In Obama's Final Jobs report, A Record 95.1 Million People Were Not In The Labor Force

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As it began so it will finish.

Putting the exclamation point on a trend that has marked Obama's entire presidency, in the final Obama jobs report, the BLS announced that the total number of people not in the labor force grew once more, rising by 18,000 in December, and a whopping 841,000 in the past three months, to a new all time high of 95.102 million Americans no longer in the workforce.

This meant that the perennial bogeyman of the Trump administration, the collapsing labor force participation rate, remained flat near 35 year lows, risint fractionally from last month to 62.7% as a result of 152.111 million people employed in a civilian non-institutional population of 254.742 million.

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Sad sad, but finally we are on the right path. Time to turn this economy around

Layoff List:


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This is a good thing! We are so prosperous that our economy can support 95 million people in lives of leisure! Obama truly is a miracle maker. Trust me, when the economy crashes under Trump, you people will be wishing for the good old days of Obama!


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sure, if by leisure you mean a hopeless life of poverty using an EBT card for wonder bread and booze and pills with no prospects of productivity or self-worth.

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Record 95.1 Million People Were Not In The Labor Force


Obama's legacy........FOUND IT!!!


Jimmy Carter can die now.....knowing he was not the worse President ever.

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Carter did not hate his own country nor did he bomb half the world; in 2016 US military set off OVER 26k bombs!:



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I never got the impression that Carter hated the United States, only that he was hopelessly naive  and incompetent.  In contrast, Obama  despises Western Civilization, the United States, capitalism,  Christianity and white people, and has been most effective in enacting policies to harm them.

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Absolutely.  He should give himself a medal for how much damage he has done to "The Great Satan".

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Carter is a peanut farmer..

Oblowme is a penis farmer..

The two were separated at birth...

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Million Dicks in a Bag

Your posts have gone gone from strands of shit - to PILES OF SHIT.

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Ironic-  exactly 1 out of work for every $1 it cost to send Obama on vacations these past 8 years.......

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Hallelujah! UTOPIA is at hand!

Bifurcated economy, Eloi or Morlock?


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I must admit. This one made me laugh. Good one.

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Happy 2017, MDB.  Look forward to more outlandishness in the new year.

Let's just be clear that it is the printing presses that are supporting the 95.1 million.  $19.9 Trillion and counting!

At best, Obama is going to relegate himself to the level of Al Sharpton and others who commercialize racism (which primarily originates from AA community, by the way)

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Apparently nobody gets your sarcasm.

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for a ne0-marxist Alinksyite ne0con though, this is total success: that many more welfare recipients and nanny state dependents.

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days until nigga's gone:  14

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Otherwise known as the Blackhouse Countdown...

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He's going to stick around town and make clinton foundation type money selling his "influence". LMAO

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I'm thinking more like ShitStain countdown. 

they will have to buy a new executive chair for the oval office.  I don't think that brown stain on the seat will ever come out.

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But they can pursue their life dreams and be on "perpetual vacation", and EBT and welfare are great for GDP says Pelosi.//////

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But the Cleveland Fed president interview I just saw said we are at full employment! What an epic cluster F this country has become. I meet so many people in my sales gig that do some kind of IT for a living. I am 61 years old and maybe a bit old fashion but all these people working in IT make me wonder. Do they really produce anything? They usually work from home and I know how much I don't accomplish working from home.
Oh well we are at full employment . No worries . Doing some ice fishing this weekend. Too cold for sitting in a tree stand so I will stand on a frozen lake instead where I can move around to keep warm . Good weekend all.

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I went ice-fishing...


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man I don't know why u guys waste time ice fishing, I found some ice in my freezer just this morning.

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Keep Outsourcing, Keep buying junk, Keep talking about love and feelings, all is well in the good ole USA. 

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looking at these charts makes me feel sick for all the unloved jobless folkz..

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Any sane person would look at this chart and realize why blue collar voters in the swing states rejected moar of the same with Hillary.  Yet the debate about Russia, fake news, racism, etc goes on.

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It's easy to assume that people are stupid when in reality they are ignorant, and deliberately kept so. Actually while we act stupidly much of the time, in our guts we KNOW reality and I believe that is what we are seeing. Sure we all want free shit and will borrow well beyond our ability to pay, but we still KNOW and the feeling of dread or inevitability, is creeping into the population at large. This will divide us because half will embrace reality and pull back trying to preserve themselves, while the other half will double down, even violently, to preserve the illusion of something for nothing.

It will not be pretty.

