Angry Trump Demands Congressional Probe Into NBC Leak Of Top Secret Intelligence Report

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On Thursday evening, during one of his latest Tweetstorms, Trump criticized leaks to several media outlets detailing contents of the classified Russian hacking report which Trump is set to go over any minute.

The leaks came before Trump’s own briefing on those details by the intelligence community. The 50-page report was delivered to US President Barack Obama on Thursday, and is to be delivered to President-elect Donald Trump on Friday by top intelligence officials, including Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan, the Washington Post reports, one of several outlets that were given priority over the president-elect in learning the details of the document. CNN and NBC News also reported on the classified report, sparking outrage from Trump.

“How did NBC get ‘an exclusive look into the top secret report he (Obama) was presented?’ Who gave them this report and why? Politics!” Trump said in a tweet.

Then, moments ago, following his interview with the NYT this morning in which he suggested that the storm surrounding Russian hacking during the presidential campaign is "a political witch hunt" being carried out by his adversaries, who he said were embarrassed by their loss to him in the election last year, and just prior to the debriefing by US intelligence agencies meant to prove to Trump once and for all that Putin was indeed responsible for his election, an angry Trump doubled down and tweeted that he is "asking the chairs of the House and Senate committees to investigate top secret intelligence shared with NBC prior to me seeing it."

As noted before, NBC News on Thursday reported that U.S. intelligence found Russian officials celebrating Trump’s election win.  NBC cited “a senior U.S. intelligence official with direct knowledge” of the intel report that was delivered to President Obama on Thursday and is scheduled to be delivered to Trump on Friday.

"Highly classified intercepts illustrate Russian government planning and direction of a multifaceted campaign by Moscow to undermine the integrity of the American political system," NBC quotes the source  saying. “What you will see is that there were evolving goals over time. At the end, they were trying to elect Trump,” the source adds.

A declassified version of the report is expected to be released to the public on Friday.

NBC’s story came after the Washington Post first reported details from the review.

* * *

On the surface, Trump's unwillingness to bury the hatchett with the intelligence services just ahead of the Russian hack briefing, suggests that he will not back off his criticism of the US narrative that Russia is behind the "hacking of the election", and confirms that Trump has every intention of continuing his crackd down on media reports, especially when it comes to what he believes are strategic leaks meant to direct the public narrative ahead of time, as the WaPo did last night.

We eagerly look forward to Trump comments, either on Twitter or elsewhere, following today's meeting.

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The Saint's picture

The leak is obvious.  It's OBAMA.  He didn't care when Clinton did it and he puts out national secrets anytime he thinks it will make him look good.


kliguy38's picture

sorry Donald .....those senate chairs are part of the Deep State......they just laugh at you...the only thing they will understand is grabbing them by their balls and slapping the shit out of them right in the oval office while everyone watches in the room and cheers

CuttingEdge's picture

Mr Trump?

Mockingbird appears to be alive and well at home as well as abroad.

How about shutting that little dept at Langley down as first order of business?

Uchtdorf's picture

I'm sure there are Russians who would be pleased that Hillary lost, and naturally, that Trump won. However, how many elections has the US directly influenced? How many democratically elected leaders has the US overthrown? 

I am ashamed at the level of what passes for intelligent news reporting and political discussion in my country.

Manthong's picture


US overthrow of democratically elected leaders, to name a few:

Iran, 1953

Guatemala, 1954

Vietnam, 1950’s

Congo, 1961

Brazil, 1964

Indonesia, 1965

Dominican Republic, 1965

Chile, 1973

Haiti, 1990-2004

Ukraine, 2014



And about that report?    NBFD…

The report is all bullshit anyway.



CuttingEdge's picture

Slightly O/T but still with the Trump bashing mularkey...

This kiddiefiddler cunt Biden telling the PEOTUS to grow up?

My tweet back (guaranteed he will get one) would be:

@JoeBiden: No son of this particular President will gain a seat on a foreign energy board as a clear abuse of this position.

barndoor's picture

A congressional investigation started by Tweet.  Innovative.


I can't wait until he starts issuing military orders by Twitter.   

Mister Ponzi's picture

Of course the Russians were celebrating Trump's victory. I was celebrating, too. Does this mean I also hacked the elections?

