain in Washington, D.C., after they leave the White House in January so that his youngest daughter, Sasha, can finish school. And it looks like the Obamas have settled 

He's not even moving back to Chitcago.


Escrava Isaura's picture

Abyssinians are great cats. Had three Abyssinians.

Now back to “Make These Cities Great Again” Trump better deliver or he might not get reelected.


2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

i think that number is just for shooting victims alone

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The crime rate in Chi-raq gets all the headlines, but the reality is Illinois is a corrupt banana republic from top to bottom, Wisconsin to Kentucky.  The confiscatory real estate taxes, the corruption of all the county and local officials, the obesity of the ironically sports-obsessed populace (because many have few other activities, hobbies or interests), the once independent farmers becoming cult-worshippers of goobermint due to handouts like CRP and crop insurance, the locust swarms of ponzi-scheme beneficiary public pensioners from cops to teachers to lifer state workers, to the metal detectors in every small town county courthouse guarded by 55 IQ Barney to "keep us safe".  God help you if you call bullshit on any of it.  It is an endless swamp. It will not be drained. 

The fruit of any free man's labor is in grave danger in Illinois - and many other states.

Osmium's picture

Imagine the entire population of Peoria, Illinois’ seventh-largest city, all picking up and moving across state lines in one year, never to work, pay taxes or create jobs in Illinois again

I've been to Peoria many times, it's really not that hard to imagine.

booboo's picture

The only people not leaving are the teat suckers.

the ones leaving are those that have sucked their teat dry, and those taking a teat with them in the form of a state pension, have teat will travel.

larz's picture

Escreva(sp) you and your fellow highly educated (indoctrinated) libs are so superior  run for pres or mayor of chicago maybe king of illinois.   Perhaps you can make them great

DeathMerchant's picture

Not enough income from crack sales and taco wagons. Maybe lead mining one day

Caveman93's picture

Are they losing them due to taxes or the rate of gunfire?

booboo's picture

need a state issued FOID card to buy ammo so yea, they got that going for them too.


Not a surprise - liberal snowflake community organized shit hole. 

Oh yeah - it is a gun free safe zone - all you need to do is shelter in place with your grade school scissors under your desk. 


thecondor's picture

I wonder how many of those are in the south side of Chiraq? There are probably more bullets stuck in the side of buildings than residence of Chiraq. 

gregga777's picture

I wouldn't live in Illinois for any reason. I won't even drive in Illinois. I've made significant detours to even avoid driving in Illinois. The state has been a cesspool of corruption as far back as I can remember (mid-1960's). The best thing for people to do is to vote with their feet because the vile, corrupt political parasites statewide, and especially in Chitcago, are never going to change.

thecondor's picture

NO! They need to stay there and fix the problems they voted in.  Don't come to my state after fucking up yours.  Sleep in the bed you made motherfuckers. 

GeezerGeek's picture

That's not what Progressives/Fascists/Liberals do. After fouling their own nests, they go elsewhere to repeat the process. Think about the Massholes going to New Hampshire. Or Mexicans going to California. Or Venezuelans going to South Florida. Or all those Muslims going to Europe.

It's either a bad case of "misery enjoys company" or they simply hate everyone else and want them to suffer.

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That's right.

Californians moved to Colorado to fuck that up.

sun tzu's picture

Clownifornians are also fucking up Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Oregon. I can't stand those locust motherfuckers

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Land of Lincoln - just a typical Soviet Non-Republic.

zagzigga's picture

How many minutes to zero population?

Gamma735's picture

Counldn't happen to nicer or more corrupt state.

flaminratzazz's picture

paying state income tax is the ultimate slap across the face.

Elmo Blatch's picture

This could be a grand expieriment. Let's see what happens to a state when 90-95% of the productive population exits.

Keep a flow chart on people leaving and tax revenue coming in. The only choice they will have is a tax rate of 100% of anyone left.

They will be begging for the homeless and illegals to move in for the federal dollars. 

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Is that via emmigration, or Boyz in the 'Hood?

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ILL-inois needs a keep sheeple in!

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Born/raised there.. moved out in 1993... too crowded, crappy weather, WAY too many niggas/wetbacks/whatever else, too many ex-wives, and yeah, expensive...

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just so you illinois folks know, our state income tax is higher in WI.