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More people out of the workforce now than at any previous time in US history, and Obama says everything is just ducky ... "change you can believe in!"

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PoasterToaster (not verified) Jan 6, 2017 9:18 AM

#winning #legacy

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The non-participation number is people saying "fuck this shit." Trump's election is people saying "fuck this shit."  I bet most of the beltway leeches are still cocking their heads, saying "Awww, they love us..."

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Whoa, whoa , whoa. Are you trying to tell me that the eCONomy is not as strong as the teevee tells me? Somebody is peddling fiction. Moar fake news.

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It'll be interesting to see if this changes with Trump. If it does then great, will be happy to see that. If it doesn't then I am guessing I won't be seeing the hope and change 2.0ers busting on him for it like they do with that piece of shit Obombya.

Human bias is awesome. 

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It's only going to get worse as Baby Boomers retire and millenials can't find jobs. And the icing on top is automation. Blue collar workers in the manufacturing sector are shit out of luck and office drone. Hell, even lawyers and doctors aren't safe from AI...

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Aircraft carrier landing with "mission accomplished" in 3...2...1.

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angry_dad (not verified) Jan 6, 2017 9:46 AM

Worthless obama and the dems will attempt to blame this all on TRUMP

Watch the unemployment numbers skyrocket as the seasonal holiday workers are all fired in January

Large retailers are chomping at the bit to close dozens of  underperfroming stores as the 2016 season set a new low record of revenue.

Lets hope TRUMP can shame more of  our runaway mfgs to stay in the usa or face the 35% treason tariff.

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I suppose it's too much to hope for, but, if the Donald were to speak to John Williams about the ways and means of calculating the employment numbers honestly (as they used to be), and then actually do it there may be some real progress.

The health industry will have a problem though because most of the snowflakes will have a heart attack when they learn the truth.

shovelhead's picture

Your snowflakes are safe.

They have no capacity to understand the truth if it conflicts with their programming, which it will 99.74% of the time.

(that .26% of reality will involve "Is it raining?")

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As long as all the unemployed are white, he's happy

konadog's picture

Actually I think he want whitie working to support his BLMs.  Looking at the withholding from my paycheck, I'm pretty sure I'm supporting at least ten porch monkeys.

CalifornianSeven's picture

Well, on Jan 20, we can add one more to the it...

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Yeah, but Hillary and Obama say we are in a "recovery". We're supposed to be doing great.

Give lie to that by weaponizing your wallet and refusing to spend any discretionary money for the rest of the month. Spend it all in President Trump's administration, one last humiliation for the DNC, Canckles and the soon to be forgotten mediocrity in the white house who will be out of a job and finding out that his financial backers don't give a shit about him.

"You mean you don't want to help me build my library"

"Please go around to the servant's entrance with your request".

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Hmmmmm let's see... 95 million working age out of the work force, 330 million TOTAL USA population (including infants and elderly)... yep, that equals 4.8% unemployment rate.

Math provided by Clown Schumer and Mullah Obongo

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My thought exactly.  Actually, I just looked up the number of adults in the US - 242 million.  95/242 = 39% unemployment.  If one were to factor in the elderly, severely disabled, & imprisoned the unemployment rate would be closer to 45%.

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They must have learned this from Common Core!

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You want your retired grandma to work and your 16 year old son/daughter to start working while they are in high school?

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Yes, Ive worked every summer since 10 yrs old.  Its the best thing, you learn soo much about, responsibility, humility, maturity.  You see how the world works at a young age and are more capable of wrapping your mind around it.  It gives young adults a ton of beneficial qualities that you just dont see these days?  Work is therapy for men.  Very healthy.  Maybe sitting home watching TEEEVEEE is better? WTF?

We should make our kids get off their ass and be productive? WTF? If we dont who will Einstein? Work should be balanced with fun? Your mentality is the problem.  The longer people work, typically the longer they live? Imagine that?  A sense of purpose? what good is that?  The country has really lost touch with humanity.

Its much better to learn a paycheck is worthless as 14 that it is at 24...... only in recent history do most not work?

In todays society where ones work is stolen and passed out to others does it seem that work is not worth the effort.

swampmanlives's picture

I was talking more about fulltime/partime work during school. Nothing wrong with a summer job, but that's only for the summer. I'm not sure how they get those employment numbers, but I don't think a summer job would really count towards it.

Wow72's picture

Either way working is therapy for people reguardless of the stats.

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The Negro leader of the free stuff crowd. BLM cannot exsist if you have a job and do not smoke weed. Say, what about that negro brain? The bigger the dick the smaller the brain? Who would have thunk.