Cynicles's picture

No, but you are a RACIST!

relax...we know it's the Russians fault 

auricle's picture

No, but an IRS audit has been ordered. 

barndoor's picture

Apparently he saves Facebook for really important matters, like a declaration of war.  

Ident 7777 economy's picture



You and the Russians.


Me and the Russians.


Me and you and the Russians ...


Me and you and a GOOD part of 'Murica and the Russians ...


Antifaschistische's picture

yah!!  he should be using a secure server!!  lol  Of course, administered by Obama/Hillary operatives...but we are SURE those deep in the .gov IT organizations would NEVER read/copy Trump emails.   LOOOLLLL

bh2's picture

Well, if it's short and sweet, might actually work. Maybe something like:

"Surround the Langley facility with tanks, fire if necessary, and escort all personnel within to prison pending trial."

Yep, done in only 118 characters. No problem.

Just kidding, of course. Of course. :)

Ident 7777 economy's picture

Ha. JUST cut off the printing of their paychecks ...

Ident 7777 economy's picture

Ha. JUST cut off the printing of their paychecks ...

Manthong's picture

You might sugget to ol' Joe to tell the kid to go snort another line.


..and tell Jill to fire two blasts…

FireBrander's picture

Ok, so cut the shit and say "Russia did it".


Now, what the fuck is "it"?






The Ameican people owe "The Russians" a huge "THANK YOU"!

RiverRoad's picture


If a hacker had exposed the location of the Lindberg baby, would "they" be hell-bent on prosecuting the hacker?

AGuy's picture

"If a hacker had exposed the location of the Lindberg baby, would "they" be hell-bent on prosecuting the hacker?'

in the case of the USSA, yes they would! Note the war on Whistle blowers. I think any whistle blower that came forward ended up being prosecuted, blackballed or imprisoned.

Uncertain T's picture

When I was younger, reporting on embedded corruption within a political party was called "Journalism" ...  Now it seems it's called "Interference" ... WTF

Giant Meteor's picture

Way beyond yellow journalism now ... We are into the realm of, "The Twilight Zone" which would be an improvement.

"You walk into this room at your own risk, because it leads to the future, not a future that will be but one that might be. This is not a new world, it is simply an extension of what began in the old one. It has patterned itself after every dictator who has ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time. It has refinements, technological advances, and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom. But like every one of the super-states that preceded it, it has one iron rule: logic is an enemy and truth is a menace. This is Mr. Romney Wordsworth, in his last forty-eight hours on Earth. He's a citizen of the State but will soon have to be eliminated, because he's built out of flesh and because he has a mind. Mr. Romney Wordsworth, who will draw his last breaths in The Twilight Zone." Now THESE are story's .. worthy of contemplation.

divingengineer's picture

Rod Serling, like Gene Roddenberry and George Carlin, was a visionary.

Warthog777's picture

I like where your head is at.... Just move past the bullshit and right to the punch line.

Excellent.  Hope the Trumpers are listening.

cossack55's picture

My 2017 prediction:

McStain and Lindsay switch to either Independent or Dem to move the Senate just to screw Trump

BarkingCat's picture

My prediction is that McCain drops dead and Lady Graham is diagnosed with AIDS.

divingengineer's picture

He ran away, didn't help fight the fire.
Rich little pussy.

Uzda Farce's picture
Uzda Farce (not verified) cossack55 Jan 6, 2017 8:05 PM

John McCain is a member of the Rockefeller/CFR along with Joe Lieberman, David Petraeus and Lynn Forester de Rothschild. All are trustees at the McCain Institute.

lil dirtball's picture

>US overthrow of democratically elected leaders, to name a few:

Cain slew Abel.

CSA, 1865

aaarealdeal's picture

Oh, but that was in our 'national interest'.

And keeping that evil cunt out of the White House wasn't?

If Putin was involved, he's owed a debt of gratitude.


hxc's picture

You forgot Obama changing the govt in Egypt. Twice

RiverRoad's picture

Not only overthrown but also assassinated by the CIA, as in Allende of Chile.

Consuelo's picture




And an equal measure of shame for the rank Hypocrisy, masquerading as 'Patriotism'...

Winston Churchill's picture

Thats the other Mormon Temple in the DC area.

Save_America1st's picture

hey,  remeber all the outrage from the CIA and the other 16 "intelligence" agencies,  and from the state-run media, and from the state-run "entertainment industry,  and from all the leftist kooks after the '08 and' 12 elections and even the '16 election when we found out about the billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia and other musloids outside the USA that were contributed to o-traitor and Hitlery? 

remember all that outrage when the musloid cultists world-wide celebrated o-scumbag's victories? 

yeah,  I don't recall thag ever happening either,  bitchez. 

yet Americans who voted for Trump or more likely voted against Hitlery are supposed to feel bad or outraged because our decent,  Christian Russian counterparts are glad that Trump won? 

and are we supposed to have a problem with finding out through wikileaks all the scumbag bullshit Hitlery and the left were up to regardless of who hacked those accounts? 

i don't fucking think so. 

no matter who leaked out all that data it still doesnt make any of it less true,  does it? 

fuck the Dems or anyone else,  right or left,  who gets exposed for all their crimes and treason!   they deserve it.  and they should have fair trials for their crimes and should do the time as well if/when convicted. 

its the typical insanity and hypocrisy of mainly the leftists who can sit there and bitch about so-called hacking while deliberately or delusionally ignoring the fact thag it was having the actual truth about them exposed to the public is what swayed a certain percentage of voters to vote for Trump. 



garcam123's picture

Give a call if you need help.  There's probably about 30 million people pulling the axeheads off of the handle, already.  Just call, Sir.  It's was Trump who I elected, I DID NOT ELECT THE REPUBLICANS>>>>>>>>>   FUCK YOU REPUBLICANS JUST LIKE DEMOCRASTS FUCK YOU ALL.

We elected TRUMP to flush the turds out of Shitsville!

Tristan Ludlow's picture

I don't know about you, but I am leaving the axe heads on.  You know, guillotine like, just without all the unnecessary infrastructure.

ReZn8r's picture

I am leaving the axe head on my handle. Never let a sharp bladed axe go to waste.

11b40's picture

Wrong.  They may be a part of the deep state, but if they get called out by name and hounded without mercy, they will relent.  As politicians, their first loyalty is to themselves and getting re-elected.  If Trump maintains his popularity with the masses and continues to expose corruption and evil, he will have the power to ruin individual careers.  His Twitter account is the one thing they can't get around.  He has more followers than any of the MSM stations, and his audience is growing right along with the controversy.  It is a complicated issue, too, as this ability to engage with the public anytime he wants erodes importance of the MSM and has already cut into their ad revenue.  Trump is simply very bad news for the establishment.  Far from laughing at Trump, they are scared shitless of being "tweeted a new one", as another ZHer posted recently.

Moe Hamhead's picture

Can't I leave the axe-head on?

RiverRoad's picture

It's very telling that both Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren wil be moving into what are essentially "talk" shows at their new MSM TV stations.  Trump is successfully making it very difficult for these "reporters" and the MSM to manipulate the news any longer.    LOL

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~"NBC cited “a senior U.S. intelligence official with direct knowledge” of the intel report that was delivered to President Obama on Thursday and is scheduled to be delivered to Trump on Friday."~

Nothing says "fire all them bastards" like a leaky "senior U.S. intelligence official with direct knowledge".

Nothing says "treason" more than a senior U.S. intelligence official with direct knowledge who has loose lips.

Find the bum and hang him from a yardarm.

FireBrander's picture

"senior U.S. intelligence official with direct knowledge who has loose lips."

It's even worse than that, this "official" is out to "help" his/hers preferred political party...find this person and prosecute them Mr. Trump!

AGuy's picture

"Nothing says "fire all them bastards" like a leaky "senior U.S. intelligence official with direct knowledge"."

"Nothing says "fire all them bastards" like a FAKE leak from a intelligence official with a direct political bias.

FIXED it for you!

ReZn8r's picture

And after the bum is dead from hanging, cut hum down and chop off his head and impale it on a post on K Street.

Escapeclaws's picture

The intelligence agencies need Depends. Keeps your diarrhea off your heirloom furniture

Hans-Zandvliet's picture

Indeed, because, so far, they keep managing the show.

With all this screaming about Russian hacking, they keep the real issue (the contents of the leaked emails) skilfully out of the limelight.

It's amazing how they manage to draw the attention away from the contents and keep it focused on non-issues like "who did it?".

Anyway, in earlier days, the one "who did it" would be praised as a whistle blower.